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Friday, September 30, 2016

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

Welcome to October!  We will continue our play and learning with all the lovely apples that have been graciously brought in!  Thank you!  They have been put to good use in our classroom!

Apples will assist as we begin to explore patterns!  The preschoolers will be finishing, creating, and finding patterns this week.  We will also use apples in our introduction to our “States of Matter” science lessons.  Mr. Levi will be here on Monday and Tuesday to share some fun science with us.  We will be investigating solids, liquids and gases this year!

In worship we will be focusing on how God helps us do good things! The story of Noah building the ark is a wonderful example of God helping us do what is good!  These preschoolers love our worship time, especially the worship songs!  We’ll be learning two new ones in the coming weeks, “God Helps Me Do Good Things” and “Do Good”. 

A signup sheet is now in the classroom for parent drivers for our apple orchard field trip on October 10th and October 11th.  If you are signing up to drive, please be sure I have a parent volunteer form from you.  Siblings are welcome to come along and snack will be provided this day!

Speaking of parent volunteers…now that it’s October, the classroom is open!  If you are interested in volunteering, please speak with me!  We will arrange a time and day that works best!

Reminder: there is no preschool on Friday!  It is a teacher work day!

Have a wonderful weekend!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
10/3, 10/4: Science with Mr. Levi
10/7: No Preschool—Teacher Work Day
10/10, 10/11: Field Trip to Tukey Apple Orchards
10/12: Picture Day
10/13, 10/14: Apple sauce making
10/19, 10/20: Chapel—9:15am
10/21: Visiting Author Sherry Varkoryl—Everyone is welcome!!
10/26, 10/27: SHARE Day
10/28: Pumpkin Party!!

Coming Up In Mrs. Krantz's Class

October is here and in the blink of an eye, October will be over!  This month is packed full of fun and learning and we are ready to get started.  This week we will have our first Science with Mr. Levi.  This year he will guide our scientific exploration through "State of Matter."  Doesn't that sound like an enormous amount of fun?!  We will also continue our focus on harvest but turn our attention to the harvest of apples as we prepare for our field trips on October 10 and 11 to the Tukey Apple Orchard.  Parent driver sign up sheets are posted at the top of the stairs on the closet door.  We will enjoy several apple experiences that will engage our senses, exercise our muscles and stimulate thinking as we do some creative storytelling.

In Worship, we will learn about Noah obeying God and building the ark, even when it seemed like a kinda weird idea.  Worship songs have become a favorite part of the day for these kiddos, and I hope you are hearing some of the songs at home!

A calendar is posted for parent volunteer sign ups.  Please feel free to sign up for a time if you are able.  

October 12 is school pictures.  Individual and class pictures will be taken.  A flyer will be in your box along with an explanation of how picture day works and the times for each class to have their group picture taken.  Please watch for that important information.  

Have a great week!

10/03 Science w/Mr. Levi
10/04 Science w/Mr. Levi
10/07 No Preschool- Teacher Work Day
10/10 Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/11 Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/12 School Pictures
10/13 SHARE Day and Making Applesauce
10/14 SHARE Day and Making Applesauce
10/19 Chapel
10/20 Chapel
10/21 Visiting Author Sherry Varkonyi
10/28  Pumpkin Party 10:30am

Thursday, September 29, 2016

SHARE Day! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Today was one of the preschoolers (and mine) favorite days: SHARE Day! I love to see what is special to each child. And how they lovingly tell all about their share; who it's from, what they named it, and how happy it makes them! I am so SO proud of this group! As each friend took their turn to stand up and share, all eyes and ears were paying attention and all voices were off to give the speaker their turn. Such big kids!!

During centers there was a taste test! Do you like apples better with skin or without skin? Ask your preschool which they preferred and voted for. The results are hanging in the hallway!

An old apple peeling crank machine was used today! We needed our muscles to turn those gears and it was so fun seeing the skin make a long twirly line down to the floor!

To end our day, we met Mat Man! Mat Man is made out of big and little curves and big and little lines. Those are the same 4 shapes that we use to create ALL the letters of the alphabet!

SHARE Day and Sunflowers - Mrs. Krantz

Our first SHARE Day of the year was a huge success!  Each preschooler brought a special items to talk about and then we had the opportunity to ask questions.  I was very proud of this respectful group of kids!  What fun it was to see what they each chose to bring.

