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Thursday, March 30, 2017

SHARE Day and Releasing Ladybugs

Our morning started with SHARE Day! We love seeing these special items from home and listening as each preschooler takes their turn to share. We are especially proud as everyone sits quietly, patiently waiting, showing us what big kids they really are!

There were shouts of HOSANNA at worship! Ask your preschooler what hosanna means and who were the people shouting it at!

We said goodbye to our adult ladybugs! This was such a fun unit that the preschooler enjoyed thoroughly! It's a safe guess that each of your will have quite the ladybug hunter on your hands once summer rolls around!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


We learned a lot about the lifecycle of the chicken today! One preschooler noted that the ladybug lifecycle starts the same as a chicken's...with an egg! Such a wonderful connection made between two of God's amazing designs!

Thursday and Friday are our SHARE Days!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Baby Chicks Visit Preschool

What a fun filled morning of learning all about baby chicks, the hatching process and the lifecycle of the chicken! In groups of 4, the preschoolers rotated stations. The first station was watching a short video on the hatching process. Then, they put together a lifecycle of the chicken book with Ms. Joyce. Finally, they met the baby chicks! The preschoolers had the opportunity to feed and hold the chicks.

A huge thank you to Beth Tietjen for volunteering her time and her chicks!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Predator, Prey - Mrs. Krantz

Today we learned how helpful ladybugs can be to farmers and gardeners becuase they are such excellent predators.  Their prey... aphids and other small insects that like to eat crops.  They also like beautiful roses!  This summer, your preschooler can inspect roses to see if aphids are on them.  Ladybugs could be close by as well, because they are aphid hunters!

We enjoyed becoming ladybugs in search of yummy aphids.  What fun to put information into playful experiences!  The new light tables were a huge hit and some amazing building was taking place.  I'm very excited to have this new learning tool in our preschool.

In worship, we were shouting "Hosanna!"  You can see beautiful palm leaves adorning our wall!

Aphids - Mrs. O'Loughlin

During opening circle, we examined a real rose! We came up with a great list of all the things we know about roses. But one thing the preschoolers didn't mention was that a rose is an aphid's favorite food! Oh no! Our poor roses! What are we to do?! Da da nana! Ladybugs to the rescue! We found out that ladybugs are predators and their favorite prey is an aphid!

During centers we played predator hide and seek where little Ladybugs flew around the room searching for their prey. The preschoolers also had roses that were in need of a helper predator bug. So they stuck on some ladybugs to protect their beautiful flowers!

Trying out the new light tables, woodworking, reading books, patterning and sensory table rounded out our center time!

Wednesday is our visit from the baby chicks! See you then!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

This week will go by quickly with all of the fun experiences we have planned.  We will finish up our ladybug learning briefly learning about the ladybug as a predator.  We will find out what they eat!  This summer, perhaps you will find ladybugs on roses hunting their tiny green prey!

We are very excited to introduce our new light tables and all of the fun accessories.  This will be very exciting for all of our preschool friends!

On Tuesday and Wednesday baby chicks will be visiting us!  We will get to watch a video of a chick hatching, learn about the lifecycle and hold baby chicks!  THis is always a wonderful experience.  SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday this week as well.  Mrs. Hein will be back to do some art with us on Wednesday and Thrusday as well.

In our worship time, we will hear about the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the word "Hosanna!"  We will be singing a lot and lifting our praises to Jesus!

Don't forget that Spring Break is April 3-7 and preschool will not be in session.  

Blessings on  the rest of your weekend!

3/28  Baby Chicks
3/29  Baby Chicks, Art
3/30 SHARE Day, Art
3/31 SHARE Day
4/3-4/7 No Preschool - Spring Break
4/11 Art
4/12 Art
4/13 Easter Egg Hunt 11:00am
4/14 Easter Egg Hunt 11:00am

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

Our adult ladybugs have emerged from their pupas!  We will be observing these tiny insect friends before releasing them at the end of the week.  The preschoolers will discover that ladybugs are predators and big helpers to us and our plants!

