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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

As we enter the month of October, we will be investigating a certain wide eyed, feathered creature...the owl!  We will be using nonfiction books to help us investigate the habitat of the owl and what it means to be nocturnal.  We will also be reading plenty fictional stories about owls.  This will give us a wonderful opportunity to discover the difference between fiction and nonfiction books.

I am so excited to read Owl Babies by Martin Waddell!  This is by far one our favorite stories to share with your preschoolers.  Year after year, the kiddos connect with the 3 characters in this book and it quickly turns into a favorite to read and reread.  We will be interacting with the characters through intentional artwork, journal writings and retellings using props.

In worship we will hear about a lady named Hannah.  Hannah loved the Lord and asked for a child of her own.  God gave Hannah a son, Samuel!  God heard her prayer and God hears our prayers too.  We have chapel on Wednesday and Thursday!

If you have any shoe boxes and/or shoe box lids, we will put them to good use for a project next week!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
10/4: Chapel—9:20am
10/5: Chapel—9:20am
10/10: School pictures—all classes
10/13: No preschool—Teacher work day
10/16: Science with Mr. Levi
10/17: Science with Mr. Levi
10/18: Chapel
10/19: Chapel
10/20: WSU Raptor Club Visit—9:30am— For both classes!
10/25: Field trip to Ferdinand's—10am
10/26: Field trip to Ferdinand's—10am
10/27: Pumpkin Party—10:30am

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

This week we will continue our learning about farms with a look at apples! We will sing, "Way Up High in an Apple Tree."  and read "The Apple Pie Tree," by Zoe Hall.  We will even get to enjoy some apple tasting and choose our favorites!  We will count apples and identify colors as we learn more about this delicious fall fruit!

I love how much I am seeing our class learn to know one another and start to get along more!  This past week I saw more cooperative play, and preschoolers learning each other's names!  

In worship we will learn about the story of Hannah who talked to God about how much she wanted to have a baby.  God answered her prayer and Samuel was born! We will learn that we can talk to God and ask him for help.  Talking to God is how we show our love for Him!

This week we will have chapel on Thursday at 9:20.  

I am so blessed to be your child's teacher and I can see how much they will learn and grow throughout the coming months.  Thank you for the privilege of being apart of it!

Mark your Calendars!

10/5  Chapel
10/10 Picture Day - All Classes
10/19  Chapel
10/20 WSU Raptor Club Visit- All Classes
10/24 Ferdinands Field Trip
10/27 Pumpkin Party 10:30am - All Classes

Blessings on your upcoming week!

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

October is here!  Our first month of preschool zipped by and I am so excited to get going with our October fun and learning.  October will bring some new steps in our morning routine.  As each preschooler is dropped off, they will still come to the table, but they will sign in everyday by writing their name.  Some may just be learning this and tracers will lend a hand in learning the formation of their letters.  Other have mastered this and will be eventually working on writing their last name.  A paper will be in your mailbox explaining how we teach handwriting using the principles from the curriculum "Handwriting Without Tears."  These are principles I encourage you to use at home.  The curriculum was developed by Occupational Therapists and is very much aligned with the development of young children.

On Monday we have the very special opportunity to have a therapy dog visit our classroom.  One of our preschoolers has extended family who owns Rusty and they will bring him for this special visit.  There is even a children's book written about how Rusty helped a little girl.  The book can be found on amazon and is titled "Rusty to the Rescue" by Katelyn Medlin.  The book will be read during Rusty's visit.  Rusty is a small dog, a dachshund, and the children know that Rusty helps people feel calm.  They are excited to meet him!

The rest of the week we will be working with pumpkins.  We will make observations, use our senses, count seeds and journal about the amazing pumpkin.  Ms. Baty, our Student Teacher, has a wonderfully fun sensory experience planned for Tuesday.

We have chapel on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:20am.  Family is always welcome.  Art is on Thursday and Friday too.  October is the month we start having volunteers, so if you would like to volunteer and have turned in a background check form, please chat with me about volunteering!

In worship we will hear about Hannah and her prayers at the Tabernacle.  We will hear about prayer and how we can ask God for help.

Picture Day information went out in your mailbox last week.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Watch for our all preschool newsletter in your boxes this week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

10/4 Chapel
10/5 Chapel, Art
10/6 Art
10/10 Picture Day - All Classes
10/13 No Preschool - Teacher Workday
10/16 Science with Mr. Levi
10/17 Science with Mr. Levi
10/18 Chapel
10/19 Chapel
10/20 WSU Raptor Club Visit
10/25 Ferdinand's Field Trip
10/26 Ferdinand's Field Trip
10/27 Pumpkin Party 10:30am - All Classes

Thursday, September 28, 2017

SHARE Day and Art - Mrs. Krantz

Our first SHARE Day was a huge success!  It is so fun to hear what the preschoolers have to say about their special items and see how the other preschoolers can respectfully listen, wait their turn, and ask questions.  This is always a great learning day each month.

