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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Who Wants Pizza? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our new restaurant was quickly filled with eager preschoolers ready to cook, take orders and eat! The most popular item: pizza! This went along perfect with a new song we are learning, "On Top of Tomatoes"! We discussed the usual toppings; pepperoni, cheese, peppers...and also thought about some silly toppings; frosting, gummy worms, cheetahs! I loved the little giggles as the pizza toppings became more outlandish!

In worship we heard about John baptizing Jesus! The news that Jesus is the son of God spread among the people there!

At our closing circle, the idea of small, medium, and large was practiced while acting out making a pizza. First a small pizza with very small movements. Then medium which felt like normal. Then a large pizza was made using big motions to stir and roll and chop and eat!

Waves - Mrs. Krantz

We had a morning full of all kinds of different things.  The snow was falling, special invitations were decorated, drip drop paintings with snowflakes were created and ocean waves were created.  The waves created a fun opportunity to talk about under, over, and through.  

In worship we heard about the baptism of Jesus and how Jesus is the Son of God.  We are having particular moments of joy singing two of our favorite worship songs.  Ask your preschooler to sing them to you!

Your special invitations should have made it home today, so be sure to return the RSVP!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Tongue Twisters are Funny - Mrs. Krantz

Tongue twisters are funny!  This morning we read the poem "Fishes Evening Song."  It has wonderful words and some super fun tongue twisters.  We listened close to the words, picked out some favorites and tried some tongue twisters ourselves.  We also talked about evening and when that was in the day.  My favorite description from a preschooler was "Evening is the most beautiful time of the day when the sky turns orange, and sometimes even red."

In worship we heard about the baptism of Jesus and how what happened at His baptism.  Jesus is the Son of God!

Painting With Pizza Tools - Mrs. O'Loughlin

There is so much to see in a restaurant! The preschoolers came up with a great list of things they have seen when they go visit a restaurant.

At centers, the preschool restaurant was bustling with customers, cooks and servers. Lots of yummy food coming out of the kitchen and lots of happy customers in the dining area. Some kiddos chose to make placemats (another thing we see at restaurants!) while others used some pizza tools in a different way. Paint filled squeeze bottles lined the table and it was up to the preschooler to use control and put a small dab of paint on their paper. Once all their chosen colors were done, a rolling pin was used to spread out the paint. The results are stunning!!

In worship we worked together to learn John 1:34 "Jesus is the son of God!" Ask your preschooler what shape they were holding and what actions they did!

To end our wonderful morning, we began learning a new song 'On Top of Tomatoes.' Some new toppings for the pizza were suggested. Ask your preschooler what they said

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

Order up!  This week we are beginning our very fun, very yummy, restaurant unit.  The preschoolers have their very own restaurant to cook, serve, and eat at in the classroom.  A pretend restaurant offers so many learning opportunities: concept of print while reading menus, writing skills while taking orders, planning and organizational skills while cooking food and serving the customers, creativity, language, social skills…I could go on and on!  All of this while your sweet little kiddo does what they do best, PLAY!

In worship we will be learning about Jesus being baptized by John.  John had a wonderful message to all the people: “Jesus is the son of God!” (John 1:34)  We’ll work on memorizing this verse as a group this week!

To go along with our restaurant learning fun, we are going to visit a real restaurant!  Our field trip to Pizza Hut will be Monday and Tuesday of next week.  We are in need of drivers!  Signup sheets are in the hallway.

Some special invitations will be coming home this week!  Please be sure to get your RSVP’s in for The Heart Café!

Blessings on the rest of your weekend and the upcoming week!  
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
2/6, 2/7: Pizza Hut Field Trip 9:15-11am
2/13, 2/14: The Heart Café 9-10am
2/16, 2/17: SHARE Day
2/20: President’s Day—No Preschool
2/21. 2/22: Science
2/27-3/3: Parent/Teacher Conferences—No Preschool
3/3: The Seasons of Art Annual Art Show

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

This week we will be doing some more ocean and aquarium fun but also begin integrating some Valentine experiences.  We will also be focusing on words like over, under and through as we have some hands on building of waves.  We will also be working on a few things to begin preparing for our "Seasons of Art" art show and fundraiser held the evening of March 3.  Lots of things are coming up in the next month or so!

