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Friday, November 17, 2017

WSU Football!

We had a fabulous field trip today!  Many thanks to WSU football for letting us visit!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wocket in my Pocket - Mrs. Krantz

Today was full of fun with our extra people.  We had chapel with Pastor Tim and Miss Ann... and they wore some silly hats!  Later we had Art with Mrs. Hein.

This year, our art time with Mrs. Hein is based off of children's books.  Today the book was "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" by Dr. Seuss.  We made wockets to go in pockets! 

Tomorrow is our field trip to the WSU Football Complex.  Please have your preschooler wear good walking shoes and have a coat.  We will be leaving by 9:10am to walk over to the complex and will return by 11am.  Snack is provided!

Thankful for Friends - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This group of friends have been doing a wonderful job putting the Building Blocks of Friendship to practice. During centers this morning, I observed your preschoolers using these Building Blocks in their interactions:
•Ask to play
•Give a toy
•Give a compliment
•Help a friend
•Taking turns

Miss Stahlecker and I love to see this amazing social growth in your special little person!

Tomorrow is our field trip to the WSU Cougar Football Complex. Please come with your preschooler like a normal day. We will leave by 9:10! Snack is provided!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chapel - Mrs. Krantz

Today we had chapel and I am so thankful that we have people in our preschool who love, value and adore children.  Not only that, they know how to relate to children!  I am super thankful for Miss Ann sharing her beautiful music and singing with us as we worship together.  I am super thankful for Pastor Matt who gets down on the the floor at the level of the preschoolers and shares the love of Jesus and God's Word with them.  They both are fun, silly and the kids love them!

Turkey Count - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Your preschoolers made their very own Turkey Counting game on Monday and today, they played! Roll the dice, count the dots and add that many beads to your turkeys feathers. This game gave us practice on counting, one to one correspondence, adding, balance (not planned but certainly came up as the turkeys became heavy with beads!) and fine motor work! All this is an adorable little game made proudly by your sweet turkeys!

Friday is our field trip to WSU Cougar Football Complex! Please have your preschooler use the bathroom as you arrive, wear walking shoes, and leave coats on! We will be leaving as soon as everyone is here! Also, no snack needed!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Turkey Share Day Fun - Mrs. King

This morning we had our second SHARE day and I am so proud of each of our preschoolers!  At opening circle, each preschooler shared what they brought and one thing about their share item.  What fun to see the progress we've made from our first share day to this one!

During centers we enjoyed getting ready for Thanksgiving.  We made turkey headbands and wrote what we are thankful for on the feathers.  We experienced our light table for the first time and made pumpkin and fall tree designs with the shapes.  In each of our activities we often incorporate conversations about colors and counting and shapes.  

During worship we learned about King David and Jonathan and how they were good friends.  Our class thought they probably shared their toys, and played outside together! We sang, "With Love, Help Each Other."  I love hearing little voices pick up new songs and sign along!

Turkey Trot - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had the preschool version of a turkey trot this morning! Each preschooler picked a card and then as a group, did what the card said. Your little turkeys were jumping on one foot, doing 10 jumping jacks, rolling around, and so much more actions to practice those gross motor skills! Spatial awareness and body control were also hard at work during this very fun activity!

Centers was full of creating, building, woodworking, weaving, train track engineering, counting, and pretend play! We stay busy at preschool!

Ask your preschooler why Mrs. O’Loughlin gave them a gift at worship! And how is that like the friendship of David and Jonathan?!

Friendship Skills - Mrs. Krantz

We had an all around great morning together.  We added another tool to our friendship tool bag, made some wonderful fall artwork, built an amazing structure using the friendship skill of teamwork, and added leaves to our tree of thankfulness.

We enjoyed the bright sunshine today and played a lot of hide-and-seek in the backyard. 

Tomorrow and Thursday are Chapel and SHARE Days!  Chapel is at 9:20am over at the church and family is always welcome to join us!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Taking Turns - Mrs. Krantz

We added another tool of friendship to our tool bags today!  The tool of taking turns is an important friendship tool!  We practiced taking turns with Albuquerque the Turkey!  Maybe your preschooler can share the silly song with you.