Our new light tables are here!  We will be using these wonderful learning tools in class this week! 

There will be shouts of Hosanna in worship!  As Jesus makes his triumphant entry into Jerusalem we will hear how the crowds were happy to see Him.  We too can sing His praises and be glad!  We’ll be learning some new songs to assist us in our praises!

Signs of spring are all around.  The preschoolers are quick to point out buds on the trees or tulips emerging from the ground.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, another sign of spring will be visiting…baby chicks!  The preschoolers will learn about the hatching process, the lifecycle of a chicken and of course, get to hold a baby chick!\

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday!  Please help your child choose one special item from home and come up with 2-3 things they can tell their friends about their chosen treasure. 
Next week is Spring Break!  Have a wonderful, relaxing week!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
3/28, 3/29: Baby Chicks visit
3/30, 3/31: SHARE Day
4/3,-4/7: No preschool—Spring Break
4/13, 4/14: Easter Egg Hunt—11am

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Experiencing Creation - Mrs. Krantz

We spent the majority of our time together outside today!  It was such an exciting experience to see the ladybugs doing what we have read about it our ladybug book.  We found then massed together is bunches beneath foliage and it deep crevices in the bark of trees.  We found them under wood on the ground and we noticed that they we more active in the sun than in the shade.  These kinds of real life experiences outdoors will teach you children so much more than I ever could from just talking about it or making a fun craft.  Searching out, looking for insects in their natural habitat, and observing their behavior is what they will remember and what will teach them about God's amazing creation!  What a gift it is to Mrs. Barrington and myself to make these discoveries and experience such wonder alongside your children!

Ladybugs! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

A ladybug has emerged from one of our classroom pupas! It was very exciting to see a yellow beetle with no spots sitting in the dome. As time passed, spots appeared and the cover wings began to darken. God is amazing and we have loved observing His intricate design in our very own classroom.

Outside, the hunt for ladybugs was on. Armed with insect finding tools (tweezers and magnifying glasses) the preschoolers discovered dozens of ladybugs. Under needles, in the crevasses of tree bark and in between pieces of wood. Each discovery of these lovely red insects was as exciting as the last!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Adult Ladybugs - Mrs. Krantz

Our pop up books are just about finished.  Today we added the 3 stage in the lifecycle, ask your preschooler what that is!  We will finish up the books on Friday and I know your preschooler will be very excited to share it with you!  We also noticed that all of the pupa in our ladybug land are empty, and we have a bunch of adult ladybugs crawling around ladybug land!  

Outside time was a wonderful experience on the spring morning.  Digging, hauling rocks, running, and discovery of many outdoor creatures was amazing.  I love to see the preschooler create their own games, and pretend play.  Outside seems to enhance quality interaction and learning!

Entomologists Unite! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our love of bugs isn't stopping at ladybugs! These preschoolers are exploring all types of crawling creatures. A favorite has been the worms that are unearthed during our outside times. As a teacher, these are my favorite moments. Friends join forces to dig bigger holes, conversations and problem solving when tunnels collapse, and observation of the discoveries found!

No ladybugs have emerged yet! We're hoping for Friday!

During closing circle, we practiced our ladybug lifecycle using different animal voices. Ask your preschooler which was the silliest!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Metamorphosis - Mrs. O'Loughlin

There are some big changes in our ladybug lifecycle dome. Every single larvae is now is its pupate stage. But what's really spectacular is what's happening on the inside! Ask your preschooler what will be crawling out of the pupa in the next day or two!

During centers, the preschoolers were hard at work constructing a ladybug with all the correct parts, making fossils of their own (these are drying and will go home Thursday!), sorting colorful ladybugs in the sensory table, reading, writing numbers, driving cars, painting...busy busy preschoolers! We sure do get a lot of learning and play in during our mornings together.

Ask your preschooler how the woman in our bible story showed her love to God. And how can we show our love to Him?!

Outside was lovely! We are so thankful to have a third outdoor area to play when the mud becomes too much!