Friday we have a field trip to "Pets Are People Too" here in Pullman for our M/W/F class.  We will leave preschool at 10:00am and return by 11:00am.  We will eat snack before we leave, so please bring snack as usual.  We do need a few drivers, the sign up sheet is on the closet door.

The following week our T/Th class will be visiting "Petco" in Moscow.  We will leave at 9:45am and return by 11:15am.  We will also eat snack before we leave.  We need drivers for this trips as well!

In worship we will hear about the baptism of Jesus.  We will learn John 1:34  "Jesus is the son of God!"  

Just a heads up... we will be exchanging Valentines in our classroom and class lists will go home next week.

Blessings to you on the upcoming week!

2/3 Pets Are People Too Field Trip 10am
2/7 Petco Field Trip 10:15am
2/13 The Heart Cafe 9am-10am
2/14 The Heart Cafe 9am-10am
2/16  SHARE Day
2/17  SHARE Day
2/20 No Preschool - President's Day
2/27-3/3 No Preschool - Parent Teacher Conferences
3/3 The Seasons of Art Art Show and Annual Fundraiser

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sea Foam - Mrs. Krantz

Sharks are incredible creatures.  Today we learned a few amazing shark facts and counted shark teeth.  We also each made up a fun verse to a song about sharks.  We love sharks!

We added more hearts of goodness to our heart wall near the group carpet.  These are ideas of how we can share God's love by doing good things.  It is a wall of wonderful ideas!

Sea foam (shaving cream) was a wonderful sensory experience.  We played with the sea foam and used rollers, cookie cutter and other tools to make cool shapes and patterns in the foam.  

Camp Out Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our Campout was a huge success!! After Papa Phil showed us beautiful pictures of the forest, he read us the true story of Smokey Bear! Ask your preschooler if they can tell you what happened to Smokey when he was just a cub!

The smell of roasted marshmallows filled the classroom as the preschoolers constructed s'mores! Paths were well lit with some creative lanterns. The tents were cozy for reading and bead work and of course lots of giggles!

Have a wonderful weekend! I will see you all on Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Preschool Sized Sharks - Mrs. Krantz

Our hallway aquarium was full of preschool sized sharks today.  With the help of a shark headband, the preschoolers delighted in becoming a group of sharks swimming the ocean together.  Listening to them negotiate how to play, who would be the shark leader, what the other sharks would do in their role... preschool play at it's finest!

We created hearts in worship today, with pictures of different ways we can share the love of Jesus by doing good things.  There was quite a list of wonderful things we can do to share the love of Jesus.  These hearts are displayed near our group carpet.  Take a look!

A Full Table, Full of Opportunities - Mrs. O'Loughlin

As the preschoolers came in today, they had the chance to design their own tents! Some very creative tents were made and they are all as unique as the preschooler who designed it.

It was very easy to notice how full the table was. Markers, stamps and ink pads, papers and lots of friends. As each kiddo chose carefully their colors and stamps, a lot of learning and growing was happening. Sharing, problem solving, peer negotiation, verbal skills, patience and kindness! These social, foundational skills are ones that will be carried all throughout your child's education and life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Smooth, Swimmy Sharks - Mrs. Krantz

More shark fun was part of our time together this morning.  In fact, we all became sharks swimming silently, quickly and smoothly throughout the classroom while a shark poem was read.  They enjoyed this so much, we did it 3 times.  They were magnificent sharks.

Little sharks we added to our hallway.  Take a look at all the great creations of the aquarium hallway.  It will be hard for me to take it down when it is finished!

At closing circle we each had a unique shell and shared words that told about our shells.  What a fun way to use and build vocabulary!

We have some upcoming field trips planned.  Our T/Th class will take a trip to Petco on February 7 and the M/W/F class will go to Pets Are People Too on February 3.  Sign up sheets for drivers are up on the closet door!

