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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Letter From Mrs. Krantz

Dear Preschool Families,

The preschool is deeply significant to me as a person living out my calling in a vocation that I believe God made me for.  Concordia Lutheran Preschool has been the fulfillment of a dream God put in my heart almost 20 years ago.  He has been so good to bring such a dream to fruition.  

Seventeen years ago, God also brought about my calling to be a wife to a Godly man, a man of deep integrity, a man who has made me better in every imaginable way.  Twelve years ago, God blessed our dream of being parents by giving us Hannah, then Isaac and then Eli.  My family is the most important part of my life, and my vocation of wife and mom is first and foremost.  Never in our life plans did we envision Aaron not being part of it.  Our harsh reality is that without anything short of a miracle, Aaron will be in heaven with our Savior much sooner than we would plan.  And so, we look ahead together as husband and wife to decide what our family needs to do in light of our upcoming circumstances.

We love Concordia.  It has been one of my deepest pleasures to birth the preschool and grow it through God’s blessing to what it is today.  It is thriving, strong and sharing the love of Jesus with your children each day.  I have had the luxury of working in this ministry because we have not been dependent upon my income.  However, our family is preparing ourselves for that to change.  And so, at the end of this academic year I will be ending my employment at Concordia Lutheran Preschool in order to pursue employment that will provide for the financial needs of my family.

This has been a deeply painful decision.  I love this preschool and each child that has walked through its doors.  It will be difficult to say goodbye.  Please know that I fully plan to finish strong.  Each and every day I will pour into your children a love of learning, a joy of discovery and share with them the love Jesus has for each of them.

With love,

Nocturnal Day - Mrs. Krantz

What a fun night we had in preschool today!  We shared our nighttime lovies, made letters and shapes with glo sticks and sang a starry song.  We enjoyed watching the movement of the lava lamp and making shadows on the ceiling with bats silhouettes.  Slime was very gooey and fun to play with the in darkness of our nocturnal classroom.  We read books by flashlight and saw illustrations of a special book on the ceiling as a shadow.  What a fun, dark, nocturnal experience!

Nocturnal Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin

As each preschooler entered our nocturnal classroom, they used a flashlight to find Miss Stahlecker on the big rug! She had tons of glow sticks and some pretty fantastic shapes and letters were made! After everyone introduced their lovey, Mrs. O'Loughlin read a nighttime shadow book! Everyone got comfortable and looked up at the ceiling where the pictures were projected! Such a fun book!

During centers, the light table was a busy building center of colorful tiles. Bat headbands were also made as well as sleepy books being read in the bat cave. But the favorite activity was the slime!! So many giggles as we tried to figure out if this stuff was a liquid or a solid!

Our special nocturnal snack was so yummy and so festive!

We ended our night with one last sing a long to Echolocation!!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class 10/31-11/4

Thank you all for coming to the Pumpkin Party!  It was such a fun morning and I was so excited to see ALL my preschoolers on one day and being dressed up in such adorable costumes made it even better!

On Monday and Tuesday, we are having our Nocturnal Days!  The preschoolers will experience what it’s like to be awake in the nighttime!  We get to wear pajamas and bring a special nighttime lovey while we learn and play in the darkened classroom.  No snack is needed as a special nocturnal treat will be provided!

During the month of November we will be discussing what it means to be compassionate and caring towards others!  On Thursday and Friday we are having two very special guests; Nurse Tawny and Physical Therapist Sean!  Each show care and compassion to their patients when they go to work.  We get the opportunity to learn about these jobs and the work that they do in caring for others!  Have your preschooler bring in a stuffed animal or doll to care for on Thursday and Friday! 

In worship we will hear about a man named Abraham.  Abraham loved God and obeyed God!  We’ll discover that being compassionate and caring to others is obeying God too!
Please be on the lookout for our Kindness Wreath!  Whenever Miss Stahlecker and I see a preschooler showing kindness, care and compassion, we add a ribbon to the wreath!

