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Monday, November 30, 2015

HOPE - Mrs. Krantz

How wonderful it was to see everyone after Thanksgiving Break!  We got right to business as we noticed all the changes in our room.  Perhaps your preschooler can share some of the changes with you!

We learned about the first advent candle, the candle of Hope.  We even have a song about it!  We also met Addy the Advent Angel who shared with us all about Christmas in Argentina.  She also met each of the children and was very excited to be in preschool.

Our centers time involved making crafts that helped us think about the celebrations in Argentina... fireworks and cotton balls of trees!  We also had a lot of fun at our card making table.  Some pretty incredible cards were made today!

We are so very excited to learn more about Christmas around the world!!!

We Met Addy! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

What a wonderful first day back after being on vacation for a week! I missed these preschoolers and all the fun we have!!

During opening circle, we met Addy the Advent Angel! We learned that she flies all night long so she can tell us about the celebrations and festivities that other countries have during Christmas. Today she flew back from Argentina!! Ask your preschooler what happens in the night sky on Christmas Eve in Argentina! And, what is a very important decoration that is placed under the Christmas tree?!

Addy was very tired from all that flying, so while she took a nap, we were off to centers! The Christmas card station was bustling, Angels and animals played amongst us, a letter search in Christmas tinsel peaked the sensory curiosity, all while Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas played in the background!

Advent means to prepare! We talked about all the ways we prepare for Christmas! Mary learned about Baby Jesus and had to prepare for his coming. We learned that we get ready for Jesus during this beautiful advent season! Our new song God's Son told us who Jesus was born for. Ask your preschooler who that is!

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter: December 1-4

Welcome to December, and even better, welcome to ADVENT! What a special and exciting time of year! We love advent and how it helps us focus our anticipation and preparation for the big day… Here at preschool we love to celebrate Jesus. What better way than to prepare for his coming and get ready to have a birthday party for our Lord!

1. The advent of something/somebody the coming of or arrival of an important event, 
person, invention, etc.the advent of new technology
2.  (Advent) The first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.
3.  (Advent) Christian Theology The coming or second coming of Christ.
Old English, from Latin adventus 'arrival', from advenire, from ad- 'to' + venire 'come'.  

From now through break, get ready to hear about a special visitor who comes flying into preschool each day… Addy the Advent Angel! She travels the world learning about how children in other places celebrate Christmas. We always enjoy her coming back to report to us all that she has learned! This week, she will be visiting Australia and China! I can’t wait for us to learn all about it! We will have crafts and projects available to make that are like those from the places Addy has been.  We will also sing and learn songs for the season, and write cards and stories for Christmas!

In worship throughout the month, we will learn all about the Christmas story. This week we learn about how Mary had a very special visitor with a very special message from God. He told her how the Christ child would be born! WOW!

Another thing we look forward to is our preschool Christmas party. A happy birthday Jesus celebration! Mark the date for December 17, and please check in the lobby for a sign up of needed items. Thanks!

Happy Advent!

12/1 Chapel
12/3 Art with Mrs. Hein
12/8  Chapel
12/15  Chapel
12/17  SHARE DAY, Christmas Party
12/21-1/1  No Preschool - Merry Christmas

Friday, November 27, 2015

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: November 30 - December 4

Tis the season of Advent!  This is such a wonderful time of year to be in preschool!  Our dramatic play has been changed to Bethlehem, there’s a Christmas tree and lights in our 
classroom to add to the festivities of the season! As we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus we will be taking a journey with the famous Addy the Advent Angel to look at how Christmas is celebrated around the world!  This week we will hear how children in Argentina, Brazil and Japan prepare and celebrate!

Throughout the next few weeks we will use the season to explore the 5 senses!  Pine trees, candy canes and twinkle lights will give us plenty to discuss and discover!  

There are so many ways we get ready for this season!  In worship, Mary hears the good news of baby Jesus and has a lot to do to get ready!  We will discuss Advent and how it’s a time of preparation!  

On Friday, physical science will be explored with the help of Mr. Levi and magnets!

Each year we celebrate Jesus with a birthday party in His honor!  This party will be on Friday, December 18th at 10am over at the church.  There is a signup sheet in the lobby with items needed!

