We are currently enrolling for the 2018-2019 school year! We have openings in our 2 1/2 year old class. Email for more information today!
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Friday, May 29, 2015

Newly Enrolled Families - Information For You

We have a closed Facebook page that you can join to stay up to date on everything!  Search for "Concordia Lutheran Preschool Pullman" and request to be added to the group.  This is a group for parents of currently enrolled preschoolers and Preschool Board members.

Also, if you have not yet signed up to follow the blog via email, please do so!  Blog entries are then emailed to your inbox.  It is a great way to stay up to date as well.  You can sign up by entering your email in the section on the side bar "Follow By Email."

We are looking forward to next fall with you!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Class Time for Fall 2015 - A Note from Mrs. Krantz

With one year of preschool in the new building under our belt, we are very happy to say we are pleased with the workings of the new space!  As a Teacher and Director, I obviously have several hats to wear.  There was one area that I felt really needed a big improvement, my availability as the Director to parents of children not i my classroom.  I felt a huge amount of disconnect with the families and children enrolled in the downstairs classroom, something I don't want to happen again.  The Preschool Board agreed that this was an area that needed improvement.

In order to make this improvement and make it possible for me to be downstairs and available most days a pick up time, the Board made some changes to the times that the upstairs class (my class) will run.  Starting this September, Mrs. Krantz's classroom will meet 8:45am-11:15am.  I will be downstairs and available at 11:30am for pick up time for the downstairs classrooms.  The downstairs classes will remain 9:00am-11:00am.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!  Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Krantz

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Last Two Days - All Classes

The last two days are upon us!  Here is what you need to know...

~ Don't bring a snack on Thursday or Friday... there will be plenty of party food!
~ BOTH DAYS... Drop off is normal time at 9:00am.  Join us for the party at 10:30am if you are able!
~ The Closing Program is Thursday at 6:30pm.  We start right on time, so please be prompt!

What an incredible year we have had!  Thanks for being part of it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thursday's End of the Year Party

Our T/Th classes will be celebrating the preschool year on Thursday and all family is invited!  The fun starts at 10:30 in the front yard (unless it is raining, then we will be at the church).  Look forward to lots of rainbow fun as we end the year with incredible amounts of fun!

The Closing Program is Thursday night at 6:30pm.  See you there!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Last Science with Mr. Levi - Mrs. O'Loughlin (and Mrs. Krantz joined in too!)

We had our last science with Mr. Levi today and he went out with a bang! First he showed us a couple of reaction experiments that released gas. Ask your preschooler about the balloon! Then we all got to conduct our own experiments that fizzed and bubbled.

The last experiment is known as Elephants Toothpaste. Bubbles shot up 4 feet high and then it just kept coming!!

Thank you Mr. Levi for such a fun, science filled year!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

I cannot even begin to express what an incredible year this has been with your children.  I have so enjoyed getting to know each child, teaching them loving them and experiencing so much joy with each of them.  The cherry on top?  I have equally enjoyed getting to know each of you as fellow parents and as friends.  Thank you!

This week if full of all kinds of amazing crazy fun!  On Monday we will enjoy some fun science with Mr. Levi and Mrs. O’Loughlin’s class.  We will also be practicing for the closing program.  All the activities are planned by the preschoolers so each day is a surprise!  

Monday and Tuesday are SHARE Days!  

Chapel is on Wednesday!

We have one last Science with Mrs. LeBlanc on Friday morning.  It’s sure to be an explosive and sticky amount of fun(hint, hint)!

Our Closing Parties are on Thursday and Friday at 10:30.  Parents and family are invited to attend!
Mrs. Krantz
important Information

2014-2015 Closing Program and Graduation
Thursday, May 21
Concordia Lutheran Church
A short reception will follow
In the Lower Level of the church.


5/18             Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
5/21                  Preschool Graduation and Closing Program 6:30pm

5/18                  SHARE Day
5/19                  SHARE Day
5/21                  Last Day (T/Th) Party 10:30am

5/22                 Last Day (M/W/F and 5 Day) 10:30am

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Our last week is Preschooler’s Choice!!  By request we will have marble tubes, baby dolls, water in the sensory table and so much more!  It was also requested that we have SHARE day “two days in a row!”  How could I say no?!  So…Monday and Wednesday is SHARE 

Monday is our last science with Mr. Levi and Wednesday is our last chapel time.  