We took our centers time outside and many of our stuffed animal friends from home found some fun on the slides.  Other were launched down the climbing wall.  

Our prayer journals are a special place for the preschoolers to draw their prayers for Jesus.  I think the preschoolers will find this a wonderful prayer experience.

Exploring Fruits, Veggies and Seeds - Mrs. King

What beautiful weather we had this morning!  We could not stay inside, so we took our centers outside! A favorite center was exploring fruits and vegetables and seeds leftover from Mrs. King's garden. Many interesting conversations occurred about cantaloupes, pumpkins, watermelons and more.  It is such a joy to hear the preschoolers share what they know and what they observe.

During worship this week we are learning about how God provides food and water for us, and will always take care of us.  

To go along with our farm theme this week, at closing circle we learned how to sign a few animals in sign language.  Ask your preschooler if they remember the sign for cow and pig!

We are so thankful for another great week!

Art with Mrs. Hein - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had our first art with Mrs. Hein today! She brought in lots of sunflowers. Ask your preschooler what shapes we could see in a sunflower! Mrs. Hein showed us a famous painting of sunflowers and we were inspired! Each preschooler created their own sunflowers using yellow and orange paint and the finish touch of sunflowers seeds!

Ask your preschooler about SHARE Day! They all did amazing using their big voice when it was their turn and their silent voice while friends were talking! I'm so proud of this group!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Monkeying Around - Mrs. Krantz

Monkeys were the animal of the day and we were monkeying around with all kinds of things.  Outside we used spray bottles to water the plants (great for fine motor development).  Inside we created a special kind of dough to play with... a very messy endeavor but loads of fun.  We also monkeyed around with some numbers in Monkey Bingo.  

In worship we introduced our prayer journals.  Children often draw pictures for people they love, and drawing our prayers can be a wonderful prayer tools for young children, and adults.  Perhaps you would want to try this type of prayer at home with your children.

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday!

Process - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We love process activities at preschool! These are activities that are open ended and really leave the direction up to the preschoolers. Today, there was a table with pipe cleaners and tip box tops. No instructions were given as all the chairs filled up with curious and creative kiddos! Some began wrapping pipe cleaner around while others wove in and out of the holes. Great fine motor work here and conversation of colors, shapes and sewing were had! We discussed the difference between the sparkly pipe cleaners vs the regular ones. (Sparkly = pokey, regular = soft)

During worship the preschoolers became Israelites in the desert. They all drifted off to sleep and when they awoke, there was manna to collect! We played this game several times always pointing out that God takes care of our needs!

Friday is SHARE Day!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Shapes! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We noticed while looking through illustrations of a book that the pictures were made up entirely of shapes! Circles, squares and even diamonds! These preschoolers used this idea to create their own illustrations by gluing shapes together to make a unique picture!

Ask your preschooler what was in the sensory table! They were having a blast playing there!

At worship we made a list of our favorite foods. We also decided when we were hungry, we went to a restaurant or the store to get food. Moses and his friends were hungry in the desert and there was no store to go shopping. Have your preschooler tell you what God sent the Israelites to eat!

Outside time was so much fun! We got out some spray bottles and took turns watering plants and also seeing how far we could spray! There was even a race to see who could spray their shape away the quickest!

Snakes - Mrs. Krantz

Snakes were the creature topic of the day, and boy was it slithery fun!  First we built a very big snake with some shape blocks.  The whole class worked together to make our snake.  We read "The Greedy Python" and talked about whether the book was fiction or non-fiction and what they clues were that lead us to our conclusion.

Our centers time had wild cats roaming, sunning and sleeping, more snakes being created out of playdough and spiral cutting making curly snakes to hang on our window.

SHARE Day - Mrs. King

We had so much fun sharing and showing the items each preschooler brought this morning.  During centers our share toys were seen around the room playing with barns and farm animals, digging into our lentils and dried beans in the sensory table and exploring farm stamps.  I am so proud of how the class shared their items and I enjoy learning more about your children each day!

During worship we looked at different kinds of food (toy food this time!) that farmers grow and talked about how God provides food and water for us.  Each kiddo held a piece of food and we practiced directional words such as high, low, over, under and around. 

What beautiful weather today!  We spent a good long time outside enjoying our sandbox, playhouse, trucks and outdoor toys.  So many good opportunities for large motor play and learning to work together!  

Monday, September 25, 2017

Going on a Lion Hunt - Mrs. Krantz

Our class went on a lion hunt this morning.  It was really good that several preschoolers brought animal books to share because one was about lion cubs.  It was quite helpful in our endeavors.  We started out by making a list of places we would look to find a lion.  That list is posted on the closet doors.  Then we said a poem as we went on our hunt.  So much fun!  The poem is in your mailboxes and you can do it at home with your preschooler.