Art with Mrs. Hein was today too and we learned a little bit about Vincent Van Gogh and how much he liked the color yellow.  We saw some of his paintings and then painted sunflower pictures, just like he did.  Such amazing artwork!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mat Man - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This morning the preschoolers met Mat Man! The funny thing was that they had to build him! Using listening ears, each preschooler added a big curve, little curve, big line or little line. Hands, eyes and a nose were added to make him complete! Mat Man was built and rebuilt all throughout centers! A group of kiddos even created a "Log Man" outside using materials from nature!

A mommy came in today and brought a super cool apple peeling machine! It was so fast! Ask your preschooler what the apple looked like once all the skin was off. And what was the only part of the apple leftover?! The preschoolers also had their try at a crank apple peeler. Both machines were pretty fantastic! And lots of apples were eaten by hungry preschoolers!

Friday is SHARE Day!

Oats and Beans and Barley - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we took a close look at oats, beans and barley.  We smelled them, we felt them, we looked closely.  Then, we sang about them!  A farmer works hard to have his crops grow and then he works hard to harvest them.  We walked about other types of crops too.  

At centers time, we tried using the mortar and pestle to crush sunflower seed, dill seed, mint leaves and oatmeal.  The scents filled the room and the preschoolers were busy at their task.  We used the manual grinders again to grind up beans and sunflower seeds.  Everyone tried it!

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday this week!  

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Look Inside! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

During opening circle, the preschoolers came up with a list of things they already knew about apples; apples turn red, they grow on apple trees, apples are for eating! Together we cut a few apples open to see what was inside! As they were passed around circle we noticed how the seeds inside the core were close together making a shape. Ask your preschooler what shape that was!

During centers the apple orchard market was open and was busy!! Apples were selling to be made for pie and juice. Some apples were even being used to test out ramps! So many uses for apples!

In worship we talked about times when we didn't obey our parents. But we know they still love us! God felt the same way about Adam and Eve when they disobeyed. We learned a new song today about obeying God's word. Ask your preschooler what is God's word?

Outside was glorious!! This summer like weather had all the preschoolers running around outside, chasing bubbles, digging for jewels and making "cheesecake" for dinosaurs!

Thursday is SHARE day! See you then!

Harvesting - Mrs. Krantz

Today was serious fun.  Each preschooler got a picture of something that had been or was being harvested.  They shared with the group what was harvested and how it was harvested.  Machines, hands, shovel and other tools were named.  Harvesting is fun, but hard work too!

Well, we felt like we needed to harvest something, but we didn't have any vegetable so harvest, so instead we harvested pine cones.  We collected them in our own harvest bags.  It was a plentiful harvest!

Inside during centers time, we used beans and grains and grinders to crush them.  We use mortars and pestles to give it a try too.  This was hard work, but quite fulfilling for the preschoolers.  They don't shy away from hard work!  They had such a feeling of accomplishment when they finished!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Harvest Time - Mrs. Krantz

What exactly does the word "harvest" mean?  We chatted a bit and got input from one another about the meaning of the word.  We decided it was when we picked things that had grown and were ripe and ready to be picked.  Good definition preschoolers!  We looked a picture of harvesting different things.  We saw apples, tomatoes, grapes, wheat, pomegranates, carrots, cabbage and a few other crops.  We discovered that harvesting wheat is very different from harvesting apples!

In worship we learned about Adam and Eve disobeying God in the garden.  But God didn't stop loving them, even though there were consequences.  God had a plan... and Jesus was that plan!

At closing circle, we read a book about a farm kitty who lost something.  Ask your preschooler what she lost...and how she found it!


Conversation Over Apples - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Today, our apple learning and fun started! As a group we cut open apples and took a look inside! We discussed the different parts that make up an apple: stem, skin, flesh, core and seeds! During centers we got an even closer look as apples were dissected using sticks and tweezers!

There are so many things I love about preschool, but one of my favorites is listening to conversations the preschoolers have amongst themselves. They ask questions to each other, share things they find interesting, laugh at the silly stuff and simply enjoy the company! What a fantastic life skill to have!

In worship we heard about how Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Ask your preschooler what happened after Adam and Eve ate the fruit. We know God still loves us even when we don't obey His word. In fact he loves us so much, he sent us Jesus!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

We are now officially in the season of Fall!  I love fall and all the sights and sounds this beautiful season brings! 