A Yellow Ladybug - Mrs. Krantz

Today was pretty amazing when it comes to watching the life cycle of the ladybug in our classroom.  We were able to see a brand new adult ladybug just after it emerged from the pupa!  It was yellow and had no spots!  As time went on, the spots began to show up.  What an amazing process to watch in our very own classroom!

We enjoyed our time outside and found ladybugs snuggly huddled up under a large piece of bark on the ground.  We were pretty good ladybug hunters.

Our sensory table has been a favorite with cornstarch and water.  Today we added powdered tempra paint to mix colors.  What fun!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Bug Fossils - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Mr. Levi brought in some bug fossils today! We took a close look and could see imprints of legs, antennae and wings on some! During centers, preschoolers made their own fossils by imprinting bugs into some air dry clay.

The ladybug lifecycle is now at the pupa stage! After observing the pupae the preschoolers added the stage to their pop up books! These are turning out so wonderful and your preschoolers love flipping through them, reading the stages as they go.

Ask your preschool how many coins the woman put in the offering plate at the temple. And ask, according to Jesus, who gave more, her or the rich man?

Fossils and Emerging Ladybugs - Mrs. Krantz

I can't tell you how exciting it was to have the kids come into class this morning and be greeted by a newly emerged ladybug!  I've been teaching this unit for years now, and have never had the pleasure of seeing that happen!  What a special day!  We also found a larvae in our habitat, so there must have been at least one egg in with our order of larvae!  We will watch this new larvae through it's lifecycle too.

Mr. Levi came in to talk to us about insect fossils!  We even got to play a fun game with him.  And later, we made our own insect fossils.

We released the rest of our ladybug dome today during our time outside.  It was fun to release them and say goodbye!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

This week we will be continuing our ladybug experience as we take a look at the third and fourth stages in the lifecycle... and we are enjoying watching the process in our own classroom!  When we are outside, we have been encountering many adult ladybugs which has been enormous fun.  I'm hopeful that as spring progresses, we will find larvae outside in our own backyard!  Our pop up books should be finished this week and will make their way home.

This week we also have some special things happening.  Monday and Tuesday start out with science with Mr. Levi, a favorite for sure!  On Friday, we have a special visit from the dentist to help us learn how to take good care of our teeth!

We have been working on a project with Papa Ken that we will be using in the classroom to have fun with patterns, counting, and all kinds of mathematical fun.  These will also make their way home, but not for awhile yet. 

In worship we will learn about a woman who gave something really big to the Lord, even though it didn't look like something big.  Even when our gifts may not look big, they are valuable to the Lord!  We can show our love for God in small ways, that really are big ways!

Our outside time is very important, so thanks for sending appropriate outdoor gear!  

Blessings on your weekend!

3/20 Science
3/21 Science
3/24 Dentist Visit
3/30 SHARE Day
3/31 SHARE Day
4/3-4/7 No Preschool - Spring Break
4/13 Easter Egg Hunt 11:00am
4/14 Easter Egg Hunt 11:00am

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

We will be hearing a big word this week; metamorphosis!  All of our larvae are now pupas!  The preschoolers were so excited to see the baby ladybugs crawling around one day and the next, curled up in their pupa stage!  The last two stages of the ladybug lifecycle will be added to the pop-up books as we watch the changed larvae emerge from the pupa as an adult ladybug.

Papa Ken has been working with the preschoolers on a very fun woodworking project of counting/patterning boards.  As a group we will be working with these before they go home!

Science with Mr. Levi will be on Monday and Tuesday!

During our worship time we will hear about a story of woman who had very little money, but gave it to the Lord!  She showed her love for Jesus by putting her money in the offering box.  There are so many ways to show Jesus our love.  Ways we show Jesus our love is to sing Him songs, learn His word, and spend time in our prayer journals.  We will be doing all of these things!

Friday is our dentist visit for our MWF groups!  Smiles the Monkey will be here to show the preschoolers how to brush and floss their teeth so those smiles can keep shining bright!