In worship we learned how God took care of his people, even when they were grumblers.  I admitted that I too can be a grumbler, but God always loves me even when I grumble.  The preschoolers weren't too sure if they had ever been grumblers, but even if they have been, God loves them and cares for them!

During centers we finished up our hidden elephant pictures and worked on a lion face.  Using different kinds of writing tools helps strengthen the fine motor skills we all need for handwriting!

Working Together! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Looking around at centers time and seeing preschoolers working together is one of my favorite things! Some groups were building houses and garages using shapes. Others were dissecting a giant sunflower and working together to get as many seeds out as possible. At the table, two preschoolers are sharing their paint pallets because they both like that particular shade of purple.

At worship we worked together to come up with a list of our favorite foods to eat! We then heard about the Israelites in the desert and the food God sent to them. Ask your preschooler what came down from heaven!

Outside time is not only a favorite but also an important part of your preschoolers development! More working together in the sand box to create castles, races down the slide and imaginative games that include LOTS of running!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

Animal excitement continues upstairs in Mrs. Krantz's class this week.  We will be working with poems, songs, and stories listening close to rhyming and rhythm.  Animal games and puzzles will also be part of the fun, and will give opportunity to interact with numbers, counting and sequencing.  If your preschooler has a favorite animal book at home they would like to have read at preschool, please send it!  

SHARE Day is this week too.  This is a favorite day of the month for many preschoolers.  Please help them find one item to bring to preschool.  They will get to talk about it and play with their item at centers time!  Let me know if you have any questions.

Our worship time will tell us how God took care of the daily needs of his people in the wilderness.  Prayer journals will be part of our time as well.  Children love to draw pictures for people that are important to them, so we give them a special journal to draw their prayers to Jesus.  This is a wonderful way to encourage prayer time with children!

The weather has cooled down, so please be sure to send appropriate outdoor attire.

This week we will have the pleasure of welcoming Mrs. Hein into our classroom as she shares her love for art.  She will be doing special art projects with us throughout the year!

Each day I get to know your children better and each day I thank God for them.  I am richly blessed by each one of them.

Mrs. Krantz

Mrs. Krantz's Class
9/27 Art
9/28 SHARE Day, Art
9/29 SHARE Day
10/4  Chapel
10/5  Chapel
10/10 Picture Day - All Classes
10/13 No Preschool - Teacher Workday
10/16 Science with Mr. Levi
10/17 Science with Mr. Levi
10/18  Chapel
10/19  Chapel
10/20 WSU Raptor Club Visit
10/25 Ferdinand's Field Trip
10/26 Ferdinand's Field Trip
10/27 Pumpkin Party 10:30am - All Classes

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

This past week the preschoolers have been noticing the similarities and differences among shapes.  Some have lines, some have curves and some have both!  This week we will take a close look at shapes and begin counting their sides. Shape Finders will be created so we can go on a shape hunt inside and outside of our classroom.  We will also discover that when shapes are put together, a picture is formed!

In worship Moses and the Israelites have found a wonderful surprise in the desert.  Our prayer journals will be introduced this week!  Each preschooler will have their own personal journal where they can draw out their prayers to God!

SHARE day is Thursday and Friday!  Please help your preschooler choose ONE item to bring to school.  During circle time, each kiddo has the opportunity to tell 2 to 3 things about their special share.  Feel free to have your preschooler practice at home.

Our first art with Mrs. Hein is also on Thursday and Friday.  Mrs. Hein has a love for art and comes a couple times a month to share her passion and talent with all of us!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
9/27: SHARE Day, Art with Mrs. Hein
9/28: SHARE Day, Art with Mrs. Hein
10/10: School pictures—all classes
10/13: No preschool—Teacher work day
10/16: Science with Mr. Levi
10/17: Science with Mr. Levi
10/18: Chapel
10/19: Chapel
10/25: Field trip to Ferdinands—10am
10/26: Field trip to Ferdinands—10am
10/27: Pumpkin Party—10:30am

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

We are so excited to have our first SHARE day on Tuesday!  Each child will bring something special from home to share and show to their classmates and they will be aloud to play with this during our centers time.  It will be so fun to see what they choose and a great way for us to continue to get to know each other!  Please feel free to contact me if you are unsure about what your kiddo wants to bring or if you have any questions.  I am planning to bring a special stuffed bear to show!  You can reassure your child that they will not be required to let other kids play with their share item, and that it can be kept safely in their backpack! I will be sending out reminders this weekend and Monday night!

