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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Leaf Store - Mrs. Krantz

My favorite part of the day was watching a group of friends create their own "Leaf Store!"  I enjoyed visiting the store and purchasing three leaves of different colors.  I was given quite a deal, I'm guessing it was the teacher discount!  I love to watch such collaborative play develop as they take ideas we have talked about and learned about and turn them into such wonderful play.  I could have set up a store for them, but it would not have nearly the meaning or learning value.  They decided on their own what kind of store they would have, what tools they needed and they even asked for a sign.  The customers were happy to come without much advertising!  I think they have a great future ahead of them in the leaf business!

We see creative and collaborative play each day in many and varying ways. As time goes on, we will see more complex play.  This is so important as they develop strategies for working together, working through conflict, making a plan together, figuring out how to turn the plan into action.  Of course we learn numbers and letters and other academic things, but working together, being successful in a group of peers, having fun and making friends... this is of utmost importance!

Painting Feet and Painting Hands - Mrs. O'Loughlin

No paintbrushes allowed!! Feet and hands were used to paint our giant papers blue today! This fantastic sensory activity also gave us some fabulous description words. According to preschoolers painting with your feet and hands felt "cold!" "Squishy!" "Gooey!" "Like fun!" We will use these beautifully blue papers on Friday during our worship time.

In chapel today, after some lively singing, our main idea of God is always faithful was seen when Moses came to the Red Sea and God moved the waters for the people. We did an experiment using water, pepper and soap. Ask your preschooler what happened to the pepper when the soap touched it!

After chapel we took the long way back to go on a leaf hunt! Ask your preschool what colors we found. We collected enough colors to play a game on the way back! Maybe your preschooler can remember and play it with you! (Hint: it involves stopping and going!)

If you happen to go on your own leaf hunt, feel free to send a few leaves in! We are graphing all the colors we find. I'm sure your preschooler would love to tell you which color "won" today!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Autumn Tree - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

This afternoon we got down to business right away and explored some of the colors of fall.  We also discovered there is another word for fall... autumn!  We enjoyed using our new words frequently during our time together.  We began our first science journal of the year as we drew a picture of a tree in our backyard.  We will be watching this tree for the next 4-5 weeks and documenting the changes through drawings!

Chapel with Pastor Tim was today.  We love the songs he sings with us!  Pastor used a really neat illustration to show how God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites.  Have your preschooler tell you about it.  

See you on Thursday!

So Many Friends - Mrs. Wilson

It delights my heart when preschoolers just have to say goodbye to friends as they depart! 
Today we had many friends. Papa Ken was here and ready with woodblocks and a plane. This was our first time this year starting in with real tools and our resident woodworker, very exciting for sure. The wood curls that came home from your preschooler’s mailbox where the product of their own labor! 

Another friend was very warmly welcomed as she sat and read many books to preschoolers gathered around.  Thank you Miss Joyce. We really enjoy your kind gentle voice and the fun books you read to us!  Several Preschoolers watched her walking away as she left. Many hands were waiving good-bye.

Another friend we were joyful to join was Pastor Tim at chapel time. Preschoolers walked wonderfully in a line to the church (we are learning so well how to do this with greater and greater skill!) Our worship time was delightful and full of dancing and singing and words 
to remember about God’s love for us. He is FAITHFUL and will keep his word. He promised to send Jesus, and He did! He also FAITHFULLY helped his people get safely across the water to a new safe place. He really does take care of us!

Finally, these preschoolers are really enjoying each other in growing friendships. Their conversation together is fun to listen to. There was plenty of chatting at centers, snack and fun play outside together at the end of the day. The weather was so lovely we just had to stay out and keep playing until pick-up time. Lots of fun friend time out there; even being FAITHFUL friends to the birds by bringing more water out to the birdbaths. It was all summed up at the end as preschoolers just had to run around saying goodbye to friends before going out the gate!

Thank you God for these preschoolers and for keeping us all in your FAITHFUL care!

Glorious Autumn! - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

What a glorious autumn morning it was!  We enjoyed a book about a little fox named Fletcher.  He was very worried about his favorite tree that had changing leaves.  Have your preschooler retell the story!

We headed over for Chapel where we learned about God's faithfulness from Pastor Tim.  We walked back a new way and visited some spectacular changing trees!  Glorious colors!

In centers we enjoyed woodworking with Papa Ken, counting leaves, sorting leaves, building a restaurant and reading with Ms. Joyce.  Ms. Joyce is a lovely woman from our congregation who volunteers every Tuesday!  We are blessed by her!