When that glorious snow does fall down, we will take advantage and head out to play!  Please send in boots, snow pants, hats, and gloves so we can go walking in a winter wonderland!

This truly is the most wonderful time of year and I am blessed to see the wonder and awe through the eyes of your sweet children!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
12/2, 12/9, 12/16 Chapel
12/4 Science with Mr. Levi
12/4, 12/11 Art with Mrs. Hein
12/14 St Lucia Presentation—10 am
12/18 SHARE day, Happy Birthday Jesus Party—10am 
12/21-1/1—No preschool, Christmas Break

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: November 30 - December 4

Welcome to Advent!  I LOVE Advent and all the wonderful things that come along with preparing to celebrate the birth of our Savior!  The classroom is festive and I am excited to introduce Addy, the Advent Angel to our class.  Some of them will remember Addy and will be so happy to see her again.  Addy travels all over the world and flies back each morning to share with the preschoolers how children around the world celebrate Christmas.  This week Addy plans to visit Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China and Japan.  We will engage in some of their celebrations through crafts and activities during centers time.  

Our worship time will also tell the wonderful account of Christmas.  This week we hear about Mary and the angel Gabriel.  Wonderful Christmas songs will be part of our worship time together.

All December long we will have a dedicated space for making cards, writing letters, and creating correspondence to special people in each preschooler's life.  Cards and letters are a big part of our countries traditions!  If you have extra faith centered Christmas cards, we would love to add them to our space!

As many of you know, my husband will be having surgery in Seattle on December 3 and I will be with him.  I will be out of the classroom Thursday-Monday for sure and possibly Tuesday as well.  Miss Tietjen will be subbing in my morning classes and Mrs. O'Loughlin will be in my afternoon class.  I will not have a daily blog update while I am in Seattle.

This Monday and Tuesday we will have guests in the morning classes as we are conducting a working interview for two candidates for the assistant teacher position.

Lastly, there will be sign up sheets in the lobby for items needed and help needed for the Christmas parties for each class.  Be sure to double check that you are signing up for the correct class grouping!  

Advent Blessings!

12/1 Chapel
12/2 Chapel
12/3 Art with Mrs. Hein
12/4 Science with Mr. Levi, Art with Mrs. Hein
12/8  Chapel
12/9  Chapel
12/14  St. Lucia 10am
12/15  Chapel
12/16  Chapel
12/17  SHARE DAY, Christmas Party
12/18  SHARE DAY. Christmas Party
12/21-1/1  No Preschool - Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Leaf Raking on Sunday, November 22

Tomorrow (November 22, Sunday) at 2:30pm I will be raking leaves into the curb in front of the preschool for free city pick up.  I would love your help if you are able!  The plan is to get all the leave, both from the front and back, to the curb.  If you are able to help, please bring a rake and gloves.  Kids are welcome!  They can play or help.  Hopefully it won't take more than an hour.  Thanks!  ~ Becky

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! - Mrs. Krantz

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sweet and Kind Friends - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had such a fun day with our friends! Share day started us off on a great start with using our listening ears and being respectful when our friends were talking!

During centers these kind friends shared their special items and there was lots of giggles and playing so kindly together! We also had the chance to draw one of our friends and this was added to the blessed books we've been working on!

We made 6 rock candy suckers so that meant we had to share! Not a problem with this group! The preschoolers paired up and enjoyed a sweet treat!

I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tender, Caring Hearts - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

This afternoon we saw so much caring and love towards friends!  It was delightful to watch the preschoolers care for and be careful to make sure that one of our friends with a brand new cast was safe in preschool!  I so love to catch glimpses into the tender, caring hearts of children.

SHARE Day was wonderful as each child talked about their special item.  Outside time was fun with the damp sand and the snowflakes tumbling to the ground.  

Centers time was very busy with turkey headbands being created, fabric being dyed with natural dyes of berry, beet and carrot.  SHARES were being shared and fun was being had.  
Mrs. Hein closed out our day with Art.  We painted sunflowers just like Vincent Van Gogh and we even added sunflower seeds!  

No Preschool next week.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Great Helpers! - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

As always, SHARE Day was a hit!  I love to listen to the preschoolers talk about their special items in front of their peers.  We had a great variety of items today.  It is always exciting to see what will show up!