Later in the morning we wove paper placemats and laminated them so they could be used at home!  We also made corn mosaics and turkey headbands.  We're working on letter identification with a fun turkey tail game as well.

In our worship time we learned more about friendship through the friendship of David and Jonathan!  We learned that a friend loves at all times!

Turkey Sensory Bags - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This morning, the preschoolers chose a card and on that card was a number. They counted out that many feathers and created a turkey sensory bag. Having your little ones push and pull and maneuver those feathers around in the bag of gel is exercising their fine motor muscles. And, it’s a lot of fun!

Mr. Levi was here for science! Ask your preschooler what dissolve means and what did we start making!

In worship we heard about the friendship of David and Jonathan. They showed love to each other by giving gifts. We played a gift passing game; have your preschooler tell you about it!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

We have a full week planned with lots of thanksgiving fun.  We will add leaves to our tree of thankfulness, create corn mosaics, do some paper weaving to make placemats and create some fun decorations for you to include in your home holiday decor!  We will keep adding to our tools of friendship focusing in on taking turns and gentle touches.  We have Science with Mr. Levi on Monday and Art with Mrs. Hein on Wednesday and Thursday.  SHARE Day is also on Wednesday and Thursday this week!

In worship this week we will learn about the friendship of David and Jonathan and how friends care for one another.  Chapel in on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:20am.  Family is always welcome to join us!

Friday is our field trip to the WSU Cougar Football Complex for both classes!  If you plan on attending and have not had a chance to sign up, let me know and I’ll add you to the list!  Please keep in mind that we will not be able to accommodate siblings and we're asking one parent per preschooler.  Since this is a walking field trip, please be sure to send your preschooler in good walking shoes.  We will start walking over by 9:10am (or after all the preschoolers have used the bathroom) Rain will NOT cancel this field trip.  Parents who are walking along, feel free to bring your umbrellas just in case!  Snack is provided so no need to pack one.  We will return by 11:15am.

Have a wonderful weekend!

11/13: Science with Mr. Levi
11/15: Chapel, SHARE Day
11/16: Chapel, SHARE Day
11/17: WSU Football Field Trip - All Classes

11/20-11/24: No preschool—Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

Tuesday is our second SHARE day of the year!  Just like last time, please have your child choose one item they would like to bring to preschool and share with the class!  This time we will encourage them to tell what their share item is and one thing about it at opening circle.  When they arrive they may keep their share out and when we clean up our centers we will put their share items in their backpack.  

This week we will also have Miss Baty visiting our class!  She has been a student teacher with Mrs. Krantz all semester and she is spending her last week with us to observe and learn how to work with younger students!  We love having her with us!

I can't believe we are down to our last week of preschool before Thanksgiving!
This week we will learn more about turkeys and thankfulness.  We will make turkey headbands and  use play-dough and feathers to make turkeys.  Our main book this week will be, "The Very First Thanksgiving Day," by Rhonda Gowler Greene.  

We added a new routine to our morning!  Each morning when your preschooler arrives they wash hands, hang up their coat, backpack and put their snack away.  After giving you a hug goodbye, they find their picture on our attendance poster.  They unclip their picture and reclip it under the "here," column.  This is quickly becoming apart of our morning routine!

In our friendship corner our new friendship skill is gentle touch!  We will incorporate more partner work with giving high fives, fist bumps, pats on a shoulder, hugs etc.  What fun to watch them continue to work on making friends and working with partners!

In worship we will learn about David and Jonathan were friends and took care of each other.  This will fit in so well with our friendship skills!

Mark your Calendars!
11/14 SHARE day
11/16: Chapel
11/20-11/24: No preschool—Happy Thanksgiving

Blessings on your upcoming week!

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

We will continue our Thanksgiving fun and learning this coming week!  Your little turkeys will create their own counting turkey game, turkey headbands and sensory turkey bags!  Isn’t preschool fun?!