Making Your Mark - Mrs. O'Loughlin

As the preschoolers walked in today we were signing a thank you card for the WSU Raptor Club. I always ask for each kiddo to "make their mark". For some, their mark is their full name, for others it's the first letter and for some, it's a picture of a pony! Each time a mark is made those fine motor muscles are strengthening preparing your child for a life of writing! And by making marks with paintbrushes, in moon sand and with colorful markers, more importantly, the love of writing is being fostered!

See you all on Thursday for our Campout!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sharks - Mrs. Krantz

Sharks are amazing creatures!  Our first day with shark fun was a blast.  We learned a poem about a shark at an aquarium, and we read it is a quiet, mysterious voice.  Perhaps your preschooler can recall some of the poem for you.  We also talked about different parts of a shark and even got to check out a real shark tooth!

In worship we heard about John preaching about Jesus and how to get ready for Him.  He told other about Jesus and we can too!

Shells, oceans book, painting sharks and underwater pictures were all a big part of centers.  There was a very laid back shell shop in class today.  Just my kind of store!

Wood and Sand - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Today was a fun preschool day!! At circle, the preschoolers helped me make a list of items I'd need for my upcoming campout! Ask your kiddo what they said I should bring!

During centers there was plenty of hands on learning!! Wooden sculptures were put together. I love how each preschooler decides on the best piece and the best position for placement. When they were complete, we stepped back and compared. Some sculptures were tall, some had many pieces, and some had just a few! They are all beautiful and will be revealed in our Art Show coming up in March!

In worship, a bucket of sand was passed around. The sand was described as soft but also hard. Smooth and sparkly! Gribbly and smells like ocean! John lived in the desert surrounded by sand! Ask your preschooler what John ate and what were his clothes made out of. We learned that John showed God's love by helping others and telling them about Jesus!

Have a wonderful afternoon! See you all on Wednesday!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

From the beginning of our forest adventure, the preschoolers have talked about how a forest is for camping.  How right they are!  Thursday and Friday will be Campout Days!  Tents, sleeping bags, flashlights and s’mores will be ready for these little campers.  The preschoolers have been asking about another jammie day and an indoor campout seems as good of time as any!  Your kiddo is welcome to wear their pajamas if they want!

In worship we will hear about a man named John who lived in the desert!  God’s special job for John was to tell people about Jesus!  John showed others that by doing good and helping each other was a way to show God’s love!

Please be sure to mark your calendar for The Heart Café!  On Monday, February 13th and Tuesday, February 14th , The Heart Café is open for business!  This is a very special event where your preschooler has the honor of taking you out for a special breakfast.  The downstairs of the church is transformed into a Valentine Day themed restaurant where the teachers are the waitresses and breakfast is ordered from a menu!   All family and siblings are invited to attend!  If you are unable to come, another special guest would be just fine!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!  I’m excited for a FULL week of preschool with your wonderful kiddos! 
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
1/26, 1/27: Campout Days—wear your jammies!
2/13, 2/14: The Heart Café 9-10am
2/16, 2/17: SHARE Day
2/20: President’s Day—No Preschool
2/27-3/3: Parent/Teacher Conferences—No Preschool

3/3: The Seasons Of Art Annual Art Show

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

This week we are very excited to talk about sharks!  Several of the preschoolers have been waiting and waiting for this, so it is sure to be a fun week.  We will be learning about the part of a shark, shark facts and of course some great poems and other literature focusing on sharks.  

In worship we will be hearing about John living in the desert and telling people about God's plan to send Jesus.  We will learn about doing good things to help one another as a ways of sharing and showing God's love.