Enjoy the beautiful day!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter

Is it really already Coming on October?!?  Wow, September went so fast! We are again blessed with glorious weather. This week we are wrapping up our look at families and How God has given us people to care for us as He shows his care. We never have to stop noticing this, but we will soon transition to another beautiful way he shows His love…. Seasons, specifically AUTUMN! We will dive in to that next week with the new month, but we may need to take a sneak-peek at the leaves a little sooner. 

This week we have a lot of wonderful specialists and helpers joining us. We again have Ms. Danica, but add to that Papa Ken and our beloved reading buddy Miss Joyce. She is a friend from Concordia Lutheran Church who blesses us with her time and reads stories with the preschoolers. Last year they just loved her. I know it will be the same this year too!

Tuesday is chapel, and we move on with Moses and God’s people as God leads them to safety across the Red Sea.

We really look forward to your family projects and getting them published for reading and sharing!  Please give them to Mrs. Wilson as soon as you get them done!

We look forward to another super week in preschool! Enjoy this gorgeous weather!

 9/29  Chapel
10/6   Chapel
10/08 School Pictures
10/13 Chapel
10/20 Chapel
10/27 Chapel
10/29 Nocturnal Day, SHARE Day
10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30am

Our Tree - Mrs. Krantz

With autumn upon us, it was most fitting that we start our first science journal of the year.  This journal will follow a backyard tree through the coming weeks.  We will watch it closely and add scientific drawings each week as we observe the changes that autumn brings for our tree.  We made some predictions regarding what we thought we might see.  Only time will tell!

Woodworking finally started today and all the preschoolers rejoiced!  Today we made wood curls with Papa Ken!

Worship time told us about an amazing part of the story of God's people and the Exodus. Ask your preschooler what happened at the Red Sea!

One of the pleasures of teaching preschool is watching children make big developmental leaps and we saw some today!  Thanks for sharing your kids with us!

Won't Do Any Harm, Gonna Paint My... - Mrs. O'Loughlin

ARM!! Well, our traced arms at least! We are adoring our book Ain't Gonna Paint No More. We looked closely at the beautiful illustrations and observed that the little boy was using squiggly and zig zag lines when he painted. We loved this book so much, we read it again at closing circle, this time with a paintbrush in hand! When we got to the part where a leg or head or chest was being painted, we acted right along with the story!

Woodworking started today and I can clearly see this will be a favorite activity the preschoolers will love to do with Papa Ken!

In worship we learned more about Moses and the Israelites trip! While on their journey something was in their way! Ask your preschooler what it was! And then ask how did God take care of them using wind! We finished our worship with My God is So Big. See if your preschooler can sing it for you!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

School Pictures

School pictures will be held on October 8.  All classes, even those not attending on Thursdays, are asked to come for pictures on the 8th.  Class pictures of each class will be taken as well as individual pictures of each child.  Family pictures and sibling pictures are also available.  Please speak with Becky if you are interested having family and/or sibling pictures taken.  All pictures will be taken outdoors unless the weather does not cooperate. If the weather does not cooperate, pictures will be taken at the church.

This is the picture schedule for the morning: 

9:15am Mrs. Wilson’s Class Picture followed by individual pictures
9:45am         Mrs. Krantz’s AM Class Picture (All AM Classes) followed by individual                                 pictures
10:15am Mrs. O’Loughlin’s Class Picture followed by individual pictures

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

This week we will beginning learning more about the season of fall, also known as autumn.  We will begin work on one of our science journals of the year.  This journal is all about a tree that happens to be in our backyard.  We will be drawing our first scientific drawing of the tree.  Each week we will add a drawing or two of our special tree as it changes throughout this season.  

Watch the wall in the stairway for more robust words this week.  I post our lists everyday.  It is great for children too see how our spoken words can become written words!  

We will be playing a lot of games this week that will reinforce and teach concepts like comparing and matching, patterning and color recognition (both colors and written word), We will be working more on name recognition and identifying letters in each child's name as well.  Lots of open ended projects involving leaves and fall colors will be happening too.  As long as the weather permits, we plan to take an autumn walk with sticky bracelets to collect fall items.  And Papa Ken is feeling better so woodworking starts on Monday and Tuesday!

