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Friday, February 26, 2016

Sunshine Makes Us Happy! - Mrs. Krantz

We've had such a fun week with Mrs. Knight.  We are so thankful she could be with us while Mrs. Barrington was out of town.

This morning we worked on some special candle jars that will be used for centerpieces at the Art Show next Friday evening.  I am looking forward to the preschoolers seeing their beautiful artwork displayed for all to see.  It is such a wonderful evening together!

We took advantage of the sun again and headed outside after our prayer journal time.  We played a dinosaur color board game, made beautifully fluffy sheep, used stencils and sidewalk chalk, explored and ran.  It was marvelous!
Reminder that there is NO PRESCHOOL NEXT WEEK for parent teacher conferences.  I will be sending an email reminding you of your conference time.  Please let me know if you need to change your time.  

Silly, Silly Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had such a fun preschool day!! I loved all the silly hats and silly hair!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'm looking forward to meeting with each of you during conferences next week!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

SHARE Day and Monet - Mrs. Wilson

I just can’t believe how mature these preschoolers are getting. SHARE day was so fun. There was such good listening to each other and patient waiting for turns to share. I was really proud of each and everyone today and how they were able to keep their share hidden behind backs and be so politely attentive to those who were sharing! Preschoolers were very proud of their SHARE items and were eager to show their goods.

Centers were fun filled with sheep hidden in rice, dot paints, vet clinic play and so much more! These preschoolers absolutely love playing hid and seek! Towards the end of centers there was a big game going on throughout the downstairs. They were loving it! We had some extended playtime outside to bask in the beautiful hinting spring weather.

The joyful ending of our day was with Mrs. Hein teaching us about Monet and his Water Lilly painting. The preschoolers just take it all in and then… out comes some unbelievably gorgeous artwork from their hands and hearts! Wonderful!

Reminder, that there are parent teacher conferences next week. No preschool classes are meeting, but there will be childcare for families during their conference times. I look forward to seeing you all. 

Also please don’t miss the ART SHOW! There will be some simply gorgeous art on display done by no less than the Concordia Lutheran Preschool Artists Extraordinaire! 

Have a GREAT week off!

Outside Learning! - Mrs. Krantz AM and PM Classes

I love when we are able to spend a large amount of our learning time outside, and the sunshine was beckoning us to do that today!  We had Art with Mrs. Hein inside as we made our own watercolor paintings inspired by Claude Monet.  We finished up some last minute Art Show items and a few things I needed to be complete my preparations for conferences. Enjoy the pictures of our learning today!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Preschooler's Dance - Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. O'Loughlin

Both classes went to a special presentation this morning!  We were taught two Filipino dances today by WSU students, TJ and Demi! One was about a duck that had us flapping and moving our arms all over the place. For the second dance we had partners! See if your preschooler remembers any of the moves!

Thank you TJ and Demi for being such wonderful teachers! The preschoolers had a blast!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sunshine - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

The sunshine this afternoon was incredible!  We spent a little more time than usual outside exploring, running, laughing and discovering how warm things can get when they are in direct sunlight.  It was beautiful.

Inside we also enjoyed the sunshine pouring through the windows.  The water table sat right in the sunshine and the water was so warm.  The other areas of the classroom were busy with tractors hauling sheep, dump trucks moving rocks, and all kinds of farm activity in a variety of areas in the room.  We also enjoyed creating our own rainbow tigers after reading the book.

In our closing time, we did a bit of dancing and then listed things that were red, green or blue.  I encouraged the preschoolers to keep their eyes open and on the lookout for things that are yellow, orange and violet.  A rainbow of colors is all around us!

Dr. Wilson - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

Our morning was not our normal routine, but the preschoolers adapted to the changes with ease!  We had Dr. Wilson visiting, but he came during our normal centers time, so we had centers right after opening circle and had our outside time at the end of the day.  

Centers time was full of rainbow tiger painting, busy farms, water table play, and caring for sheep.  We are working to finish up the labeling of the artwork for the Art Show too!  We could still use a little extra help getting the artwork ready, so if you have some time to spare, please let me know!

Our time with Dr. Wilson was very fun.  We learned about caring  for pets, when to take them to the vet, and we even got a bit of training.  Many thanks to Dr. Wilson for spending his morning with us!