Being a friend will be a focus during worship as we hear about the friendship of David and Jonathan.  Your preschoolers will be learning a new song based on Proverbs 17:17.  Chapel is Wednesday and Thursday at 9:20am.  Families are always welcome to join us for worship!

Friday is our field trip to the WSU Cougar Football Complex for both classes!  If you plan on attending and have not had a chance to sign up, let me know and I’ll add you to the list!  Please keep in mind that we will not be able to accommodate siblings and we're asking one parent per preschooler.  Since this is a walking field trip, please be sure to send your preschooler in good walking shoes.  We will start walking over by 9:10am (or after all the preschoolers have used the bathroom) Rain will NOT cancel this field trip.  Parents who are walking along, feel free to bring your umbrellas just in case!  Snack is provided so no need to pack one.  We will return by 11:15am.    

I wish you all a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
11/13: Science with Mr. Levi
11/15: Chapel
11/16: Chapel
11/17: Field trip to WSU Cougar Football Complex—ALL CLASSES!
11/20-11/24: No preschool—Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Turkey Tails! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

The new favorite game at preschool is Turkey Tails! A turkey tail is hidden under a turkey and it's up to the preschoolers to guess which one. This game requires the kiddos to take turns and have self control when it's their turn to guess. Each turkey has a number on it so this is wonderful number recognition practice as well!

If you would like to play at home, have your preschooler make at least 5 turkeys (we went up to 7 today) and number them. Take turns covering eyes and hiding the feather under one of the turkeys! We sing this chant before we start guessing:
Turkey Tails! Turkey Tails! 
1 2 3!
Turkey Tails! Turkey Tails!
Where could it be??

Science Journals - Mrs. Krantz

We added our last drawing to our science journal today.  Our drawings have documented the changes in the tree starting in the first week of October up until now.  We have enjoyed watching these changes and are pretty amazed by the rhythm of God's creation!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Bear Says Thanks - Mrs. King

This morning our class really enjoyed,"The Bear Says Thanks!"  We talked about what Bear was thankful for and what we have to be thankful for.  Our stuffed bear and some puppet friends helped us retell the story during centers as well.  

We enjoyed celebrating three birthdays this morning!  Happy Birthday friends!

Each day after snack our class spends a few minutes in the reading center enjoying good books together or separate.  What fun to see the books they choose and enjoy each time we get to read!

Teamwork! - Mrs. Krantz

Today was full of fun, but the best part, at least for the teachers, was watching every single preschooler come together on a building project and work as a team to make something fabulous!  There was problem solving that needed to happen.  Ideas to share and helping each other as the project progressed.  What a great group of kids!

Compliments! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

One of our Building Blocks of Friendship is giving compliments. To teach this, Miss Stahlecker and I have been modeling giving compliments and pointing out when we hear a compliment. Today was our first time using the compliment chair! One preschooler gets to sit in it while the rest give them compliments.. It went very well and we will repeat this so each preschooler has a turn in the chair.

Outside was frosty and icy and led to lots of discovery!

Thursday is Science with Mr. Levi and Art with Mrs. Hein.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Playing Together - Mrs. Krantz

We added a tool to our friendship tool bags today!  SHaring play ideas is an important part of being a friend.  Coming up with ideas and inviting others to play can be a lot of fun, and it can be frustrating if a friends says no.  We found ways to keep the discussion going to come up with more ideas for playing.  Friendship are wonderful, and friendship tools help us make friendships even better!

Centers time was bustling with activity. Mission control made sure space was safe, satellites were being built, dinner being made and shared with friends, bracelets and  necklaces were beaded and leaf rubbings made.  Such a busy, fun morning!

Snow Discoveries - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Outside was full of discovery as the preschoolers realized how different the yard looked with a little dusting of snow! Frozen leaves left imprints on the tables, footprints could be made and bike tires collect snow as they roll over it!

Inside we read a very silly book Turkey Trouble. We discussed all the things we eat at Thanksgiving and the top of that list was indeed turkey just like Farmer Jake! Some very creative disguises for turkeys were created and are hanging in the lobby!