In our worship time, we will hear how God parted the waters of the Red Sea to deliver His people and keep them safe.  Singing and prayer will be part of our time as always.  Chapel is Tuesday and Wednesday this week, 9:15am at the church.

We have a fun field trip coming up!  Our morning classes will be going to Ferdinand's Ice Cream on October 13, leaving at 9:45am.  Our M/W/F friends are invited to join us!  We need a few parent volunteers to come along for the trip.  We will be walking there and back.  Siblings are welcome, but I need to have an exact count by October 8.  Watch for a sign up sheet on the side of the mailboxes.  Our afternoon class will be going to Ferdinand's on October 15, leaving at 12:45pm.  A sign up sheet will also be up for the afternoon class.  

Our M/W/F class will be joining Mrs. O'Loughlin's class on October 14 for a visit from the WSU Raptor Club.  This will be a great spring board for some of the fun we will have towards the end of October.

Watch for more information this week regarding school pictures and the Pumpkin Party at the end of the month.

I'm looking forward to another great week!


10/08 School Pictures
10/09 No Preschool - Teacher Work Day

9/29, 30 Chapel
10/6, 7 Chapel
10/13 Chapel, Field Trip to Ferdinands (am classes) 9:45am
10/14 Chapel , WSU Raptor Club Visit 10am
10/15 Ferdinand's Field Trip (pm class) 12:45pm
10/20, 21 Chapel
10/27 Chapel
10/28 Chapel, Nocturnal Day, SHARE Day
10/29 Nocturnal Day, SHARE Day

10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30am

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

This week we are going to be reading the fantastic book Ain’t Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont!  With this fun singing book, body parts are painted by a silly little boy whose mommy is less than thrilled. Rhyming and body parts will be a focus during our circle time and of course some painting will happen during our center times!  Mat Man will make another appearance this week but this time, some very creative preschoolers will be drawing him!

In worship we continue to follow the life of Moses.  The Israelites have left Egypt and traveled a long way all to be stopped by The Red Sea!  We get to discover how God took care of His people by using wind!

Friday is our first science with Mr. Levi!  This year Mr. Levi will be talking to us about the many fields of science.  This week…Physical Science!  We will become a classroom full of scientists and test objects in motion with the use of ramps!

Throughout this week we will be asking a question…Whooo is it?  Each day we will get one or two clues and try to answer this!  Perhaps our visitors coming on October 14th will give you a big hint.  But shhh!  Don’t tell your preschooler just yet! 

Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us!  They bless us!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
9/30 Chapel
10/2 Science with Mr. Levi
10/7 Chapel
10/8 Picture Day
10/9 No preschool—teacher work day
10/14 Chapel
10/14 WSU Raptor Club Visits

Friday, September 25, 2015

Ending Our Week - Mrs. Krantz

What a great way to end our week!  SHARE Day was a super amount of fun.  The preschoolers were great speakers and listeners.  Speaking in front of a group of peers is an important skill to practice as is listening to a peer!

Outside time was full of very fast feet.  Running, sliding, jumping, digging... a busy group on this beautiful autumn morning.  

We enjoyed a birthday celebration and then wrote in our prayer journals during worship time.  We were listening to one of our songs of the week.  Singing Scripture is a wonderful way to hide God's Word in our hearts and that is just what were we doing as we drew in our journals.

Thanks for a fun week!  Enjoy your weekend and the incredible moon on Sunday!

Our First SHARE Day! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

I loved seeing all the wonderful shares the preschoolers brought in today! I am so proud of how respectful and quiet this group was while each of their friends stood up and talked about their share! I can tell SHARE day will be one of our favorite days each month.

During centers we spent a lot of time building! Today there were camps being built for the Israelites to sleep at. I saw a fabulous long cabin and a more modern abode built from star shapes! Some preschoolers chose to cut out items to put in a suitcase for a trip! As always, it was a busy, fun filled room!

During worship we acted out our Bible story using tents and people! These props were sent home. Ask your preschooler to tell you the story of Moses and the Israelites leaving Egypt.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tape Designs - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

It certainly was a special day today!  SHARE Day was a big part of it!  The preschoolers did such a nice job of listening to one another, asking wonderfully appropriate questions of their friends and their special items, and sharing so well!

We enjoyed making tape designs on paper as our entry task and later we painted the paper.  Some pretty neat designs came through when we removed the tape after the painting was done.  We also wrote out journal entry of the week.  They love seeing the papers in their binders grow!  By the end of the year, each preschooler will have quite a book!