Thank you for sending in a change of shoes with your kiddos!  We have been enjoying our outside time so much, mud, squish and all!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
3/20, 3/21: Science
3/24: Dentist Visit
3/30, 3/31: SHARE Day
4/3,-4/7: No preschool—Spring Break
4/13, 4/14: Easter Egg Hunt—11am

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Numbers! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

During opening circle, we learned some fun poems to help us form numbers 0-3! 

Start at the top and around you go!
That's how you make a zero!
Straight line down and you're all done 
That's how you make a number one!
Candy cane and then a shoe
That's how you make a number two!
Around the tree, around the tree!
That's how you make a number three!

The preschoolers did a great job and got even more number writing practice during centers in shaving cream!

We added the second stage to our pop-up books. And just in time! Our larvae are quickly turning into pupa! It's so wonderful to be able to observe this amazing work of God in our very own classroom!

Outside, the preschoolers ran and ran and ran.... you should have some very tired kiddos tonight!

10 Little Ladybugs - Mrs. Krantz

Ladybug songs are so much fun!  We have learned a few these past two weeks and today we learned the "10 Little Ladybugs" song.  We had ten leaves, with the numbers of each leaf to help us as we sang!  We also learned about the larvae stage of the ladybug lifecycle.  The pop up lifecycle books are very fun and exciting to make!

We enjoyed outside time, thanks for making sure your preschooler has good outside attire!  Preschoolers need to move to learn and opportunity to run, jump, roll and climb are very important in their development.

We had a small class today, and had lots of silliness.  Laughter and giggles were a big part of our time together!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Larvae Patterns! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

These preschoolers observed that our larvae have a pattern on them! Orange, black, orange, black! Some kiddos added this lovely detail to their lifecycle book!

Ask your preschooler what part they played in our Zaccheus reenactment! My personal favorite part was when a repentant Zaccheus passed back all the money he had wrongfully taken! Oh I love preschoolers!

Friday is St. Patrick's day! I'll see all you lads and lasses then!

Pop Up Books - Mrs. Krantz

Our ladybug lifecycle pop up books are coming along quite well.  We added the second stage today and had so much fun singing our song slow... then a bit faster... then a bit faster... then super fast!  We headed outside to enjoy the spring weather and there was some epic running taking place.  It is so good to have space to run, explore, jump and enjoy outside!

Ladybug spots have been so much fun with counting, symmetry and design.  Who knew ladybug spots could be so much fun, with so much learning!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Crawling Ladybugs - Mrs. Krantz

What fun we had with ladybugs crawling on our hands today!  We brought in sticks and leaves to make ladybug homes, and the ladybugs we released yesterday hitched a ride!  We had some fantastic hands on time with the ladybugs.

We continue to learn all about the lifecycle.  Ask your preschooler to sing you  the lifecycle song!

We headed across the street to the church yard to enjoy some much needed outside running space.  Spring is almost here and we can't wait!!!

Larvae - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our larvae (baby ladybugs) are getting bigger! Today we learned that the larvae will shed their skin many times, each time getting bigger! We are learning a ladybug lifecycle song to help keep the stages in order. This morning, we learned the first two stages!

(Tune: Wheels on the Bus)
The ladybug starts as an egg
As an egg
As an egg
The ladybug starts as an egg
Clinging to a leaf

The egg hatches into larvae
The egg hatches into larvae
That sheds it skin many times

In worship we heard a story about Zacchaeus and how even though he had done wrong, he was sorry and Jesus forgave him. Ask your preschooler what Jesus said when he saw Zacchaeus up in the tree.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ladybug Houses - Mrs. Krantz

Our outside plans were a bit thwarted by the rain this morning, but we didn't let it stop us completely.  We gathered items for house building and headed inside to dry table to build out ladybug homes.  Later, we took them outside and created a village for our ladybugs.   At the end of the day, we released the ladybugs from our dome into the ladybug village!

We also began learning about the lifecycle of the ladybug.  We focused on stage 1 today... eggs. There is a catchy little song we sing to remember the stages of the lifecycle.  I bet your preschooler could sing it for you!