Preschoolers by nature are collectors!  Our walks to and from the classroom usually take a bit longer because so many stooping kiddos along the way, grabbing anything that catches their eye.  This week we will go on some collecting walks!  We’ll specifically be looking for and collecting signs of fall to bring back to the classroom to observe up close.  Our science center will have fall specimens for these little scientists to examine.  If your preschooler finds something that could go with our Fall Science Center, please bring it in and add it to the collection!

Another sure sign of fall: apples!  We’ll be using this fantastic fruit in our learning and play over the next couple of weeks.  If anyone has an apple tree with an abundance of apples, we’ll take them for some apple fun!

In worship, we’ll discover what happened to Adam and Eve when they didn’t obey God.  We’ll also hear about God’s promise to send the world Jesus to be its Savior!  God showed his great big love for us by sending Jesus!

Thursday and Friday is SHARE Day!  The preschoolers absolutely love SHARE Day as it gives them the opportunity to bring something special from their home to show their friends.  Please help your preschooler choose ONE item and come up with two or three things they can say about their special share.  Please remember no play weapons of any kind!
Looking forward to another wonderful week with these wonderful preschoolers!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
9/29, 9/30: SHARE Day
10/3, 10/4: Science with Mr. Levi
10/7: No Preschool—Teacher Work Day
10/10, 10/11: Field Trip to Tukey Apple Orchards
10/12: Picture Day

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class

This week we will be focusing in on some fallish type things... farms and harvest.  We will be enjoying the book "Have You Got My Purr?" by Judy West.  This is a very sweet book about a kitten and many other farm animals.  It is sure to become a quick favorite in the classroom.  We will also be working with harvest.  We will explore, oats, beans, and barley and make some mosaic artwork with the grains.  The sensory table with be full of corn and farm equipment.  The preschoolers will get to try their hand at grinding oats into oat flour.  As you are driving around town, or out in the country, help your preschoolers notice the fields and farm equipment they might see.  

Worship this week is about Adam and Eve sinning in the garden, and how God loved them and loves us.  More worship songs will be sung, along with songs that are straight Bible verses.  Hiding God's Word in our hearts through music is an excellent way to memorize scripture!

Thursday and Friday this week are SHARE Days!  Help your preschooler pick out ONE item to bring and help them think of three things to say about their chosen item.  SHARE Day is a lot of fun, a favorite day of the month for sure!  Please remember, no toy weapons.

Coming up in a few weeks we will be heading out on a  field trip to the WSU Tukey Apple Orchard.  October 10th and 11th are the dates, yes our 5 day kiddos get to go twice!  We will leave at 9:05 from preschool and will need parent drivers.  A sign up will be posted soon.  If you are not attending the trip with your preschooler, you will need to leave a car seat or booster for us to use.  Snack is provided on field trip days.

WIth October just around the corner, I'll be posting a sign up for parent volunteers.  We especially need a parent or two on picture day, October 12.  More information on picture day is coming very, very soon.

Have a great week!

09/29 SHARE Day
09/30 SHARE Day
10/03 Science w/Mr. Levi
10/04 Science w/Mr. Levi
10/07 No Preschool- Teacher Work Day
10/10 Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/11 Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/12 School Pictures
10/19 Chapel
10/20 Chapel
10/21 Visiting Author Sherry Varkonyi

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Busy Day - Mrs. Krantz

We had a busy day!  We went to chapel where we met Pastor Rich and Miss Ann.  We played outside in the beautiful first day of fall crispness.  We celebrated a birthday!  We enjoyed Art with Mrs. Hein.  The morning went by quickly, and a little out of our normal routine, but it was fabulous!

I am so proud of this group of kids.  They are learning so quickly how to cope with some big emotions, work together as a group, compromise and work together.  Strong friendships are forming more and more!  Thanks so much for letting us be part of this amazing formation in teach child's development!

Fall, Chapel and Art!- Mrs. O'Loughlin

Today was full of firsts!! Today is the first day of fall!! We loved looking at all the signs of this changing season on our way to the first chapel! Pastor Rich brought a fluffy little friend with him to remind us that God created everything and everyone! Ask your preschool who that friend was!

Mrs. Hein was here today for our first art!! Happy preschoolers plopped "ice cream" on a paper, some 4 scoops high! The preschoolers instantly loved Mrs. Hein and can't wait for our next art day!

Have a marvelous weekend and Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chapel and Leaves - Mrs. Krantz

Our very first chapel was wonderful!  The preschooler really did a fabulous job traveling as a group.  Ask your preschooler who was with Pastor Rich!

