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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Farm Hands - Mrs. Wilson

What fun we all had at the farm! What a wonderful opportunity for preschoolers (and their parents and teachers) to get their hands on the animals and really learn and know what each one feels like. 

We had many brave little farmers and so many gentle and patient animals. Everyone who wanted to got to feel feathers and fur of many kinds. On the other hand, there were many other ways to take in “farm” first hand. 

It was a “feast for the senses” as we also heard such a variety of animal sounds up close and personal, saw animals in action, and farm “stuff” large and small. We even learned about some of the smells on a farm!How blessed we were that we went in to the arena dry and came out dry too! 

Thanks God for that! What a great day! Thank you parents and friends. And, a big thanks to the Whetzel’s for sharing their wonderful farm with us!

Entomologist Visit and More! - Mrs. Krantz

We had an incredibly fun day!  We started with chapel, followed by making Resurrection Rolls with Grandma Karen.  We grabbed some time outside and then enjoyed our visit from Rich, visiting from the M.T. James Entomological Museum.  He shared all kinds of insects with us.  We held dried bugs, saw specimens behind glass, learned about butterflies and moths and even saw how one moth looks like an owl face by comparing it to an owl!  That owl looking face keeps that moth safe!  At the very end we were able to hold cockroaches, although some chose not to!

Later in the day we finished up the woodworking portion of our cross project and created butterfly buckets for our Easter Egg Hunt of Thursday.

Just a reminder that the parking situation for the Egg Hunt and pick up time will be tight.  If you are able to park in the driveway and don't mind being boxed in for a few minutes, please park in the driveway.  A small section of the parking lot will be roped off for preschool and we will need to fit two cars in the middle row.  Thanks for your understanding!

If the weather is yucky, we will be hunting eggs in the sanctuary of  Pullman Presbyterian since Concordia's sanctuary will be holding a funeral.  If the weather permits, we will hunt in the side church yard.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Basket Weaving - Mrs. Krantz

This week we are celebrating Easter!  At the end of the week we will have a glorious Easter Egg Hunt and of course we need something to collect eggs with.  We took baskets and wove tulle through the holes to make our very own Easter baskets.  The preschoolers are very excited to use them for hunting eggs!

It was one incredible morning outside and we found ladybugs, rolly pollies, crawling bugs, growing things and flowering shrubs.  They enjoyed exploring, climbing, sliding, running and finding new things outside today,

In worship, we sand a wonderful song about Easter.  Have your child sing it to you!  We also are learning how to respond when someone says, "He is Risen!"  Ask your preschooler what to say in response!

Centers time was full of creativity.  The tree in front of the preschool is blooming huge, beautiful flowers just outside our window.  A few preschoolers drew pictures of them.  Others decided to make the night sky.  We had number baskets that the preschoolers made and had to match the number of eggs with the number on the basket.  We did some Easter patterning, ladybug puzzles, and a variety of other amazing things.

My M/W/F class is invite to join us tomorrow at 10am for our visit from the entomologist.  It will last about 30 minutes and will be at the preschool!

Fun on the Farm! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had a fantastic field trip to the farm!! We saw so many animals...horses, pigs and piglets, cows, chickens, a goat, a turkey and a few farm dogs!

Such a wonderful experience for our preschoolers!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

This is our last week on the farm. Our focus, aside from our fieldtrip to a real farm, will be a day talking about lambs, in honor of the Lamb Of God who takes away the sin of the world. Jesus who died and rose again! He is our forgiveness and hope!! And He is RISEN!!! 

In worship time we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the empty tomb. The King is Alive forever more and he loves us! 

We are on for Tuesday and praying for NO RAIN. Please do wear boots and warm, weather 
appropriate clothes. We will leave by 9:15. Please let us know if any plans have changed for driving/carpool. 

This week will go quickly as we also have the egg hunt on Thursday! Happy Easter to all and Praise be to our risen King!

Mrs. Wilson

Important information

To the farm, please wear clothes that can get dirty. You may want to bring a change of  shoes/clothes for the car ride home if things are still really muddy.  Snack will be provided, 
no need to pack a snack. We plan to return by 11:25. Very exciting!!!