Visiting Vet - Mrs. Wilson

We learned so much from Dr. Wilson! 
Simple pet care 
How to recognize when a pet is sick
(Ask your preschooler what lethargic means)
Safe traveling
What happens to your pet when they visit the vet
Pet dental care
Why vets take blood samples 
Even what the blood looks like through a microscope!

After heading from the circle to the “clinic” with our animals, the preschoolers learned how to give an exam to their own pets. They were so careful checking ears, heart, stomach and more. They even did a bit of phlebotomy to get the lab samples! 

Then it was off to the lab to look at the blood smears in the microscope. We learned that the white cells are stained purple, and if there are a lot of them it probably means the animal has an infection or sickness. Those are the cells that fight off the sick germs. Thank you God for creating such amazing and complex creatures. You are so wise and so good!  

It is great learning and fun to combine art with science. We did some super dot painting and microscope slide collages that were simply lovely. Preschoolers also got their hands a bit sticky with modeling beads that matched the colors of our lab slides. 

And all morning was filled with dramatic play in the clinic. We had some budding  veterinarians hard at work. They were using tools and instruments like otoscopes, stethoscopes, microscopes, syringes, and dental cleaning tools, and a sure favorite was the “vet-wrap!” There were a lot of well cared for furry and scaly friends. Our 
clinic must have included an exotic animal wing, a zoo-vet section, and even a marine life wing. Diverse were the friends that came for treatment. But every cat, dog, teddy, turtle, giraffe, lion, raccoon, whale, tiger and frog got the care they needed to be well and on their way home at the end of the day. 

We wrapped it all up by bringing our pets to Dr. Wilson who wrapped up our pets where they needed help. So many colorfully bandaged pets. Thank you Dr. Wilson for helping us know how to care for our pets! Just one more way to show love and kindness to those who need it!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Rainbow Tiger - Mrs. Krantz

Ask your preschooler about the Rainbow Tiger that we read about this morning.  We read the book and then took a poll to see who thought the tiger rainbow actually changed color, or if the tiger just had a dream about being so colorful.  As we finish up our Art Show preparations, we will be doing several rainbow related things!

Outside was marvelous and we are so enjoying exploring and running outside.  Your kiddos will probably bring some mud home, so be sure to send them n clothing that can get dirty!

In worship we heard and watched the story of the Good Shepherd.  Jesus is our good shepherd.  In our centers time, the preschoolers used the story telling tools to act out the story as it was heard in our worship time!

Whitman County Humane Society Field Trip - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had a wonderful visit to the Humane Society today!

Miss Audrey, the facilities director, brought out Maggie and Peaches and taught us how to approach and pet a dog. Ask your preschooler what is the very first thing they do before they pet any animal.

We saw the feline center and found some frisky kitties in there! There was even bunnies we saw and touched!

At the end, Peaches came back out and read a story with us!

Thank you to the parent drivers for coming along today! It was a fun morning!

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter

February seems so quick! In this final week of the month we have a variety of fun plans to wrap our theme of kindness, love and emotions up before our week of parent teacher conferences, the arrival of March, and the Art Show! Wow, so many good things in a row…

This Tuesday will be so much fun. Bring a cuddly friend (stuffed animal) to preschool for their vet visit check-up. Our visiting Vet will be here to teach us a few things about taking good care of our animals. Preschoolers will give some care to their “pets” as they learn from Dr. Wilson. We will even have a chance to look through a microscope to see what healthy and unhealthy cells look like! Lots of fun.

Thursday we have SHARE and Art with Mrs. Hein.

The Art show is coming fast! What a wonderful evening it will be to dress up a bit, view some fine preschool art, enjoy tasty treats and maybe… win an amazing raffle prize! Please join us at 6:00 pm for this lovely evening.  Our Art Show is called "A Rainbow of God's Promises."  If you have an opportunity or venue to help sell some of the raffle tickets for our fundraiser, please let me know or see Becky Krantz to check out some tickets to sell.  All funds raised go directly to the preschool and will help fund the child sized sink project and other projects on our wish list of to do items.  

I am looking forward to having some special time with each of you during conferences to connect and share together about your treasured preschoolers.

Thanks for signing up, and as always, for sharing them with us here at Concordia!

02/23 Visiting Vet
02/25 Art, SHARE
03/01&03/03 No Preschool - Parent Teacher Conferences
03/04 Art Show 6:00pm

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

This week is going to include a variety of things as we get ready for the Art Show coming up on March 4, and for conferences February 29-March 4.  Please remember that preschool will not be in session the week of conferences, but childcare is provided during your conference time.  If you have not signed up for a conference, and wish to do so, please sign up on the list posted on the closet doors at the top of the stairs. 