Be sure that you have "The Heart Cafe" on your calendar for February 13 and 14 from 9am-10am.  This is a Valentine's breakfast that your preschooler will invite you to attend.  5 day families get to attend both days.  All family is welcome!  If you can't attend, perhaps find another special adult to attend with your child.  The basement of the church is set up like a restaurant, the teachers become waitresses, we have menus to order from and your children delight in taking you out to breakfast!  Note this begins at 9am, not 8:45am, so the days begin a bit alter than normal.  After the cafe, preschool carries on as normal for the rest of the morning.  More information to follow!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Blessing on the upcoming week,

2/13 The Heart Cafe 9am-10am
2/14 The Heart Cafe 9am-10am
2/20 No Preschool - President's Day
2/27-3/3 No Preschool - Parent Teacher Conferences
3/3 "The Seasons of Art" Art Show and Annual Fundraiser

Thursday, January 19, 2017

WSU Raptor Club!

This group of preschoolers is amazing!!! They were such good listeners during the presentation. The Raptor Club brought four different birds and told us all about them. Ask your preschooler which one was their favorite!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

No Preschool Today, January 18

Due to inclement weather and unsafe driving conditions, preschool will not be in session today. Please stay safe out there.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dear Mr. Blueberry - Mrs. Krantz

Today we read a fun book titled "Dear Mr. Blueberry."  Ask your preschooler what happened in this book!  After  we read it, we had a discussion about what the little girl in the book saw... if it was real or in her imagination.  We also wrote letters today!

We continue to enjoy all things ocean.  We made sandcastle paintings today, these take some time to dry.  We also enjoyed a fiber optics sea anemone.  

Please bring in empty disposable water bottles if you have any!  

Giving Trees - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Papa Phil was here today! He showed us how to figure out the age of a tree without cutting it down. Using a super cool tool, the preschoolers took turns turning an increment bore into one of our preschool trees. 29 years old! We are so thankful to have this tree!

Back inside, we came up with a list of all the things made from wood! It's a long list! God gave us these wonderful trees and their many uses. Papa Phil also brought in some tree cutting tools. An axe and a chainsaw. The preschoolers decided the chainsaw would work faster, and they were right!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

Our forest journey continues this week!  On Tuesday and Wednesday Papa Phil will be back to help us explore the different parts of a tree.  From the roots to the tippy top leaves, we will discover all the wonderful uses a tree gives!  One of our favorite uses a tree gives is the opportunity to work, build and create with wood in preschool.  Sculptures will be crafted using beautiful pieces of walnut wood!

The preschoolers know that trees also provide homes for many of their favorite woodland animals!  A few flying friends in particular will be visiting on Thursday and Friday!  The WSU Raptor Club will be here at 9:30am at Concordia Church to give us a closer look at some pretty magnificent birds!  Siblings and parents are more than welcome to join us! 

In worship the preschoolers will hear the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth, both in their old age, being given the gift of a son.  God loves the whole world!  He showed Zechariah and Elizabeth His love by giving them with a baby of their own.  God showed us His great big love by giving us Jesus!  Get ready for some catchy songs that I just know will be making their way home!

A quick reminder that there is no preschool on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Enjoy the long weekend!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
1/16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day—No Preschool
1/19, 1/20: Raptor Club Visit
1/26, 1/27: Campout Days
2/13, 2/14: The Heart Café 9-10am
2/16, 2/17: SHARE Day
2/20: President’s Day—No Preschool
2/27-3/3: Parent/Teacher Conferences—No Preschool
3/3: The Seasons Of Art Annual Art Show

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

This week is a short week with no preschool on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  The rest of the week we will be having learning fun with the book "Dear Mr. Blueberry."  This is a story of a boy who sees a whale in his fountain at home and write to his teacher about it.  We may even write letters of our own this week about some fun things that we see and imagine!

In worship we will learn about Zechariah and Elizabeth and the birth of their baby John.  God's love for them was great, and His love for each of us is just as great!

On Thursday and Friday we will jump in with Mrs. O'Loughlin's class to enjoy a visit from the WSU raptor club.  This will take place at the church at 9:30.  Parents and siblings are welcome to attend.  The presentation will take about 30 minutes.

We are in need of clear, empty, plastic disposable water bottles with labels removed for a project.  We need the lids too.  Please bring them in as soon as Tuesday!

Blessings on your week!