We enjoyed playing in the light snowfall outside.  The preschoolers used wonderful helping hands collecting all kinds of branches and twigs the wind storm delivered to our playground.  There were a few LARGE branches that teamwork made moving easy.  What wonderful helpers we have!

Centers time included trying out two more natural dyes, carrot and berry.  One was very vibrant, and the other was not.  Have your preschooler tell you about it!  We also were busy sharing toys and playing with special SHARE items.  Corn mosaics were created and we ended the day at Art with Mrs. Hein.  She shared Vincent Van Gogh with us and we painted sunflowers together.

In worship, we learned a song that helps us remember that a friend loves at all times.  We made a list together of how we can show that love to our friends everyday!

No Preschool next week.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Poppin' Up Thankful! - Mrs. Wilson

We have handled cans of corn to share with others, we have sifted and enjoyed dry corn in the sensory table. We used it for a collage, talked about grinding corn into cornmeal. We have had a closer look at cornhusks and made some husked corn art. We even used some corncobs to do some painting today! But the most fun of all, I think, was today’s POPCORN!! Did you smell it coming in today?  We really enjoyed watching, listening, and smelling the popcorn turn from seed to a yummy fluffy white puff! What a great creation! Of course we had to taste it at snack time, and send a baggie home too. We decided that preschoolers could decide at home if they wanted to eat it all, or eat some and glue some on their corn husk pages, or use it all for something else.

During large motor time, we had a blast BEING POPCORN. Maybe your preschoolers can show you how they curled up tight like a quiet little seed… and then what happened when they start heating up…We popped quite a few preschooler batches! 

At the end, we were all popping up thankful! When the pop came on, up we went and all called out what we were thankful for! That was the loudest fullest popping batch of all!  

Every preschooler had an advent countdown in their mailbox to take home. It is a family fun time to go through the readings each day and enjoy the countdown to a very special birth!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving! See you in December! (Wow!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Preschool Closed Today, November 18

Due to power outages after last night's storm, preschool is canceled today (Wednesday, November 18).

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thankful to be Friends - Mrs. Wilson

We had a lovely day today full of thanksgiving and friendships.  After learning about what a friend is (in chapel) and how friends treat each other, we learned some sign language and then put it all in to practice. I wonder if your preschooler can remember how to sign friend, or help, or share… David and Jonathan were friends, and they were very good to each other. We will continue on this theme for Thursday.

Back in class, we had a lot of fun center time, which included another look at corn as we talked about the husk and how we shuck the corn to get to the kernels. Growing and harvesting corn reminds us of the first Thanksgiving. We will talk even more about that on Thursday too. Our turkey fun included the creation of some pretty cute turkey friends, 
some math and counting with clipping on turkey tail feathers, and was even more fun as we flapped our turkey wings and scratched our turkey feet and gobbled our turkey gobbles all around the downstairs. 

There are a lot of preschoolers who have practiced being good friends!  Many spent a lot of time at the beading center. Our goal was to bead bracelets to give a friend. Friends are kind to each other. This was a nice way to show kindness to a friend. The preschoolers gave some careful thought about who would receive their gift. 

One of our final activities was to celebrate our food and hygiene collection. We were so thankful to God for how much we have gathered to share with others! This is an act of friendship, even though we don’t even know who will be blessed. We sure did pray for them though. Guess what… we had to add more height to the thermometer today. Our goal has been reached and exceeded!! Thank you God and thank you families of CLP! It took all of the preschoolers to help push our bin across the room to put away. It was so heavy and full of good things! Great team work and helping hands, my preschool friends!

Natural Dyes - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

This afternoon we read about the first Thanksgiving and what life was like back during that time.  Clothing, food, toys and homes were quite different from what we have today.  We learned how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims, teaching them so many ways to survive.  During centers we explored some things they might have used back during that time.  We dyed fabric with beet dye and we made toys out of yarn.  The beet dye was very interesting to many of our kiddos, we might add a few different natural dyes for Thursday and see what colors different vegetation might make.

We also had chapel with Pastor Tim.  We learned how David and Jonathan we close friends and how Jesus is our friend.  Singing, of course, was a favorite as always with Pastor Tim on his guitar!

Thursday is SHARE Day!