Tuesday morning we will have Dr. Wilson visit to share with us about taking care of pets.  Mrs. Wilson's class has been learning about such things and asked if we would like to have Dr. Wilson visit, and I of course said yes!  Wednesday morning we will be enjoying a Filipino dance presentation over at the church at 10am.  All of my students from all my classes are invited to come!  It lasts about 30 minutes.

We will be finishing up naming Art Show artwork and will be having a bit of rainbow fun, as our Art Show is called "A Rainbow of God's Promises."  We would love for you to sell some of the raffle tickets for our fundraiser.  Please let me know if you would like to check out some tickets to sell.  All funds raised go directly to the preschool and will help fund the child sized sink project and other projects on our wish list of to do items.  

Mrs. Barrington will be gone all week so Mrs. Knight will be subbing for her.  We have a lot of fun with Mrs. Knight and we are glad she can step in.

Open enrollment opens on March 1, so spread the Concordia love to friends who are looking for a preschool!  We have openings in our 5 day and 2 day morning and afternoon options. 

See you on Monday!

Sibling Enrollment is now Open
02/29-03/04 No Preschool - Parent Teacher Conferences
03/04 Art Show 6:00pm

2/24 Filipino Dance Presentation 10am
02/23 Visiting Vet
02/25 Art
02/26 Art

Mrs.O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

Our field trip to the Whitman County Humane Society is Monday!  As you arrive, please have your preschooler use the bathroom.  As soon as everyone arrives, we’ll hop in the cars and head over.  If you are not driving, please bring your child’s car seat to the preschool!  
We will return in time for snack, so please pack one as usual.

We have a special presentation on Wednesday!  Along with Mrs. Krantz’s class, we will go over to the church to watch and learn a traditional Filipino dance!  I’m guessing we’ll be feeling pretty joyful with this great music and fun dancing!

The preschoolers have done so well exploring their feelings and emotions.  One way I know these preschoolers feel often is silly.  I bet these preschoolers will have some wonderful examples of how to act and what they do when they are feeling silly.  To go along with all this silliness, on Friday, we are having silly hair/hat day!  

Friday is also SHARE day!!

Thank you all for signing up for parent/teacher conferences!  I am looking forward to sitting down with each one of you and doting over your sweet kiddo!

Our Rainbow of God’s Promises Art Show and Raffle is almost here!  Please join us for a wonderful evening of celebrating your amazing artist and their beautiful creations!  The fun begins at 6pm complete with gorgeous art, yummy food, some silent auction items and our 
raffle!  If you are still needing some of those raffle tickets for amazing prizes like a scenic plane ride or a firefighter birthday party, let me know and I’ll get them for you.  All funds raised will be going toward installing child size sinks on both levels of the preschool!  

I’m looking forward to another wonderful preschool week!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

2/22 Field trip to Whitman County Humane Society—9:15-10:30am
2/24 Filipino dance presentation—10am
2/26 SHARE Day, Silly Hair/Hat Day
2/29-3/4 Parent Teacher conferences
3/4 Spring Art Show—6pm

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hotdogs! - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

We started off our afternoon decorating a paper pizza as a thank you to Pizza Hut for our wonderful field trip on Tuesday.  Saying thank you in fun ways is a fun way to take care of this important part of a field trip!  

We moved into our opening circle and read a funny poem about hot dogs.  We discovered what we like on hotdogs, and that there were a few who didn't like hotdogs at all.  This particular class has such a fun way of moving the direction of our activities in their own special way and we ended up writing a silly story about hot dogs and a rocketship.  We have written several stories together as a group, and they love to hear the stories they authored together.  What fun it is to work with each other and individual imaginations to write a story!  Please take time to read the story posted in the stairway!

The Old European - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

We so enjoyed our field trip to The Old European this morning.  The fresh squeezed orange juice machine was fascinating and the pancakes were delicious.  The preschoolers did such a nice job of ordering their own pancake and practicing their restaurant manners.  We also had the opportunity to ask questions of the cooks!  Special thanks to our adult drivers who came along for the fun and to Emily, our waitress who did a wonderful job!

