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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Loving Life with Ladybugs - Mrs. Wilson

Ladybug ladybug are you going to stay?
On my way out from preschool this afternoon, guess what? I saw two ladybugs on a tree! I choosing to believe they were from among the ladies we set free last week! In any case, they seem to like living in the yard. Hooray!

Today we finished up our ladybug unit. We made the cutest ladybugs to complete the lifecycle charts. Yup, each on had 6 legs and 2 antennae, though we only made the outer wings, so our imaginations can allow for the inner flying wings for sure. As soon as they were done, preschoolers promptly started flying them around the circle rug! A very fine response to having newly made ladybugs in hand!! We didn’t have the heart to glue them to the lifecycle chart incase your preschooler wants to fly them again… so we just taped them instead so you can make the call. 

Ladybug garden rocks and ladybug lifecycle pages with poems and songs were decorated and went home today for you to keep the ladybug love a comin’! The magnets are still drying to come home next week. Some preschoolers also made ladybug number lines for counting and enjoying. Is there any end to the fun we can have with ladybugs? We even had a few ladybug princesses among us for a while! A favorite for some was more time spent in scientific observation of our ladybug habitat. There are still a few Pupa left, but many ladybugs have emerged. Please stop in the lobby and take a look at the observation drawings. They were well-observed and carefully drawn to show what we could see. 

Preschoolers were caught up in our worship story when we discovered that a sad thing almost happened when some followers told the children they could not go see Jesus. A lot of smiling faces shone when we found out that Jesus heard that “no” and said, “YES! Let them come to me!!!” The children with Jesus and around our circle were much relieved and very happy that Jesus invites the children to come to him ALWAYS! Jesus truly does love the little children of the world. I am glad I we can all be like children and come to Him. 

I was so glad so many of you were able to sign up to come to the field trip on Tuesday. In May we will spend a bit of time learning more about our community helpers. We have one of our own students’ Dad leading the way as a News reporter on the radio. After regular drop off and some learning time, we will have snack at school and head out. We leave preschool at 10:15 and head for the station. How fun to see how the radio news is brought to the local Pullman Moscow area via this station. If you are coming, please arrive back at preschool by 10:05. We want to be there by 10:30.

Have a GREAT weekend!

SHARE Day! - Mrs. Krantz

SHARE Day was just as fun as it always is.  The preschoolers loved talking about their diverse items and then playing with them later in the day.  We will have one more SHARE Day before these last 3 weeks are over.

We spent some time acting out the nursery rhyme, "Little Bo Peep."  We also created fluffy white sheep with finger paints.  The "What If" table became a magician table today with many disappearing acts.  We cut out hearts with children in the center to help us remember that Jesus loves children!

Be sure you calendar is marked for May 21 at 6:30pm.  Our Closing Program and Graduation will be held at that time and it is a wonderfully fun event.  A short reception will follow.  There will be a sign up sheet of food items to bring for the reception is you would like to contribute to the cause!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ladybugs are Out! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our ladybugs have emerged from the pupas!!! We talked about how ladybugs go through a metamorphosis! Some of our preschoolers realized that's what happens to a butterfly too! Such smart entomologists.

Looking closely at the ladybug, an ant and a butterfly we realized that these insects have 3 distinct body parts. We learned a song to help us remember. See if your preschooler can sing it to you. (Hunt: The tune is to Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes)

This class is full of actors who love reenacting stories! Today's production was "Let the Children Come to Me"! We had multiple encores so everyone could play all the parts! Ask your preschooler what their favorite roll to play was!

What Happened to the Squirrel? - Mrs. Krantz

Today was an incredible fun day, full of thinking and adventure.  Let me just say, if you hear a story about a squirrel, it is true.  It was a first for me as a preschool teacher!  

We have a new table in our Dramatic Play area and I call it 'The What If Table."  Each day, it can become whatever the preschooler think would be good.  Today the question that one preschool thought of was "What if we had a nail salon?"  So we got out paint brushes, popsicles sticks for files and water for polish and got to work!  Mrs. Barrington and I both had our nails done several times, as did many of the preschoolers.  I must say, having a child paint your nails with water is quite relaxing!  I had to laugh when they kept telling me to hold still!