In worship, David shows his love for his brothers by bringing them something to eat! What love David has for his brothers and for God!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

This week we are looking forward to learning about thankfulness and Thanksgiving!  Our main book this week will be, "The Bear Says Thanks!" by Karma Wilson.  This book has wonderful rhyming, repetitive text and tells the story of Bear, whose animal friends bring him various foods to cheer him up and make a fine feast and on each page, "The bear says thanks!" We will discuss thankfulness, which is a concept we can all grow in!  Even our puppet friend, "Bear!" will show up to help us understand thankfulness.  Our center activities will involve leaves, turkeys and thankfulness!

As we learn more about friendship skills this week we will focus on being thankful for friends!  Last week we started a list:  What are friends like?  Some ideas were: Friends are nice, Friends eat snack, Friends play with me, and Friends play with remote control cars =).  This week we will also continue working on giving/sharing toys and giving gentle touches at preschool.  

As our seasons change, please remember to send appropriate clothing for going outside.  We will enjoy the outside time in our newly cold environment.  Also, please label all outdoor gear! We may even have some snow to play in on Tuesday!

In worship we will learn about David and how he helped his family by taking food to his brothers.  While he was there, David was brave and stood up to the Israelite's great enemy!  Ask your preschooler what happened!

Mark your Calendars!
Mrs. King's Class
11/16: Chapel
11/20-11/24: No preschool—Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

This week we will continue to put tools of friendship in our friendship tool bags.  This week we will add the tools of play ideas and kind words.  A couple of books and some fun role playing will help reinforce these friendship tools.  We will be working with leaves this week too.  Leaf rubbings, paintings, and other leaf experiences will fill our time.  In addition, we will be working as small groups and partners on different activities to give opportunity to use the friendship tools we are learning!  Mr. Levi will be visiting on Thursday for Science!

REMINDER:  No Preschool on Friday in remembrance of Veteran's Day.

In worship we will hear more about David and how he helped his brothers by bringing them food... and how God used David to defeat a giant!

On Friday, November 17 we have the opportunity to attend a field trip to the WSU Football Athletic Complex!  Even though this is a Friday field trip, those preschoolers who attend on T/Th are invited to come!  We will have a sign up sheet for parents who would like to attend, but we will not be able to accomodate siblings on this trip.  We also are limiting it to one adult per preschooler to keep our group size at a workable size.  Snack will be provided that day and we will be walking to Martin Stadium.  I'll be talking about this more on Facebook in the coming days.

The weather has changed!  Please be sure to have appropriate outdoor gear for your preschooler, and please label hats and gloves/mittens.  Now is also a good time to double check your preschoolers extra set of clothing in his/her backpack!

Have a fabulous weekend!

11/9: Science with Mr. Levi
11/10: No preschool in observance of Veteran's Day
11/13: Science with Mr. Levi
11/15: Chapel
11/16: Chapel
11/17  WSU Football Field Trip
11/20-11/24: No preschool—Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

We are diving into some turkey fun and learning this coming week beginning with a new book called Turkey Trouble.  Turkey knows Thanksgiving is coming and tries to disguise himself like the other animals on the farm!  We will extend beyond our reading as the preschoolers will have the opportunity to author and illustrate their own page that could be added to the book.

Blessings and all that we are thankful for have been a big topic this past week.  Each preschooler created an adorable little turkey that says “I AM THANKFUL” and we have begun adding thankful feathers!  These are in our classroom, please take a look and see how your preschoolers are counting their blessings!

There are so many ways to help!  In worship we hear about another way David helps his family and in turn, shows God’s love through his actions!

Mr. Levi will be here on Thursday to do some dissolving experiments with us.  He told last time he was here that dissolving was the first step to making candy!  We can’t wait! 

One of our preschool parents is generously providing us with a wonderful field trip next Friday, the 17th.  We will be walking to the WSU Football Complex on campus and getting a grand tour!  This field trip is for both groups!  Due to the space limits, no siblings and one parent per preschooler please.  Snack will be provided!

With this chilly weather arriving, please be sure to send in warm coats, mittens and hats so our outside times are enjoyable and safe.

