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Friday, January 29, 2016

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: February 1-5

Welcome to February!  With love and hearts on our minds, this seems to be the perfect month to look at all the different emotions and feelings we have!  To go along with our emotions learning, we will have a special book that will be a focus each week.  The 
first book we will be reading is My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.  It compares our many emotions to all the colors of the rainbow!

Beginning this week, please have your preschool bring in a book that makes him/her feel happy!  We will read these stories during our large group times and assess the reasons 
why this book gives our friend a joyful feeling!  If we don’t get to a book on the day it is brought in, don’t worry!  We will definitely read all these happy stories!

The dramatic play area has been changed to a pet adoption center!  Preschoolers will be able to choose an animal to adopt and to love!

In worship time we will hear about a miracle performed by Jesus; feeding the 5,000.  God gave all those people exactly what they needed.  God gives us all our needs too, including the love of Jesus!

The Heart Café is almost here!  Invitations will be going out Monday!  We will need an RSVP so we know just how many guests to expect for breakfast!

Our class will be exchanging Valentine’s for one another!  A class list will be places in your mailboxes! 

Have a wonderful week!

Mark Your Calendars
2/5 Art with Mrs. Hein
2/8 Science with Mr. Levi—Chemical reactions!
2/12 Heart Café—9am 
2/15 President’s Day—No Preschool
2/29-3/4 Parent Teacher conferences

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: February 1-5

February is upon us!  This week we will be mixing in some Valentine fun in the midst of our classroom restaurant.  We will be having fun with bread and butter!  Bread is a staple all over the world, so we will be exploring books with all kinds of bread.  We will learn a super fun poem about yellow butter and yes, we will make our very own butter!  The preschoolers have been BEGGING for a SHARE Day, so we will have SHARE Day on Thursday and Friday!

Be sure to turn in your RSVP's for "The Heart Cafe!"  We are so excited for this fun event.  Watch for class lists in you mailbox too, we will be exchanging Valentines on the 11th and 12th.

In worship this week, we will learn about Jesus feeding 5,000!  I wonder if it was in a restaurant? Chapel will be on Tuesday... it will be a new kind of chapel experience!

We have some restaurant field trips coming up!  Please make note and watch for permission slips in your boxes.  We will need parent drivers, so a list will be up for that as well.

T/TH Afternoon Class: February 16 at 1:30 - Pizza Hut
M/W/F Class:  February 17 at 10:15am - Dairy Queen
T/TH Morning Class -  February 18 at 10:00am - The Old European

Our Art Show and Fundraiser is coming up on March 4.  More information will be out very soon!  It will be a bit different this year!  We are putting the finishing touches on several raffle items and our few silent auction items.

02/02  Chapel
02/04  SHARE Day
02/05  SHARE Day
02/08 Science with Mr. Levi
02/11 The Heart Cafe, Valentine's Exchange
02/12 The Heart Cafe, Valentine's Exchange
02/15  No Preschool
02/16  T/Th PM Class Field Trip to Pizza Hut
02/17  M/W/F Class Field Trip to Dairy Queen
02/18  T/Th AM Class Field Trip to The Old European
02/29-04/04  No Preschool, Parent Teacher Conferences
04/04  Art Show 6:00pm-7:30pm

Goodbye, Friend - Mrs. O'Loughlin

This morning we said goodbye to one of our friends. We all signed a special book and gave a picture of the preschoolers as a gift, so he would remember us! After a prayer, a group singing of the blessing song, the group hug/doggy piled commenced!!

We are a close group and when we have to say goodbye to a friend we feel sad and we learned that it's ok to be sad. We'll miss you so much but we love you even more!!!

Friday in Pictures - Mrs. Krantz

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Problem Solving - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

Our afternoon was full of all kinds of fun.  We finished up a special art project with Mrs. Hein.  Our Starry Night pictures will available for viewing at our upcoming Art Show!  Watch for more information of that in the near future! 

At the request of a few friends, we brought out the stuff for icicle paintings from last week.  We were happy to have that happen again!  The classroom restaurant was very busy and it was wonderful to watch as they figured out who would be doing what.  They discovered that too many cooks in the kitchen can be difficult.  So, problem solving was at work as they figured out who would cook, who would be the waiter, and who would be a customer.  Occasionally roles switched and everyone was able to participate and have a great time at the restaurant.  This is what preschool is about!  