The preschoolers also brought out the pipettes and asked for water and salt.  I asked if they would like food coloring as well, and they agreed.  They came up with their own experiment, watching how water and salt mixed and how the color spread.  Then they added cotton balls to see if they would float.  then they took cotton balls and dropped water slowly on each ball to see what would happen.   I love the minds of these children!  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Beauti-FULL Day - Mrs. Wilson

A Beauti-FULL Day!

This gorgeous Tuesday was so packed full if fun we almost ran out of time to fit it all in! It seems like the countdown is going so fast. Every moment and activity with our preschoolers feels so precious.

Chapel was a lot of fun with Pastor Tim.  After some great singing and learning a lovely new song, he encouraged us to always remember that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and that He loves us very much!

Back at circle we enjoyed hearing about each others' share items. It is a lot if fun to see the joy they have in sharing their important treasures with the class. Mrs. Wilson's share was the AWESOME evidence of God's great creation in action...

That is... some if our adult ladybugs had come out from the pupa skin last night, and there they were full grown and hungry!

We saw some pupa skins still hanging on the side, some still awaiting their change, and some ladies crawling all around! During snack (outside picnic style) Mrs Eld fed plump raisins to our insects. We have some neat scientific drawings in the lobby too!

Finally, we had a visit from Ms Nancy who showed us how her spinning wheel works. We all got a piece of clean and dyed wool to hand spin, and everyone enjoyed a turn at treadling the wheel!
Thank you Ms Nancy!

A wonderful day full of many good things!

Spinning Wheel - Mrs. Krantz

We had so much fun today, but the top of the list was the visit from Miss Nancy and her spinning wheel.  The preschoolers each got their own piece of wool to twist and make into a piece of yarn.  Each of them had a chance to use their feet to make the wheel spin.  Many questions were asked and it was amazing to see just how a piece of cleaned wool becomes yarn!  Many thanks to Nancy for sharing her time and talent with us!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ladybugs are Symmetrical - Mrs. O' Loughlin

We started our day by discovering the symmetry that comes along with ladybugs! Armed with a symmetry test tool (a piece of string) we searched all over our classroom for other symmetrical things! Ask your preschooler what they found!

The preschoolers loved the book The Grouchy Ladybug! They thought it was so silly how the ladybug kept looking for bigger creatures throughout the story. After we were done reading it we looked closely at the pictures. They weren't drawn or painted, they were ripped pieces of paper put together! During centers the preschoolers created a ladybug using this method. The results were beautiful. And now our ladybug life cycle diagram is complete!!

Worship time was about the little children coming to Jesus! Ask your preschooler what game we played and how that was like the disciples and the little children.

Little Bo Peep - Mrs. Krantz

Our morning started out a little bit different than normal since poor Mrs. Barrington had a flat tire on her way to preschool, but we had fun doing something a little bit different.  While we waited for everyone to arrive, we listened to a book and practiced predicting what might happen on the next page.  Our book had wonderful clues in the illustrations that helped us made good predictions.  It was so much fun!

Later, we met Little Bo Peep and found out she had lost her sheep!  They were lost somewhere in the classroom.  Thankfully, the preschooler helped out our new friend and brought the sheep back.  But those sheep just couldn't stay with their shepherd!  They kept getting lost!  What good sheep finders the preschoolers are!

During centers we shear sheep (shaving cream on balloons), made sheep prints, painted pastures with bubble wrap, planted rows of crops, built barns and continued to work on a very special woodworking project!

What a special treat it was to have Papa Ken chat with us about taking care of sheep.  He was a shepherd himself and the preschoolers had lots of questions about shearing the sheep.  Are they cold?  Does it hurt?  Why do they need their wool cut?  So many wonderful questions!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Onward with Ladybugs! We’ve had a lot of fun observing and learning about ladybugs. This week, we will finish up the lifecycle with the amazing metamorphosis from pupa to full-grown ladybug. We will do scientific drawing and more creative writing. We’ll also enjoy some ladybug facts and finalize our KLW chart (what we know, what we learned, and what we want to find out). I look forward to hearing all we have learned by now!