Rhythm sticks ended our day.  We love music and we learned all about using these instruments.  We practices resting position, ready position and playing carefully.  The smiles were contagious!

Have a great weekend!

SHARE Day - Mrs. Wilson

What do you get when you put googley-eyes, paper towel tubes and preschoolers together? You get a lot of fun and some really interesting tube people. You know that saying about having eyes in the back of your head? What about when they spiral around your whole being? Those who wanted to give it a try enjoyed their tube people very much. We were 
making people that God has given us to take care of us, and/or anyone God does take care of. I loved to see family members named and self-portraits with lots of eyes to see how well God cares for them! Then there were those preschoolers who were very intent on their watercolor painting. We have some fabulous artists in our class!

As for SHARE Day… AWSOME! I was SO proud of this group. We got ready to share and talked about how SHARE works. They were great! Experts before we even started. I just love to hear what preschoolers say to tell us about their SHARE item. Their faces said it all as they proudly presented treasures from home. We look forward to next month’s SHARE!

Did your preschooler remember to get their tents and people from the mailboxes on the way out? In Worship time we were seeing what it might have felt like to be God’s people with Moses as they left Egypt . We followed the cloud at day and the fire at night… and when it stopped, we stopped too and pitched our tents for sleeping. All was well because we knew God was with us everywhere we went, and He was even leading our way! We were so glad to know He gives us people too, who take such good care of us!

I hope you all have fun working on your family projects together. We really look forward to seeing and hearing about them as your preschooler tells their own unique story to the class. When you are done with all your pages, just put them back in the zipper bag and bring them in to Mrs. Wilson. We will do some publishing work at preschool and have them ready for a good read ASAP. 

Have a good weekend! ~Mrs. Wilson

SHARE Day! - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

It was a delightful first SHARE Day!  The preschoolers always love bringing special items from home and telling their friends all about it.  I was so impressed with how respectful each preschooler was as they waited for turns and listened to every friend share.  Nice job friends!

Our worship time has introduced us to two new songs that are quickly becoming favorites to sing.  "God Cares About You" and "Matthew 28:20 (I am with you always)."  Ask your preschooler to share the songs with you!  

Centers time included drawing pictures and maps on sandpaper, building trains, being busy in the play kitchen and writing our journal entry for the week.  The prompt was "In my neighborhood...."  They all had stories to tell and illustrations to go along with each story!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Neighborhood - Mrs. Krantz

Who lives in your neighborhood?  Who is your neighbor?  Who is your next door neighbor?  These are all questions we answered today.  We pretended our group was a neighborhood, that we all lived on the same block.  We each named our next door neighbors, but realized that everyone in our neighborhood was a neighbor too!  We sang a great song about it too.  "Home on Our Block."  We waved hello and greeted one another with a cheery smile.  

Worship time included a game, "Stop, Slow and Go."  We used colors to tell us when to go and when to stop.  God used something too when he led the people in the wilderness.  He used a cloud and a pillar of fire!

This group loves our library area.  There are always children listening to books, reading books and enjoying literature together!  We also had several people at work building neighborhoods on paper.  Watch the neighborhood grow on our wall!

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday!  I've updated the UPCOMING EVENTS on the blog, so take a look and see what is coming up!  October is a full, fun and busy month!

Mat Man - Mrs. O'Loughlin

What a fun day to be at preschool! This group is getting so good at their shape recognition and identification! Please take a look in the classroom at the amazing shape collages. A few creations include a fire truck factory, 5 houses and a van going on a trip!

Mrs. Eld was out sick today and we missed her. Mrs. Wieser, who we LOVE, filled in!

Today we met Mat Man!! We listened to the Mat Man song and watched Mrs O'Loughlin put Mat Man together. Then it was the preschoolers turn to use their listening ears and wait for their piece to be called. They did such a fabulous job! Mat Man looked awesome and even stuck around to listen to a story! Ask your preschooler who that story was about!

We talked more about Moses and his long trip. We discussed our favorite places to go on a trip and no matter where we go, God is always with us. We then went outside to play a game! See if your preschooler can tell you the rules and the words we needed to read!

Friday is SHARE day!! I can't wait to see that special item from home!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What Does Your Bed Look Like - Mrs.Krantz's PM Class

This afternoon we welcomed a new student to our class!  New friends were made almost immediately and it was wonderful to watch how our group included a  new friend so easily and readily!  What great preschoolers!