On the way back, we took a different route and checked out some trees.  They are starting to look a little bit different!  We saw several different colors of leaves.  Fall is beautiful.

First Chapel - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had our first chapel time this morning!! These preschoolers did a fabulous job walking over in their line, sitting on their carpet squares and being fantastic listeners to Pastor Rich as he told us about God's creation! Ask your preschooler what friend pastor brought with him!

Back at preschool, sensory bags with two colors were squished, squashed and mixed together! After the colors were all mixed, some kiddos discovered you could push down on the bag and write in the paint without the mess! So much fun!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hands - Mrs. Krantz

What can you do with your hands?  This was the big question of the day, and yes, we made a list!  Make sure to check out all the lists we post!  God created people, and gave us abilities to do things.  There are so many things we can do with our hands.  After we made our list, we read a book about doing all kinds of things hand in hand with one another.  Together is a very good thing.

At closing circle we brought out the rhythm sticks and began learning how to use them, how to take care of them and how to follow directions.  The preschoolers loved it!

Mix It Up! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our classroom was filled with giggles as we read a new book, Mix it Up, during circle this morning! Each page had us taking a dab of paint and mixing it with another color. Ask your preschooler what would happen when we turned the page!

During centers preschoolers had the opportunity to mix up some colors using shaving cream and powder paints! Such messy fun! There was also some exploring of lighter and darker shades of color using paint! And plenty of hand muscle workout happened using the paper punches on different shades of colored paper!

Our time ended with asking the question, "What is in the bag?" Ask your preschool what of God's creation was in our mystery bag today!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Color Changing Leaves - Mrs. O'Loughlin

The preschoolers came in this morning to a table full of leaves! As each one observed the leaves it was noted that they were changing color! Some had mixed colors of green and yellow and some were fully red. Other leaves had lighter and darker color in some spots! Wonderful scientific drawings were added to our classroom binders!

During centers, the preschoolers had the opportunity to mix colors using shaving cream and powder paint. Ask your preschooler what color they mixed!

In worship we each held tightly to our family picture and pointed at the family member who "mowed the lawn" and "made breakfast" and "was the best park buddy"! We learned that God made people and God made our families!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Coming Up in Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

Our color mixing experiment continues!  Mix It Up by Herve Tullet is a fantastic, interactive book we will be enjoying this week.  In preschool, we love to read and reread books!  Mix It Up will definitely be a requested “read it again” book!  Throughout the week the preschoolers will have multiple opportunities to mix colors using various mediums.  This will bring up the idea of color shades!  We’ll discover that colors can come in many different shades depending on the amount of mixing!

In worship time we learned that God made the world, God made the animals and now, we will hear how God made people! Our very first chapel will be Wednesday and Thursday!  We will walk over to the Concordia church and chapel begins at 9:15am.  All family is welcome to join us for worship!

I have loved seeing the Colorful Me crayons that have been coming in!  Our class books are almost complete!

Volunteer permission forms were put into your mailboxes if I did not already have one from you!  We do need these if you plan to volunteer in the classroom or drive for any of our field trips!

On the big bulletin in the lobby, you can now see how your preschoolers are Learning Through Play!  I will continue to add pictures throughout the year as your preschoolers continue to play and learn!

Blessings on your upcoming week!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
9/21, 9/22: Chapel at 9:15am
9/22, 9/23:  Art with Mrs. Hein
9/29, 9/30: SHARE Day
10/3, 10/4: Science with Mr. Levi
10/7: No Preschool—Teacher Work Day
10/10, 10/11: Field Trip to Tukey Apple Orchards at 9:15am

Coming Up in Mrs. Krantz's Class...

What a great first few weeks of preschool we have had together.  The preschoolers really enjoyed designing their own bird feeders and are excited to test them out.  We will be adding bird seed and putting them out for observation on Monday and Tuesday morning.  Eventually the feeders will come home for use there, but we are hoping to attract some hungry birds at preschool... we just might get a few squirrels too.  

We are continuing to work on dealing with big emotions.  This skill is essential for so many areas of life, even for adults!  Teaching and encouraging such coping skills will go a very long way and support success in many areas of life and school.  We will also be reading a book called "Your Hand in my Hand."  This book, along with our handprint to help us deal with big emotions will lead to some fun handprint art!