Tuesday we’ll have a quick break to welcome a friend bringing her spinning wheel to show us how wool is spun into yarn. Fun!!

In worship we set our hearts on Jesus and enjoy how much He loves children and wants them to come to him freely! He even invites us to be like children trusting Him with all our hearts. 

We say goodbye April and (yikes!) prepare to enter MAY!!!
Mrs. Wilson

Important information

Mark Your Calendar for May 21st 6:30 pm. This is our Preschool Graduation and Closing Program to be held at Concordia Lutheran Church. A short simple reception will follow in the lower level. 

4/28    Chapel
4/28    Share Day
5/21     Graduation and Closing program at 6:30
5/21 Last day of preschool

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

Little Bo Peep will be very popular in our classroom this week!  We will learn the nursery rhyme and be on the lookout for hiding sheep.  Who knows, some preschoolers might become the wandering flock.  We will be on the lookout for some robust vocabulary such as flock, staff and wagging.  It’s sure to be a silly, fun filled week.  We will continue to learn more about planting crops too, and we will work on a very special song. 

Tuesday and Friday will be very special with the visit of a very nice lady who will bring her spinning wheel along.  Each preschoolers will learn about how yarn is made and will have the chance to use the wheel!  Very exciting! 

Science is on Friday as always!  Thanks to Mrs. LeBlanc, our amazing Science Teacher.

SHARE Day is Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Always an exciting day.

Our worship time will be focused on how Jesus loves the children.  This is a wonderful account of how Jesus embraces children and loves them.  I pray that each of your children, and you as well, feel the powerful and loving embrace of Jesus!  Chapel is on Tuesday at 9:15am.  Parents are always welcome to come worship with us!

Mark your calendar for May 21 at 6:30pm.  This will be our Preschool Graduation and Closing Program held at the church.  A short, simple reception will follow in the lower level.
Mrs. Krantz

important Information

Thank you to those who attended our field trip last week!  We had a fabulous time!

With the sun shining, please feel free to apply sunscreen to your child before preschool.  Sun hats are also welcome! 

4/27                 Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
5/4,11,18         Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
5/21                  Preschool Graduation and Closing Program 6:30pm

4/28                 Chapel
4/28                 Spinning Wheel
4/29                 SHARE DAY
4/30                SHARE Day

5/1                    Science and Spinning Wheel

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

We will be wrapping up our ladybug unit this week!  A closer look will reveal the symmetry given to these tiny insects.  While taking that closer look, we will also discover what makes an insect an insect.  The metamorphosis an insect goes through in the lifecycle is one way and also the division of 3 distinct body parts.  Preschoolers will be adding to their robust vocabulary this week!  We should also see some adult ladybugs emerging from the pupa any day now!

Jesus loves the little children!  In worship time we will hear how the disciples tried to keep the children away from Jesus.  Our Bible verse will focus on Jesus’ words “Let the little 
children come to me.  Don’t keep them away.  The kingdom of heaven belongs to people like them.” Matthew 19:14

Friday is a busy, super fun day!  It’s SHARE day!  We also have our un-birthday celebration for all our summer birthdays!   And we are getting a visit from Miss Nancy and her spinning wheel!    

Our field trip to the Post Office is scheduled for Wednesday May 13th.  We will leave the preschool at 9:45am and arrive back by 11am.  Snack will be provided that day! Permission 
slips are in your mailboxes and a sign-up for parent drivers is in the classroom.  Siblings are more than welcome!

I can hardly believe we are down to our last 4 weeks of preschool!  This year has gone by so fast and not a day passes that I don’t thank God for blessing me with such an amazing 
group of kiddos to spend my mornings with.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your children’s lives.