Clay - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

The preschoolers were so enthusiastic this morning about singing our song of the week, that I took my cues from them!  We sang the song in many different ways and had some really fun actions to go along.  I love when they are so excited about music!  Then we each got a sugar snap pea, and opened the pod to discover the peas inside.  We counted and discovered that not all pea pods have the same number of peas.  Then, of course, we ate them!

After hearing about how Jesus healed a blind man using mud (kinda like clay) we worked with clay and created.  We felt the texture and how much more difficult it is to work than play dough.  Some made pots, others made dinosaurs.  The conversation was wonderful!

Our paperwhite are growing tall!  Check out the chart if you haven't seen it lately.  It is fun to see just how much they have grown is a short amount of time!

Mr. Moon Moon - Mrs. Wilson

Bright and shiny moon
Won’t you please shine down on me?
These little children are asking you,
Please come out so we can play with you!

Preschoolers had so much fun today thinking about the moon, only this time the moon was a character, or at least was a place for a character to live…

We really enjoyed one of my favorite books by Eric Carl, “Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me.” A girl named Monica wants to play with the moon, but she can’t reach it. Her Papa gets a ladder… please ask your preschooler how loooong that ladder was… and just what Papa did with it…

In centers we had a lot of ambitious builders building ladders to reach amazing places. How fun to see how different ladders can be!  We also had some fun cutting pages when our scissors became the power behind a rocket to fly to the stars, or moon, or planets…

After swirling in shaving cream, creating in play-doh, and some good old games of hide and seek, we enjoyed snack time with Aken Drum. I bet your preschooler can tell you where he lived and what he was made of! This was so much fun that we had another Aken drum drawn up before art that was made of some different things and some of the same things! A lot of laughter came when Aken Drum joined us.  If you know the song, I bet your preschooler would love to help you with the words!

Art with Mrs. Hein was the perfect conclusion to our outer space unit and our focus this week on The Arts inspired by the sun moon and stars. These preschoolers made some really beautiful “Starry Night” collage/paintings. WOW! Just wait until you see them debuted at the Art Show-Silent Auction!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good Bye Pastor Tim - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had a wonderful last chapel with Pastor Tim! As usual, there was a lot of singing and praises for Jesus! We learned that God is our refuge and our strength! Our time with Pastor Tim didn't end there! We got to go down stairs and have some yummy donuts! We are going to miss Pastor Tim and pray that he and his family are blessed in their new adventure!

Back at the preschool the sensory table was filled with the water beads from Monday. Ask your preschooler how they've changed. Water color painting with ice blocks, marble tubes, hopscotch and airplane runways filled our centers time.

During closing circle, the preschoolers were shown a picture of a little girl about ready to jump into a puddle. As a group, a story was created from this one image. This fantastic story is hanging in our classroom. Please be sure to read it!

Saying Good Bye to Pastor Tim

Thank you Pastor Tim for all the incredible worship you led us in these past few years!  We will miss singing with you, praying with you and hearing all about Jesus from you.  We will miss you very much.
The Preschoolers

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Panda Palace - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

What a fun time we had singing about someone going around a mountain, going out to dinner, ordering chicken and dumplings and having ice cream!  We marched around the circle as we sang together.  There were more than a few giggles heard!

We headed over to the church for our last chapel with Pastor Tim and shared donuts after chapel.  We gave hugs goodbye, a picture book we created and gave some advice as to what he should do once he got to his new home.  

Our classroom restaurant was very busy.  The cashier kept very busy as people were checking out left and right.  Mrs. Barrington was their best customer.  The cooks kept everyone well fed.  We measured our paperwhites which have grown considerably since our last measurement!

We ended with the book "The Panda Palace."  It is a fun and wonderful book about a fabulous little restaurant that always finds room for everyone!

Pastries With Pastor Tim - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

We had our very last chapel with Pastor Tim today.  We sang all of our favorite chapel songs and Pastor shared how God is our refuge and strength all the time!  We headed downstairs to share donuts together and chat with Pastor Tim.  It was s fun and yummy way to say good bye and send Pastor Tim off with blessings!

In the classroom the restaurant was humming with activity.  The wait staff was quite busy writing down orders and that kept the cooks busy.  The sensory table was also busy as the preschooler rescued letter and numbers stuck in the rice!