In worship, we will focus on God creating people!  We also have chapel with Pastor Davis for the first time this week.  Chapel is on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:15am over in the sanctuary at Concordia Lutheran Church.  Parents and family are welcome to join us!

This week we will also enjoy our first session of Art with Mrs. Hein!  Mrs. Hein is such a wonderful art teacher and the preschoolers adore her.  We are very happy to have her with us this week!

I will be gone on Monday, possibly Tuesday, but am hopeful I will only miss Monday.  Mrs. Dobbins will be subbing in the classroom and Mrs. Barrington of course will be there.  

Have a fabulous weekend and I will see you all next week!  May God bless your family time together!

09/21 Chapel 9:15am
09/22 Chapel 9:15am
9/22  Art with Mrs. Hein
9/23  Art with Mrs. Hein
09/29 SHARE Day
09/30 SHARE Day
10/03 Science w/Mr. Levi
10/04 Science w/Mr. Levi
10/07  No Preschool - Teacher WOrk Day
10/10 Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/11 Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/12 School Pictures
10/19 Chapel
10/20 Chapel
10/21 Visiting Author Sherry Varkonyi

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Yes! We have preschool on Friday!

Just a note, we DO have preschool tomorrow even though there is no public school.  

Prayer Journals - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We used our prayer journals for the first time in worship today! Each preschooler thanked God for animals through colorful drawings! Using prayer journals is a very special and quiet time spent with God. Preschoolers do a wonderful job conveying thoughts and prayers to Jesus through their drawings. It's a fabulous thing to witness.

That silly little chameleon, who can change colors and camouflage into its surroundings, was playing a great game of hide and seek with us today! The preschoolers were running around in the front yard placing our camouflage chameleon from one place to the next for their friends to find! It's so wonderful to see new friendships growing with each passing preschool day!

Oh yes!  We saw a trash truck while playing outside!! It was definitely a highlight of our morning! :)

Building Bird Feeders - Mrs. Krantz

Creating and building bird feeders out of recycled things is pretty awesome.  These preschoolers created some really great bird feeders today.  Before we started, we looked at a few different types of bird feeders and then made a list of the important parts every bird feeder should have.  There were all kinds of materials available, and each preschooler designed and created their own... Mrs. Krantz helped with the hot glue gun.  We talked about how we can care for God's creation... and feeding the birds is part of that.  There are many other ways too.  Maybe you can make a list at home.  If you do, please bring it to share at preschool!

We explored the front yard to day too.  We love having two unique outdoor spaces to enjoy!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Collaboration - Mrs. Krantz

What a great day we had together!  This group works so well together and it is fun to see such great collaboration in play.  Check out the firefighters on the firetruck in the picture below!

We thought a lot about the book "Those Shoes" and talked about times when we wanted something but couldn't have them.  We also thought about times we were generous and gave a gift to someone who needed something.  Great things to think about and talk about at home too!  I hope you ask your preschooler about the book and what happens!

Friends and Family - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This class is quickly becoming a wonderful group of friends! I am so proud of the respect they give one another, how they share the items in our classroom and the inclusion I see throughout the day!

Some bonding happened over by our family wall this morning. I love listening to questions "who's this baby?" and exclamations, "I know them!!!" Fabulous comparison and counting of family members! The family wall is definitely a favorite place in our classroom!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Found Him! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

After reading A Color of His Own we learned that chameleons change colors! And when they change color, sometimes they can be hard to see. They sure can blend in well and be camouflaged! The preschoolers were challenged with the task of finding our camouflaged chameleon in the sensory table!

The preschoolers also had an opportunity to do some color changing and mixing of their own! Using water droplets to transfer that color water gave those fine motor muscles a great workout!

In worship we are learning a new song that says some of the things God created, including animals! Have your preschooler tell you a few names of the animals God made!

Big Emotions - Mrs. Krantz

Oh how I love these preschoolers!  I am so impressed with the group and the dynamics that are forming.  It warms my heart to see new friendships being made, teamwork in practice and helping one another solve problems.  We worked with our handprint that helps us remember how to deal with big emotions.  Emotions is a big word, and we worked together to figure out just what emotions are.  Working through and dealing with emotions will continue to be a big part of our time together, all through the year.  We are laying a foundation right now that will create incredible learning and growing opportunities!

The beauty of God's creation is all around us, as we learned in worship today.  This morning was no exception.  The crisp fall mornings are so beautiful and the preschoolers had such fun!  They were busy collecting seeds, leaves and other outdoor discoveries.  SOme went home with ziploc bags full of treasure!

