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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: November 2-6

I can’t believe we’re already into the month of November!  I am excited to spend the days leading up to Thanksgiving talking about blessings and all that we are thankful for!  One thing always on the thankful list…food!  Dramatic play will be transformed into our very own corner market.  It’s amazing how much learning is happening in a pretend grocery store!  
Verbal skills are at work, sorting and classifying different foods, writing shopping lists, collaborative play with peers, counting items and money.  And of course, there’s a whole lot of fun!  We will be learning a new song about going to the market.  We’ll practice our rhyming abilities as we add in some of our own silly words.

Science with Mr. Levi is Monday!  Geological science is the focus for this lesson.  We’ll use scientific investigation and look inside some geodes.  Like all good scientists, we will record our findings!  We will also have an experiment to keep our eye on throughout the week! 

In worship we will hear how God asks Samuel to find the new king.  Samuel obeys God because he loves Him!  God wants us to obey out of love too!

Our food drive will be taking place all month!  This year, with the help of a Thrivent Financial Grant, we are able to place collection bins all throughout our community!  We are asking for non-perishable food items.  We were also told that there is an overwhelming need for 
hygiene items and reusable shopping bags.  As a school, we will be tracking all items donated on a giant thermometer!  We have a goal of 350 items!

Our field trip to the WSU Athletics Department is on Friday!  Please make sure your preschooler uses the bathroom when they arrive at the preschool.  We will start walking over at 9:15am.  We’ll return to the preschool by 11am.  Snack and water to drink will be provided this day!

I pray we all delight in our children for who they are and who God is shaping them to be! 

Upcoming Dates
11/2 Science with Mr. Levi
11/6 Field trip—WSU Athletics Dept. Tour
11/9 Field trip—Win Co 9:15-11:15am
11/11 No Preschool—Veteran’s Day
11/18 Chapel
11/23-11/27 No Preschool—Thanksgiving Break

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: November 2-6

Throughout the month of November, we will be focusing on three things... generosity, sharing and thankfulness.  This week we will discover what generosity is all about, and how we can be generous in many ways.  As an entire preschool, we are holding a November food/hygiene drive for Community Action Center to benefit those families that need a little extra help in our community.  We will talk about how we are doing this collection and why.  We will have a traveling tote that families can check out for a day or two to collect items from family and friends.  Ask me about this if you are interested in taking this home with you!

Many of our activities in the classroom will be focused on helping each other in the classroom.  We will also be making special projects to give to people as a way to be generous.  If you have a special project you would like to come in the classroom and work on with the preschoolers, please let me know!  

In worship this week, we will hear how Samuel obeyed the Lord and anointed David as King, even though David didn't look like the most likely candidate.  The Lord looks at the heart!  Chapel is on Tuesday and Wednesday this week!

This might be our last week following our backyard tree.  We will see what happens this week!

Mr. Levi will be generously sharing his science skills our class on Monday.  I am excited to see all the fun science he will share with us!

Friday is our field trip to the WSU Athletic Complex!  Please sign up on the board by Wednesday if you are joining as a parent chaperone.  Also, if you are in one of my T/Th classes and would like to attend, please sign up by Tuesday.  All children attending must have a permission slip signed and returned even if a parent is attending.  These slips went home last week, but I have extra on hand if needed.  Please get those in ASAP!

11/11 No Preschool - Veteran's Day
11/23-27 No Preschool - Thanksgiving Break

11/2 Science with Mr. Levi
11/3  Chapel
11/4  Chapel
11/6 WSU Athletic Complex Field Trip 9:15am
11/11 No Preschool - Veteran's Day
11/12 PM Class Safeway Field Trip 12:45pm
11/17  Chapel
11/18  Chapel
11/19 SHARE Day
11/20 SHARE Day

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Nocturnal Afternoon - Mrs. Krantz

Nocturnal Morning - Mrs. Krantz

Nocturnal -Mrs. Wilson

What a fun “night” we had in preschool! Candlelight and glow sticks were our starry host. The early cloud-cover gave us a great dim “evening” inside, and when the clouds rolled back, the brightness gave us some glowing “moonlight” as the day drew near.  

We took a closer look at the book “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell, to find out what sort of home Sara, Percy and Bill lived in., and just what it was made of. Then we made some really fun owl homes… some were nests on the inside; others showed branches and trees on the outside. Lots of them had twigs, leaves, and ivy, just like the house of Sara Percy and Bill.