Good Bye Pastor Tim - Mrs. Wilson

Today we had our final chapel with Pastor Tim. As always the preschoolers really enjoyed the singing, dancing, acolyting, praying, thinking, blessing and hearing from God’s Word from and with Pastor Tim! We all enjoyed pastries with pastor downstairs after chapel. The 
donuts were so good and it was a nice relaxed time to spend together and with Pastor Tim. Thank you parents and families that came or sent cards too! We gave him a thank you/goodbye card and at the end, sang him the blessing song… The preschoolers will miss you Pastor Tim, but many Blessings on your new adventure!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that January is counting down to an end and will be setting like the sun… and that February’s pink and red rising is near the horizon with all the fun and festivities of hearts and holidays. And yes I am dramatizing and making metaphors as we enter our last week of space exploration. This week we will concentrate less on the factual and scientific (which has been galaxies of fun) and just enjoy some stargazing and drama. The stars and sunsets and pale moon skies have inspired so many songs, poems, and such beautiful art through the ages, ever since the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth.  We are going to take some time to read, imagine, create and dream using the heavens as our inspiration. There will be a lot of open-ended art opportunities, writing and poem making opportunities and some fun books. We will say our farewell to outer space with our hearts and our minds. Some practical skills will include rhyming words, counting skills, color mixing and predictions, scissor skills, recall and memory of things learned this month and more.
Don’t forget that this Tuesday at 9:15 is our final chapel with Pastor Tim. Please be talking with your preschooler about this transition and helping them process this and prepare for our time of thank you and goodbye Tuesday morning. Parents are invited to join us for chapel and for Pastries with Pastor immediately following, downstairs in the church.  A relaxed time of send off farewells and blessings.
See you on Tuesday as we look forward to a wonderful week with the wonderful preschoolers that bless us every day!

01/26 Last Chapel with Pastor Tim and Pastries with Pastor
01/28 Art with Mrs. Hein
02/11 The Heart Cafe

Open for Business - Mrs. Krantz

Our restaurant has opened!  Our classroom restaurant was bustling with cooks, waiters, waitresses, patrons and puppies!  It was a puppy friendly place to eat, how this class loves puppies!  Waiters were writing down orders, cooks were busy making the orders just right.  Such fun!

In another area of the classroom preschoolers were busy decorating the paper tablecloth.  It was so fun to watch this turn into games like connect the dots, and tic tac toe.  

In worship we played "I Spy" and talked about what we see with our eyes.  Then we heard how Jesus healed a man who couldn't see.  He used mud!  But it wasn't the mud that did the healing... it was the power of Jesus!

Ice and Eyes - Mrs. O'Loughlin

There is ice on planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune! Preschoolers had some frigid hands on exploration trying to free some frozen letters from blocks of ice! It was wonderful seeing the excitement and hearing letters being called out as they were freed from the ice!

In worship we heard about Jesus healing a blind man. Eyes were closed during the story and once the man could see, so could we! We are so thankful for our eyes and for all that we see!

Today we had a surprise fire drill! The preschoolers did a fabulous job of practicing for a fire and being such wonderful helpers of the firemen! I am so proud of these kiddos!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: January 25-29

We have come to our last week of galactic learning!  The final three planets all have something in common and it’s really “cool”!  To expand on the cold environment of these planets, ice will be all over the classroom.  Ice painting, ice magnets, fizzy ice and so much more will assist in some frigid exploration and fun!

Wednesday is our last chapel with Pastor Tim and we invite all parents to join us at 9:15am over at the church for our final worship time with our Pastor Tim.  Immediately following we 
will go downstairs and enjoy Pastries with Pastor!  This will be our opportunity to say our thank yous and goodbyes!

It is always an intent to instill a love of reading and books here at preschool!  This week, as a group we will discover a new book called Little Star.  The preschoolers will notice 
immediately that this book has no words!  So it’ll be up to them to tell the story with the help of the beautiful illustrations that go with this book!  

Later in the week we will have the opportunity to create some group stories using nothing but a single picture as inspiration.

As a heads up, throughout the month of February, I am asking preschoolers to bring in a book that makes them happy!  We will read these books as a group and try to figure why this particular story makes our friend feel joyful!

Blessings on your week!

Mark Your Calendars
1/27 Last Chapel with Pastor Tim and Pastries with Pastor
1/29, 2/5 Art with Mrs. Hein
2/8 Science with Mr. Levi—Chemical reactions!
2/12 Heart Café—9am More info to come!

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: January 25-29

I am so excited to get going on some incredibly fun Restaurant learning!  This week we will be learning a song about going out to dinner.  We will become a classroom train as we sing the song and keep the rhythm.  We will divide up into groups and listen for each group's turn to sing part of the song.  We will learn how to properly order food at a restaurant (this will be handy for our upcoming Heart Cafe).  