Reminder that there is no preschool on Friday in observance of Veteran's Day!  Thank a Veteran!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
11/9: Science with Mr. Levi
11/10: No preschool in observance of Veteran's Day
11/13: Science with Mr. Levi
11/15: Chapel
11/16: Chapel
11/17: Field trip to WSU Football Complex—ALL CLASSES!
11/20-11/24: No preschool—Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Leaf Men - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.  What a fun, beautiful book!  On each page, Leaf Man gets blown on the wind to different places!  Leaves are used to create each different animal in the illustrations.  Our class had fun making our own leaf men in centers time.  What fun to see their creativity and attempts at drawing his body!

We had chapel this morning and are learning sweet songs like, "When the Storm Roars," and, "Jesus Loves Me," with motions!  Pastor Matt told us about David who took care of sheep and defeated the giant Goliath!  

Thanks for another great morning at preschool!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Birthdays and Leaves - Mrs. Krantz

The leaves in the front yard are glorious and we had so much fun playing in them after chapel today.  We spent extra time outside as the weather is changing and the leaves won't be nearly as much fun when they are wet from the rain.  It was a beautiful autumn experience.

We had our first birthday celebration of the year today and it was so fun to introduce a new birthday classroom tradition.  Part of being a good friend is sharing compliments and so with each birthday, we share a compliment about the birthday person!  This is turned into a laminated birthday poster and taken home as a gift from the class.  Our first experience with this was wonderful.  We can't wait to share it with each preschooler!

Helping Hands - Mrs. O'Loughlin

When your preschoolers walked in today they had their hands traced! We have been talking about helping others to show Gods love! We use our hands to help in so many ways. Ask your preschooler ways they can help!

We had two helpers come into our class this morning! Papa Joe helped us and showed us love by reading books! Papa Ken helped us and showed us love by doing woodworking with us!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Creative Costumes - Mrs. King

This morning each preschooler arrived dressed in their Halloween costumes and it was such fun to hear them describe how they were dressed!  We also began learning about leaves today!!  Ask your preschooler to show you the sign for leaf. We sang, "The Leaves are Falling One by One," and got silly with motions. In centers we painted fall trees with red, yellow and orange.  We talked about why we didn't include any green paint for our fall trees.  

In worship today we began with a song that is quickly becoming a favorite, "God's Promise Hop!"  As you can imagine, we get to hop around a lot while we sing, what fun!  We remembered that David was anointed the new king of Israel and he helps his family by taking care of sheep!

Mrs. Hein joined us for art today.  Todays art project was a science lesson as well!  We learned that leaves don't need their color in winter and they slowly change colors until they fall to the ground and turn brown!  The trees are getting ready for the snow that will cover them soon. Then we use glue and clear plastic to make beautiful leaf mosaics.  Thank you so much to Mrs. Hein for joining us today!

Experiencing the Night - Mrs. Krantz

We had an amazing time having nocturnal preschool today.  From bowling with glowing pins, to creating starry night scenes with cups and a toothpick, the night time was all around us.  God gave us night and we are so thankful for the beauty of the night!

Ms. Baty had a glowing Venn Diagram for us and read a fantastic book about nocturnal creatures.  In worship, we sang about how GOd has the nocturnal animals in His hands!

Nighttime at Preschool - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had such a fun morning st preschool pretending it was night! We were greeted with glow sticks. Letters and shapes were made. Some preschoolers even used connectors to make a glow stick tall enough to touch the ceiling! We needed 12 glow sticks for this endeavor.

Together we read a shadow book about nocturnal creatures. This gave us inspiration to make our own shadow pictures using paper punches. Glow painting, owl headbands, lava lamp observations and creating a glowing train track rounded out our centers time.

Ask your preschooler what their favorite part of nocturnal Day was?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Nocturnal Day - Mrs. Krantz

What fun we had pretending it was night!  Our writing glowed, our glo sticks glowed, our spinning tops glowed, we ate by candle light and we read a book with shadows as our illustrations.  We made our own shadow pictures too.  Glo sticks made huge circle, letters and numbers, and were part of our closing science experiment.  Ask your preschooler what we discovered!