We had a fun discussion about what our beds look like.  It was fun to see some describe the shape of their bed, a rectangle!  Then we counted how many people were in the bed on our poster.  There were 10!  It was decided that 10 wouldn't be very comfortable and then we sang the fun song.  Ask your preschooler to show it to you with their "Ten in the Bed" play that went home.  

Centers time involved an amazing train track built cooperatively by 4 preschoolers.  They had some excellent team work happening.  Purple painting and suitcase collages were also part of the afternoon.  
Worship told the story of Moses leading God's people out of Egypt.  God was with them the whole time.  Ask your preschooler how God showed them the way!

SHARE Day is Thursday!!!

Busy Builders and Following Clouds - Mrs. Wilson

This morning preschoolers started their day focused and ready to build.  We built marshmallow-toothpick dwellings (and a whole lot more), and decorated tents for packing up and following a pillar of cloud… there was also some building going on to make a place for our dollhouse family people. 

Centers time was a focused and quiet time, yet very productive, full of peaceful conversation and really interesting creations. The tents had a lot of great writing on them and much hard 
work was put forth for their completion. It is always a great sign when we clean up looking forward to more time again for similar activities.

In Worship we learned about how God led His people to a new place for them to live, away from the king of Egypt who wasn’t so nice to them. We all packed up our tents, our clothes, some special food and even our pets and animals to follow a cloud…? (BIG secret… GOD was IN that cloud.) But where was God when we left that place? We set up our tents in another land and of course we discovered God was, indeed, still with us, and leading us where we needed to go! It turned out He was with us wherever we went. We were SO glad about that because He cares for us so much. We were Glad he had people like Moses ready to help out too.

Other highlights of the day were yet another September birthday, and large motor time with an outside downstairs recess. We had lots of fun and great opportunities to practice sharing and taking turns. These preschoolers are doing a great job.

See you Thursday!

Where Do You Sleep? - Mrs. Krantz's AM Class

This morning we had load of fun with "Ten in the Bed."  We talked about where we slept at home. Bedrooms, cots, blankets, sheets and others made the list.  The song is so much fun and those who had not yet made a "Ten in the Bed" play pack made one today to take home!

At worship, we learned how God was with his people as they left Egypt.  He gave them a cloud to follow in the day and a pillar of fire at night.  God cared so much for them!  He cares for us too.  We made cloud s and pillars of fire at centers time too.

Centers time was busy with all kinds of creativity.  Train building is certainly a favorite for a few in our class.  Others created sacred artwork from our Bible story and other pack a suitcase for a long journey.  The magnets in the sensory table created quite a stir when it was discovered that some magnets won't stick together, instead they push apart from each other.

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday this week!  The kids are super excited for it!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ten in the Bed - Mrs. Krantz

Wow!  Did we have fun today singing or what?  I bet your preschooler can share the song with you.  The song even went home in a bag with extra props to act out the song.  It was such fun to count down, move the people and pick out the fabric for the beds.  Ten in a bed?  We decided that is one crowded bed!

We also heard about Moses leading God's people out of Egypt.  We practiced a new word...Exodus.  This was the exodus of God's people from Egypt.  We learned God led His people one way in the day and another way in the night.  Your preschooler can tell you.

At centers we cut out pictures from magazines and glued them to paper suitcases as if we had to pack and go on a long journey, just like God's people.  We also chose fabric for our fun song, practiced that play and put the baggies together.  The listening center is a favorite for this group.  Books on CD are wonderful fun!

Thanks for sharing your amazing children!  

Going on a Hunt - Mrs. O'Loughlin

A shape hunt!! Those shapes really are everywhere! The preschoolers were discovering how our entire classroom is made up of shapes. It was wonderful to see the discovery of shapes not yet talked about like a semicircle and a diamond!

Center time is always a bustling busy time filled with discovery and learning! I saw amazing towers being built, board games being played, paint droppers filling shapes of all kinds and so much more!

During worship Mrs. O'Loughlin was going on a trip! So we put on our thinking caps and came up with a list of things for her to take. We learned about grown up Moses and how he took a very long trip out of Egypt. God was with His people no matter where they went. Ask your preschooler how the people knew what direction to go in the nighttime.

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter

More than Just A Building!

This week we will look even more closely at how God shows His love for us by giving us people to take care of us. Last week we started a list of different people He has given us who take care of us very well.  We will build on this list, and take some time to recognize just how special and important our families are to us. We will be sending home a project for you and your preschooler to do together for them to present to the class about their own unique family. 