Blessings on your upcoming week!   
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
5/1 SHARE Day
5/1 Un-birthday celebration!
5/13 Field trip to Post Office
5/21 Closing Program and Graduation - 6:30pm
5/22 Last day of preschool

Thursday, April 23, 2015

From Larvae to Pupa, and Pupa to....??? - Mrs. Wilson

What a wonder is the life cycle of the ladybug! Today we went from what we had learned about egg hatching and larva, on to how the larva, after growing bigger, finds a place to attach and get ready for a big change. After attaching, it then enters the pupa stage. This pupa attaches and stays in place with a shell on the outside while an amazing secret miracle is happening inside… A total change…  a transformation… IT IS METAMORPHOSIS! We all curled up in our pupa stage, and are hoping that on Monday we can emerge as something totally new and very special! 

The great thing is that our ladybug habitat had this very thing going on! Many larvae were attaching and entering the pupa stage! The preschoolers really enjoyed the live observation. We talked about it, read about it and even acted it out. Then a lot of our preschoolers came up with some awesome questions for our chart. These young minds are really engaging in the scientific process! We will continue to read, observe and search for answers!

In worship time, we continued the conversation about the Holy Spirit coming to the followers of Jesus at Pentecost. We talked about that flame of fire and how the Holy Spirit not only rested on the disciples’ heads, but also came into their hearts. This made all the difference! They were even able to speak in languages they had never known before. Languages that all the visitors from afar could understand in their own language. Because of this, many believed the truth about Jesus and were also changed because of Him. Because of the Holy Spirit in them, followers of Jesus also go through a type of metamorphosis. Changed because of Jesus!  Forgiven and made ready to tell the world about His good news!!!

Finally, we jumped ahead (for the moment) to the full grown ladybugs in our classroom. We brought them outside, and set some of them free to live in our yard!  What fun we had letting them crawl on us and seeing some of them open the outer wings and use their inner wings to fly away. They didn’t fly far though. We discovered that they do indeed tickle on our skin and that they are all different with different spots. Our poem of the day truly expressed our thoughts as we enjoyed them outside in their new habitat:

Ladybug ladybug, how are you today? 
Ladybug ladybug, are you going to stay?
Ladybug ladybug, or will you fly away?

Thank You Dugger Farms! - Mrs. Krantz

We had a fabulous time on our field trip this morning!  Here are a few pictures to share what we did!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Trash Pick Up - Mrs. Krantz

What a fun day we had!  Chapel started our morning off right and then we dove into the rest of our day.  We worked to use our listening skills by each having a prop from  the songs we have been learning and listening for the name of our prop when it was sung in the song.  When the preschoolers heard it, they held up their prop.  They asked to do this over and over again, trading props and listening closely.

Celebrating Earth Day, we help clean up God's beautiful creation by going on a trash pick up around the preschool and church.  We collected three bags of garbage!  The preschoolers enjoyed being trash hunters and helping clean things up.  They are great helpers!

Stage 2: Larvae - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We observed stage 2 of the ladybug life cycle today: larvae. Magnifying glasses helped us to see that larvae are a "golden, yellowy, orangey" color with some black. Larvae go through a molting process. Ask your preschooler what that means! The preschoolers drew what they saw and then added it to our giant life cycle diagram in our classroom. Please come in and take a look!

Today is Earth Day! After snack, instead of throwing our trash in the garbage, it was placed in a bin. At the carpet we saw how much trash we had just from one snack! As a group we came up with other ways to use the trash...a paper clip holder, applesauce bowl and cup were some of the ideas! We also used this trash to paint and created some wonderful process art!

The breeze was chilly but that didn't stop us from enjoying this beautiful sunny day. Dandelions were picked by the handfuls and made into fabulous bouquets, a few bugs were discovered and some fantastic imaginative play went on in our playhouse.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ladybug Eggs and Larvae! - Mrs. Eld

We began our day by review the anatomy of a ladybug that we learned about last week. With everyone’s help, we remembered that they had 2 wings on each side (because they were symmetrical), 6 legs, and 2 antennae that they use for smell, taste and feeling.