Noctural Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had such a fun morning, pretending it was night. All of our songs has to be changed, so we sang "This is the Nigh," "What's the weather tonight?" and even our blessing song said "bless you every night!" The night was created by God and we praise Him for the stars, the moon and all those nocturnal creatures!

After our shadow book, we were off to centers. Glow painting and writing under the black light was definitely a favorite! The lava lamp led to some wonderful observation and recording in our science center. And our library was filled with little owls in nests reading with flashlights!

Wednesday is chapel at 9:20!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

A most favorite day is finally here...Nocturnal Day!!  On Monday and Tuesday, preschoolers are welcome to wear their jammies, bring a stuffed animal or favorite blanket and experience preschool as if it were nighttime.  Curtains will be drawn and lights will be off so we can see what it would be like to be a nocturnal creature!  We will have glow sticks to create shapes, a black light for some fun glow painting/writing, and a lava lamp in our science center to watch, observe and record!    

As we move into November, we will be taking opportunities to count our blessings!  One of those things we count as blessings are our friends!  Your preschoolers have been doing a wonderful job using our Building Blocks of Friendship in their learning and play.  This month, we add the building block: Compliments.  This focus will be on characteristics and traits of what we love about our friends and communicating that to them!

Our Bible story is going to be a wonderful example to your preschoolers of another way to be a good friend: Helping!  David is a young boy who shows God’s love by helping others.  We will discuss how we help in love and our actions make a big difference!  Chapel is Wednesday and Thursday!

Blessings on your weekend!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
10/30: Nocturnal Day—Wear PJ’s and bring your favorite lovey!
10/31: Nocturnal Day—Wear PJ’s and bring your favorite lovey!
11/1: Chapel
11/2: Chapel
11/9: Science with Mr. Levi
11/10: No preschool in observance of Veteran's Day
11/13: Science with Mr. Levi
11/15: Chapel
11/16: Chapel
11/20-11/24: No preschool—Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

What fun we've had in October and now we get to move into another great month at preschool!  November will be full of celebrating fall, being thankful and so much more!  

On Tuesday please feel free to send your child in their halloween costume.  
Miss B and I will be in costume and excited to celebrate!  Also on Tuesday we will have Mrs. Hein with us for art!  I am so excited to have her join us at preschool again and see how the class enjoys the project she has for us!

This week we will be learning about leaves.  We will paint leaves and collect them for beautiful fall mosaics.  Our main book will be, "The Leaves are Falling One by One," by Steve Metzger.  This book is set to the tune of, "The Ants Go Marching," and incorporates motions and silliness.  We will compare leaves and talk about how they are the same and different!

On Thursday we will have chapel and we will learn about how young David helped his family by being a shepherd.  We will talk about how to be a shepherd and take care of sheep!

I'm looking forward to another great week with our group of preschoolers!

Blessings to you all!

Mark Your Calendars!
10/31 Wear you COSTUME to school day!
11/2 Chapel
11/7 SHARE Day
11/16 Chapel
11/21 and 11/23 No preschool--Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

Monday and Tuesday are some of my favorite days of the entire school year!  We will be having NOCTURNAL DAYS!  Preschoolers are welcome to wear their pajamas and bring a special night time stuffed animal.  The classroom will be dark, with glo sticks, a light table, lava lamp and black light.  We will eat our snack by LED candle light and enjoy shadow puppets.  Everything nocturnal will be part of our morning together!

As we welcome November on Wednesday, we will start a month long focus on being thankful for friendships.  We will be focusing on some great friendship skills and learning strategies to help us as we navigate social peer relationships.  This week we will read "ZuZu's Wishing Cake" by Linda Michelin.  This book is about a creative, crafty and friendly little girl who is trying to make friends with her new neighbor.  I can't wait to explore this book with the preschoolers and brainstorm our own ideas for making new friendships.  We will be introducing a friendship tool with this book.  By the end of November, we will have a full tool bag of friendship tools!

Our science journal that has tracked our backyard tree for the last four weeks is almost complete!  We will be adding another picture this week.