I have been working hard to get to know your children and what similar interests we have so in addition to our share day we will be learning about all things FARMS this week.  I am so excited to play with barns, tractors and animals in center time and farm puppets in dramatic play.  Now that fall is here we will spend one or two weeks learning about harvest and foods that we can enjoy this time of year! Down by the Barn by Will Hillenbrand will be our main book.  I love the illustrations and rhythmic text of this book!

In worship we will learn about how God took care of his people in the desert and gave them food and water when they needed it.  In centers we will explore a variety of foods and talk about how God made them and how God provides for us!

Now that fall is here we will be wearing jackets out to the playground most mornings.  You can help by making sure your child's name is written in their jacket.  This will help us make sure each kiddo stays warm in the great outdoors!  

You may notice in the upcoming events below that our first field trip is scheduled to Ferdinand's on Tuesday October 24!  I will be getting more information to you about that soon, but I wanted to send the date out asap so if you would like to make arrangements to go along you can do so!

Blessings on your upcoming week!

Upcoming Events!

9/26 SHARE Day
10/10 Picture Day - All Classes
10/24 Field Trip to Ferdinands!
10/27 Pumpkin Party 10:30am - All Classes

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Parting the Red Sea - Mrs. King

In chapel this morning we learned that through Moses, God parted the Red Sea so His people could walk through on dry land! In center time, we made our own Red Sea in the sensory table and worked to "part" the waters so teddy bear counters could find dry land! Shaving cream feels soft and cold and is such a fun feeling between little fingers.  

Today, we introduced our wonderful sandbox during outside playtime.  Favorite choices were dump trucks and scoopers of all different kinds.  I love seeing little faces light up with the fun of experiencing new things at school.  

We are SO excited that our first SHARE day is on Tuesday September 26!  I know we will have so much fun playing with and showing our things from home.  

Fine Motor Practice - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Fine motor activities are very important in preschool! Every day there are multiple opportunities for your preschoolers to give their fingers and hands a workout! Today, little play dough squares were put out and preschoolers were challenged to recreate the illustrations in our Press Here book. Rolling and squishing and pressing and forming the dough worked those little muscles a great deal!  Prepping those fine motors for future handwriting! And there was so much more going on than this teacher had planned because I also heard counting, saw patterns being created, color identifications and connecting text to their own world!

Animal Tracks - Mrs. Krantz

Our morning started out by tracing our feet and decorating them.  We created our own footprints and later discovered that animals have footprints too, we call them animal tracks.  We played a matching game with different animal tracks and also talked about how God made each animal with feet just for them, to help them in their environments.  Animals don't need socks and shoes like we do!

Our chapel time was fabulous this morning.  I am so thankful that other church staff are excited about worshipping with the preschoolers!  What a tremendous gift to have them share their gifts with your kiddos!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Over, Under, Through - Mrs. Krantz

What a fun morning learning about positional words.  Balloons were part of the fun as we read a book titled "Elephants Aloft."  Ask your preschooler about it.

Chapel was delightful as was playing in the rain.  In our centers time we made over, under collages that jewels could be used to go over, under, through, beside, across...  Creature powers were everywhere to be seen as well!

We MADE a New Friend - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Using lines and curves, the preschoolers made a new friend; Mat Man! It was so fun listening to our Mat Man song and adding one piece at a time to assemble him. Mrs. O'Loughlin showed us a book staring guess who?! Mat Man!! We didn't know he was famous!

During centers some puffy paint was used to create the Red Sea. Using a scraper, paths were made. Some paths were lines and others were curves. It's so great when messy art turns into handwriting practice!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Brown Bear, Brown Bear! - Mrs. King

We began our morning working on our fine motor skills and we didn't even know it! Peg boards and our wonderful train table were a favorite choice.

We had everyone's attention when we read, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" at circle time! I am so proud of their attention to the story. We made brown bear masks to use in dramatic play on Thursday! 

In worship this week, we learned another scene from Moses' story. God led His people across the Red Sea on dry land! 

We are excited for our next chapel on Thursday this week at 9:20. 

Animal Scientists - Mrs. Krantz

We became animal scientists today as we went about the task of sorting and classifying animals.   We used our Animal Research Center to discover more about specific animals through the use of our non-fiction library.  Those books also helped us craw accurate pictures of each animal.

Playing in the rain is always a fun experience, especially when we discover that the canopy made by the trees gives us areas to stay dry.

We are learning a song in worship about God protecting us.  Ask your preschooler what God's protection is like!

Cookies for Sale! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our Shape Cookie Shop was busy today! So many cookies being baked, delivered and eaten! It's such a delight to watch this pretend play between friends! Lots of communication and problem solving going on as the preschoolers decide who will use the oven and what cookie should be on which plate! They are sorting cookies according to shape, counting out how many the customer ordered and writing down recipes to make! Our dramatic play is a rich center filled with learning and fun!