Our Dramatic Play area will be transformed into a restaurant with a kitchen, tables, candles and wait supplies.  We have more than a few books that relate to the subject and we will be exploring some of them together.  We have a good mixture of fiction and non-fiction related to this particular subject and a wonderful opportunity to explore food from varying cultures.  If anyone has a cooking project they would like to share with our class, we would love to have you!  Keep in mind it must be peanut/tree nut free.  Please chat with me if you would like to do this!

This week is Pastor Tim's last week with us.  We will have chapel on Tuesday and Wednesday this week followed by Pastries with Pastor downstairs.  Parents are invited to attend and wish Pastor Tim blessings on his new ministry adventure.

Take special note of a flyer that will be in your mailbox this week.  It will tell you all about The Heart Cafe that will be held the mornings for Feb. 11 and 12.  The afternoon class is invited to attend either morning.  Your child will be making reservations for those attending with him/her.  It is a very and memorable way for your child to take some special people out to Valentine's breakfast!

I'm looking forward to another wonderful week of learning with your fantastic children!

01/01-01/31 Priority Enrollment for Fall 2016
02/01 Sibling Enrollment for Fall 2016 opens

01/26 Chapel, Pastries with Pastor
01/27 Chapel, Pastries with Pastors 
01/28 Art
01/29 Art
02/08 Science with Mr. Levi
02/11 The Heart Cafe
02/12 The Heart Cafe

Friday, January 22, 2016

Gravity Keeps Us Grounded - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We used gravity today in our learning and play! Gravity helped paint drip down the page and create a rainy scene! Gravity helped marble tubes be much more exciting. Gravity helped us test how fast two items would fall when dropped from a high place. We decided gravity is pretty awesome!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Meaningful Play - Mrs. Krantz

We had a delightful morning full of working together and respecting one another.  It was so wonderful to see the preschoolers respecting the work of others and being extra careful not to knock things over and ensure that the work could continue!  

I loved watching preschoolers pull out their binders, full of this year's journal entries.  They were looking at the books they are in process of creating and sharing with each other their thought and illustrations!  The conversations taking place were so great as they asked one another about the pages in one another's journals.  This was not in my lesson plan, but leaving room for child directed play most often creates the most meaningful play.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Great Kids! - Mrs. Krantz AM and PM Classes

Both of Mrs. Krantz's classes had very similar agendas for the day today!  We started off working on a very special card for Pastor Tim as he will be leaving for Illinois next week.  We will give him his cards at each of our Pastries with Pastor good bye celebrations.  (A card will be available in the lobby for parents to sign as well).  We also created a list of advice concerning what he should do once he gets to his new home.  There was some wonderful advice from your children!

We also enjoyed painting with Mrs. Hein today as we worked with similar colors Vincent Van Gogh did in his starry night painting.  We will be sharing so many wonderful pieces of artwork at our upcoming Art Show.  We have amazing little artists in our midst!

We painted icicles today in both classes, used snowflake stamps to make snowy pictures and enjoyed so much child led creativity and learning.  Great fun, incredibly busy, lots of joyful noise and happy children!  Teaching them is a blessing!

Blast Off! - Mrs. Wilson

We made it! To the MOON! We finished our rocket construction, climbed aboard (looking out our rocket windows) and were almost ready for blast off. We had to do a double check to make sure our gear was on and all astronauts were ready to go. 

“Apollo, this is Houston, are all systems go?”
“Houston, we read you loud and clear. First we need to make sure…
Okay everyone, suits on? Check!
Helmets tight? Check!
Moon boots and gloves set? Check!
Oxygen tanks ready? Check!
Flags in backpacks? Check!
Moon snack packed? Check!
Houston, we are ready for count down!”
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0…. BLAST OFF!
We have lift off, we have lift off!

Preschoolers are quick flight pilots. We made it to the moon in just seconds! Wow, we constructed some powerful rockets, that’s for sure! (on display in-flight in the planet Preschool Lobby Museum.

“Houston, the Eagle has landed!”

Our astronauts were hungry and ready to eat… but wait… we had to make our first footprints on the moon! (don’t miss them in the lobby next week!) Awesome. The world will never forget this voyage. 

And now,“Houston, we are ready to eat."
“Clear for snack Eagle!”