So Many Helpful Friends! - Mrs. Wilson

Today we counted, and there were 4 grownups in the class, and 11 preschoolers! Wow. What a great ratio for having fun. We had Miss Stahlecker keeping watch on the classroom along with a new friend, Mrs. Knight, who helped out for the day. Thank you both for a great day in preschool. Ms. Danica was with us almost all morning helping out and enjoying some quality time with the preschoolers. We always enjoy it when she comes to visit. I guess we were even up to 5 grownups for a while when Papa Ken came in to finish up some wood working details for the art show. And I had another chance for more one-on–one time with several preschoolers today. How I enjoy that precious time chatting and hearing from them 
in a quieter setting. I never get tired of saying that we have some pretty special kiddos here in preschool. 

Next week on Tuesday we have a special visitor coming. Dr. Wilson (Veterinarian/professor) will be joining us to teach about pet care and how the vet can help your pet when its sick. We will see what happens when an animals visits the vet, and even look at some slides under the microscope. If your preschooler has a pet cuddly (stuffed animal) they want to bring, Dr. Wilson can show them how to bandage up a hurt leg, how to use a stethoscope and more. So please bring those cuddly friends. We really enjoy finding new ways to care for others and show them love. Even our furry friends!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Music and Feelings - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our day started with music in chapel! The lovely Miss Ann taught us a new song with a lot of actions. We can't wait to sing it again next time! Mrs. Krantz shared the story of The Good Samaritan! We discussed ways we can help and show love for others. Can your preschooler remember the big word we used to describe this feeling?

Back in the classroom we went straight to centers. Beautiful water color paintings, play dough creations, musical shakers and scarf dancing had the room bustling with play and learning.  We also listened to music that sounded "happy", "scary", "busy", "mad" and "sleepy". Wonderful words to describe emotions felt during the songs.

Beethoven's Fur Elise played. And the preschoolers listened. And the preschoolers drew. When the tempo increased, so did the speed of those markers. When the music was calm the preschoolers moved their markers much more smoothly and evenly across the paper. These wonderful Musical Drawings are hanging in the lobby!

Dairy Queen! - Mrs. Krantz

What a fun morning we had at Dairy Queen!  We saw all kinds of things in the back of the restaurant, where we typically don't get to go.  We even got to be on the other side of the drive thru window!  Thank you Dairy Queen for such a fun morning!  And special thanks to our parent drivers!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pizza Hut! - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

We had a wonderful field trip to Pizza Hut today.  Special thanks to our parents who came along for the fun and to Pizza Hut for giving such an incredible field trip opportunity!

Sounds of Food - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

While I was gone for most of the morning taking one of my children to the clinic, I know the preschoolers has a fantastic morning with Mrs. Barrington and Mrs. Knight.  They heard a poem about the sounds of food and made a list of foods that were crunchy, food that were slurpy and foods that were quiet!  

Worship time was all about the Good Samaritan and how he helped someone he didn't even know.  We can be kind and loving in so many ways!

Wednesday and Thursday are field trip days!  

Pet Care and OUtside Play - Mrs. Wilson

We had some wonderful exploration of faces and how they can show so many different feelings. We really felt the feelings that Mr. Hatch felt as he went through his story of joy, sadness and real happiness again. These preschoolers are so good at showing emotion on their faces! We had fun drawing faces, making face collages, and guessing emotions based on faces drawn on the marker board. I think the majority favorite at centers was showing love to the pets our in pet shelter by feeding them yummy picnics, grooming and bathing them and just loving on them. It was good to show love by doing things that are kind and helpful for our furry friends.

In Worship we saw how love can be a really important action. We read about a man who seriously needed help. We saw how some people chose to walk away and leave the man without help. Then Jesus told in the story how a man (who many may not have liked very much) came along and he STOPPED and he HELPED by caring for the man’s hurts and bringing him to a place to be safe and cleaned up and eat. He even paid for all the needs of the hurt man. This is really showing love and DOING love. We came up with a careful list of ways the preschoolers thought would be good to show love and care for others.

Outside we just had a lot of fun. Hide and seek is a preschool favorite these days. Some great counting practice goes on, and often the seeking turns into some fun chase and tag games. It has been so neat to see these preschoolers learn to work together and build friendships. Soccer, football, throwing catching, hiding, counting, cooperation, team work, running, brave comebacks after a fall, inviting others to sit together… so many skills and virtues are practiced on the playground. I love that we can learn to love from Jesus and from His word. That’s the kind of love that goes the distance!