3/31   Field Trip to Whetzel’s Farm
4/2   Easter Egg Hunt 11:15 - Siblings welcome
4/6 - 4/10 No Preschool-Spring Break

Important Information


April 5 is Easter!  You are invited to join us at Concordia Lutheran Church  Traditional Easter Worship at 7am, Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt at 8:30am and Easter Celebration Worship at 10am.

No Preschool next week April 6-10: Spring Break

On Thursday, parking will be limited for the Egg Hunt and for pick up as there is a very large funeral at Concordia Lutheran Church.  We will have preschool parking available, but it will be tight.  Please feel free to park in the preschool driveway if there is room and you don’t mind getting blocked in for a few minutes.  If you do park in the driveway, please pull as far forward as possible with enough room for a car beside and behind you.

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

This week we will be anxiously awaiting the adult ladybugs to emerge from their pupa!  I’m sure there will be loads of excitement as we see this new life emerge!  It is a perfect week to watch this take place as we celebrate new life in Jesus through his resurrection on Easter!  We will be busy with all kinds of Easter fun and learning.  We will be building egg racers, making empty tomb crafts, working with word families, weaving baskets, using plastic eggs to help us identify the teen numbers, and creating some amazing Easter artwork. 

On Tuesday, we will have an entomologist visiting the preschool for our field trip that comes to us!  We look forward to learning all about being an entomologist and seeing some very interesting insects and creatures.  M/W/F kids are welcome to join us from 10-10:30am.

Our worship focus is of course the Resurrection of Jesus!  We will be singing wonderful worship songs, and celebrating Jesus’ victory over death!

Our Easter Egg Hunts will be on Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd.  They will start at 11:15am.  Siblings are welcome, but please be there on time!  We won’t wait!  If the weather is good, we will hunt in the church yard.  If not, on Friday we will hunt in the church sanctuary.  TBD for Thursday as there is a funeral that day.  I will be sure to let you know. 
Mrs. Krantz 

3/30    Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
4/2, 3               Easter Egg Hunt 11:15am
4/6-4/10          No Preschool – Spring Break


3/31                  Chapel, Entomologist Visit!

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Our field trip to the farm is here!  I know our preschoolers are very excited about seeing all the different farm animals and getting to experience a real farm!  Be sure to wear boots and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.  We will be loaded up and leaving the parking lot by 9:15am and will return to the preschool at 11:25am.  Snack will be provided so no need to pack one!

In worship we get to hear the second part of the story from last week…JESUS HAS RISEN!!  We will look at the triumphant day of Easter and see that God gave Jesus new life!  And because of this, we can have a new life in a Risen Lord!

Easter will be front and center this week in all our learning adventures.  We will be using eggs to help us match lowercase letters to the uppercase letters we know!  Jelly beans will aid us in math with graphing and patterns.  Grandma Karen is coming on Wednesday!  She will be baking resurrection rolls with the preschoolers.  A delicious treat that recounts the amazing story of Jesus during Holy Week!

Many of you may have noticed the changing art on the small bulletin board near the hooks.  This is going to be our process art display area!  Art supplies are put on the table and that’s it.  No instruction, no example, just supplies and a preschooler’s imaginative mind.  Process art allows our preschoolers to investigate and experiment.  There are no right or wrong ways and the focus is on the doing, not the result.  Learning is taking place during process art including spatial reasoning, fine motor skills and sensory exploration, not to mention a 
whole lot of fun!

Our Easter egg hunt will be on Friday.  We will begin at 11:15am.  Siblings are welcome to join in on the fun, but please be here on time! 

I pray you all have a blessed and joyful Easter!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
3/30 Field Trip to Whetzel Farm
4/3 Easter Egg Hunt
4/6-4/10 Spring Break—No Preschool

Friday, March 27, 2015

Baby Chicks! - Mrs. O'Loughlin and Mrs. Krantz

We were so excited to have baby chicks visit us today! These baby chicks were 4 days old and so fuzzy and so cute!  Enjoy these pictures of another preschool adventure!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Good to Be Back In Spite of the Mud - Mrs. Wilson

It was so good to be back in school with these wonderful preschoolers!  We had a lot of farm fun in spite of the mud, and in light of the soon to come field trip. Having been away, I was amazed anew at how much everyone has grown and developed over this year. So many skills being used and such big and grown-up boys and girls grace our classroom. I just love to be a part of it!