I pray you all have a blessed and relaxing weekend!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
10/31, 11/1: Nocturnal Day—wear your jammies and bring a lovey!
11/3: Nurse Tawny visits! Art with Mrs. Hein
11/4: Physical Therapist Sean visits! Art with Mrs. Hein
11/11: No preschool—Veteran’s Day
11/14- 11/18: Charitable Drive for the Ronald McDonald House
11/14, 11/15: Science with Mr. Levi
11/17, 11/18: SHARE Day
11/21-11/25: No Preschool—Thanksgiving Break

Coming Up In Mrs. Krantz's Class 10/31-11/4

I hope you all enjoyed the pumpkin party!  It is one of my favorite days each year and I hope you were able to make some fun memories with your children!

On Monday and Tuesday we will have Nocturnal Days!  Preschoolers are invited to wear pajamas on those days and bring a special nighttime SHARE.  The classroom will be dark but we will have lots of fun glowy things.  Please bring a snack as usual.

For the month of November we will be focusing in on generosity and thankfulness.  Our learning will lead up to a real life experience as we hold a drive for the Spokane Ronald McDonald House.  We will be counting, sorting and talking about the items donated.  We will also talk about how we can care for people who are hungry, hurt, sick, sad...  

We will also be focusing on things we are thankful for.  Watch for different ways we are intentional in our thankfulness!

In worship this week we will meet Abraham.  We will find out how much he love God and obeyed God.  We can obey God by caring for others!

Have a great weekend!

Upcoming Events
10/31 Nocturnal Day/Nighttime SHARE
11/1 Nocturnal Day/Nighttime SHARE
11/11 No Preschool - Veteran's Day
11/14  Science
11/15  Science
11/17  SHARE DAY
11/18  SHARE DAY
11/14-18 Charitable Drive for the Ronald McDonald House
11/21-11/25  No Preschool- Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Silent Owl Dancers - Mrs. Krantz

The favorite activity for just about everyone today was our closing circle.  We have learned that owls and silent and stealthy as they fly at night searching for their prey.  We each had a scarf to serve as wings.  The music started and we silently flew through the classroom.  Such silence and stealth from our 12 little owls and 2 bigger owls!

The Pumpkin Party is tomorrow at 10:30am!  Preschool as normal, just meet your preschooler at the church at 10:30 to join in the fun.  Pick up will be at the preschool.  Costumes are welcome!  Please no masks, weapons or scary costumes.  T/TH friends, meet us at the church!

Growing Friendships - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Every day I have the privilege of watching your sweet children grow! They grow in their abilities to sit longer, raise hands and wait to be called on. Their scissor and pencil skills grow stronger as well as the control they display while using them. Counting out numbers grow and get higher each time! These kiddos have even seem to grow in height!

My favorite thing to watch grow are their social skills! These preschoolers came to school two months ago not knowing one another. But now they play, they create, they pray, they giggle and they experience life as friends!

I thank God for the blessing that they are to each other and to me!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Board Games - Mrs. Krantz

Today we enjoyed "5 Little Pumpkins."  We made pictures of the pumpkins sitting on the gate and the a preschooler asked, "Where did the roll to?"  So, we made a list of ideas.  It was fun to see the creative thinking of each preschooler as they decided where the 5 pumpkins rolled away to!

Board games have been very exciting in class.  Last week, Mrs. Barrington taught one of the games to a group of preschoolers and today, they pulled it out and played it all together without teacher intervention!  I love to see the teamwork, taking turns, encouraging one another and working through frustration that happens while a group plays a game together!

Our Pumpkin Party is on Friday!  Meet us at the church at 10:30am for carnival fun!  The sign our binder will be at the church too.  Costumes are welcome but please no masks, weapons or anything scary.  Thanks!

Helpers - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This morning these preschoolers showed what fantastic helpers they are! During our fire drill, they lined up and quickly and quietly walked across the street! Such great helpers to the firefighters!

During centers all those treasured SHARES were played with.  I loved watching how kind each child was in sharing their item and also waiting their turn to play.

In worship we spent some time drawing in our prayer journals. Ask your preschooler what they drew as a reminder of God's promise to us!

Friday is the Pumpkin Party!! Drop off your costumed preschooler like normal and we'll walk over to the church at 10:30am for the party! If you plan on attending, please meet us there! Pick up will be at the church and I will have the sign out binders.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wide Eyed Owl - Mrs. Krantz

"Wide Eyed Owl" had become a favorite poem and today we said our poem several different ways.  We said it is a normal voice, a whisper voice, with no words (only actions), in a football player voice and in a princess voice.  We also learned how to make a symmetrical owl and added some backyard items to our owl baby paintings.