Our centers time was full of activity and I loved hearing preschoolers use the handprint and 5 steps to help each other through some big emotions... without teacher prompting!  The tables were very busy creating fish of the sea and getting our fine motor muscles some great exercise with playdough.  We has some great teamwork on the deck in creating links of chain and seeing how long the chain could be!

"Those Shoes" was our closing book and it prompted some good thinking about making choices, and that sometimes the best choice isn't an easy choice to make.  Ask your preschooler about it!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Skill Building - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we started out looking at our hands and finding out there is a way our hand can help us remember how to handle big emotions!  We will be working on remembering how our hand can help us remember.  A poster went home in your mailbox, so maybe you can use it with your preschooler and help them build this important skill!

In worship we focused on the animals that God created, even the fish in the sea!  We each named our favorite animal and thanked God for such amazing animals..

We carried over some of our worship time into centers and made some pretty fun fish.  The animals in our building area were taken care of as preschooler built homes for them.  It was fun to hear the preschoolers talk about their hands and handling big emotions.  Such great skill building happening already!

We had our first reading of "Those Shoes" at closing circle.  The preschoolers were so engaged with this book and helping the main character, Jeremy, work through some problems and choices he was making.  We will read this book everyday this week and I look forward to the interactions that take place with this wonderful piece of literature.  Building empathy is a big part of our skill set at preschool!

It Changed! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We observed some pretty fantastic color changes in preschool today! After reading A Color of His Own, we looked at leaves. Some were starting to change color! And one was completely brown. Next, Mrs. O'Loughlin had three colorful jars of water: red, blue, and yellow. As they were mixed together, the colors changed! Ask your preschooler what change occurred when all the colors were added together.

In worship we had to use our ears to listen to some animal noises! One by one animals were brought out and guess what? God made ALL of them!! What a wonderful creator we have!

During closing circle The Mystery Bag was introduced. After 12 questions, we weren't able to guess the mystery item. But that's ok! We always get to see it! Does your preschooler remember what was in the bag?!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Coming Up In Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class

What a fantastic first week of preschool!  I absolutely adore your children and feel incredibly blessed to be their teacher!  Thank you for entrusting all of us at Concordia Preschool with your special little people!         

This week we are going to be reading the book “A Color of His Own” by Leo Lionni.  A little chameleon is searching for a color he can call his.  As a group we will go on a color hunt of our own, searching for all the same colors the chameleon found!  We love words!  It is always a goal to use new, robust words at preschool!  So this week, “camouflage” and “change” will be added to your preschooler’s ever growing vocabulary.  We will also begin our scientific research on color mixing and color changes! 

The creation story continues with God making the animals in worship time.  God saw that his creation was good!  We can thank God for all the good things he made for us!

During closing circle, I will be introducing the preschoolers to THE MYSTERY BAG.  The preschoolers will have 12 guesses to figure out the mystery item.  The kiddos will be practicing using descriptive words, listening to their friends while taking turns and number recognition (a number will be taken down after each guess!)  All this learning happening while playing a fun guessing game!

Blessings on your upcoming week!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
9/21, 9/22: Chapel at 9:15am
9/29, 9/30: SHARE Day
10/7: No Preschool—Teacher Work Day

Coming Up In Mrs. Krantz's Classroom

I am excited for this coming week in preschool.  We will continue learning with our buckets as we start our journaling with the prompt... "I am a bucket filler when I..." and "I am a bucket dipper when I..".  I will also be introducing a way to deal with big emotions (sad, mad, frustrated, lonely...) that we will be using in the classroom.  A copy of the poster we use is in your box that you can use at home if you choose!

Our main book of the week is "Those Shoes" my Maribeth Boelts.  This has quickly become one of my favorite books about teaching kindness and empathy with children. 

In worship we will be talking more about Creation, especially how God created the animals!  This week we will also introduce our prayer journals.  Children communicate quite well through pictures and artwork, and this is what the prayer journals are for.  The preschoolers will have a chance to draw picture for Jesus as a way of praying.

I'm very excited for a project we will be starting at the end of the week.  As we talk about how God created the birds, we will work at creating bird feeders for God's special creatures.  The preschoolers will have all kinds of supplies to build, test and make their own bird feeders.  There are a few things we could use for this project.  Please bring items if you have them!

plastic lids
yogurt containers (washed out)
egg cartons
bendable wire
gallon milk or water jugs (washed out)
cardboard cartons
washed out plastic food containers
anything else that might be fun for building a bird feeder

Blessings on your week!