Preschoolers made some wonderful owl friends who found their way to the pumpkin patch and our colorful autumn tree. They had plenty of owl eyes to help them find their way through the night. Those owls looked pretty happy there as their nocturnal adventures were coming to a drowsy end. I bet they are sleeping now among the leaves. 

We finished out or night by watching the movie of our  “Owl Babies” story. The preschoolers agreed that they wanted to watch it again, and then to watch it “another time later too!” They were captivated as they enjoyed this wonderful animated version of the story.  Everyone took home his or her own hand decorated and lovely autumn tea-light candle holder (decorated in our three “color of the day” colors of course) to enjoy at home for the rest of the season.

Hope we see you all there tomorrow at 10:30 for the pumpkin party!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nocturnal Day in Pictures - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Nocturnal Preschool! - Mrs. Krantz

Our nocturnal experience was delightfully fun today!  We enjoyed sharing special nighttime items, making letters with glo-sticks, selling candles, becoming mesmerized by the blue lava lamp, hanging out in the bat cave, and creating more bats for our classroom.

We also enjoyed a book with illustrations that are projected on the ceiling by shadows.  This book was about Christmas, but seemed quite appropriate for our nocturnal experience!  The preschoolers thought is was amazing to see the shadow illustrations!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bat Silhouettes - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

We had a bat filled afternoon today!  We were busy using scissors to cut out bat silhouettes and create bat fact books.  We used templates to trace bats and create our own bat features.  The bat cave was full of activity with superheroes, construction workers, firefighters and princesses!

We successfully had our first fire drill and it went very smoothly!  We have some wonderful fire fighter helpers in this afternoon class.

There was a lot of excitement for this coming Thursday.  Nocturnal Day is a super fun day full of exciting night time things.  Pajamas and special night time SHARES will be a fun part of the day.

Please note that this class will be going on a field trip to Safeway in Pullman on November 12.  We will leave at 12:45pm.  More information to come!

Nightsong - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

Our morning was full!  We had chapel with Pastor Time, where we gave him a gift of appreciation since (memory rocks with special notes written on them) and he taught us how we can listen to the Lord just as Samuel did!  After chapel we enjoyed the beautifully chilly morning in the front yard.  We raked leaves, jumped in piles, and did quite a bit of running!

We have started some fun with another nocturnal animal, the bat!  We learned a song about bats and we discovered they "see" things of this world in a very different way.  Ask your preschooler if they remember!  Our closing books helped us learn a little more about this special kind of "seeing."  The book is titled "Nightsong."  

Wednesday and Thursday are our Nocturnal Days!  Preschoolers can wear their jammies, and bring a special night time item for SHARE Day!  The classroom will be a bit different, but we will have SOOO much fun!

Baby Owls - Mrs. Wilson

We spent a lot of time flying about today, and oh the hooting you could hear! We hooted over to chapel and back on the wing. We hooted into line coming inside from recess. We soared silently in on the way to circle for settling down. We even used our owl wings to hold onto the railing while climbing up the steps. At recess, the lovely piles of autumn leaves looked like such an inviting owl’s nest that we had a baby owl move on in and start his hooting song. Love it when preschoolers play out what they are learning! That is the true business of a preschooler;  Learning through play. 

The class really enjoyed our book “OWL BABIES” as we read and cried along with Percy, “I want my Momma!”  We will continue delving into this compelling book as we learn more
about owls and their habits, homes and nocturnal lifestyle.

In Chapel, we presented Pastor Tim with a gift… Main idea Rocks! The main idea he taught us about today was, “Speak Lord, I am listening.”    The main idea we told him is that, “We love you Pastor Tim!” Now he has some lovely glass vases filled with rocks to remember just what each preschooler loves about Chapel with Pastor Tim. It was a lot of fun to give him  memory rocks of how much we appreciate him!

This Thursday is our Nocturnal, Pajama, SHARE Day!!! WOW!  We are going to have so much FUN!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter: October 26-30

This week will be a fun one as we bring October to an end. Thursday the 29th is our Nocturnal Day and SHARE Day too. These two together should be a lot of fun.  And don’t forget the pumpkin party on Friday! 

Through the week we will continue on in our nocturnal theme, learning more about owls and their nighttime adventures. We will also spend some time on counting and number recognition. We have 5 very cute little owls to help us out.  

In worship we will learn how Samuel heard God’s voice (at night) and learned to listen to Him. Chapel is Tuesday morning.