Journaling with Miss Joyce was all about what an owl has.  Our poem taught us different part of the owl, but I loved to see how some of the preschoolers said things like eggs, a momma, a home.  

Echolocation - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This morning we discovered that we can see sounds!! We put dried beans on a drum and when the other drum was played the beans moved! Sound waves and vibrations allow us to see a sound! The big word, echolocation, was illustrated perfectly in a video we watched! I attached the link here so you can watch at home!

Echolocation Song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr-Y2Tt8gFE

Outside was fantastic! The coffee shop was up and running serving very earthy blends! Leaves were raked into piles, then ran through, then raked up again! And a wonderful game of hide and seek had the yard filled with sweet little giggles!

We did discuss the upcoming fire drill! We even heard the sound the alarm makes. These preschoolers are ready to be firefighter helpers on Thursday during our drill!

SHARE Day is Thursday!

Monday, October 24, 2016

"Hoo, Hoo..." - Mrs. Krantz

Our owl fun continued this week with the addition of an owl nest in dramatic play.  There is an opening, much like a hole in a tree, for the owl nest.  Lots of fun happened in the cozy nest!  We also made beautiful feathered owl masks.  Friends were silently flying through the classroom, and we learned about the quiet "hoo" noise an owl makes.  

We also extended some learning from our visit with our author friend, and we are creating an illustrated page from the book "Owl Babies"  The painting part is done, and it should be dry by Wednesday.  We will add items to the picture that we collected outside in the backyard.

The rainbow was part of our worship time.  Ask your preschool who put the rainbow in the sky and why!

Bat Fun - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This morning we learned that bats can't see very well. But, God gave them big ears to hear! The preschoolers became bats and covered their eyes. Mrs. O'Loughlin hid around the classroom, and when she clapped the preschoolers could hear where she was! We also learned a big word: echolocation. Ask your preschooler what we used as our sound that bounced back!

During centers there was a lot more bat fun! Papa Phil did a bat writing, bats were cut out, and more echolocation experiments were conducted in the bat cave using balls that lit up!

In worship we saw that God kept Noah's family safe through the big storm and after! Ask your preschooler what He put in the sky as a promise!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

How are we already in the last full week of October!?  That month flew by!  This week, I’m so excited to be exploring the bat!  The preschoolers will be adding the word nocturnal and echolocation to their ever growing vocabulary.

Mrs. Weiser will be filling in for Miss Stahlecker on Monday and Tuesday!  We are so grateful for such wonderful subs!

SHARE day is Wednesday and Thursday!

We will also be having our first fire drills on Wednesday and Thursday.  We talk about what we do and where we go during a fire drill beforehand and even let the preschoolers listen to the alarm so they know exactly what to expect.  Having a conversation at home will also help with any angst some might be feeling!

Our Pumpkin Party is Friday!!  The MWF group will be dropped off like normal and will have their opening circle and centers time at the preschooler before we head over to the church.   T/TH group, please meet us at the church at 10;30am!  Games, prizes, cookie decorating, a pumpkin patch and tons of fun are in store!  (You will not need to pack a snack!)  I’ve already heard about some of the fantastic costumes from some extremely excited preschoolers and I can’t wait to see them all! Siblings and families are welcome and encouraged to attend!    

Nocturnal Days will be Monday the 31st and Tuesday November 1st.  These are some of my favorite days!  Lights are off, jammies are on, glow sticks scatter the room, sleepy books and flashlights in the bat cave all help the preschoolers experience nighttime in the day!  A special lovey is welcome to joy the fun!  Snack will not be needed for these days as a special nocturnal snack will be provided!

You are all a blessing!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful children’s lives!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
10/26, 10/27: SHARE Day and Fire Drill
10/28: Pumpkin Party!!
10/31, 11/1: Nocturnal Day—wear your jammies and bring a lovey!
11/3: Nurse Tawny visits!
11/4: Physical Therapist Sean visits!