Closing program and graduation!  
Mark your calendars!  Our closing program and graduation is Thursday May 21st at 6:30pm at the church.  A simple reception will follow in the lower level. 

Last day of school party!!!  
We are having a luau!  All family is invited to join us for this very fun last day of preschool!  
The party is Friday, May 22nd from 10:30am-11:30am.  Sign up for party items are posted in the lobby! 

I cannot thank you all enough for this wonderful year!  Allowing us to be a part of your precious children’s lives has been an honor and a privilege!  I am excited to see the amazing places and the amazing things God has in store for each and every one of these 

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
5/18 Science with Mr. Levi
5/18 AND 5/20 SHARE Day
5/20 Chapel
5/21 Closing Program and Graduation - 6:30pm
5/22 Last day of preschool—Luau!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Little Artists - Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. O'Loughlin

Being the Hands and Feet of Jesus - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had three preschoolers quite concerned about the state of the sidewalks as we walked over to the church. During centers we decided to be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving our community and beautifying our preschool neighborhood.

They were very proud that they filled an entire bag!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Painting Outside - Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Eld

Today, both classes enjoyed chapel with Mr. Wilson.  Thanks so much Mr. Wilson for sharing about how Paul loved the Lord so much and shared the good news in many ways!  Both classes also were hard at work practicing for the closing program.  Only one week away!!!

Miss Holly came for one last Art class with us.  We enjoyed painting outside and we met a wonderful artist named Claude.  Claude had some funny facial hair, but also shared with us many things he learned from his art teacher when he was in preschool.  Claude, and his facial hair, was a hit among the preschoolers!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Time Leaves - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we read two special books that two special preschoolers brought!  One was about the Octonauts and a Colossal Squid and the other was about Cinderella.  If your preschooler would like to share one book, please have he or she bring it!  

We are busy practicing and getting ready for our closing program.  It's just one week away!  

Papa Ken brought in a bunch of different type so leaves and shared them with us.  He talked all about what leaves are for, why some leaves are different and what the veins do.  The preschoolers found it very interesting and enjoyed taking a closer look at springtime leaves!

Sealed, Stamped and Mailed - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We went on our field trip to the post office today! Post Master Tony led us all over upstairs, downstairs and outside showing us how our mail gets to us. It was a very educational field trip for the parents too!

We mailed our special letters to our special family and friends, rode in a awesome elevator...twice and hopped on the giant scale. These preschoolers weighed in at 477.0 pounds!! We were told that's too much to mail anywhere!

I can't wait to hear all about when those special letters are received and who gets one in return!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Watching the Garden - Mrs. Krantz

Today we enjoyed a special book about the Solar System that one of our preschool friends brought to class.  All the preschoolers in Mrs. Krantz's classes are encouraged and invited to pick out one book to share with the class during these last two weeks!  

We headed over to the church to start practicing for the program on the 21st.  It is a really fun evening devoted to celebrating our year together!

Watching the garden next door has been a favorite activity for this bunch of preschoolers.  We've noticed a fence going up and ground tilled.  Today we saw Papa Ken was busy working in his garden.  The preschoolers crowded at the fence to watch him at work.  Lots of questions about gardening were asked and Papa Ken was happy to answer.  We also noticed some flowers had bloomed near the sandbox and they had very tall stems!

There are several sign up sheets in the lobby for upcoming celebrations.  Check them out and sign up as you are able!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

This is really the final countdown for the year. There are so many fun things we have yet to do in our last (FOUR!) days together. 

On Thursday we will have a group birthday party for all of us with summer birthdays. Mrs. 
Wilson will supply the cupcakes!

We continue to touch on community helpers with a brief introduction to first responders 
(fire fighters, police officers etc.) as we also enjoy some of the preschoolers’ activities of 
choice at centers time.    

This week we will practice our closing program songs at the church! I can’t wait for you to 
hear them sing and sign our song! 

In worship we continue learning about Paul and how his whole life was given over to teaching others about the love of Jesus.

Art with Miss Holly on Thursday will have us fresh air easel painting in the yard! Fun! 