Then we began to learn about the ladybug life cycle. We focused on the first two stages: egg and larvae. The preschoolers began to make their own life cycle charts. We cut out leaves and painted on the eggs and we added six legs to the larvae while adding black splotches. Some even made Ladybug larvae out of play dough. We also observed that the ladybug larvae we have in the classroom began to hang on the sides of our ladybug habitat. Maybe by the time we come back, they will be in the next phase of their lifecycle-pupae!

At Worship we learned that Jesus left a gift to his disciples, the gift of the Holy Spirit. It first appeared as a flame above the disciples head and then they were able to tell others about Jesus. We too have the gift of the Holy Spirit in us to help us tell others about Jesus. There was lots of giggling when we put paper flames above our heads every time the word Holy Spirit or flame was said in the lesson since it was A LOT of times.

Inch By Inch, Row by Row - Mrs. Krantz

The preschoolers have been learning a song about planting seeds "Inch by Inch, Row by Row."  Our entry task included "planting" inch by inch and row by row.  One of the pictures below shows what our gardens looked like when finished.

During centers time, some preschoolers drew a panoramic view of a farm.  It was quite incredible!  We enjoyed using our deck to expand our centers opportunities and space.

The end of the day was one of our favorites as we read a book called "Dora's Eggs."  The preschoolers adore this book!  Perhaps they can share the story with you!

Our field trip to the Dugger Farm is on Thursday.  Please wear study shoes for climbing machinery.  If it rains tomorrow, be prepared for mud.  Jackets, sunscreen and sun hats would be appropriate.  Snack is provided!  We will leave at 9:15am and return by 11:25am.

Monday, April 20, 2015

What Does a Farmer Do? - Mrs. Krantz

Our morning started out with a great conversation about what farmers do.  We made a list that included planting seeds, taking care of animals, collecting eggs, milking cows and more.  Farmers are certainly hard working, busy people!  We sang a song about a farmer's work.  There were some wonderful robust words that we talked about,  Some of those words were dawn, heap, sow, harvest, and shear.  What great words!

The warm weather beckoned the bubbles to come out and play.  Thousands of bubbles filled the backyard while others made dandelion salad.  It was so fun to see the kids take the chalk and use the flyswatter and "grate" the chalk like parmesan cheese on the salad!

Worship was all about the Holy Spirit and what happened at Pentecost.  It involves a big wind and tongues of fire.  Ask your preschooler about it!

Flames! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

The first stage in the life cycle of the ladybug is eggs! The eggs are laid on a leaf and are one color. 5 days later they turn a different color. Ask your preschooler those colors!

Our live ladybugs arrived and much time was spent watching these hundreds of ladybugs crawl around. Some observations included "I see one that's still orange! "That one doesn't have spots!" "These ones are all together. They're sleeping!"

The preschoolers were a part the of telling of our worship story today. Every time the words Holy Spirit were read, the flames were held up above our heads. Just like the followers of Jesus in the story! The Holy Spirit filled their lives and they traveled everywhere telling people about Jesus. The preschoolers let me know that they can tell people about Jesus too!

We ended our day with a math race game! Ask your preschooler about it!

Reminder- Chapel is Wednesday!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

This week we will be learning about farmers and all the work they do!  A farmer works from dawn ‘til dusk and we will have fun learning some new robust vocabulary.  A song will also help us learn about all the work needed to be accomplished on a farm.  Some of our work during centers time will also focus on what we are learning in our worship time. 

Our worship focus is on the 3rd person in the Trinity, the Holy Spirit and what happened on Pentecost.  We will have some wonderful artwork as we explore and wonder about this incredible event in the church and the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Chapel is on Wednesday at the church.

Thursday is our field trip the Dugger Farm.  We will enjoy all kinds of farm machinery and equipment.

Mark your calendar for May 21 at 6:30pm.  This will be our Preschool Graduation and Closing Program held at the church.  A short, simple reception will follow in the lower level.
Mrs. Krantz
important Information

Thank you to those who attended our field trip last week!  We had a fabulous time!