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

This is going to be a fun week!  We will be working a little more with our nocturnal birds and having a little pumpkin fun too.  Watch for owl and pumpkin artwork this week.  We will be doing a bit of owl journaling, creating owl homes and playing with feathers.  

Wednesday and Thursday will be our first Fire Drills.  We talk them through everything ahead of time and let them hear what the alarm sounds like.  We become great firefighter helpers by practicing what to do if we needed their help!

On Friday, we have our annual Pumpkin Party.  Preschoolers who normally attend preschool on Friday will come as usual at normal drop off time.  Parents and T/Th friends can meet us over at the church at 10:30am.  You will not need to bring a snack on Friday.  Please plan on attending this fun event with your preschooler if you are able.  Siblings are very welcome!  Pick up will be at the church, and the sign out binder will be available there.

October 31 and November 1 are Nocturnal Days in preschool!  Preschoolers can wear their pajamas, and it will be nighttime SHARE Day too!  Have your preschooler bring a special nighttime item for SHARE!  We will have lots of glowing fun, shadow puppets and more.  

I am so thankful for each of you and your children!

Have a great week!

10/26  Fire Drill
10/27  Fire Drill
10/28  Pumpkin Party 10:30am
10/31  Nocturnal Day
11/1  Nocturnal Day
11/11  No Preschool - Veteran's Day
11/14-18  Charitable Drive for the Ronald McDonald House

Visiting Author!

Many thanks to Sherry Varkonyi for coming and sharing her book with us today!  What fun it was to hear the book, meet some of the real people the characters were based on and find out about being an author!  Thanks Sherry!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

How Tall is Your Pumpkin? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Old Man Noah had an Ark! During chapel the preschoolers got to decide which animals went on the ark! We came up with some pretty fun animals and creative noises to go along!

During centers the preschoolers had a chance to create a rainy, stormy scene using dripping paint! An ark was glued on to complete the project! We have a lot of pumpkins in the classroom. The question...how tall is it?! The preschoolers got to work using linking cubes to measure each pumpkin! The tallest one was 15 cubes high!

If you ask your preschooler what the favorite outside toy was today. I'm sure they'd all say the police car! This very popular item was shared so beautifully amongst your kiddos! I was very proud of them and their kindness towards their friends!

Tomorrow is our visiting author!!! You are all welcome to meet us over at the church at 9:30am! It will last about a half hour! Hope to see you there

Numbers and Owls - Mrs. Krantz

This week we have learned two fun poems about owls.  One poem brought in some great vocabulary about the different parts of an owl.  Talons, tufts, beak, eyes... the other was a fun one that counted down from 5 to 0.  Today we added the written numbers to our poem.  Each preschool had a turn with their number and had to wait to hear it used in the poem.  They held up their number when it was the right time.  Everyone got a turn, and boy... it can be hard to wait from time to time!  I loved watching them wait in anticipation for their number to be called.  Did you know that activities like this help develop impulse control in the brains of children?  Pretty amazing!

We have been having so much fun in the fall outdoors.  The leaves are beautiful and nature is changing in front of our eyes!  The preschoolers have been noticing!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Leaf Fun - Mrs. Krantz

Chapel days are always special days!  We get to walk over to the church, hear Miss Ann play beautiful music and sing with us, hear Pastor Rich talk to us about God keeping us safe in the midst of storms with the help of his rabbit friend, we are together with Mrs. O'Loughlin's class and we worship together!  What a great way to start out our day.

Later we enjoyed the beautiful fall morning.  We noticed there wasn't even one single cloud in the sky!  Leave collecting and playing in the leaves was a highlight of our day!

Friday we have our visiting author!  We will meet over at the church at 9:30am!

Pumpkin Investigation! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started with chapel! It is such a fantastic way to begin our day singing songs about Jesus, hearing how God protects us from the storms in our lives and being together with Mrs. Krantz's class!

Once back in the classroom two pumpkins were opened up so we could get a better look! Ask your preschoolers how apples and pumpkins are the same!

Outside was amazing!! The sun was shining bright and warming us as leaves and bugs were collected, castles were created in the sandbox and bikes and cars zoomed around!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

5 Little Owls - Mrs. Krantz

5 Little Owls were full of flying fun today.  We are learning a countdown poem that counts down from 5 to zero as each little owl flies away.  I wish you could see how much the preschoolers loved this poem!  We read "Owl Babies" again and tried to come up with words that described how each baby was feeling.  Later, we journaled with Miss Joyce and had the chance to share what each baby owl might have been thinking about.  Those are posted for you to read!