1/16 No Preschool - MLK Jr. Day
1/18 Raptor Club Visit
1/19 Raptor Club Visit
2/13  The Heart Cafe 9am-10am
2/14  The Heart Cafe  9am-10am
2/20  No Preschool - President's Day
2/27-3/3  No Preschool - Parent Teacher Conferences
3/3  The Seasons of Art Art Show and Annual Fundraiser

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Body Letters - Mrs. Krantz

Who knew making letters with our bodies could be so much fun?  We worked in teams and some letters me made on our own, using just our bodies.  The best part...all the giggling and laughter as we discovered how to twist and turn our bodies into letter shapes!

It was way too cold outside so we brought the parachute into the classroom and had some ocean wave fun.  We had to be careful!  The sharks couldn't touch us as the waves grew bigger and bigger!

Closer Observations - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started by reading the most wonderful book about all the life that's hiding in and amongst the forest trees! Using a flashlight, a picture of burrowing rabbits or sleeping squirrels would be revealed! There's so much more than meets the eye once you take a closer look!

Mr. Krantz graciously let us use some of his feathers and pelts for some hands on learning. Ask the preschoolers what forest animal's fluffy tail they touched today. We all took turns touching a pheasant. We looked closer and noticed the differences of the feathers. Big and small, stiff and soft, lines, circles, black, brown and even some blue! Such wonderful observations from these little learners!

We ended our time together by reading a book written by the preschoolers! Ask your kiddo what is stuck in their tree!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ocean Motion - Mrs. Krantz

SHARE Day started off our morning on the right foot!  I love to watch each preschooler show their special item and listen to what they share about it.  It is equally as wonderful watching the other preschooler respectfully listen to their friend!  This is such an important skill set to learn and part of what will help them be successful in school in the years to come!

We also took some time to listen to words and discover some fun rhymes.  Our favorite rhyming words were ocean and motion!  We acted out different motions of the ocean.  And there were way too many giggles to count.

We enjoyed watercolor painting a huge icicle from our preschool house, had some aquarium store fun and had fish school while Mrs. Krantz ready a book about commotion in the ocean!

Our hallway aquarium had some more items added today.  Soon it should be full of all kinds of beautiful aquatic life!

Trees in All Seasons - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started with an amazing group of listeners during SHARE Day. I am so proud of the respect and patience shown as each preschooler takes a turn talking about their special item. Papa Phil was here during SHARE and he brought his own share: a picture of a big truck and it was carrying something. Ask your preschooler if they remember what it was. And he brought a Smokey Bear figure. Papa Phil use to work with Smokey in the forest! Amazing!

During centers, trees in all 4 seasons were created. These turned out so beautiful!! This type of art activity leads to such wonderful conversation amongst the preschoolers. Some like the summer trees while others decided the fall trees are more fun because you can jump in the leaves. Adding in some scissor practice and texture painting techniques in just a bonus.

We learned a new song in worship! See if your preschooler can remember some of it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Fun - Mrs. Krantz

What fun we had in the deep, deep snow!  Snow play is a bit of an endeavor with 12 kids with snow gear, so it took a big part of our morning.  The snow was perfect and deep!  

Afterward, we enjoyed SHARE Day, and learning about Jesus growing up.  We had some aquatic fun during centers time and brought in a BIG icicle for the sensory table.  Ask your preschooler what happened when we put salt of it!

Measuring Tools - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We did so much measuring today! While playing out in the snow, we got some measuring sticks out and found the deepest spots. Papa Phil our expert forester, came in and shared with us how to measure the age of a tree! Ask your preschooler how! Before worship measuring tapes were used to find all the big and tall things in our classroom. The preschoolers heard about a bigger, older Jesus who went to the temple to learn about God. His love and knowledge of God grew more every day!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

No Preschool, Monday, January 9

Due to inclement weather and unsafe driving conditions, preschool is cancelled tomorrow.  

Stay safe and warm!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

This week we are going to explore all the animals that live in the forest.  The Busy Tree is an adorable book with beautiful drawings that show how full of life trees are!  Keep an eye on our forest mural to see what type of life is added to it!

I bet there are some very special and new items at home that these kiddos would love to bring to preschool to share with all their friends!  So…SHARE Day is Monday and Tuesday!