As we have focused on building on a firm foundation, we will now consider how our families are a special kind of firm foundation that makes our homes more than just a building. In worship time we see how the baby Moses has now grown up and is ready to be God’s helper for his own people. Moses was cared for and raised by some extraordinary families. He is now ready for the work God has planned. We see how God is with his people as Moses leads them out of Egypt on a journey to a better place. God is always there, caring and sending people to help!

Our centers will have more open time for exploration, creativity and learning opportunities. Ms. Danica will be back on Thursday (the kids enjoyed her helping out in the collage art project very much. They also LOVED introducing her to Hickety-Pickety Bumble Bee! ) 

The preschoolers will get to officially meet Papa Ken this week. He is our wonderful woodworking specialist, and really enjoys working one-on-one teaching preschoolers how to use tools and create woodworking projects. This is often a top favorite activity of choice as the children get to know him and the wonderful time working with tools and wood. 

Mrs. Hein will actually begin art in October, which we thoroughly look forward to!  Thursday will be our first SHARE Day! Please help your preschooler choose ONE favorite thing to bring to class. This item can be left in backpacks until we direct the children to bring them to circle. Here they will have the opportunity to tell their classmates about their special item. It would be helpful to have them think ahead about three things they with to “share” (or tell) about it. These SHARE items will also be available for them to play with at centers time after circle. 

We look forward to a super week! ~Mrs. Wilson (Jen)

9/24 SHARE Day
9/29 Chapel
10/6 Chapel
10/8 School Pictures

Saturday, September 19, 2015


If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, please be sure to turn in your voluntary disclosure form.  If you still need one, your teacher has them available.  If you turned one in last year, you don't need to turn another one in.

Parking Permits
If you have not turned in your parking permit application, please get it in ASAP.  We are monitoring the parking lot to make sure there is adequate parking for preschool families.  If you don't have a permit, you could get a warning or even towed.  

School Pictures
School Pictures are coming up on October 8.  We only have our photographer for the one day, so we ask that M/W/F families come for pictures on the day.  We will be taking individual and group pictures.  Family photos are also available.  Please let me know if you want a family picture, or photos of siblings.  We also open this to homeschooling families, so if you know of a homeschooling family interested in school pictures, please give them my email address preschool@concordiapullman.org.  More information will be available next week.

In Search of Extra Muscle  
We have a backyard playground project that needs some extra muscle.  We'd like to get the project done in a few weeks, so if you are interested in helping out, email Becky (preschool@concordiapullman.org) and we will figure out a time that works for the majority of those willing.  The project involves digging and putting in a path and stairs behind the playhouse.  It should be able to be accomplished fairly quickly with enough help.

Prom Night 
Concordia Lutheran Church sends a group of people to Guatemala every other year for a mission trip.  This year, the group going is holding a Prom Night!  Suggested donations are $10 per person.  Child Care is provided at a suggested donation of $10 per child.  Please RSVP if you plan to attend this super fun night of dancing so they can have enough corsages and boutonnieres! There is a sign up sheet in the lobby for those looking for a date night with their sweetie!

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

Shapes shapes shapes!  They are everywhere!  This week we will practice our shape recognition and identification by going on a shape hunt inside and outside of the classroom.  Each preschooler will have their own Shape Search sheet and will keep track of just how many shapes are around us!  This week we’ll also add the star and crescent to our list of shapes.  With all this shape knowledge, we will see what we can create using nothing but shapes!  Perhaps a building or a robot!  Maybe a truck or a train!  Be sure to look for the wonderful creations that will be coming out of the classroom this week!

Worship time we get to discover how God is with us wherever we go!  We’ll hear the story about Moses (all grown up) leading God’s people out of Egypt.  They traveled for a long time and went a long distance, all with God watching over them!

SHARE day is Friday!  This is a super special day for the preschoolers because they get to bring a special item from home!  Please help your child choose one item to share and help 
them come up with 3 things they can tell their friends about their special share!  We will have the opportunity to play with our shares during center time!  