Centers time was busy with lots of wonderful group interactions.  I love that they get books on CD and share the books with one another, just as a teacher would.  The picture below shows one of my favorite moments of the morning!

New Job, Pumpkins and Rain - Mrs. O'Loughlin

What a fantastic day!! I am so proud of these preschoolers and how much they've grown just since September! During morning circle, we love to share and talk! This group is getting so good at raising their hands and waiting patiently for their turn!

Having a job for the day is extremely special and exciting for our preschoolers. Today, we added a new job: flag holder! Saying the Pledge of Allegiance will be a part of our morning circle routine!

During centers, some special candle holders were created for a certain special day coming up, 5 Little Pumpkins were sitting on gates and the drill press was being used to make spy glasses with Papa Ken!

We listened to a rainstick at worship time and talked about the storms in Pullman. Some can be loud and scary. But just like God protected Noah and his family on the ark, He protects us too!

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Few Important Reminders

A Few Important Reminders...

Please be sure to enter your child's classroom at the assigned time in the morning, no earlier than 8:40am for Mrs. Krantz's Class and no earlier than 8:55am for Mrs. O'Loughlin's class unless prior plans have been made for early drop off.

Mrs. Krantz's class, please be quiet going down the stairs and out the building when leaving after pick up as Mrs. O'Loughlin's class is still in session.

Absolutely no parking in driveway while preschool is in session unless you have spoken with the Director and made temporary arrangements. This is a huge safety concern.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation on all of these important issues!

Owls - Mrs. Krantz

What fun we are having and will continue to have with owls!  We learned several big words today... predator, nocturnal, talons, tufts... so much richness in the world of owls.

We are reading one of my favorite books, "Owl Babies."  We will be interacting with the characters of the book for the next two weeks.  I'm sure it will become a cherished book to your preschooler.

We grabbed some fall outside time and had some big helpers raking leaves.  I love little helpers and them asking for opportunities to help out.  You all have some pretty amazing kids!

5 Little Pumpkins - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Today the preschoolers were introduced to 5 Little Pumpkins! As a group we learned a fun rhyming poem that each kiddo had a chance to act out using our very own 5 little pumpkins. If you'd like to say it with your preschooler at home here it is:

5 Little Pumpkins 
Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate. 
The first one said, "oh my it's getting late!"
The second one said, "there's bats in the air!"
The third one said "we really don't care!"
The fourth one said, "let's run and run and run!"
The fifth one said, "we're ready for some fun!"
Then...woosh went the wind and out went the light! And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Picture Day Fun - Mrs. Krantz

Picture day can be tricky with all the changes to the normal routine, but we came through quite well!  I'm very proud of my amazing class!  We had our class picture taken and all the individual pictures taken too.  We also enjoyed an indoor obstacle course, far away from the mud!  

We used a fun magnet board to learn about the animals that God sent to the ark that Noah built.  During centers time we continued to work with the magnet board!

Thursday and Friday are SHARE Days upstairs!

Picture Day and Pumpkins! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had a very successful, clean, smiley picture day!! I can't wait to see those pictures!

Throughout centers pumpkins were the main focus! The pumpkin lifecycle was cut out and put in order using a real life one! Pumpkins were being drawn, harvested and used for pie over in the pumpkin patch. And so many fantastic pumpkin books were read!

Ask your preschooler what really hard job God asked Noah to do!

See you all on Friday for some applesauce making!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class the Next Two Weeks

The next two weeks are filled to the brim with wonderful fun, learning experiences and opportunities!

Monday and Tuesday are our field trips to Tukey Apple Orchards!  Have your preschooler use the bathroom before we leave at 9:10am.  Snack is provided!

Wednesday the 12th is picture day!  ALL classes will be taking pictures this day.  We’ll do a class pictures first, followed by T/Th individual photos and then M/W/F individual photos.  Order forms were put in your mailboxes this past week.  If you have misplaced these, we’ll have some at the preschool on picture day!  If you are interested in sibling/family photos, please let Becky know so she can schedule a time with our fantastic photographer!