Dissmore's Bakery - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

What a fun morning we had together!  Chapel got us off to the right start as we learned about friendship and that Jesus is our friend!  After a quick snack we loaded up for our field trip to Dissmores IGA to tour their bakery.  We saw all kinds of big ovens, big mixers, donut makers and machines.  Special thanks to the parents that came along for the fun and to Dissmores for making our tour so fun!

After our tour, we went shopping for our food and hygiene drive.  Once we were back at preschool, we counted our items and added them to our thermometer.  Check it out in the lobby!  We have exceeded our goal!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Yarn Dolls and Beet Dye - Mrs. Krantz

Today we heard just a little bit about the very first Thanksgiving.  We looked at a picture or two and discovered that things looked a bit different than they do today.  We discovered that toys were very different and how they made things were very different as well.  During centers time, we made our own dolls out of yarn and dyed fabric with dye made from beets.  They were very engaged and excited to make new things!

Chapel was also this morning where we learned about friendship, and how David and Jonathan were good friends in the Bible.  We talked about how we too can be good friends!

We also counted more of our collection of items for the food drive.  We are only about 50 items away from meeting our preschool goal of 350 items!  Way to go preschool!

Tomorrow is our field trip to Dissmores!  We leave after chapel at 9:45am.

Blessed with Loving Friends - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started with chapel! We heard about the friendship of David and Jonathan! Our main idea today was a friend is loving! When we got back to the classroom we made a list of ways to be kind to our friends! That sweet list is hanging on our Thinking Cap board by the hooks!

During centers we had several opportunities to practice our kindness! I saw sharing and collaboration!  I heard nice words and encouragement! As friends, beautiful art was created. As friends, scientific observation and drawings of our rock candy were done. As friends tracks and roads were constructed. I am so proud of all these loving, kind friends!

We heard the story of the very first Thanksgiving! Together, bracelets were made to help in the retelling! Ask your preschooler what part of the story each color bead represents!

Here is the poem that goes along with the bracelets!

With this bracelet you will know
The first Thanksgiving that was long, long ago.
The Pilgrims set sail from far away
On the Mayflower with tall white sails.
They sailed many days across the ocean blue. 
The seas were rough, but the ship came through.
At last they spotted land so green.  
They were so happy they cheered and screamed.
The first year was so hard and black. 
Many died and wished that they could go back.
But the Native Americans gave them a hand
And helped them survive in the strange new land.
They decided to celebrate in a special way
And that became the first Thanksgiving day.
They prepared a feast with turkeys brown 
And red cranberries that they had found.   
Yellow corn that they had learned to grow  
And orange pumpkin pies, don’t you know!   
But before they ate the turkey and dressing,
They all held hands for a thankful blessing. 

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter: November 16-20

This week we plan on looking at some great reasons to be thankful. We will be counting and recording our food/hygiene items on Tuesday. I have a feeling that thermometer will take a big leap upwards from the content of our bin. We are thankful that we have so much to have and help others with. Thanks again to all who helped us shop at Safeway last week. If you have collected any items to add, please bring them in this week for counting, and give us even more reason to celebrate! We will also brainstorm a list of things to be thankful for in our own lives, such as family and friends and kindness…! We are thankful that we have friends and that we can be kind.

In worship we will see how David had a special friend who was very kind to him. In a closer look at friendship, we will learn a song about how a friend loves at all times.  

Of course, we have to have a little turkey fun and read about Thanksgiving. We may even venture a turn to a classic thanksgiving food item (corn) to help inspire our hearts in welling up with thankfulness as we “pop” out our many thanksgivings!

Thursday will be filled with fun as we have SHARE Day first thing, and end our time doing Art with Mrs. Hein!

I am so Thankful for our very special preschoolers and families. Thank you for the opportunity to know them and learn along side them this year, and to know you and partner with you in the lives of your treasures!

ALL NOVEMBER - Food and Hygiene Item Drive
11/17 Chapel
11/19 SHARE Day, Art with Mrs. Hein
11/23-27 No Preschool - Thanksgiving Break
12/1  Chapel
12/3  Art with Mrs. Hein

Friday, November 13, 2015

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: November 16-20

Bring on the turkey!  We are going to have a Thanksgiving week of fun!  As a group we will hear the story of the first Thanksgiving.  A bracelet with colorful beads will assist in the retelling of the main points of the story!  More story recall will be practiced with the help of 
the same lady and her Thanksgiving pie we read about on Friday.  Sequencing and recalling activities give the preschoolers an opportunity to practice active reading and reading 
comprehension in a fun way!