I think we had mixed reviews on some of our space food… but there was something for every one, and in the end, we agreed that any astronaut who has been in space long enough would get hungry enough to enjoy even very dry fruits and other space food. ;-)

We got back to Earth just in time for Art with Mrs. Hein. It was perfect. We got to paint beautiful night skies with super thick paint like Vincent Van Gogh. Then it was time for a lovely planetary dance with Miss Stahlecker and a rompin’ creation dance with Mrs. Wilson. What a day in the life of a preschool!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Missing Mitten - Mrs. Krantz

We solved a mystery this morning!  The case of the missing mitten had us thinking quite a bit and coming up with ideas about what might have happened to the mitten.  In the end, we found the mitten!  Ask your preschooler where!

The preschoolers were delighted to get the scooters out again today.  The track was clear of ice and snow, so they were busy scootering away!

Watercoloring and dot painting were the activities of the day!  We also had a lot of fun with a new phone... one that had a cord!  There were a lot of fabulous phone conversations happening and lots of opportunity to learn about sharing with one another!

Writing, Writing Everywhere - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Today was a writing day!! These preschoolers found opportunities to write at the table, on the floor, and in all corners of the room!! I am overjoyed to see a love of writing growing in all these little people!! Simply wonderful!!

We traveled to Mars today! Ask your preschooler what the surface of Mars is like! And what color is Mars when we look up from earth?

Our time ended with a book that could be read forward AND backward! From the front, it's a creature from space coming down and ending on the ocean floor. From the back, it's a squid going up and ending in outer space! We decided that this was a very creative author!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mystery - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

We had so much fun with snow related words and clapping out syllables!  The preschoolers were so excited to share their snow words and clap them out.  They are also enjoying their handwriting work!  While I am not a huge fan of anything workbook, these are done quite well and the kids love them.  We also read two wonderful books today that we had fun predicting what would come next.  At closing circle we read about a a missing mitten mystery.  Ask your preschooler how the mystery was solved!

Outside was delightful today as we enjoyed the cold, but not too cold, weather.  The snow is melting, but bits and pieces of ice and snow remain.  We were sweeping, digging, running, balancing, and exploring beneath little piles of snow.  So fun!

The preschoolers were all about painting today!  Watercolors with salt make beautiful pictures and I know they are anxious to share them.  We just have to be patient until Thursday when they will be nice and dry!

Predictions - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

Today we made a lot of predictions!  While we read "The Hat" by Jan Brett we used the illustrations to predict what might happen on the next page.  Before we started the book, we talked about what we thought the book might be about and what kinds of characters might be in the book.  We had some great predictions!

We head over to chapel with Pastor Tim.  Next week is our last chapel with him and we would love for parents to come if they are able.  After worship time, we will head downstairs for pastries with Pastor!  It will be a time to wish Pastor well and send him off in prayer.

Centers time included watercolor painting and sprinkling with salt, painting snowflakes and snowstorms with dot painters, cutting craft foam, building with blocks and styrofoam and more.

We were quite excited to see what the paperwhites have done over the long weekend!  Ask you preschooler about it!

Reflection - Mrs. Wilson

This was a word that kept coming up today. There were a lot of reasons the word reflection was a great word for the day. The first reflection we looked at was that of each preschooler’s own face in a mirror.  Perfect! Even some silly… Then we thought about the sun. We even saw a real photograph of the sun. We were able to actually see the fire! This was a nice safe way to see the sun while protecting our eyes from the real brightness. Then we looked at an actual photograph of the moon. How different it is from the sun! The moon had no fire, and no light inside of it… but it was still so bright… Where is the light coming from? Mrs. Wilson’s handy dandy flashlight sun helped shed some reflective light on the problem. We learned a lot from shining that light into the mirror. Ah… REFLECTION! The new verse of our song this week is:

The Moon orbits the Earth
The Moon orbits the Earth
REFLECTING light to shine at night
The Moon orbits the Earth

After this, reflection seemed to keep coming up. On the pages of books like when a star in the sea showed a bright sunshiny glow on the water preschoolers noticed it was the sun’s reflection… and when a kitten up a tree saw the full moon reflect in the water of a pond below… REFLECTION… This was a fun story. Ask your preschooler what that cat thought the moon really was, and what happened when the cat jumped into the pond to get it!!! 

We were all about the moon today. We made moonscapes using meteors (small rocks) to crash in to the surface forming craters. We even planted a flag to show we were there! We drew and painted moons. We even had some fun with moon dust in the sensory table.

Chapel time brought reminders that there is a brighter light than the sun… yup, the light of Jesus. And that light is in us… We are the light of the world. We need to let our light shine brightly!

Thanks for sharing your bright stars with us in preschool! Each and every one is a 
sparkling delight!  See you Thursday… remember, no need to send a snack… we are heading into space and will have our moon snack ready to go!