Ask your preschooler what God used to make a path for Moses to cross the sea?!

We played happily outside and as soon as we were cleaned up and lined up, the rain came pouring down! And hail! We listened and stuck our hands out to see what we could catch. What a fun weather experience to see from the cover of our overhang!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Animal Fun - Mrs. Krantz

Animals are so much fun!  Today we worked on classifying and sorting animals.  We used a Venn Diagram to sort animals that lived on land, in water or both.  Later, at closing circle, we created spaces for toy animals and sorted them by animals that live on land, in the water or in the air.  

Our Tortuga HQ was a busy area as preschoolers used animal puppet, researched on the play computer and created creature power disks.

In worship we learned how God protected his people and carried them through the Red Sea by pushing back the water and giving them dry ground.  Our God is amazing!

Those rubber boots came in handy today as we enjoyed playing in the rain!  

Press Here - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Oh how we love books! Today we read another book that had a dot on the cover.. Except it wasn't just a dot, it was a button! As we read through this interactive book, each preschooler had their own button on their hand. Giggles and gasps and a few screams could be heard while we read and interacted with this fabulous book. Instilling a love of books and reading is a major goal at preschool! I think we're off to a great start!

In worship we asked "How did Moses cross the Red Sea?" Ask your preschool if they know!

Thank you for sending in rain boots! We all happily splashed and tromped outside in this wet rainy weather!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

I am so excited to read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr.  with our class this week!  Such a classic, fun book with lots of repetition which promotes preschoolers participation and easy memorization.  The illustrations by Eric Carle are bright and simple for the kids to connect with.  We will make brown bear masks and use teddy bear counters to sort colors and paint.  I am so enjoying seeing your children dive into art projects!  

In worship we will learn about how the children of Israel escaped from Egypt and how God took care of them when they crossed the Red Sea.  Through Moses,  God sent a big wind to push aside the water so His people could walk across on dry land!  Our chapel schedule has changed a bit, so we will have chapel again this week on  Thursday at 9:20am.  Family is always welcome to attend!

A couple of things you can be working on at home:

1.  We are working on learning to sit criss-cross applesauce on our rug.  This can seem like a simple skill to adults and older children, but the concept can be tough for a 2 year old!  Practicing this at home could help our kiddos catch on and feel more comfortable sitting that way at school.  One way to practice is by making it a game and see who can switch back and forth, with the right leg on top, and alternate left leg on top the fastest!

2.  Restroom breaks are continuing to improve for our class!  One way you can help is by sending your little one in pants that are easy to pull down and pull back up, without snaps or buttons.  As I've said, we are happy to help them with this as needed, but we want to encourage each kiddo to learn to do this on their own!

Blessings on your upcoming week!

Mark your Calendars!
9/21 Chapel 9:20 am
9/26 SHARE Day
9/28 Chapel 9:20am
10/10 Picture Day - All Classes
10/27 Pumpkin Party 10:30am - All Classes

Friday, September 15, 2017

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

These preschoolers had no trouble making their mark this past week!  So many beautiful creations are hanging up in the classroom making it so colorful and bright!  This week, we will begin making our mark with handwriting.  Big line, little line and big curve, little curve, will be introduced with lots of hands on play, songs and fun!    

Our sensory table will be filled with paper, string, straws, ribbons and...scissors! Using scissors allows a child to build up those tiny muscles in their hands that are also used for writing!  Cutting also enhances eye-hand coordination and encourages the use of bilateral coordination. (This comes in handy with zipping up coats!)   

In worship, we continue to hear about Moses and the Israelites on their long journey.  They have traveled very far only to be stopped by a big sea!  But we know that God is with us wherever we go and that He takes care of us.  We will be creating some messy art to go along with our Bible story this week!

We needed to change up our schedule a bit, so chapel will be this week on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:20am!  Everyone is always welcome to join us!

Have a wonderful weekend! 
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
9/20: Chapel
9/21: Chapel
9/27: SHARE Day, Art with Mrs. Hein
9/28: SHARE Day, Art with Mrs. Hein
10/10: School pictures—all classes
10/13: No preschool—Teacher work day
10/16: Science with Mr. Levi
10/17: Science with Mr. Levi

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

These past two weeks we have been working hard to get to know your preschoolers and discover what they are interested in.  Areas that they find exciting and fun will provide a richer learning experience!  So, for the next week or two we will be having fun with animals.  Our dramatic play area will turn into a "Wild Kratts" Tortuga complete with a mission control center, places to sleep, and creature power suits.  The preschoolers are going to go wild over becoming creature specialists!

This will be a great week to introduce some non-fiction books.  We will learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction and grow a love for the amazing books with amazing facts.