Important information

Thursday May 21st.  Outside as weather permits.  Families and siblings very welcome to join us!!!

Mark Your Calendar for May 21st 6:30 pm. This is our Preschool Graduation and Closing 
Program to be held at Concordia Lutheran Church. A short simple reception will follow in 
the lower level. 

5/12   Chapel
5/14   ~Summer birthday party,
          ~Art with Miss Holly
5/21   ~Last day of preschool Party at 10:30
5/21   Graduation and Closing program at 6:30

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

We are ending off the year with all kinds of fabulous fun!  This week on Monday Officer McNannay will be visiting to share about being a police officer.  This is always a lot of fun for the preschoolers as they are able to ask any question they have about the job and they get to see the police car!  Pretty amazing.  Tuesday we have Chapel at the church with Mr. Wilson, as Pastor Tim is still out of town.  Mr. Wilson is married to Mrs. Wilson, one of our teachers downstairs.   Thursday and Friday we will have one last art session with Miss Holly.  If the weather cooperates it will be outdoor painting!  Friday we will also enjoy Science with Mrs. LeBlanc.  The preschoolers are taking charge of the other planning and we will be ready to accommodate their plans.  If your preschooler has a favorite book he or she would like to share in the next two weeks, please bring it!

Our worship time continues with learning about how God worked in Paul's life.  Paul shared the love of Jesus with many people, and we can too!

Our T/Th class will be having their end of the year party on Thursday, May 21.  It is a rainbow themed party!  There will be a sign up list for items needed for the party in the lobby.  

Out M/W/F class will be having a Luau for their end of the year party on Friday, May 22.  Again, there will be a sign up sheet for items needed in the lobby.

Both parties are from 10:30am-11:30am and all family is welcome to celebrate as we close out of year together.  

Mark your calendar for May 21 at 6:30pm.  This will be our Preschool Graduation and Closing Program held at the church.  A short, simple reception will follow in the lower level.   There is a sign up sheet for this celebration too!

Mrs. Krantz

5/11  Police Officer Visit
5/12  Chapel
5/15  Science and Art
5/18  SHARE Day
5/19  SHARE Day
5/20  Chapel
5/21  Rainbow Party 10:30am
5/21  Closing Program and Graduation 6:30pm
5/22  Luau 10:30am

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Here we go…last 2 weeks!  Monday we are getting a visit from a very special, very important helper in our community!  Officer McNanny is going to talk to the preschoolers about what it’s like to be a police officer.  He will answer any “police” questions they may have AND give a tour of his police car!  What a special morning this will be!

Practice for our closing program starts this week!  The preschoolers already know their songs very well, so we’ll take the show over to the church and practice in the sanctuary.  I’m so excited for you to see your adorable kiddos!

The Story in worship continues with Paul.  We will learn how Paul served God the rest of his life by sharing the good news of Jesus and how God wants us to share Jesus too!

Miss Holly will be here on Friday for some outside easel painting!  Next week will be “Preschooler’s Choice”!  As a group, the preschoolers will make a list of all the things they want to do during their last week of preschool.  I’m so glad I have these preschoolers to 
help me plan!

Post office field trip!  We are headed to the post office on Wednesday, May 13th, 9:45am-11am.  Be sure to get permission slips in and if you are able to drive and have not already done so, there is a signup sheet in the classroom.

Closing program and graduation!  Mark your calendars!  Our closing program and graduation is Thursday May 21st at 6:30pm at the church.  A simple reception will follow in the lower level. 

Last day of school party!!!  We are having a luau!  All family is invited to join us for this very fun last day of preschool!  The party is Friday, May 22nd from 10:30am-11:30am.  Sign up for party items will be posted soon! 
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

5/11 Police Officer visit
5/13 Field trip to Post Office
5/18 Science with Mr. Levi
5/20 Chapel
5/21 Closing Program and Graduation - 6:30pm
5/22 Last day of preschool—Luau!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wishing Cakes - Mrs. Krantz

Today we made wishing cakes!  This was above all, the favorite part of our day.  Perhaps your child gobbled up his/hers for lunch.  What fun we have had with our book this week!  Cardboard cars went home as did telescopes.  We worked hard on special gifts that will be opened on Sunday for Mother's Day!  I'm sure you can hardly wait to open them!

