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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Worms, Carrots, and Sunshine - Mrs. Krantz AM and PM Classes

Today was such an incredibly fun day, full of playful outdoor learning!  We took the paints outside and used the fence as our easel.  Clipboards were all over the backyard as the preschooler drew and recorded all kinds of findings.  Pape Ken meandered over and decided he needed some help digging up the carrots in his garden that wintered over.  The preschoolers were more than happy to help in the effort.  Worms were everywhere, carrots were dug and washed and smiles were on everyone's faces.  

We ate our snacks outside and had worship in the great outdoors as well.  We found solitary places and drew in our prayer journals.  We sang Easter songs and thanked God for springtime sunshine.

Bugs and Butterflies - Mrs. Wilson

Aside from a relaxing morning making all kinds of gorgeous butterflies (including collage style like Eric Carle in The Very Hungry Caterpillar), We had a wonderful extended time outside. We combined recess with science and our journals! We set up an observation center to log the most recent state of the chrysalises. There are still five hanging on carefully to the round lid cover that is pinned inside the butterfly enclosure. No sign of butterflies yet. Alas… it may happen during spring break… we will keep a close eye on that. I told the preschoolers that if the butterflies come out I will try to get pics for them. Maybe some will hold on for after break…? We shall see. 

Probably the most exciting part of our outside time was finding flowers and catching insects! We had large and small groups and individuals all seeking and catching different bugs. We used all kinds of tools. There were a few varied tweezers, nets, insect containers and a tent, hands, fingers, sticks, plastic baggies and even a woodchip or two. We got a pretty good variety of critters. Ask your preschoolers where we found a lot of insects hiding. I hope you are enjoying them if any came home to your house! It is wonderfully fun to see the preschoolers taking on all kinds of science exploration and observations. God’s world is truly an amazing place of wonder.

Have a restful and lovely spring break. We will see you again April 12!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sound Words - Mrs. Krantz AM and PM Classes

What fun we had with words that are sounds!  Splat, pop, crackle, moo, baa, cheep, peck... we made several lists of words that are sound words.  Then we read a poem "Baby Chick."  It is about a hatching chick, and how it gets out of the egg.  We then took three types of eggs to listen closely to the sound of the shell cracking.  Ask your preschooler what kind of eggs we used!  

Outside was full of teamwork, exploration and creative thinking.  The sunshine was quite welcomed!

In our centers time we sold farm fresh eggs at the farmers market, made nests, painted empty tombs, cut out eggs, had picnics and more.

The WSU Knott Dairy Farm Field Trip is tomorrow morning.  We leave just after 9am.  Rubber boots and a change of shoes are required.

Inside Outside - Mrs. Wilson

We learned about a lot of things that fall into the categories of inside / outside today. 
~Inside the tomb, it is empty…
~Outside the tomb, Jesus is alive!
~ Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar starts a metamorphosis… 
~After the change, the butterfly will come Outside the chrysalis!
~ Inside we had woodworking and centers about butterflies and empty tombs, crosses and chrysalises… We enjoyed friends like Papa Ken and Miss Joyce.
~Outside we found flowers and slugs and ladybugs. We climbed and slid and enjoyed the sunshine. We helped each other climb higher, find insects by rolling over logs and sifting through vines and leaves, and made pizza and drinks to go.
~Inside our hearts, Jesus can live by his Holy Spirit
~Outside we can show His love to others and to Him by praising him. 
Maybe your preschooler can remember how to sign Hallelujah… and tell you what it means…!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday in Pictures - Mrs. Krantz

Fun at the Farm - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Farm puppet shows, horses grazing in the files, barn building, reading with Papa Phil and barnyard stamps kept us plenty busy during centers time!

Worship time was filled with Easter songs declaring that Jesus is Risen!!

This crazy weather kept us inside but we had a blast with an obstacle course, big dinosaur feet and a tunnel that fits an entire preschool class.

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter: March 29-31

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating our Lord’s resurrection! And, in spite of our snowy beginnings this week, we will finish out March as we continue to enjoy spring things like caterpillars, chrysalises and butterflies! We will also spend some more quality time with the Easter story in both worship and in our classroom activities.

Speaking of caterpillars… at last sighting, we had one chrysalis formed, another in process and several caterpillars looking pretty ready to begin… It was really exciting for the preschoolers to see all this happening before their eyes. Our junior entomologists have been working on some really great scientific observations and recording them in their journals. I cant wait to see what has happened over the weekend… as for the metamorphosis, we are really hoping for a sighting before break… or that they “hang on” until we get back…!

Don’t forget spring break is next week, April 4 through April 8. 