As we continue to look at the things in our life that we are blessed with, we will focus on the friends we have at preschool!  This week we will need our friends to create a collaborative art project.  And our Thankful Turkey feathers will list all the friends we are thankful for!

Our friendship attention will carry on in worship by looking at the friendship of David and Jonathan!  We will see that a great way to be a friend is to be kind!  Chapel will be on Monday this week!

Art with Mrs. Hein is on Friday.  It’s always a fun, colorful time when Mrs. Hein comes to our class!

SHARE day is also on Friday!  Help your preschooler choose that one special item to bring in and tell their friends all about it.

My prayer this week is a prayer of thanks!  Thank you for allowing me into your precious children’s lives.  I am an incredibly blessed teacher!  

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
11/16 Chapel
11/20 SHARE Day
11/20 Art with Mrs. Hein
11/23-11/27 No Preschool—Thanksgiving Break
12/2 Chapel
12/4 Science with Mr. Levi
12/4 Art with Mrs. Hein

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: November 16-20

First off, we have our morning field trip on Tuesday.  My M/W/F kids are welcome to attend!  We will be driving to Dissmore's after chapel.  We plan to start loading up at 9:45am and then head to the grocery store.  We will meet up at the Bakery where we have our Bakery tour scheduled.  Once our tours is finished, we will do a bit of shopping for our Food and Hygiene drive.  Our plan is to be back to preschool by 11:15am.  If you are not coming along on the trip, please be sure to leave your child's booster or car seat.

The rest of the week will be focused on giving thanks.  We will touch on the very first Thanksgiving, continue is some turkey fun, and sing about Albuquerque our turkey.  We have a few favorite turkey games we will be playing along with getting our bodies moving in a Turkey Trot activity.

Thursday and Friday are SHARE Days!  Please help your preschool choose ONE item to bring and tell about.  

In worship we will learn about David and Jonathan and how to be a good friend.  We will learn how a friend loves at all times!  We have so many opportunities to put that learning in action all through our preschool time together!

The preschool is hiring a new Assistant Teacher.  The closing date for applying is November 20.  Please share with anyone who might be interested in applying.  All the information can be found at www.clppullman.blogspot.com under Employment Opportunties.

Reminder that Preschool in not is session November 23-27.

ALL NOVEMBER - Food and Hygiene Item Drive
11/23-27 No Preschool - Thanksgiving Break

11/16 Chapel
11/17 Chapel
11/17 Field Trip to Dissmore's 9:45am (AM Classes)
11/19 SHARE Day
11/20 SHARE Day

Play! - Mrs. Krantz

About a week and a half ago, Mr. Levi came in and did science with our preschool class.  It was all about geology and we started an experiment to grow sugar crystals.  Today, we took the sticks out of the solution and we discovered some incredible crystals!  They look just like the rock candy you find in the store!  What fun it was to see.  During centers we took a closer look and some drew pictures of what they saw.  On Monday, we will take a taste!

Our centers time was incredible.  This class has really grown into some incredible and in depth play.  We had one group of three playing dinosaurs.  As I observed and listened to their play, I heard them discuss and collaborate to make choices for the way they would play, who would be in charge of each element of their play and where this would take place.  They were using critical social skills to have a very positive interaction with each other.  Their play became even more in depth as they created various scenarios, each person taking a turn for the particular scenario they were planning out.  While there was nothing "academic" about this play, there was incredible depth and richness learning how to work together, use collaboration and navigate interactions with a group of peers.  I believe this is what Kindergarten readiness is all about!  Play is so essential to the development of our children and I am honored be part of it!

More or Less - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We went shopping during opening circle! One friend chose a number from a bag and shopped for that amount of items. Then another friend was given the task of shopping for either more or less than the number drawn. The preschoolers enjoyed this counting game so much that we played it many times and it even carried over to centers!

Mrs Hein was here for art and she brought leaves and jars! These plain jars were transformed into beautiful autumn candle holders by the preschoolers!