In worship we learned about Zacchaeus and how Jesus forgave him for the poor choices (sin) he had made.  Jesus forgives all of our sins and will never stop loving us.

Ladybug Lifecycle - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We started our ladybug lifecycle pop up books today! The first stage was added; ask your preschooler what stage that is!

In worship we heard about a man named Zacchaeus. Ask your preschooler what he loved a lot. Even though Zacchaeus did wrong, Jesus loved him and forgave him. Jesus even wanted to come to his house!

We got some outside play in! Signs of spring are everywhere! Yay!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

This week will be full of ladybug adventure.  We will be learning the lifecycle of the ladybug through song, pictures, puzzles, and watching the process happen in our very own classroom!  Looking ahead at the weather, it does look like we should have a bit warmer and hopefully drier weather.  My hope is to spend a good amount of time outside building ladybug houses!  Please be sure to send your preschooler is clothing for outside, clothing that is OK to get muddy, and boots.  If they would like to collect special twigs, leaves, pinecones and such to help with building ladybug homes, please have them bring them in a ziploc bag labeled with their name.  Rest assured, we have plenty of items in the yard so if they don't bring any, they won't be lacking!  At the end of the week, we will release our adult ladybugs to enjoy the homes lovingly built around the yard.

In worship we will learn about Jesus and Zacchaeus.  Even though Zacchaeus had made some poor choices and sinned, Jesus loved him and forgave him.  He does the same thing with each one of us! 

Friday is St. Patrick's Day!  Have your preschooler wear green if they would like.  We will be learning about shamrock's (maybe adding some to ladybug homes) and making green in several different ways.  If anyone feels promoted to make green playdough for our classroom, please let me know!

Don't forget the time change on Sunday.. spring forward!

Blessings of your weekend,

3/17 Wear Green! St. Patrick's Day
3/20 Science
3/21 Science
3/24 Dentist Visit
3/30 SHARE Day
3/31 SHARE Day
4/3-4/7 No Preschool - Spring Break
4/13 Easter Egg Hunt 11:00am
4/14 Easter Egg Hunt 11:00am

Coming Up In Mrs. O'Loughlins Class

This week we will be diving into the ladybug lifecycle.  We have already touched on it a bit but will be taking a closer look at each of the four stages.  The preschoolers will have the chance to create their very own non-fiction, Ladybug Lifecycle popup book!  We’ll also be learning a lifecycle song!  

Ladybugs provide so many mathematic learning opportunities.  We have already seen how ladybugs are symmetrical; we can count by twos when looking at the parts of a ladybug, and of course counting spots!  As a group, the preschoolers will be creating a ladybug number line to display in our classroom.  Writing numbers will also be a part of our handwriting practice!

In worship Jesus shows us how he forgives all and loves all!  We will hear about a man named Zaccheus.  Jesus showed love and forgiveness to him just like He shows it to us!
Friday is St. Patrick’s Day!  Our fun and learning will be all green!  Wear green, if you’d like! Please remind your preschooler that there will be no pinching.

Don't forget to Spring Forward on Sunday!
Blessings on your weekend!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
3/17: St. Patrick’s Day—wear green!
3/20, 3/21: Science
3/24: Dentist Visit
3/30, 3/31: SHARE Day

Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 Little Ladybugs - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We learned a poem about five little ladybugs today! They kept flying off one by one until there were none left. Mrs. O'Loughlin got out 5 real ladybugs so we could watch them fly away.  It was very exciting! And throughout our morning, those flying ladybugs were discovered and then released outside.

We had our visit from Willamette Dentistry! A dental assistant and a dental hygienist came and showed the preschoolers how to brush and care for their teeth. Ask your preschooler what type of food makes our teeth happy and what can make our teeth sad.

Our time ended with some symmetrical testing! Ladybugs are symmetrical! Each preschooler had their shirt tested for symmetry. See if your preschooler remembers if they are wearing a symmetrical shirt or not.