We will be using Venn Diagrams to take a look at different attributes of animals.  We will also be using balloons to help us experience positional words such as above, below, beside and through.  Animal tracks are going to a big part of our experiences as well.

In worship Moses and the Israelites have made it to the Red Sea and Pharaoh's army is coming up from behind.  What will they do?  God keeps His people safe and delivers them from the hand of Pharaoh again, in a pretty amazing way!

Our chapel schedule has changed a bit, so we will have chapel again this week on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:20am over at the church.  Family is always welcome to attend!

Be sure to check our our lists posted and our charts posted at the top of the stairs on the closet doors!  


9/20 Chapel 9:20am
9/21 Chapel 9:20am
9/27  Art
9/28 SHARE Day, Art
9/29 SHARE Day
10/10 Picture Day - All Classes
10/13 No Preschool - Teacher Workday
10/16  Science with Mr. Levi
10/17  Science with Mr. Levi
10/20  WSU Raptor Club Visit
10/25, 26  Ferdinand's Field Trip
10/27 Pumpkin Party 10:30am - All Classes

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Paper Cutting and Ripping - Mrs. King

Today we worked on our fine motor skills at our sensory table.  What fun to rip paper and use scissors to cut string and materials of all kinds.  The preschoolers really enjoyed this one and for awhile the sensory table was the place to be! During centers we also painted with dinosaurs (no paint brushes aloud today!).  

During snack time we are starting to see some conversations develop amongst the little ones.  What fun to see them talk about their snacks and what they are going to do and whatever else they come up with!

In worship we learned that baby Moses grew up to be a grown man and he led God's people out of Egypt on a long journey.  God was with them on their long journey and God appeared to them in a cloud of smoke by day, and a pillar of fire by night.  We went on a "long journey," to our outdoor space for some playtime.  We learned that God is with us wherever we go!

I am so thankful for a great end to our 2nd week in school! Can't wait to see you next week!

Marks on the Chalkboard - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Your preschoolers discovered our large wall chalkboard today! Armed with chalk and wet wipes, they set to work making their mark all over that board! Giving these kiddos different writing tools keeps things new and exciting. Also, using a vertical surface naturally puts the wrist in an extended position which encourages hand stabilization for better pencil/chalk grip and control. Add in hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness and this fun chalkboard doodling is a huge learning space in our classroom!

Using Scissors - Mrs. Krantz

These first few weeks are full of activities that are fun for the kids, but also have the purpose of teaching the teachers about the development of each child.  Today we took a look at fine motor skills and using scissors. 

We had the pleasure of our substitute Mrs. Wilson today.  She is a super nice lady with lots of teaching experience.  Since Mrs. Krantz is both Teacher and Director, sometimes she will need to step into another classroom for observation and evaluation.  Mrs. Wilson will fill in on those days.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mix It Up - Mrs. Krantz

Our book this morning, "Mix It Up" gave us some great ideas about painting and colors.  This interactive book had us moving a lot while it was read and in centers time we used the ideas from the book to create a colorful palette of artwork.

We also created a pillar of cloud, like the one God used to guide the Israelites.  This was a very puffy, messy project that was an incredible amount of sensory fun!

Everywhere, You May Go - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started off with chapel. As a group we walked from the preschool over to the church. We heard about Moses on a long trip and how God was with them wherever they went! The last song we sang was Go Now in Peace. We sang that the love of God goes with us "everywhere, we may go!" What a beautiful reminder that we are so loved and well taken care of.

Your preschooler may have shared with you that on our way to chapel, God was with us, as we saw a car bump into another car. We were safe. The people in the car were safe! We thank God for being with us on our walk!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The More We Get Together - Mrs. King

Today we read the book version of our closing song: The More We Get Together. We are learning to sing it and we started to hear some sweet voices singing along today! I am just so proud of the progress your children have made in only 3 classes! Miss B and I are so enjoying getting to know each of their interests in personalities. 

We celebrated Miss B's birthday today! She brought Oreo cookies to share and wore her birthday crown. During centers we painted a huge card for her. We also explored, How big is a dinosaur? We measured with scales, rulers and measuring tapes! As one child shared, "Dinosaurs are super duper big!"

We enjoyed a wonderful first chapel meeting this morning! I am so proud of how our class did, singling along to, "Jesus Loves Me," and, "When the Storm Roars," and listening to Pastor Matt tell us a true story from the Bible about Moses when he was a grown man! 

What joy I saw on so many faces as we got to go outside and go on a "Dinosaur hunt!" Ask your children where they found the dinosaurs. We so enjoyed sliding and playing in the outdoor playhouse as well.

 Blessings to you and see you on Thursday!