On Thursday we celebrate our theme with our own nocturnal day! It will be like nighttime with the owls. We’ll have the lights off and use LED candles and glo-sticks for all kinds of fun learning and imaginative play.  Preschoolers are invited to wear their pajamas! WOO HOO! And for SHARE they can bring a special cuddly nighttime stuffed animal, blanket or special sleeping item for this SHARE Day.  

Friday, the 30th, is our Concordia Lutheran Preschool Pumpkin Party!  This party is held over at the church with the fun starting at 10:30am until 11:30am.  All classes are invited to attend. Preschoolers and parents not in session on Friday (That is us on the Tuesday Thursday schedule) can meet at the church (siblings welcome!). There will be carnival games, face painting, cookie decorating and lots of fun.  Prizes are non-candy items! Costumes are WELCOME! But please no masks, scary costumes, or weapons of any kind. It is always a very fun time!

We are looking forward to a fun week together!

10/27 Chapel
10/29 Nocturnal Day, SHARE Day
10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30am
11/23-27 No Preschool - Thanksgiving Break

Friday, October 23, 2015

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: October 26-30

This last week of October is so full of fun and learning.  We have some very special things planned.  We will be focusing on another nocturnal animal... bats!  Two wonderful books will be our focus books, "Stellaluna" and "Nightsong."  We will be learning about the flight of these nocturnal animals, what echolocation is, and even though they look like birds, they are mammals.  Watch our dramatic play area transform into a bat cave this week!

Wednesday and Thursday are our Nocturnal days.  We will pretend it is nighttime at preschool.  All our lights will be off and we will enjoy night at preschool.  Preschoolers are invited to wear their pajamas if they would like and bring a special nighttime lovey for SHARE Day.  We will have so much fun with glo sticks, shadow puppets, LED candles and of course, we might become bats.

Chapel is on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will be hearing how Samuel heard God call him, at night!  Samuel listened to God and we will hear all about the story.  A few new worship songs will be introduced too.

Our Pumpkin Party is on Friday at 10:30 over at the church.  Preschool will start as normal for our Friday preschoolers and then we will head over to the church for the party.  All preschoolers who don't attend on Friday, and parents, can meet us at the church at 10:30.  Costumes are welcome!  Please no masks, scary costumes or weapon of any sort.

I will be gone on Monday.  Miss Henry and Mrs. Barrington will be in the classroom on Monday.  I'll be back on Tuesday to jump into this exciting week with your children!

Take note that we will have a field trip to the WSU Athletic Complex on Friday, November 6th, leaving the preschool at 9:15am.  My Tuesday/Thursday students are welcome to attend as well, but please sign up!  This will be a walking field trip, so no drivers are needed, but parents are welcome to attend.  Watch for the sign up sheets mid week.

Thank you for all your prayers and for sharing your incredible children with me!

10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30am
11/11 No Preschool - Veteran's Day
11/23-27 No Preschool - Thanksgiving Break

10/27 Chapel
10/28 Chapel, Nocturnal Day, SHARE Day
10/29 Nocturnal Day, SHARE Day
10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30am
11/2  Science with Mr. Levi
11/6 WSU Athletic Complex Field Trip 9:15am
11/11 No Preschool - Veteran's Day

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: October 26-30

Owls have been giving us such wonderful opportunity to expand those vocabularies with words like stealth and camouflage.  This week we will have one owl vocabulary word: NOCTURNAL!  We know that owls aren’t the only nocturnal creatures out there!  This week we’ll be using a Venn diagram to compare the similarities and differences between an owl and a bat!  We’ll of course be reading the beloved book Stellaluna!  Stellaluna is a baby bat separated from her mama and winds up in a bird nest!  In this story we see the big differences between birds and bats! 

Our worship time will be about listening!  Samuel heard something as he lie in his bed.  It was God speaking!  Samuel showed his love for God by listening!  We will use our ears to hear God’s word too, the bible!  Chapel is Wednesday at 9:15am!

Nocturnal Day is Wednesday, October 28th!  On Nocturnal Day we get to wear our pajamas to school and have the lights off all morning!  We’ll use LED tea lights and glow sticks to light our nocturnal activities!  This is also our SHARE day!  Please help your child choose a favorite nighttime stuffed friend or blanket that will spend our nocturnal day with us!

Pumpkin Party is Friday, October 30th!  Drop your costumed preschooler off like normal!  At 10:30am we will walk over to the church as a group for our carnival game, cookie decorating, face painting, amazingly fun Pumpkin Party!  All parents are invited and encouraged to meet us at the church to join in on to the fun!  