Apples have been our focus these past few weeks and on Thursday and Friday we get a very special and tasty treat!  Miss Kris will be coming in to make applesauce!  She’ll be showing us how an apple goes from a solid piece of fruit to a liquid snack! 

We’ll begin looking at another fantastic fruit of the fall: the pumpkin!  We’ll have our very own pumpkin patch in the classroom to explore and play in.  We’ll take a closer look at the inside of the pumpkin and see how the parts of a pumpkin compare to the parts of an apple!

In worship the story of Noah and the Ark continue with the gathering of the animals.  God was there to help Noah do good even when it was really difficult!  Then comes the rain!  Noah and his family had a big job and did their best taking care of those animals!  We’ll be thinking of ways we can do our best when helping others.  Chapel is Wednesday the 19th and Thursday the 20th!

We are very excited that author, Sherry Varkoryl will be visiting the preschool on Friday the 21st!  We will be going over to the church to listen to her book, do an activity and make a snack!  Tuesday/Thursday families, you are welcome to come and join in on this fun! 

If you have any questions or need clarification of all that’s going on, please email or call me. Looking forward to a busy, wonderful two weeks ahead!   
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
10/10, 10/11: Field Trip to Tukey Apple Orchards
10/12: Picture Day
10/13, 10/14: Apple sauce making
10/19, 10/20: Chapel—9:15am
10/21: Visiting Author Sherry Varkoryl—9:30am Everyone is welcome!!
10/26, 10/27: SHARE Day
10/28: Pumpkin Party!!

Coming Up In Mrs. Krantz's Class the Next TWO Weeks

We have an incredible two weeks of preschool ahead of us!  There is a lot going on, so be sure to check the facebook page for reminders and watch the blog with the list of upcoming event.  This email will also have the list of upcoming events!

Monday (10/10) and Tuesday (10/11) are field trip days to the Tukey Apple Orchard.  I am sending out a separate email regarding those two field trips since I will be gone on Monday.  Watch for that email too.  

Wednesday (10/12) is picture day.  This is for all of our preschoolers, even our T/Th kiddos.  A flyer went home last week with the schedule.  3 Day and 5 Day kiddos are dropped off like any other normal day.  2 Day kiddos, please be at the preschool for our big class picture at 9:25am.  Then stay for your individual picture if you would like one taken.  Those preschoolers attending preschool like normal on the 12th will have their individual picture taken sometime that morning.  Any family pictures, sibling groups pictures, etc. can be taken after preschool is over.  It is first come, first served and Janet will start taking those at around 11:45am.  You are welcome to come anytime between 11:45 and 2:00pm for those pictures.  Ordering envelopes are in your mailbox.

Thursday and Friday are SHARE Days!  We will also have a special congregational volunteer, Ms. Kris, coming in to make applesauce with the preschoolers! 

The week of October 17 will focus in on some amazing nocturnal animals...owls!  Wednesday (10/19) and Thursday (10/20) are chapels days over at the church at 9:15am.  Family is always welcome!

On Friday, October 21 we will have a visiting author!  We are very excited for her visit and to have her share her new book with us.  T/Th preschoolers are also welcome to attend!  We will be over at the church at 9:30am, and plan on it lasting about 30 minutes or so.

In worship, we will continue with the story of Noah and how the ark was filled with animals and how God kept Noah and his family safe in the flood.

Whew!  What fun we are going to have!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Blessing to you!

10/10 Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/11 Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/12 School Pictures
10/13 SHARE Day and Making Applesauce
10/14 SHARE Day and Making Applesauce
10/19 Chapel
10/20 Chapel
10/21 Visiting Author Sherry Varkonyi

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Woodworking! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Papa Ken came into our class to do woodworking today! Each preschooler used a super fun tool that curled the wood as it was cut. Each special wood curl was placed in a bag and taken home! We love when Papa Ken comes!

During centers we had a mommy in the classroom playing! She was so much fun doing patterns and sorting! We are so thankful for parental volunteers! You add so much to our morning!