More Ladybug Learning - Mrs. Krantz

We enjoyed more ladybug learning today, along with a visit from the dentist!  We walked across the street to the church to learn how to take care of our teeth!  We are so thankful for members of our community bringing special learning to us!

In the ladybug realm, we learned more about the parts of a ladybug, the symmetrical nature of the ladybug, and we started to take a look at the lifecycle of the ladybug.  The larvae in our classroom are growing!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Parts of a Ladybug - Mrs. Krantz

We started off our morning with a picture of a flying ladybug to add to our collection of pictures of the ladybug.  In our group time we discussed the different parts of a ladybug... head, thorax, abdomen, 6 legs, 2 antennae and the fact that ladybugs are symmetrical!  We explored the world of symmetry through observations and paintings.  

In worship we noticed that ou group carpet has a picture of Jesus with children.  He loves each one of us with a great big, never ending love!

You might hear about the flying purple paint bowl today... a bowl of paint was accidentally launched into the air and purple paint was everywhere!  Preschool can be messy, but we took care of it.  If you find purple paint on your preschooler...this is why!

Wings to Fly! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

It was time to say goodbye to our adult ladybugs today. This gave us the perfect opportunity to try and observe all 4 wings. The ladybugs really liked the preschoolers warm hands and weren't too willing to fly away. Although a few did!

We learned a poem about 5 Little Ladybugs today. Each one kept flying away. Ask your preschooler if they can say it for you!

The preschoolers used their imaginations today and designed some cover wings that they'd like to see on the ladybug. These creations are adding a multitude of color to our room!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Antennae - Mrs. Krantz

Ladybugs are amazing insects!  Today we discovered a lot about the body of an adult ladybug.  It has three parts, 6 legs, 2 sets of wings and 2 antennae.  Ask your preschooler if they remember what the antennae do.  

We enjoyed making ladybug headbands with antennae, counting ladybugs, writing and illustrating a story about a napping ladybug and observing live adult ladybugs.  Such a fun day!

In worship we learned just how much Jesus loves children.  We thanked Jesus for His great love for us and sang songs about Jesus' love for us.

Thursday is a visit from the dentist with Mrs. O'Loughlin's class!

Ladybugs! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This group is loving our new ladybug unit! We took a close look at real ladybugs under a magnifying glass and saw 6 legs and 2 antennae. It was a little difficult to see the 4 wings because ladybugs move so fast when flying!

During centers, the preschoolers turned into ladybugs and flew around from one activity to another!  Busy little bugs for sure!!

Thursday is our dentist visit! See you all then!

Monday, March 6, 2017

2, 4, 6! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

2 antennae, 4 wings, and 6 legs! That makes up a ladybug! We carefully examined our very own pretend ladybug and counted out all the parts. We also had a big poster to look at as a group to double check with each part we counted. Plus, our observation of real ladybugs confirmed our counting!

Real ladybugs vs fake ladybugs came up this morning. The preschoolers could easily tell the difference because the real ones were smaller and moved around. The fake ones were made of plastic and not really the right colors. We used this real vs fake topic to bring up fiction vs non-fiction books. We had two ladybug books and it was up to the preschoolers to figure out which was fiction and which was non-fiction. Ask your preschooler how we knew the story of The Grouchy Ladybug was a fiction book?

In worship we heard the story about the disciples telling the children to go away. This group decided that must have made them sad. But when Jesus called them over to Him, that sadness quickly faded as they ran into Jesus' loving arms!

Ladybugs Wings - Mrs.Krantz

What fun it was to be back together after parent teacher conferences!  We got right into our ladybug learning and took a close look at the ladybug dome and ladybug cookie jar, both full of adult ladybugs!  We focused on the cover wings today.  Ask your preschooler about the cover wings.  There is another set of wings under the cover wings that we will learn more about this week!

We enjoyed Papa Phil playing a fun card game with us, one that worked with number identification and more/less.  Ladybug art also lends itself well to not only science discovery, but math discovery as well.  This is going to be a fun month!