April 23 – Field Trip to Dugger Farms 
M/W/F Families are welcome to join!  Please wear boots and dress for the weather.  We will leave at 9:15am and return at 11:25am.  Snack is provided.  We need parent drivers.  Please sign up on the sheet at the top of the stairs.

4/20, 27           Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
5/21                  Preschool Graduation and Closing Program 6:30pm

4/22                 Chapel
4/23                 Field Trip to Dugger Farms
4/28                 Chapel
4/30                SHARE Day
5/1                    SHARE Day

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Ladybug learning continues this week with looking at the lifecycle of the ladybug.  Thanks to the ladybug viewing dome, we will be able to get a firsthand look at each of the phases.  We’ll use our observation skills to draw and describe what is going on in each stage. 

Our handwriting books will be used quite a bit this week as we continue to practice writing our numbers.  We’ll also focus on the letter Bb and writing the High Five words.  It’s amazing to see the growth in handwriting from the beginning of the year till now.  The 
preschoolers are choosing to write their own words and the question “how do you spell that?” is heard often! 

Worship time will focus on the power of the Holy Spirit!  Many of Jesus’ followers were together when the Holy Spirit came upon them.  They were amazed that they could speak and understand one another even though they spoke different languages.  The Holy Spirit was living in those people and we will discover that the Holy Spirit can live in each one of us! Chapel with Pastor Tim is on Wednesday!  Parents and siblings are welcome to join us for worship over at Concordia church at 9:15am!

Outside time is definitely a favorite part of our preschooler’s day.  With the beautiful sun shining down on us, please remember to apply sunscreen to those little noses before school!

Blessings on your upcoming week!   
Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
4/22 Chapel
5/1 SHARE Day
5/1 Un-birthday celebration!
TBD Field trip to Post Office
5/21 Closing Program and Graduation—6:30pm
5/22 Last day of preschool

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hello Preschool - Mrs. Krantz

This morning was so much fun!  The preschoolers had so much to share and talk about.  It is so fun to enter into conversation with these kids.  Each conversation is unique!

After having some preschool chat time, we turned to what was planned and listened to the poem, "Hello Farm."  We took that idea and created our own poem "Hello Preschool."  First we made a things in preschool.  Then we turned that list into a poem following the pattern of "Hello Farm."  Lastly, we read the poem and posted it!  

Worship time was full of joyful singing and hearing how Jesus taught using stories.  Maybe your preschooler can remember what we call those stories.  We heard the story of the Good Samaritan.  Ask your preschooler what they use to be kind and help the hurt man.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ladybugs Taste With What? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

At morning circle, oranges were passed out to the preschoolers.  As a group, they smelled the oranges with their noses and tasted the oranges with their tongues.  This made us wonder, how do ladybugs smell and taste?  Ask your preschooler if they know!  We smelled and tasted the oranges again, but this time, as ladybugs!  Giggles erupted from circle time as this was very silly to our preschoolers!

An amazing woodworking project began today!  The preschoolers were thrilled to get to work as these creation are being gifted to a very special person.  We'll code this project: WE LOVE MOM!  Gauze painting, antennae headbands, lots of larvae observations, letter stamps and working together to paint a tree gave us a very busy morning!

Worship time gave us the opportunity to be kind and help a neighbor who was hurt.  We were riding along on our donkeys when we came across a man who was hurt!  Luckily, we had band aids on hand and we rushed to his aid.  After making sure he was ok, we surrounded him with love and kindness.  The Bible tells us to "be kind to one another" and "love your neighbors".  Safe to say, we did both!

Outside time was beautiful!  Energy was burned while playing chase, climbing to the top of the tire and "hiking" up our local "mountain"!

We ended the day with a story of ladybugs who saved the orange tree!  See if your preschooler can tell you the story!

Hello Farm!- Mrs. Krantz

Today we said hello to the farm through a fun poem that explored both farm animals and farm buildings.  We took each item from the poem and created a classification chart.   We put each item under an appropriate heading... Alive or Not Alive.  We decided if the item made a noise and grew, it was alive.  If it was something that didn't make a noise and was built by someone, it wasn't alive.  The preschoolers worked together to make sure everything was in the right spot.