Tuesday is our field trip to the Tukey Apple Orchard!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Apple Tasting, Apple Peeling, Ark and Art - Mrs. Krantz

What fun we had today with so many things that start with the letter A!  We taste tested apples, peeled apples, made some apples in spirals, ate apples and enjoyed art with Mrs. Hein.  We even talked about the Ark that Noah built!

We used so many senses as we tasted the apples, smelled them, felt our sticky fingers after eating the apples, listened to the gears turn on the peelers and saw some pretty amazing peels and spiralized apples.  What fun!

Have a great weekend and we will see you next week!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Apples! - Mrs. Krantz

Apples were all the rage today.  We started out tasting 3 different kinds of apples.  We tasted red delicious, golden delicious and macintosh.  After a survey of the class, we discovered that most of us preferred golden delicious over the other two types of apple.

In centers, we peeled apples using a crank apple peeler.  That machine peels apples in almost an instant! It peeled the skin off in one long piece! The preschoolers were very happy to sit down and eat their skinless apples!  Yum, yum!

Reminder that there is no preschool in Friday.  This weekend I will be sending out an important email about the field trip on Monday.  

God Helps Me Do Good Things! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

God asked Noah to build a big boat! But God helped Noah. He told him exactly how wide, how long and how tall He wanted the boat! Noah used God's help to build a good boat! The preschoolers had a chance to build a boat today too! Each followed the steps using the right materials and each boat floated in our own little ocean! We learned that God gives us people like teachers and parents to help us do good things too!

Papa Ken made his first appearance in woodworking today!! Some very special wood curls went home with some very proud preschoolers. The preschoolers absolutely love woodworking with Papa Ken and we can see that the feeling is mutual!

Reminder that there is no preschool on Friday! But we'll see you all on Monday for our field trip to the apple orchard!! Pray for NO rain!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Things! - Mrs. Krantz

We had a day full of new things!  Science with Mr. Levi was today, and he brought in a few new elements for our kiddos who had science yesterday too.  Solids, liquids and gases were the topic and we enjoyed a demonstration with balloons, baking soda and vinegar as well as one with raisins and tonic water!

Today was also our first day of woodworking with Papa Ken.  This is always a favorite!  We made wood curls.  Little baggies should have made their way home full of woodworking treasure.

We also met Miss Joyce for the first time!  She helped us with some special journaling today.  We always have fun with Miss Joyce!

Raisins Can Dance! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

The preschoolers met Mr. Levi today!! Mr. Levi talked to us about liquids, solids and gases! Using a liquid and a solid, we saw gas blow up a balloon and gas filled bubbles helped our handful of raisins dance! It was so fun to observe!

Preschoolers had their hand at patterns during centers. Using red and green apples, they created patterns and then drew them on their paper. We looked for other patterns in the room and came across quite a few!

Mrs. O'Loughlin had a hammer, some blocks of wood and a sander during worship. Ask your preschooler what good thing God helped Noah build using tools just like these!

Our mystery bag had a yummy liquid in it today. I bet your kiddo can tell you what it was!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Liquids, Solids and Gases! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning began with science with Mr. Levi. Together we made a list of things that are liquid and things that are solid. Coming up with a list of gases was a bit more challenging. Good thing Mr. Levi brought two scientific demonstrations to show us gases in action! Ask your preschooler what happened to the balloon when the solid baking soda was added to the liquid vinegar! And why were the raisins dancing?!

During centers, the preschoolers headed to the sensory table to experiment further with solids and liquids. Papa Phil was reading some fantastic stories in the library, while letter stamps were squishing play dough apples and patterns were being created! Such a bustling centers time today!

After listening to the story of Noah building a big boat with God's help, we decided that God helps us every day to do good things. I bet your preschool can tell you what are some good things they do!

Some liquid was falling from the sky, so we hooded up and headed out for a scientific walk in the rain!!

Science and Apples - Mrs. Krantz

Our very first Science with Mr. Levi was today and it was fantastic!  We talked about solids, liquids and gases and we got to see some gases at work!  Ask your preschooler what happened with the balloons and the raisins!

With our apple orchard field trip coming up, we started a little work with apples and how they are harvested.  We cut open apples and used them to make prints.  

In worship we learned about Noah obeying God and building an ark.  We tried out hand at building ark today... but they aren't nearly as big as the original!

Reminder...there is no preschool on Friday.