In worship we will hear about a boy named David, the one Samuel anointed as King.  David helped his family and cared for the sheep.  We will learn about helping each other and showing God's love through our actions.  Chapel is on Wednesday and Thursday this week at 9:20am.  Family is welcome to join us!

Have a wonderful weekend!

10/30: Nocturnal Day—Wear PJ’s and bring your favorite stuffed animal or blankey!
10/31: Nocturnal Day—Wear PJ’s and bring your favorite stuffed animal or blankey!
11/9:  Science with Mr. Levi
11/10: No preschool in observance of Veteran's Day
11/13: Science with Mr. Levi
11/15: Chapel
11/16: Chapel
11/20-11/24: No preschool—Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ferdinands! - Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had a marvelous field trip to Ferdinand's today. We enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and spectacular fall leaves on our walk over. We loved the silly video with an even sillier cow, we heard the story of Ferdinand the bull, watched the workers make cheese, and finally enjoyed delicious pumpkin ice cream! Thank you to the mama's and the papas who joined us!

Friday is our Pumpkin Party at 10:30am over at Concordia Church!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ferdinands - Mrs. King

What fun we had an our first field trip of the year to Ferdinand's! We began our morning with a beautiful walk! I am so thankful for the gorgeous fall weather we enjoyed this morning!

Next we observed the students who work at the creamery making Cougar Gold cheese! Yum! We listened to the story of Ferdinand the bull and ate a scoop of pumpkin ice cream. 

I am so proud of these preschoolers who enjoyed our first adventure out together and had so much fun!

See you for school on Thursday and don't forget about our pumpkin party at 10:30 on Friday here at the church!

Emotions - Mrs. Krantz

"Owl Babies" is a book with a lot of emotions.  This morning as we reread the book, Ms. Baty asked questions to help the preschooler identify some of the emotions and relate.  This is a big step in developing empathy, a much needed trait as we grow and learn to love the people around us!  In our time outside, Ms. Baty also lead us in some owl swooping and owl flying.  

In worship we learned how God looks at the heart of a person, not the outside appearance.  We prayed that we could do that too.

SHARE Day is tomorrow and Thursday as is our field trip to Ferdinands!

Pumpkin Spice Smell - Mrs. O'Loughlin

I bet you could smell the amazing pumpkin spice aroma in our classroom as walked in. The preschoolers worked together, followed directions, and made Pumpkin Muffins! Seeing the final result was very rewarding but I think eating them was the best part!

In worship, we heard about Samuel finding the new king. But he had to listen and obey God when choosing David. We had a challenge while playing outside; when Mrs. O'Loughlin said "come to me!" no matter what they were doing, the preschoolers ran over and gave high fives! Even though it was difficult to stop playing, listen and obey, they did it and did a wonderful job!

Thursday is SHARE Day and our field trip to Ferdinand's!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Problem Solvers - Mrs. Krantz

Problem solving was the topic of our morning.  In our "Owl Babies" book, we took a look at each owl and discovered that Sarah was a problem solver.  We made a list of the different qualities we saw in her that helped her solve problems.  

Outside was so beautiful!  We raked leaves and made piles.  Preschoolers are amazing helpers in the fall foliage!

In worship we learned how people look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.  Samuel learned this as he was looking for God's King, and that King was found in David.

Wednesday and Thursday are our field trips to Ferdinand's and SHARE Day!

Following Directions - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This morning we made pumpkin muffins! We discussed what a recipe was and why it was so important to follow it. Over at the table, each preschooler took a turn to add an ingredient according to the recipe. Special care was taken to measure out the correct amount. Such great listeners!

All centers long we could smell those muffins baking! Light tables were used to build cities and trucks. Pumpkin soup was stirred and poured and served over at the sensory table. And special pumpkin candle holders were created for our upcoming Nocturnal Day!

Snack time finally came and we enjoyed those pumpkin muffins very much!

In worship, Samuel had to have on his listening ears when God wanted a new king. Ask your preschooler if David looked like a king on the outside? Good thing God looks at the heart!

Outside was gorgeous! The leaves begged to be played in!