Our morning ended with I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie! See if your preschooler can remember what that silly lady ate! And was it more or less?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Generosity at Safeway - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

What a great field trip experience we had today at Safeway.  We explored the store with our guide and were able to see some places that we don't normally get to see!  We ate cookies, had a banana, and taste tested a peculiar little melon and persimmon.  After our tour we used our generous grant money to purchase items for our food and hygiene drive.  Each preschooler got to scan their items in self checkout!  Thanks to the parents who came along for the fun and thank you Safeway for a great field trip!

A Rafter of Turkeys - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

We started off our morning with some classifying of donated food items.  We had several categories including fruits, veggies, grains and meats.  We each took an item and put it in it's proper group!  What fun this food and hygiene drive has been!  My morning classes will take their shopping trip to Dissmores IGA on Tuesday!  It will be fun to shop and purchase items to add to our collection for the Food Bank!

Our centers time was full of playful activity.  Dinosaur land was quite busy and the kitchen was busy making food for the dinosaur customers.  We discovered that a group of turkeys that are domesticated is called a rafter, and if they are wild, they are a flock.  We made some wonderful handprint turkeys, actually a rafter of turkeys!

It was very cold last night and we enjoyed playing with ice in the backyard.  God had provided some beautiful ice windows with frozen leaves for our enjoyment!

Helping Hands go Shopping - Mrs. Wilson

At Safeway, we took a closer look at some departments, saw behind a closed doors or two, received a cookie and a banana (thank you bakery and produce departments!)… 

But the best part for all these helping hands was… Shopping for items to put in our helping hands bin!!! We divided and conquered! Everyone spread out and shopped, then met at the checkout isle. Preschoolers got to scan and bag their items and load up the cart. Back at preschool, we almost filled our bin!!! Way to go preschoolers. Love those helping hands. We will add our count to the thermometer on Tuesday.  Big thanks to all our parent chaperones and drivers!

And thank you Safeway for hosting our shopping spree.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sharing and Helping Go Hand in Hand! - Mrs. Krantz

Today we focused on sharing and helping and how they really go hand in hand.  We help when we see a need and meeting that need takes sharing!  We share our stuff, our talents, and our love.  We heard about David doing this when he was shepherding the sheep for his family!

Our centers time included putting the right number of feathers on our turkeys... and some even wrote their own numbers on the turkey and added the feathers.  We also worked those fine motor muscles in play dough.  Several were making food to share with hungry people.  We were busy at work cutting out thanksgiving type food and making collages too.  We could use more grocery ads, so bring them in if you have them!

Preschoolers at the Market - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had such a fun field trip to WinCo today!  The manager, Mr. Eric, took us on an all access tour of this giant market!  As we walked through the store, Mr. Eric tested us on some the market vocabulary we've been learning like produce and bakery!  A highlight of the morning was definitely watching the forklift in action!  After walking through the big refrigerator and braving the giant freezer, these preschoolers were hungry!  Snack was up in the WinCo workers break room.  I was so proud of the wonderful manners each preschooler displayed!

My favorite part was watching the group shop for their items to be donated to our food and hygiene item drive.  Careful thought was put into which item was to be purchased for "someone who might not have enough money".  We are excited to add these items to our collection bin and tally up the total! 

Reminder: There is no school on Wednesday!  Thank a vet!  See you all Friday!

Mrs. Wilson Weekly Newsletter: November 9-13

This Thursday is our fieldtrip to Safeway! What a fun way to see the workings of our Pullman community Safeway while seeing to it that we have plenty of items to share through our food drive!

All who are going as chaperone/drivers please meet at Preschool at 9:35 for a quick info meeting and prayer before we head out. We leave our parking lot by 9:45 to meet at Safeway for our 10:00 tour. For anyone not driving on Thursday, please leave your preschooler’s car seat at school. 

We continue to collect items for our food/hygiene drive for two more weeks. PLEASE help our preschoolers use helping hands to fill our tote with wonderful helpful things for others!  Feel free to step beyond and find other venues for collecting and gathering more items. Friends, family and neighbors are often willing to help too! We will be using these items to do some sorting and graphing as we continue to work on number recognition and counting.  We will also spend time giving thanks for each item and for any and all who might receive help by them.