Praying for peace and calm during these exciting, busy and sometime overwhelming weeks!  
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
10/28 Chapel
10/28 SHARE Day—Bring your favorite stuffed animal!
10/28 Nocturnal Day—wear your pj’s!
10/30 Pumpkin Party-10:30am
11/2 Science with Mr. Levi
11/6 Field trip—WSU Athletics Dept. Tour
11/9 Field trip—Win Co 9:15-11:15am
11/11 No Preschool—Veteran’s Day

Owl Babies in our Hallway - Mrs. Krantz

We ended our Owl Babies week with the preschoolers helping me read the story.  I love to see them actively involved with the book, using different voices for the characters, engaging in the feelings of the babies, and showing excitement when they can tell the story on their own!  

Our hallway tree is full of beautifully cute owl babies.  They are perched, waiting for their Mommy!

Prayer journals were a part of our worship time today.  The preschooler have really found quite a bit of meaning in their time drwaing their prayer pictures.  It is quite an honor to see their prayers to God and have them share with me what their prayer is about.

I will be gone on Monday.  Miss Henry and Mrs. Barrington will be running the show!  I'm sure it will be a delightful morning!

Pumpkin Soup Anyone? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started with a perfectly done fire drill with these helper preschoolers! We remained stealth and stayed together all the way over to the parking lot! I am so proud of these kiddos!!

When we got back to our room we talked about camouflage and how animals, like owls, use it. See if your preschooler can explain it to you! 5 little pumpkins sitting on that gate were created during centers. We also had a fresh batch of pumpkin soup in the sensory table! Lots of stirring, pouring and serving!

When worship time started Mrs. O'Loughlin tripped and dropped Pom Pom balls everywhere!! Not to worry, our amazing helper preschoolers were there to help pick every one up! (Even those camouflaged with the carpet!) We discussed how we can be helpers in all that we do and in all that we do, we do for God!

Mrs. Hein and Mrs. Terri came to help us with a top secret project!! I'll give you a hint, this secret will be revealed December 25th!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Busy Afternoon! - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

We had such a busy afternoon!  It was great fun and the time zoomed by.  We had a special visitor to help us with a big December parent surprise during Art.  We celebrated a birthday.  We made owl masks and finished up owl baby paintings.  The big owl nest was full of nesting owls and excellent conversation.  We thought  about what Sarah, Percy and Bill might say to us if we saw them outside.  These owl conversations are posted in the stairway.  We also talked about how the owl babies were feeling in different parts of the story.  If you haven't read the book, I'm attaching a you tube video of the book for your viewing pleasure!

We spent some time working on our Week 4 drawings of our backyard tree.  It is amazing to see what they changes in the tree have been and to see how your children have depicted the changes!  


How Do the Owl Babies Feel? - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

How are our owl friends feeling?  This was the questions we thought about as we re-read "Owl Babies."  We explored how the owls were feeling when they woke up and their mother was gone, how they felt while they waited, and how they felt when their mommy returned!  We talked about time we had experienced those same emotions.

We worked on a special surprise project during our art time.  The only clue I will give you is that you will have to wait until December to find out what we were working one!  

Our centers time was full of feathery fun.  Owl masks and owls nest were a big part of our centers time.  Preschoolers were also busy at work building garages, spending time in our library, drawing and writing and playing store.

I'm so very proud of this class as they have worked very hard discovering their inside voices!  We have so much fun in preschool that sometimes the volume gets pretty high, so we have been working hard to remember those inside voices even when we are super excited.  They were awesome at it today!!!  Nice job friends!

Who's Awake at Night - Mrs. Wilson

Who who? 
Hoo Hoo, that’s who!
Today we discovered what NOCTURNAL means! While the sun is high and we are wide-awake… our wide-eyed, fine-feathered friend the owl is SOUND ASLEEP!!! And when we are laying down to our cozy sleep… Hoo Hoo, up they get to start their …night, WIDE AWAKE! 

We learned some robust vocabulary (Nocturnal, Owlets) and learned several new sign language words. See if your preschooler remembers how to sign awake, moon, sun, day… 

Preschoolers were hard at work at centers time building their fine-motor skills by cutting out the moon! We added some silvery glitter and oh how those moons do shine! Moon sand and owl play were also on the agenda for the day!

A lovely vine sprung up recently in the lobby and behold, some plump and perfect pumpkins are growing well under the shade of our colorful HAND painted tree! We enjoyed planting those pumpkins “just so” in our autumnal creative corner today.