Team Work! - Mrs. Krantz

What a great group of preschoolers!  We started out practicing our team work skills as we assembled big floor puzzles together.  Working together to accomplish a common goal is a very important skill!  We headed over to our very first chapel with Pastor Matt and Ms. Ann.  Ask your preschooler what they enjoyed the most about our time together in worship.

We explored the front yard with scooters, sand box play, balancing, and playing house.  We love both of our outside spaces.

Inside we painted fire, created a purple crayon mural based on "Harold and the Purple Crayon," did a bit of beading and we had a whole lot of hungry firefighters over in dramatic play!

Dots and Chapel! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

What a fun morning with this wonderful group! We began our morning by walking over to chapel and worshipping together as a school! We met Ms. Ann who plays piano and guitar. She led us in a few songs. We also met Pastor Matt! He told us about a grown up Moses who went on a long trip. Ask your preschooler what Moses and his friends packed for their trip!

Back at the preschool we read The Dot. Ask your preschooler about Vashti and all her dots! We made a few dots ourselves during centers.

Beautiful outdoors!! We played in the front yard today enjoying scooters, sand boxes and balance beams!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Purple Crayon - Mrs. Krantz

Our morning started out with decorating s shape that we later turned into something we saw in our book for the day.  We read "Harold and the Purple Crayon."  In the book Harold drew a hot air balloon and we turned those shapes into hot air balloons!  What fun to hear all about where each balloon would take us.

We were so happy to be outside in the backyard.  The new climber was especially fun!

In worship we heard about Moses leading God's people out of Egypt.  They had a long journey ahead of them!  

In our closing time together, we always make a chart.  It helps us think through the things we did in the morning and engages us with numbers, counting, graphing and more.  Take a look each day at the graph and ask your preschooler about those things listed!  It is a great way to begin meanigful conversations at home!

Make a Mark - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We read The Dot during our opening circle this morning. Vashti is a little girl who felt she couldn't draw. Her art teacher asked her to simply "make a mark and see where it takes you!" During centers we were inspired by the dots Vashti created. Big ones, little ones, blue and red ones! We used different materials to create so many dots!!

Moses and his friends are on a long trip in our worship time. We made a list of what we pack for our trips. We discussed all the places we can travel and decided that God is with us in all those places.

God is also with us outside!!! We enjoyed the blue skies and clear air today very much!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

Moving into our second week together we will continue to explore the classroom, build friendships and create a classroom that is a space that each child feels safe, comfortable and at home!  We will also work more with colors through engagement in some incredible books and hands on activities.  "Harold and the Purple Crayon" by Crockett Johnson will inspire us to make our own pictures with not just a purple crayon, but other colors too.  "Mix It Up" by Herve Tullet will lead us in some artistic expression!

In our worship time, we will hear about how Moses grew up and led his people out of Egypt.  The journey was an adventure full of trial, but God was with His people, and He is with us too, wherever we may go.  We will also be creating some artwork based on the Bible account.

I am very excited that we should be able to play outside this week!  We will use both the front and back yard play areas to introduce the different types of play each area has to offer.

Blessings on your week,
Mrs. Krantz

Upcoming Events
9/12 Chapel 9:20am
9/13 Chapel 9:20am
9/27 Chapel 9:20am
9/28 Chapel 9:20am
9/28 SHARE Day
9/29 SHARE Day
10/10 Picture Day - All Classes
10/13 No Preschool - Teacher Workday
10/27 Pumpkin Party 10:30am - All Classes

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

What a fantastic first week of preschool!  I am so excited and honored that you trust us with your children and can't wait to continue to get to know them more!!        

This week we going to read the book, Dinosaurumpus by Tim Mitton.  Did you know that Dinosaurs dance?  We finished our binoculars for our dino hunt on Tuesday! Other stories you may ask your child about are, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr.  and Panda Bear, Panda Bear.  These stories are common favorites and such fun ways to learn about colors, animals and the repetitive nature of some books!

In worship we will learn about how the children of Israel escaped from Egypt and went on a long journey through the wilderness to the promised land.  We will talk about going on trips and learn that God is with me wherever I go!!

During closing circle, we will continue to sing and learn our closing song, "The More We Get Together." Ask your preschool about Mrs. King's and Ms. B's "special bag."  Sometimes there are items for the children to play with and even take home!  

Blessings on your upcoming week!

Mark your Calendars!
9/12 Chapel 9:20am
9/26 SHARE Day
9/28 Chapel 9:20am
10/10 Picture Day - All Classes
10/27 Pumpkin Party 10:30am - All Classes

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

Thank you all for such a fantastic first week!  Bonds have already began to form; between teachers and preschoolers, as well as new preschool friends!  I can’t wait to see these relationships grow as our school year goes on.