Our first art with Mrs. Hein is also Friday!  Preschoolers love their time with Mrs. Hein and enjoy the wonderful world of art she brings with her!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
9/25 SHARE Day
9/25 Art with Mrs. Hein
9/30 Chapel
10/2 Science with Mr. Levi
10/7 Chapel
10/8 Picture Day
10/9 No preschool—teacher work day

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

We have another full week ahead of us with all kinds of fun and learning!  We are going to have some fun with songs this week as we continue learning more about homes.  Our first song of the week will having us rolling, jumping and giggling for sure.  The second song will help us explore where we live and the things that surround our own homes.  Some of our robust words this week include neighborhood, block, street, apartment, building.  We may come up with more words that relate to what we are discovering!  Watch the wall in the stairway to read all of our incredible lists.

Of course we will be busy creating homes and such out of a variety of materials.  I wonder if the conversation about animal homes might come up.  This could be a fun conversation in your home with your preschooler!  Centers time is always busy with creative, open ended play and learning.  

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday this week.  Help your preschooler choose ONE item to bring to tell his/her classmates about.  It is helpful to have your preschooler think ahead of time about 3 things they would like to tell about their special item.  Later, during centers time, they may choose to play with their special item!

We will also be starting woodworking this week with Papa Ken.  It may be towards the end of the week as Papa Ken is getting over a cold.  Woodworking is one of the favorite activities of many preschoolers!  Thursday and Friday are also Art days with Mrs. Hein.  Mrs. Hein will be bringing her love for art into the classroom several times throughout the year.  We look forward to our first experience with her this year!

Our Worship time will be all about a grown up Moses leading his people out of Egypt.  God continues to care for us just as He cared for His people and delivered them out of Egypt.  Pastor Tim is out of town, so there will not be chapel this week.

We are excited to have a new little girl joining our afternoon class!  New friendships are sure to be made very quickly!

Have a wonderful week!


10/8  School Pictures
10/9  No Preschool - Teacher Work Day

9/24  SHARE Day, Art
9/25  SHARE Day, Art
9/29  Chapel
9/30  Chapel
10/6  Chapel
10/7  Chapel

Friday, September 18, 2015

Cleaning House! - Mrs. Krantz

The preschoolers enjoyed talking about cleaning their rooms today!  There was a lot of discussion about what was done to clean rooms, who cleaned all by themselves and who had help from bigger people.  We read a book "A Clean House for Mole and Mouse" and saw how mole and mouse cleaned up their home.  Ask your preschooler about some of the funny things they used as cleaning tools!

Our worship time included using our prayer journals.  We drew our prayers to Jesus today!  Drawing pictures is a wonderful way for children to pray and we will do this a lot throughout the year.

In centers time we wove blankets and baskets for baby Moses.  We also enjoyed beading, building train tracks, playing kitchen and cutting paper.  

See you next week!

It's a Circle... Or Is It? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We started our morning circle with a great book that began with a circle and once other shapes were added that circle became a sun, then a flower, then a lion! We discussed how shapes put together create different images. Our preschoolers had an opportunity to turn their own circle or oval into something new by adding on! Be sure to check out our writing wall to see what these shapes became after some creative preschoolers were done!

During worship time our prayer journals were introduced! Every week we will spend some time with our prayer journals writing and drawing pictures to God. Today we drew and wrote about times God took care of us just like He did for baby Moses.

We ventured out front again! It was quite the traffic jam with cars and scooters. Pine cones were collected and some clever kiddos realized they were oval shaped!

Our time together ended with 3 silly mice getting into some paint. Ask your preschooler what colors were created when two other colors were mixed together!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bedtime Routines - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

This afternoon our preschoolers explored family routines at home, specifically getting ready for bed.  Our journal entry for the week was about what each child did to get ready for bed.  These stories are written and illustrated and safely stored in the binders that will soon grow into a book written and illustrated by each individual preschooler.  We read a book that sparked our thought process on bedtime routines, except it was a dog getting ready for bed!  There were some giggles about that.  Silly Mrs. Krantz also sang part of the book which brought even more giggling!

The rain stopped long enough for us to get some fun time outside in the front yard.  Scooters were zooming and chalk art was beautiful.

In worship we explored what would sink and what would float as we saw how GOd cared about Moses and kept him safe in the floating basket.

Our centers time was full of exploration.  Trains tracks were built, ball runs were made, painting at the window was also fun.  A pool full of paper and scissors became a fun place to cut paper and strengthen those fine motor skills.

Thanks for a great week.  This is such a fun group and I look forward to each day I have with them!

Sink or Float - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

We have so enjoyed sharing family pictures this week!  If you haven't brought your picture yet, please bring one as soon as you are able.  The preschoolers love looking at the family pictures on our fridge.  The pictures foster wonderful conversations among the children and there is a real sense of excitement and pride in sharing about his/her family.

