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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Coming Up in Preschool

Concordia Lutheran Preschool is rich in people who love to share their talents and passions with your preschoolers.  This week is a wonderful example of the experiences and learning we are blessed with because of the love of volunteers.

Last week we read the book “Planting a Rainbow” and decided we just didn’t have enough time to grow a rainbow ourselves.  Mr. Levi said he will come in and show us how to make a rainbow flower!  We are so excited to see how science can make a flower become rainbow colored. 

Papa Ken has been working with the preschoolers in woodworking to create a beautiful gift for some very special mamas.  The finishing touch will be added this week.  Papa Ken is instilling a lifelong love of handmade creations in these kiddos.  Their eyes light up when Papa Ken walks in the classroom because that means woodworking!

A wonderful congregational member will be bringing in a spinning wheel!  Ms. Nancy loves to sew and knit and wants to share that!  Each preschooler will have an opportunity to work the spinning wheel.  What a treat!

Our field trip to Lawson Gardens is on Thursday!  Please wear rain boots and don’t pack a snack.  Master Gardeners, Ms. Marsha and Ms. Janet will meet us there and share their passion of gardening and growing!  Rain will cancel so please hope for clear skies!
Praying blessings on your coming week!

Mark Your Calendars
4/24: Science, Spinning Wheel
4/25: Science, Spinning Wheel
4/27: Field Trip to Lawson Gardens—9:30am
4/28: Art
5/1: Smokey Bear Visit
5/2: Smokey Bear Visit
5/4: Firefighter Visit
5/5: Firefighter Visit
5/12 May Day Celebration
5/19: Field Trip to Community Action Center—9:30am
5/22: Science
5/23: Science
5/25: Last Day Party for 2 Day Group and 5 Day Group
5/25: Closing Program and Graduation—6pm
5/25: Last Day Party for 3 Day and 5 Day Group

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jesus is With Us All the Time

It's so wonderful to have the simple reminder that Jesus is with us all the time. The preschoolers came up with all the places we go and things we do and guess what?! Jesus is with us in all those places! At the store, while we sleep, at preschool, digging in the garden, when we go to the doctor and when we have to fight a dragon. He will never leave us because He loves us.

Tomorrow and Friday are SHARE Days.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Grow, Grow, Grow!

We noted lots of growing today!! Our hyacinth sure did take off over the weekend (wink wink) We added another scientific drawing to our journals!

Outside was colorful and covered with new growth. What fun to run around in the misty rain playing games and being with friends.

Jesus is with us always! He revealed himself to his disciples on the road to Emmaus. Ask your preschooler when Jesus is with them. The answer should be "all the time! All the time!"

Thursday and Friday are SHARE Days!

Monday, April 17, 2017

What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Ask your preschooler if they remember the 4 things a plant needs in order to grow tall! We learned a song to help us remember:

(Tune: Frere Jacques)
What do plants need?
What do plants need?
To grow tall?
To grow tall?
Plants need soil
Water, air and sun.
Watch them grow!
Watch them grow!

During centers we planted beans! The paper towel is acting as our soil so we can observe roots and sprouting. The preschoolers made sure there was enough water and placed their beans in the sun.

During worship we talked about happy days in our lives. One common factor was that on those days, the people we loved were with us!! When the disciples were walking to Emmaus and discovered Jesus was alive and WITH them, that was a happy day!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Coming Up in Preschool

This week we will be asking the question, “What do plants need to grow?” We will be reading books, singing songs and creating a story wheel to help us remember!  
The preschoolers have been observing a Hyacinth bulb, watching for any changes from day to day.  Scientific drawings are being done and added to a science journal that will go home in a few weeks!  They will now add beans to their growth watching list as we will be growing bean plants in our sunny windows.

If you have any flowers growing in your yard or garden (and can spare a few) we will put them to good use!  Having real flowers in our classroom leads to such rich hands on learning as we can use these for still-life paintings, learning parts of a flower, and so much more multi sensory play!

In worship, the Easter story continues with the walk to Emmaus.  Jesus’ friends were so happy when they discovered that Jesus was not only alive, but He was with them!  Jesus is with us wherever we go and whatever we do and He loves us very much!

Thursday and Friday are our SHARE days and art with Mrs. Hein!
Have a wonderful weekend and a very Blessed Easter!

Mark Your Calendars
4/20: SHARE Day, Art
4/21: SHARE Day, Art
4/24: Science, Spinning Wheel
4/25: Science, Spinning Wheel
4/27: Field Trip to Lawson Gardens—9:30am
4/28: Art

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt

What a fun morning! The preschoolers loved taking turns giving their very descriptive clues as to what was in their plastic egg. And they loved guessing! More Easter artwork was created, beautiful books read and praises sang!

We ended with an Easter egg hunt! Watching preschoolers run on a grassy hill, stooping over to grab colorful eggs is just the cutest thing ever!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Word Families

This morning the preschoolers met the IN, UN, and AT family! Just like our families, they all have the same last name. When we added a letter to the beginning, a word was made! When we switched the first letter, a new word was made. We used plastic Easter eggs that spun around to explore these families during centers. Our beautiful wooden crosses were finished, empty tomb crafts were made, and searching for eggs in the sensory table were all a part of the morning.

Tomorrow and Friday are the Easter egg hunts at 11am! Younger siblings are welcome to join in on the hunt!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Signs of Spring

We discussed all the ways you can tell spring is here. The sun is shining, it's almost Easter, birds are singing, baby animals... were a few signs of spring we came up with. As a group, we went outside and planted a sure sign of spring...flowers! Have your preschooler point out signs of spring at your house!

Mrs. Hein was here for art! With only three colors, she painted all the colors of the rainbow! The preschoolers had an opportunity to do the same and these turned out beautiful!

Monday, April 10, 2017


Despite the snow falling outside our windows, we have fully embraced spring at preschool! As the preschoolers arrived they used some beautiful flowers as inspiration for a drawing. And during circle, we made lists of different kinds of flowers! We also started our hyacinth bulb observation. We will be watching and recording the changes the bulb goes through over the next several weeks.

In worship we discovered the story of Jesus' death and His triumphant resurrection. Children are instantly drawn to this story and while we know death on the cross was a part of God's plan and had to happen, we focus on the empty tomb and our RISEN Lord! See if your preschooler can sing you our new song "Run Come See".

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Coming Up in Preschool April 10-14

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing spring break!

This week we will be celebrating new life in Jesus through His resurrection on Easter!  We will be busy with all kinds of Easter fun and learning.  We will be making empty tomb crafts, weaving baskets, matching uppercase to lowercase, finishing a woodworking project, working with our teen numbers, and creating some beautiful Easter artwork.

Our worship will focus on the resurrection of Jesus!  We will be singing joyous praises and celebrating Jesus’ victory over death!

We will have our Easter egg hunts on Thursday and Friday at 11am!  If the weather is nice we will have our egg hunt on the church’s grassy hill.  If it’s rainy, we will move our hunt inside at the church.  Younger siblings are welcome to join in but please be there on time!  We do need a couple of parents on both days to hide the eggs!  If you can help, please let Mrs. O’Loughlin know!

Blessings on your week!

Mark Your Calendars
4/10: Art
4/11: Art
4/13: Easter Egg Hunt—11am
4/14: Easter Egg Hunt—11am
4/20: SHARE Day, Art
4/21: SHARE Day, Art
4/24: Science, Spinning Wheel
4/25: Science, Spinning Wheel
4/27: Field Trip to Lawson Gardens—9:30am
4/28: Art