Books are the most amazing teaching tool!  We use them to teach colors, shapes, rhymes and even empathy.  Children love to see the connections from a story book to themselves.  This week, we will be using the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  In this story a little girl becomes upset because she can’t draw.  Her teacher encourages her to simply “make a mark”.  We will be just like the little girl in the story as we will be making many marks in the coming weeks.

During our worship time, we will hear about a grown up Moses taking a long trip.  God promised to be there and watch over Moses and his friends.  We will discover that God makes us that same promise! We have our very first chapel on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:20am over at Concordia church.  All family is welcome to join us for worship!

Our family picture wall is a very popular spot in the classroom.  The preschoolers look at these pictures often and discuss who has a baby or who has a big brother.  If you have not already done so, please send your family picture in so we can add it to our wall! 

Blessings on your weekend and upcoming week!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
9/12: Chapel—9:20am
9/13: Chapel—9:20am
9/21: SHARE Day
9/22: SHARE Day
9/27: Chapel, Art with Mrs. Hein
9/28: Chapel, Art with Mrs. Hein
10/10: School pictures—all classes
10/13: No preschool—Teacher work day

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dinosaur Footprints - Mrs. King

Miss B and I saw many surprised faces around our opening circle today as we read, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton.  We learned that dinosaurs have horns, spikes and different kinds of feet!

During centers we made Dino prints with plastic dinosaurs in play dough!  We made big
prints and small prints and talked about all different kinds of dinosaurs with different feet! We also painted our dinosaur searching binoculars to get ready for our hunt next week.  

During worship we sang, and read the story of baby Moses and helped wrap up our baby Moses and fit him in his basket.  The kids were surprised to find out that he was floating in a river!

We are so thankful for our indoor space for our large motor play time.  We enjoyed playing catch and throw with some playground balls and there were a few fun games of Ring Around the Rosie.  And of course the wheeled toys for scooting and riding were the favored choices.  

What a wonderful first week!  I am so proud of the progress each kiddo made even in our first two days!  See you on Tuesday.

Mixing Colors - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we reread the story Little Blue and Little Yellow and then we each took a small ball of yellow play dough and a small ball of blue play dough and had the two colors give each other a big hug!  They mixed and mixed and then we had one ball of green!  Later we saw what happens when blue and red mix together.

In worship we tested out items from the classroom to see if they would sink or float.  We talked about the Bible story of Moses in the basket.  That basket floated, and God took good care of Moses!

White Shoes - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We began our morning by coming up with all the things we know about books! One of those was we can learn after reading one! Pete the Cat taught us about colors and that white can change into a new color! During centers we explored this by adding liquid watercolors to our very own white shoes. Ask your preschooler what happened? And what happened if colors mixed?!

In worship we discussed that the basket for baby Moses was a good basket because it floated. We tested out some other items to see if they too would float.

Reminder: Please be sure to send in your parent information for the directory! Thank you!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

God Has Big Plans! - Mrs. Krantz

What fun we had together this morning!  Everyone got right into the class without a hitch and we got busy with preschool fun.  We are figuring out the routine, learning names and making new friends.  

Little blue and little yellow were quite a bit of fun today, and we found out that when they are together, they make green!  What fun new things we can do when we are together!  Blue shaving cream mixed with yellow shaving cream made for some fantastic green fun!

We learned about God caring for baby Moses and that God had big plans for Moses.  Guess who else God has big plans for?  Ask your preschooler!

Ms. Tietjen and I are already so excited to teach your precious ones.  We are going to have a wonderful year together!

Hickety, Pickety Bumblebee - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our first day at preschool was fantastic! This sweet group met a little friend of mine, Hickety Pickety. With his help, we learned all our friends' names with a fun song. Can your preschooler sing it for you?

At centers the preschoolers has the opportunity to make their own Hickety Pickety. We also had many beautiful masterpieces painted. Dress up was busy as was our pretend restaurant.

In worship we had a little baby doll we used to act out the Baby Moses bible story. There were some concerned eyes when the baby was placed in the river, but quickly went away when the preschoolers found out the big sister made sure baby Moses was safe. We discussed how God gives us people to care for us too!

See you all Friday!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

We Are the Dinosaurs! - Mrs. King

We are the Dinosaurs! We began our morning with a fun song book by Laurie Berkner. We were marching dinosaurs at our opening circle. We sang good morning to each preschooler and are working on learning each of our new friend's names. 

During centers each little one began creating some binoculars for our dinosaur hunt! Other favorites were our sensory table with water, dress up, and our train table!

During worship we sang, "God cares for you!" And we talked about how parents take care of babies. We prayed and thanked God for giving us families to care for us!

For large motor play we stayed indoors to avoid the poor air quality and we played movement games, road tricycles and enjoyed our indoor slide! 

Miss B and I both agreed that today was a great start to our school year!! Thank you parents for helping drop off and pick up to run so smoothly!! Can't wait to see you again on Thursday!