09/21 Chapel 9:15am
09/22 Chapel 9:15am
09/29 SHARE Day
09/30 SHARE Day

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Adding Our Color - Mrs. O'Loughlin

As preschoolers entered the classroom this morning they told Mrs. O'Loughlin their favorite color! Each favorite was added to our Favorite Color Graph! During circle we looked over the results and found there was one color that had the most! Does your preschooler remember the color?

Miss Stahlecker loves to draw and drew a lovely picture for the preschoolers. But it was missing something! Color! We decided the picture needed color to be complete. One by one, the preschoolers came up and added some color to the picture. The end result: a beautiful, bright, colorful work of art!

We went outside today and it was fabulous! So much to explore and experience!

Have a wonderful weekend! See you all on Tuesday!

Night and Day - Mrs. Krantz

We are really starting to get the hang of our mornings together!  We started out with our buckets, filling them to the way we felt.  By the end of the day, everyone had a full bucket!  We are working to learn each other's names, so Hickity Pickity, a cute little bumblebee helped us with a name game.  What fun we had with Hickity Pickity!

Outside was beautiful and the slides were dry, so there was great rejoicing in the sliding!  We came in and washed up for snack.  Our snack time is a great time to eat, chat and be with each other at the table.  We always pray together before we eat and then we enjoy one another's company.  

Worship time came next.  We took a look at a globe and how it was a small likeness of the earth.  God created the whole earth, even night and day.  We made a really good list of what we do at night and what we do during the day.  Our prayer thanked God for creating times to play and times to rest.  Both are very important!

Centers came next and we did some drip, drip, drop painting on coffee filters to make our own likeness of the earth.  These will dry and be displayed soon!  We also used our deck for the first time today and moved the sensory table out there along with some silly builders for building things like robots,  Stamps were also part of the fun today.

Our closing time included a chart.  I love making charts and will do one almost everyday.  We think about our morning together and put three things up that we did that day.  We each choose our favorite and see how the chart turns out.  We count, look at the most and the least.  Sometime we see things that have are equal.  We make this kind of math a big part of our day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

All The World's a Stage - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This group had such a fantastic day! So many happy, smiley faces coming into the classroom, excited for their first day of preschool!

During circle, we went through all the jobs the preschoolers help with throughout the morning. It was quickly discovered that there wasn't a job for everyone. However, if a name wasn't called, it meant you had the day off! And we all agreed, it's nice to have a day off every now and then!

The ice cream shop was busy during centers! Sundaes, ice cream cones and lots of cherries on top! We made sure we had our money, because one bowl could set you back "$49 or $84". :)

In worship the preschoolers came up with a great list of things that were big and things that were small! No matter the size, God made them all!!

Outside!! We played in the back yard this morning! Over the summer a large deck was constructed behind the playhouse, (please go take a peek if you haven't already!) This group has decided this is the stage! I think there is going to be some pretty fantastic shows in the future!

Building a Dinosaur - Mrs. Krantz

Today we worked together to build a dinosaur!  We used some really neat connector builders to work together to build a dinosaur or two.  First the class helped me draw the prototype, then they went to work building it...making sure there were legs, a body, a head, a tail and eyes and a nose.  We talked a little bit about our buckets and how working together can make our buckets fill up pretty fast.  Teamwork is a great thing!

Outside was full of adventure, exploration and dinosaur fun.  We had some jewel hunting happening in the sand box too.  

In worship we talked about the big things, and the little things that God created.  We sang about how great our God is!  I hope you start to hear some of our songs at home too!

In centers time it was wonderful to see new friendships forming and lots of interactive play.  The kitchen was busy, the rice table was humming along, painting was also a popular option.  In the library we read books with our snuggly stuffed animal reading buddies!

Thanks for a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Few Things to Note

Thanks for a great first day at preschool!  Things hummed along this morning and the preschoolers have begun to make the space their own!  It will be so wonderful to watch them grow and develop over the year.  Thanks for letting us be part of that!

Just a few notes...

Please be sure to use the main entrance (lobby) for both entering and exiting the building.

Each classroom has a snack bin that your child can drop his/her snack in each morning.  The refrigerator is also available for snacks that need to stay cold.  Please make sure your child's snack is labeled.  A small lunch bag or box works great.  We serve water, but you are welcome to send a water bottle for use all morning.  Please do not send juice or milk.