This week in worship we see how David helps his family by taking good care of the sheep. We will also focus on how we show God’s love by helping others.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: November 9-13

Our field trip to WinCo is Monday.  We are so excited to tour a real market!  We even get to have our snack in the break room!  After, we will have the opportunity to go into the store and purchase items for the food and hygiene drive.  If you are not driving, please remember to bring your preschooler’s car seat.  We will leave promptly at 9:15am and return to the preschool by 11:15am.

10 items or less!  That’s the shopping game we’ll be playing Friday (our only day in the classroom this week!)  Mrs. O’Loughlin will hold up a number.  The preschoolers will use number recognition and one to one correspondence to decide if the produce in their basket has more or less.  These pre-math skills will be practiced in play throughout our classroom.  We’ll also be reading a book about a lady who eats more and more!  And it all starts with a pie, a Thanksgiving pie!

The Thankful Turkey is getting an awful lot of plumage!  Be sure to step into the classroom and see what all your little turkeys are thankful for! 

There is no preschool this Wednesday.  Please be sure to thank a Veteran for their faithful service to our country!

In worship, we will continue to focus on how God does not look at the outward appearance.  God chose David by looking at his heart.  We will spend some time with prayer journals writing and drawing our prayers to Jesus!

The all school food and hygiene drive has 2 more weeks!  As items come in, we take the time to count them and track how many have been collected by using the giant thermometer in the lobby.  Check out the progress!  Our group has a collection bin in the classroom and also at Proformance Physical Therapy here in town.  This is a wonderful way for these 
kiddos to get a firsthand look at how to make a difference in our community!

Upcoming Dates
11/9 Field trip—Win Co 9:15-11:15am
11/11 No Preschool—Veteran’s Day
11/16 Chapel
11/20 SHARE Day
11/23-11/27 No Preschool—Thanksgiving Break

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: November 9-13

First, a HUGE thank you to the Yost Family and Mutnan Family for a fantastic field trip on Friday!  That was beyond my expectations and so much fun.  GO COUGS! 

What a beautiful November we are having!  While the cold isn't my favorite thing, I find that looking for little things to be thankful for resets my heart and mind to enjoy everything that is around me.  I hope I can share that with the preschoolers this week!  We will be focusing on sharing and being thankful.  We will be learning a song for Veteran's Day.  We are thankful for those who serve our country and sacrifice so much to keep us safe and free!  Last week we made cards to give our veterans.  If you would like one of the cards to give a special veteran in your life, please let me know!  I know of a few veterans among us.  Thank you Papa Ken and Tim T. for your service.  Who else has served?

This week, turkeys will also make a debut in the classroom.  We will be working on one-to-one correspondence with our growing math skills.  Our super fun turkey tails game helps us solidify letter recognition as well as the much needed ability to patiently wait for a turn.  Group games are some of the best activities for older preschoolers.  They teach patience, team work and collaboration skills.

NO SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY.  Thank a Veteran and join us at Concordia Lutheran Church for a Veteran's Day potluck at Noon.  We will honor all veterans there.  Any preschoolers in attendance will have the chance to sing our song and recite the Pledge of Allegiance as a group!

My afternoon class has a field trip to Safeway on Thursday.  We will leave preschool at 12:45pm and drive over.  We will tour the store and then use our grant money to purchase items for our food and hygiene drive.

The following week, on November 17, my morning classes will be taking a field trip to Dissmore's bakery.  We will load up and drive over at 9:45am, after chapel.  We will tour the bakery and then go shopping for items for our food and hygiene drive using our grant money.

Keep those generous donations of food and hygiene items coming in!  We want to reach our goal of 350 items!  If you would like to extend this learning at home, please check out a blue tote for a day or two and collect items from family and friends!  

Last thing, we could use current grocery store ads for the classroom.  We will be reading them, cutting out words and pictures and using them for shopping.  Please bring in any extra you have!

Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday!

ALL NOVEMBER - Food and Hygiene Item Drive
11/11 No Preschool - Veteran's Day
11/23-27 No Preschool - Thanksgiving Break

11/11 No Preschool - Veteran's Day
11/12 PM Class Safeway Field Trip 12:45pm
11/16 Chapel
11/17  Field Trip to Dissmores 9:45am (all AM classes)
11/17 Chapel
11/19 SHARE Day
11/20 SHARE Day