See you Tuesday!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: March 28-April 1

This week begins our fun and learning about gardening and growing! As a group we’ll come up with a list about what and who lives on a farm. A new book “On a Farm” will give us lots of ideas to write down. The preschoolers will also have the opportunity for some creative barn yard stories using farm animal puppets and our big barn puppet theatre. Different 
types of vegetables will be cut open for a multi-sensory investigation! All that graphing 
practice will come in handy as we classify and sort the explored vegetables. 

Wednesday is our field trip to WSU’s Knott Dairy Farm! As you arrive, please have your preschooler use the bathroom. Keep their jackets on! We want to leave as quickly as possible. If you are not driving, please bring your child’s car seat to the preschool. Rubber boots and a change of shoes are required to attend! A snack of apple sauce 
pouches and a cheese stick is provided this day. 

In worship we will hear about Jesus’ death and resurrection. Wonderful worship songs will be sung as we rejoice in our risen Lord! Easter will continue to be a focus this week in 
our classroom in the stories read and the art projects created.

During our large group time, we’ll be acting out the lifecycle of the butterfly! First, an egg, then the caterpillar, followed by a chrysalis and finally a beautiful butterfly! We will also be keeping our eye on those chrysalises, watching for any emerging butterflies! This teacher is 
really hoping they choose this week or please wait until after our week long break!

April 4th-8th is Spring Break and there is no preschool. Have a relaxing and rejuvenating week off!

Blessings on your coming week!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
3/30 Field trip to Knott Dairy Farm
4/4-4/8 Spring Break—No Preschool

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter March 28-April 1

We have a fun week planned this last week before spring break.  We will continue celebrating Easter and the Risen Christ!  We have some egg-celent learning planned as well.  Mrs. Knight will be with the class on Monday, but it looks like I will be back in the classroom on Tuesday!  

Wednesday is our field trip to the WSU Knott Dairy Farm.  We really need some drivers!  If you are a T/Th preschool family and are planning on attending, please let me know either by email or signing up on the sheet on the closet door.  Please remember that rubber boots are required as are an extra change of shoes.  Please get those permission slips in!  Snack is provided for the field trip.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

3/30 Field Trip to WSU Knott Dairy
4/4-4/8 No Preschool - Spring Break

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Preparing for Easter!- Mrs. O'Loughlin

Today was spent getting ready for Easter! Our crosses were painted, a hanger was added and stickers for decoration!  Our egg hunting buckets are ready for Friday's Easter Egg Hunt and many lovely Easter cards went home!

Ask your preschooler what the people shouted out as Jesus rode into Jerusalem. And what were they waving?

Chapel is at 10:45am on Friday followed by our preschool egg hunt at 11am. Siblings are invited to join in! Please bring them a bucket or basket!

Inch by Inch - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we sang about planting a garden, inch by inch and row by row.  The boys and girls love this song and wound so wonderful as they sing together!  We enjoyed checking out our beans and the grass we planted.  Things are certainly growing!

In worship we sand about how Christ died and rose again on the third day.  We had a questions about the word "scripture."  We learned about what the scriptures are, the Bible, God's word!

We finished up some special crosses that we made in woodworking.  You all have some skilled craftsmen and craftswomen!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fellow Superheros - Mrs. Krantz AM and PM Classes

Being a superhero is a big job!  In both the morning and afternoon classes, we made a very good list of what it takes to be a superhero.  Fast, strong, a cape, a costume, kind, helping people... what a wonderful list!  

We made capes, masks, wrist cuffs for superhero attire.  We made impressive marblework structures and did superhero agility training as we couldn't go outside with this crazy weather!  We spent time in our secret lairs and shared food with fellow superheros.  What a fabulous, fun day!

Ho,Ho,Ho Hosanna - Mrs. Wilson

Ho Ho Ho Hosanna...  
Ha Ha Hallelujah. He he he he saved me. I’ve got the joy of the LORD!

We had so much fun today being super heroes! I just loved it when our heroes each introduced themselves. They even got a chance to do it again when Mrs. Krantz, I mean Wonder Woman, came down to say hello! Check out our list of preschool heroes and their 
personally designed hero costumes, up on the wall next to the bathroom door.

In worship time we thought about who the most super of all heroes really is…. The one who did the hardest thing of all to SAVE us… The only one strong enough to conquer the grave…Did you guess Jesus? He is our favorite Super Hero of all… He is God Himself! We even got to sing hosannas to him with our palm branches and welcome him to come and save us!


Thursday is the egg hunt at 11:00, right after our 10:45 Chapel! See you there!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Superhero Day!- Mrs. Krantz

What a fun day we had all dressed up like superheros!  We each shared about our alter identity and journaled about our favorite superhero.  We made capes and masks and races around outside with all our superhero energy.

Inside we had superhero training with obstacle course work.   And we learned about how Jesus came to save us, how the people shouted Hosanna (God save us) as Jesus entered Jerusalem.  Jesus is our amazing superhero!