Finally, just to mention it, we had an amazingly low stress, expertly done fire drill this morning. You can be bursting with pride for you young fire fighter helpers (I was!). They were flawless in our exit and journey to the safe place on the edge of the parking lot. Two thumbs up for brave and careful preschoolers! Our walk back to class was joyful, 
knowing we preschoolers are experts at knowing how to be safe.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pumpkin Muffins with Grandma Karen - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our first cooking with grandma Karen was so much fun! Grandma Karen explained how cooking is following directions by putting in the right ingredients! Each preschooler added one ingredient to make pumpkin muffins! We enjoyed these scrumptious treats during snack!

The pumpkin we've been investigating was opened today so we could take a peek inside! Ask your preschooler what was found! Some of the kiddos investigated with their eyes, some with their nose and some with their hands! I loved the fantastic descriptive words the preschoolers came up with. "Squishy" "cold" "slimy" "like a peach" were a few of them!

Our first fire drill is on Friday! We listened to the smoke detector today and discussed exactly what we'll do and where we'll go! We will be like stealth owls when we do this! Have your preschooler show you their stealth moves!

What Would the Owls Say? - Mrs. Krantz

We had a busy and energy filled morning!  We started out with a cooking project led by Grandma Karen.  Those pumpkin muffins were delicious!  Then we tried to figure out how Sarah, Percy and Bill were feeling in the story "Owl Babies."  

In our worship time, we took turn with a broom, caring for our classroom like Samuel might have taken care of God's house.  The preschoolers loved sweeping!

Centers time was bustling with energy as we made owl habitats, worked with some of the elements that were in the owl nest in "Owl Babies" (twigs, ivy, leaves...).  We also wrote journals that were Sarah, Percy and Bill speaking to us!  It was fun to hear what the preschoolers thought the owls would say to them!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin Muffins and Owl Babies - Mrs. Krantz AM and PM Classes

Both our morning and afternoon class had so much fun with owl babies today!  We painted Sarah, Percy and Bill, cut out pictures of them, but the favorite was hanging out in our owl nest!  Ask your preschooler about the owl nest!

We had our first experience of cooking with Grandma Karen.  Could you smell the pumpkin muffins when you came in to pick up your preschooler?  They tasted as good as they smelled!

ORANGE Yum! - Mrs. Wilson

Pumpkins were the orange focus of the morning today. We had a good look at pumpkins on the outside and pumpkins on the inside. Together we came up with some interesting descriptive words for what we could see, touch and smell… See if your preschooler can remember any of our pumpkin words. Looking at our inside pumpkin gave us a great Segway to our cooking time…

A big thank-you to Grandma Karen for the lovely treat of cooking pumpkin muffins together! After Grandma Karen told us the recipe and measured out each ingredient, each preschooler got to put in an ingredient and see the batter come together. Then, ooooh the smell we enjoyed during centers time! 

We had fun mixing red and yellow for a new batch of autumn painted leaves. We also had the chance to work and play with the pumpkin we had cut open at circle. Round pumpkins were painted orange as they ripened right under our paintbrushes, and some orange leaves were added to the tree! Lots of yummy orange autumn fun!

We finished outside today as we helped out the preschool by raking leaves into a pile. There were a lot of great helpers involved in that for sure.  We wanted to be like Samuel helping Eli in the tabernacle with the things of God!

See you all Thursday. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sarah, Percy and Bill - Mrs. Krantz

Sarah, Percy and Bill were introduced in class today.  These wonderful owl babies were the center of our attention all morning long!  "Owl Babies" was read and we had so much fun interacting with the book.  Ask your preschooler what Bill would always say!

We made owl baby puppets and had so much fun in our dark owl nest.  We explored the words nocturnal and talans.  We made a list about what we knew about owls.  We collected items outside that were in the nest of the owl babies and are making a collaborative owl nest!

In worship we learned how Samuel worked in the tabernacle and cared for God's house.  He worked hard and everything he did, he did for the Lord.

While we were outside, we noticed a lot of change in our tree!  Take a look at the picture!

A Perfect Fall Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had such a wonderful morning! We started by coming up with a list of everything we know about pumpkins. Most of our answers...they're orange! But we didn't have any orange paint! Ask your preschooler which two colors we mixed to make orange!

Woodworking, our reading buddy, a new pumpkin patch to play in and a secret project kept our centers time very busy!

In worship we talked about how much Samuel helped out in the tabernacle. Samuel did this because he loved God and it was a way to glorify God! I challenged each of the preschoolers to do something to help out at home today! Let me know what they did!

We had to get outside to spend some time in this beautiful fall weather! After some hard work raking those leaves there was only one thing left to do...jump in them!