Papa Ken will be starting a very special woodworking project! These beautiful creations will make their debut at our Annual Art Show! 

These preschoolers are growing up and getting bigger a little bit more everyday!  In worship we hear a story about a bigger, older Jesus at the temple!  Our focus will be that God loves us as we grow and He helps us to learn more about Him! 

Art is on Thursday and Friday.  The preschoolers love our art times and Mrs. Hein!

The weather looks like it’ll be allowing us to play outside next week!  Send in those snow clothes because we are itching to get out there and play!

Blessings on your weekend and upcoming week!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
1/9, 1/10: SHARE Day
1/12, 1/13: Art
1/16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day—No Preschool
1/18, 1/19: Raptor Club Visit
1/26, 1/27: Campout Days

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

Next week we will continue on our aquatic adventure in the classroom.  We will continue to learn about amazing creatures in the ocean and add creations to our aquarium hallway.  We will be counting shells and matching quantities to numerals.  We will also be using alphabet shells to find other letters in our classroom.  Music will be a big part of our week as well.  Music a a great way for children to feel comfortable sharing ideas and it fosters independence in using ideas and facts that have been learned.  Music is an amazing, engaging and fun way to learn!

SHARE Day is Monday and Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the preschoolers choose to bring on these first SHARE days of 2017!

In worship we will learn about Jesus as a boy and a time when he went to the temple with his parents.  

We are hoping the weather and temperature cooperates for outside play, so be ready to bring that snow gear!  Have your preschooler come to class wearing all the gear, as we will go outside first thing on outside playing days.

I will be gone on Friday.  Miss Tietjen will be subbing with Mrs. Barrington.

Keep in mind that Monday, January 16 preschool is not in session for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  

Blessings on your weekend!

1/9 SHARE Day
1/10 SHARE Day
1/16 No Preschool - MLK Jr. Day
1/18 Raptor Club Visit
1/19 Raptor Club Visit
2/13  The Heart Cafe 9am-10am
2/14  The Heart Cafe  9am-10am
2/20  No Preschool - President's Day
2/27-3/3  No Preschool - Parent Teacher Conferences
3/3  The Seasons of Art Art Show and Annual Fundraiser

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Science, Birthday and Art! - All Classes

What a full day we had!! We started by making the snowy trek over to the church for science with Mr. Levi. He showed the preschoolers what a frozen gas looked like and what happens when it begins to "melt". Ask your preschooler about the bubbles!!

Next was Jesus' birthday party!! Upstairs, there was a scavenger hunt for fun prizes. Downstairs each preschooler decorated a cupcake, heard a wonderful book while eating it, pinned the star over the manger and created an adorable craft. Our party ended with singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and party blowers!

Back at preschool, Mrs. Hein was there to do art! Fully embracing the snow and cold, our very own unique snowflakes were made!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trees! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

It was so wonderful to be back at preschool today!! I missed these special little people!

We started circle by making a list of all the things we know about trees. They grow, they are from seeds, apples can grow on them, and birds live in trees! We then read The Giving Tree and realized how much trees give us! Ask your preschooler what all The Boy got from the tree!

During centers, preschoolers and woodland creatures stayed warm around the campfire. Lovely watercolors were painted and using nothing but ripped paper, our forest has begun to grow!

We ended our day by reading Stuck! See if your preschooler can remember what Floyd got stuck up in a tree!

Deep in the Ocean - Mrs. Krantz

What fun it was to be back in the classroom with these great kids!  We had so much fun sharing Christmas break experiences and diving into our ocean unit!  We made a list about what we know about fish and we have started learning a fabulous song.  This song introduces new water vocabulary and matches movement with language.  This develops a greater understanding of the meaning of the words and comprehension of the song!

Be sure to watch our hallway develop into an underwater habitat!  Over the next few weeks the hallway will transform into something amazing!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

T/Th Opening

Concordia Lutheran Preschool has a 2 day (T/Th) opening starting January 4.  Please contact Becky ASAP if interested.