SSHHH... It's a Surprise! - Mrs. Wilson

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!
(And always a lot of good times with great preschoolers and their families!)

Spring is in the air and special days are coming... You can feel it in the preschool energy! Our preschoolers were really enjoying friends and open play today at centers. The day was also filled with finishing special surprises. These went home in bags with strict instruction not to open until Sunday!

Shhh, it's a surprise. (oh, and don't forget to tune in to KQQQ am radio tomorrow morning at 6:30am or 8:30am for a special Mother's Day greeting!)

We enjoyed a visiting preschooler today who joined in as one of the group, easy as can be :-). We had a birthday with cupcakes, lovely outside time, practice time with our special closing ceremony song, and did i say a lot of end if the year energy!?!

We just love these preschoolers and all the joy and passion they bring! I could never say it enough, but thank you for sharing them with us here at preschool.

Have a great spring weekend, and...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Party Planners - Mrs. Krantz

Our normal activities took a break today as we planned and executed a surprise party for our college volunteer Danica.  Of course we still went to chapel and heard from Papa Ken as he shared about Saul becoming Paul and all the things Paul did as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Thanks Papa Ken for filling in while Pastor Tim is gone!

When we returned we were in full party mode.  We hung up streamers and balloons, we practiced shouting "SURPRISE!" and we set the tables to make sure everything was ready.  The preschoolers planned that we would have a cake, a stuffed monkey, flowers, fruits and veggies, someone would give a speech and we would play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  If you ever need a party planner, ask this class!  

Danica was so surprised  and excited.  It just happened to have been her birthday two days ago, we we added 21 candles to the cake and sang Happy Birthday!

I love that the preschoolers wanted to do so much to thank Danica for her time with us.  You have wonderful children!

A Special Delivery! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started with chapel with Papa Ken! Papa Ken told us all about Paul and how he told others about Jesus by writing letters!

We got back to our classroom and decided to write a letter to ourselves! After addressing the envelope and putting the stamp on we walked out to the mailbox. We'll definitely be checking that on Friday!

Centers time was filled with special writings and drawings and finishing up of projects for our very special mommies!

The beautiful sun was shining down and called us outside. Wonderful imaginative play with husbands going to game night, kids having sleep overs and a store selling drinks for $3 filled the backyard.

When we got back downstairs we had a special delivery at the door. It was for the preschoolers!! How exciting it is to get mail!

Reminder: If you have not done so, please bring in an addressed, stamped envelope. The preschoolers will be writing letters that will be mailed on our post office field trip!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Radio KQQQ - Mrs. Wilson

Radio KQQQ!
(Tune in Wednesday morning for a special recorded broadcast!!!)

What a great field trip we had to the radio station today! Our Local newscaster (and Preschool dad) Evan Ellis was a wonderful host, teaching us how the news and music are brought to us via our local radio station. We saw the big radio tower outside and then went in to see A LOT of computer electronic components that are responsible for sending the radio voices and sounds to the tower, which then sends it to our radios for our listening pleasure. There were several rooms with microphones and foam padding for echo control. The preschoolers got to shout hello and listen for the echo… it didn’t come! We heard radio music from their country station and some from the 80s station. Then we went to the room where the news is broadcast. Computers and microphones were everywhere. We saw a neat chart that was the commercial schedule, and even got a quick listen to the police scanner that helps the news reporters know what is happening around town.

The highlight was when each preschooler got to speak into the BIG microphone and record their name! The smiles were priceless when their voices were then played back for all to hear. We all recorded a special greeting surprise… You can hear it on the radio! The preschooler voices will be broadcast on the news station tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at both 6:30 and 8:30 AM. Listeners will hear firsthand from each junior broadcaster. Then, this FRIDAY at 6:30 and 8:30 our very own preschoolers have a special message for their moms that will come to you via the airwaves!! Be sure to tune in to Radio KQQQ AM 1150!!

So much fun to see and hear just how it works. Now when we tune in our radios, we have some understanding of where it is coming from and how it comes to us.

Thank you, thank you to Mr. Ellis and our friends at KQQQ.