We have begun exploring some handwriting techniques.  We identified that the word FAMILY begins with the letter "F".  Then we make a list of words that also begin with "F."  Then we wrote the letter  "F."  There is a song we sing to help us know where to start our letters and a smiley face that also helps us know where to start.  Ask your preschooler about it!

Our worship time included singing about how God cares for each of us.  We also talked about the basket that Moses was in on the river and how it floated.  We extended this into the centers time by having a sink or float lab.  The preschoolers tested what would float and what would sink.  We also did some journaling work and painting with marker paints at the windows.  

Busy, Busy Thursday - Mrs. Wilson

Preschoolers were busy busy today! Busy signing in (We are really getting the hang of it!), busy learning names (we have a student helper who will be visiting on Thursdays for an hour. Her name is Ms. Danica and she is great!), busy creating things with stamp pad ink and play-doh, busy building on firm foundations, both with blocks (using flat book foundations) and collages (using a firm flat page). Centers were so busy that we were washing hands again and again. See if your preschooler remembers the sign language for “again.”  We were busy eating birthday cake as we celebrated a wonderful 4th birthday, and busy cleaning it all up! So much fun!

In worship we learned more about a busy mom and sister who took care of their baby Moses when he was in danger, and a busy princess whom God provided to take care of him even more. Everyone adored holding the baby and helping to keep him safe. God is always at His work taking care of us! 

The preschoolers loved the business of indoor recess. There were a lot of them practicing balance on the indoor steppingstones and a bunch who enjoyed the dancing ribbons and basketball hoop. Even closing circle and pick-up time were busy busy with wonderful preschoolers and their families. Thanks everyone for being part of our wonderfully 
busy preschool team! We are so blessed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chapel, Triangles and Bikes Out Front - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had our very first chapel today! After singing some great songs we went over our story about baby Moses! Our main idea: God takes care of us!! We are learning Isaiah 43:1 (to song) this month. See if your preschooler remembers it!

Once we walked back to preschool we had some centers time! We used some sweet building supplies today to make triangles! Ask your preschooler how many sides and how many angles a triangle has!

We ventured to the front yard for our outside time today and the preschoolers loved it out there. Bikes, scooters and cars zipped around the track, friends explored the lilac cove and I saw some amazing sharing and taking turns! These preschoolers are really getting the hang of this school routine and I am so proud of them!!

Time For Bed - Mrs. Krantz

Since we have been focusing a bit on families, we decided to talk about something that happens in every home... going to bed!  We read a fun book about getting ready for bed, "Is It Time?"  We used some picture and word cards and decided if each particular card had anything to do with getting ready for bed.  The iron, not so much.  The light switch, of course!  We also started journaling today.  Mrs. Krantz wrote their words, and the preschoolers illustrated their own story.  Today the prompt was, "What do you do to get ready for bed?"  These journal entries will go in each child's binder.  

Chapel was today and we discovered how wonderful chapel with Pastor Tim is!  Singing, lighting candles, praying and hearing the Bible story are all part of chapel.  We also had one thing to remember... God cares about us!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

First Chapel Time and Other Fun Stuff - Mrs. Wilson

Today our first Chapel with Pastor Tim was a wonderful time of worship together with the upstairs class.  We had a great opportunity to practice lining up and walking in a line.  Everything is an opportunity for building skills! This walking behind the person in front takes a lot of practice. I was pretty proud of these preschoolers for their first time doing it this far.

Chapel was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy the singing and story time about baby Moses. Pastor Tim wanted us to remember a take-home nugget… “God will keep me safe!” Just like He kept baby Moses safe.

Other fun today included “building on a firm foundation” collages. We had some neat sculptures being built, and some really intentional exploration and practicing of glue-stick skills. There is a lot involved in getting a cap off, twisting the bottom to get the glue up, using the glue to stick something on and closing it up again. So fun to see the strong interest in mastering skills.  Dramatic play and dress-up along with pink Moon-sand were also a big hit. 

In Worship time we started keeping track of all the things we are learning about God. We will be building a tower of words as we build our understanding of just who our great God is!

Finally, large motor outside time was a busy and full of driving cars, learning to pass on the left with fast moving bikes, hopping on hoppity-balls, and we even discovered that the bird baths were empty. We had some concerned and caring preschoolers helping to refresh the water supply for our feathered friends. 

Thank you preschoolers for another wonderful day!