If there are ever any concerns about anything (parking, drop off, pick up...) or any ideas you have that might make things run a bit smoother, please talk with Becky!

Praying for a great week for all of you!

A Wonderful (and wet) First Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had a fantastic first day!! I am so proud of these preschoolers and how well they did. They each drew me a beautiful picture and then joined Miss Stahlecker for some puzzles. During circle time, a little bee named Hickety Pickety helped us learn our new friends names. See if your preschooler remembers the little rhyme we said as each friend held Hickety.

During centers there was painting, stamping, cars, ice cream shop playing, book reading and dress up! We stayed busy all morning!

Our worship focused on how God made all, big and small! We learned a new song that we'll continue to sing over the next couple of weeks.

This glorious rain did keep us in, but that didn't stop us from getting some large movement in! Balance beams, giant dinosaur feet and scarf dancing got those little hearts going!

I apologize for not pointing out our snack crate during orientation. The blue snack crate is located by the hooks on a shelf. Please put your preschooler's labeled snack in there each morning. We want to make sure each kiddo gets the snack that was lovingly packed for them!

See you all Thursday!

Filling Our Buckets - Mrs. Krantz

What a spectacular first day of preschool we had together!  We started making new friendships, rekindling old friendships and learning how we work together as a class!  I am very much looking forward to this year!

We started out talking about our buckets.  Because I was feeling a little nervous about teaching preschool again, my bucket was only a little bit filled.  However, as I saw each preschooler come in for preschool, my bucket filled up!  Each preschooler added a filler to my bucket until it was overflowing!  Then we each filled up our buckets to the amount we were feeling.  At the end of the day, they were all a little fuller than they started!

We didn't let the rain stop us from having some fun exploring outside.  The spiderweb we found was the most interesting!

Worship time was all about Creation.  God created the world and everything in it.  His Creation is amazing!

We closed out our day with our buckets, a chart and a book!  It was a beautiful first day together!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: September 6-9

Mrs. Barrington and I are so excited and ready to start this school year with your preschoolers!  The first week is full of all kinds of questions, emotions, excitement, apprehensions, joy, fun and new experience.  What a blessing that we get to do this alongside you and your children!

All this week we will be taking time to learn names, explore the classroom both inside and out (I believe that our outside areas are very much a classroom!), figuring out the schedule and routines of our mornings together, making friends and getting to know one another.  Our main book this week is "Have You FIlled a Bucket Today" by Carol McCloud.  We read and reread many books.  Repetition of books has incredible value, so don't be surprised if you hear we read a book more than one time!  

Our worship time together is all about how God made the world and everything in it.  We will have art projects, active games and even a construction project to help us interact with the account of Creation!  

Please be sure to send your child's backpack each day with a change of clothes that will stay in the backpack.  Also, please send your child's snack everyday.  There is a snack bin under the mailboxes that your child can drop off his/her snack.  Please have the snack labeled so we know who it belongs to!  The fridge is available for snacks that need to be refrigerated.  Please keep the snack small, able to be eaten in about 5 minutes or less.  We provide water, but you are welcome to send a waterbottle.  No juice or milk please!

Prayerfully holding you up this week!
Mrs. Krantz

9/6  First Day of T/Th and M-F Preschool
9/7  First Day of M/W/F Preschool
9/21  Chapel 9:15am
9/22  Chapel  9:15am
9/29  SHARE Day
9/30  SHARE Day

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: September 6-9

Welcome to Preschool!  Miss Stahlecker and I are so excited for preschool to start!  We have been praying for each student and their family as preschool becomes a part of your schedule.  This week we will be focusing on getting to know new friends, exploring the classroom, establishing routine, and discovering that preschool is a fun and safe place to be!

During worship we will talk about how God made the world!  We’ll use our observation skills outside and find all the things God created!  Your preschooler will be coming home with some new songs as well!

We really do get messy at preschool and while a little mess is usually fine, sometimes changing into some fresh clean clothes makes our morning that much better.  If you have not already, please bring a change of clothes for your preschoolers to leave at school.  We have a spot for them in our bathroom!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have before preschool begins!  See you soon!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
9/6: First Day of Preschool for T/TH
9/7: First Day of Preschool for M/W/F
9/21, 9/22: Chapel at 9:15am
9/29, 9/30: SHARE Day