Wishing Stories - Mrs. Krantz

What fun wishing is!  Zuzu, the main character in our book this week, is teaching us a lot about wishing.  We are also learning about making all kinds of creative things.  Today we made paper purses, cardboard cars and telescopes just to name a few.   As a class, we wrote a story about wishing preschoolers.  Individually they each wrote and illustrated a journal about what they would wish for as a grown up.  They are fabulous wishes!  Please take time to read them!

The new addition in the backyard was thoroughly enjoyed today.  The two teepees were full of activity the entire time outside!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wishing - Mrs. Krantz

What a wonderful wishing day!  We had so much fun checking out our science project from last Friday.  Ask your preschooler what they saw.  Then we dove into our book, "Zuzu's Wishing Cake."  They adored this book and all of the creative things that Zuzu did.  She also found a way to reach out to a new neighbor and be a friend, even though they didn't speak the same language!

Our time outside was wonderful and the new teepees in the backyard were a major hit.  Take a look in the backyard if you haven't had a chance.  We decided it was so nice outside that we had snack in the backyard too!

Worship was full of STOP and GO as we heard the story our Saul becoming Paul and all the things Paul did to share the love of Jesus.

Instead of centers today, we decided to go on a wishing candle hunt.  We were so excited to find "The Land of Wishing Candles."  Ask your preschooler about it!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

This week we are going to dig into the book “Zuzu’s Wishing Cake” by Linda Michelin.  This is a wonderful book about creativity and making friends.  Your child will never look at dandelions the same way again!  They will be busy creating fabulous things out of some of the same supplies Zuzu uses in the book.  We will go on a dandelion hunt, as long as the weather forecast is correct!  Writing prompts this week will be about wishes.  If you have extra paper grocery bags, pop bottle lids and boxes of any size, we would be happy to take them from you for use this week!

Our worship time this week is about Paul, formerly known as Saul.  We will hear how God worked amazing things through the life of Paul even when he had made some choices that hurt people.  Chapel is on Wednesday and Papa Ken will be leading it this week!  Parents are always welcome to join us.

We are getting ready for our Last Day of Preschool Parties.  If you would like to help organize the festivities on your preschooler’s last day, please let me know ASAP.  The party starts at 10:30am and will include games, crafts, treats and lots of fun!

Mark your calendar for May 21 at 6:30pm.  This will be our Preschool Graduation and Closing Program held at the church.  A short, simple reception will follow in the lower level.
Mrs. Krantz

 important Information

With the sun shining, please feel free to apply sunscreen to your child before preschool.  Sun hats are also welcome! 

Many thanks to Jerry and Nancy (congregation members at Concordia) for putting up 2 teepees in the back playground!  We are so excited to play in them!!!  Make sure to take a look!

5/4, 11 ,18         Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
5/21                  Preschool Graduation and Closing Program 6:30pm

5/18                  SHARE Day
5/19                  SHARE Day
5/21                  Last Day (T/Th) Party 
5/22                  Last Day (M/W/F, 5 Day) Party

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

I have said this before, but every single preschooler has grown so much throughout this year and a huge way to measure this growth is looking at their handwriting!  Our last three 
weeks will be focused on letter writing.  As a class we will write a letter to ourselves and mail it to ourselves!  How exciting it’s going to be when that letter arrives in the mail.  To go along with the excitement of receiving mail, I’m asking each preschooler to bring in a stamped, 
addressed envelope to a family member or friend.  We will write letters to these people in class and then mail them when we go on our Post Office filed trip.  My intent is to start a pen pal for each preschooler to hopefully correspond with throughout the summer!

In worship we will hear the story of Paul and discover how God used Paul to share the love of Jesus.  Paul did not always make the right choices but God loved him all the time!  

Last day of school party!!!  If you are able to help coordinate crafts, food and games with a few other parents please let me know ASAP!!!  The party is Friday, May 22nd from 10:30am-11:30am. 

Post office field trip!  We are headed to the post office on Wednesday, May 13th, 9:45am-11am.  Be sure to get permission slips in and if you are able to drive and have not already done so, there is a signup sheet in the classroom.

Closing program and graduation!  Mark your calendars!  Our closing program and graduation is Thursday May 21st at 6:30pm at the church.  A simple reception will follow in the lower level.

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
5/13 Field trip to Post Office
5/21 Closing Program and Graduation - 6:30pm
5/22 Last day of preschool