Spring is all around us and we enjoyed seeing a bunny hopping around during our outside time!

We are on the lookout to be Good Samaritans!  Each preschooler went home with a band-aid they can use to help someone in need of help.  They will be watching for someone to share it with!

Centers time was busy with all kinds of child directed activities.  Fire hoses were cut out of paper and used for a variety of life saving scenarios.  Construction projects took place with the help of tractors.  Wooden stick puppets were colored and created.  Reading books, making lunch and sorting colored blocks were also part of the morning. 

Field Trip on Friday!  Car seats are needed so please bring them in on Friday if you are not attending with your preschooler.  Be sure to dress your preschooler in clothing that can get dirty.  Boots are encouraged.  The forecast is for a beautiful day!!!  Snack is provided.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hard Hats and Ladybugs - Mrs. Wilson

Hard Hats and Ladybugs. 
Making and measuring. 
Singing and praying.
Knowing, learning and wondering some more…

So much went on in preschool this morning. Here are some true scientific facts our preschoolers already knew: Ladybugs crawl, go on trees, change, can be red, orange or yellow, fly… and more. Today we learned some more facts: Ladybugs have 6 legs and 2 antennae. Guess what? The antennae are what they use to smell and feel! We tried it out and crawled around a bit with our antennae on the rug. There was a lot to smell and feel for little ladybugs. We read a nonfiction book about ladybugs too. Partway through, a preschooler wondered what they eat. The question went up on our chart… and guess what? The answer was on the very next page of the book. The answer went up on our chart too! Does your preschooler remember what they eat?

We were blessed today by many people who love us. We had woodworking with Papa Ken, reading buddies with our friend Miss Joyce, and chapel with Pastor Tim. Awesome to have so many people sharing their lives with us at preschool!

All the while, so much other creative play was going on in centers. These preschoolers came back ready to learn and get busy! It was so good to see them again. 

We wrapped up the day threading ladybug beads on a branch or a leaf colored wire. They ended up as ladybug bracelets and necklaces.

Hello Books - Mrs. Krantz

It is good to be back in the routine of preschool after Spring Break!  The farm welcomed us back as we had some fun with farm animal noises.  We pretended we were from another planet where the animals made noises a that rhymed with what they really say.  We had so much fun with some silly noises!  We decided that the animals might be saying "Hello" when they talk.  Later, a few preschoolers made "Hello Books."  They wrote and illustrated these fun books! Some also made stick puppets that when along with our "Barnyard Chat" poem that we learned together.  Farm animal puppets had many conversations and the barns were full of activity.  The tractors were busy hauling blocks all over the classroom for some important construction projects.

Thursday, April 23 is our field trip to Dugger Farms to see big farm equipment!  There is a field trip the Friday to see farm animal.  T/Th kids are welcome to join us.  Please sign up or send me an email if you are a T/Th family and plan on attending the trip this Friday!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Welcome Back! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

It was so great to have everyone back in one room!  Mrs. Eld and I missed these preschoolers over spring break and we didn't waste anytime jumping right back into our learning and discovering.

As a group, we made a list of everything we know about ladybugs (we know a lot!).  After we read a book about ladybugs we discovered there was still a lot of things we didn't know.  Ask your preschooler how many legs a ladybug has!  We will continue to discover new knowledge of ladybugs in the upcoming weeks.

Center time gave us a lot of number writing practice.  Be sure to check out our new number line hanging near the circle area.  Ladybugs were painted and put on leaves, hopscotch was played, tools were used to build and some wonderful imaginative play with dinosaurs rounded out our morning.

As worship time was starting, Mrs. Eld fell down!!  Mrs. O'Loughlin ran over to help.  After checking Mrs. Eld's leg and getting an ice pack, Mrs. Eld was ok!  How perfect that our story was The Good Samaritan.  Ask your preschooler what Jesus wants us to be to our neighbors.

Have a wonderful, sunny day!