Our Farm Word List grew today. It included mud to add to the dirt and soil category that had already been written. Bugs ducks and several other plural words came up. We talked about how the S at the end made the word more than one. Then as we thought of new words, we got to decide if it would have an S or not depending if we wanted it to be one, or many…maybe your preschooler can remember another plural word we added on…

We used our cutting skills to cut up hay in the sensory table. Because our play animals are smaller than the real ones, we figured they needed smaller hay too. This was a big hit, and a nice pile of modified hay was made available to our animals. Thanks preschoolers.

In Worship time we talked again about Jesus on the night he was taken to start his journey to the cross. He knew the hard thing he was doing was so that we can have forgiveness. He went to the garden to pray. It was so hard to go ahead and start the path to the cross that he just had to go talk with His FATHER and pray in the garden to get ready. We planted flowers. They are our prayer plants. The preschoolers can put them in a sunny place and care for them. We talked about how we can stop and pray when we see our prayer plants. We can pray when things are hard, when they are wonderful and just anytime we want to talk to our God who loves us. Just like Jesus prayed to God in the garden.

We look forward to a wonderful field trip on Tuesday. We are hoping for a nice warm dry weekend to dry up the mud. Even so, boots and dressing according to the weather will be a must. Farms are muddy in the spring, even with dry weekends… 

Have a great weekend too, and thanks again for sharing your precious children with us at Concordia!

Pupa! - Mrs. Krantz

SHARE Day is always a favorite day for the preschoolers.  They do such a wonderful job of speaking and listening!  We are practicing a new way of answering yes and no questions as a class.  Ask your preschooler about it.  They are catching on very quickly and it is a wonderful classroom management tool!

We enjoyed our time outside, even with soggy ground.  Your kids might have mud on them today!  We discovered insects in the pool of water at the end of the slide, found a bee, saw new things growing and ran, ran, and ran some more!  The sunshine was incredible.

What fun it was to see our first two pupa!  The rest of the larvae are getting close to the third stage in the life cycle.  We will be watching closely and should have adult ladybugs just in time for Easter!

In worship, we heard the story "The Week that Led Up to Easter."  Those who had not yet planted flowers to remind us about Jesus praying in the garden planted their flower today.  We practiced our writing with the word PRAY.  

It has been so much fun to see the preschoolers begin to write their own words using the sounds they hear as they speak the word.  While these words may not be spelled correctly, this process is vital as they begin to connect letters, sounds, words and writing.  The brain of a preschooler is a busy and amazing place!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Field Trip for Mrs. Wilson's Class Rescheduled

I spoke with Whetzel Horse Training and Horse Shoeing this morning, and the massive amounts of rain the past few days have made the farm incredibly deep in mud.  Knowing that we want this to be an enjoyable field trip in which only the pigs take mud baths, we will be rescheduling the field trip to next Tuesday, March 31.  I apologize for any inconvenience this causes you.  Tomorrow will be a normal preschool day.  Please speak with Mrs. WIlson or Mrs. Eld if you will be able to drive on Tuesday.  Thank you so much for you understanding!
Mrs. Krantz

Where Will the Ladybug Land? - Mrs. Krantz

Chapel was just right to start out our morning together.  We love singing praises to God in such a fun and active way with Pastor Tim!  We also learned about Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the people shouting "Hosanna!"

Our centers time was full of activity.  Today we wondered about where a flying ladybug would land.  The preschooler drew a picture of their answer and then told the story.  These are hanging up in  stairway.  We also planted spring flowers as we wrote the word "PRAY."  We remembered how Jesus prayed in the garden before he was arrested.  This flower is a reminder of His time in prayer and can help us remember that we can pray too.  Ladybug magnets were created, and I saw a new business of top secret spies form.  They had some serious stealth happening!

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday!!!

Hosanna! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

In chapel today, we learned that Hosanna means God Save Us! People were shouting that to Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. We practiced saying our very best Hosannas! Such a fun, triumphant word!

The third stage was added to our chicken life cycle diagrams! Can your preschooler tell you which one?

Some beautiful flowers came home today that say the word "Pray" on the pot. These flowers remind us of Jesus praying in the garden and that we can pray too!!

We became baby chicks in a nest at closing circle. We had to be very good listeners. Mama hen would say "baby chick, baby chick, it's time for a rest. Would you like a _________ in your nest?" The blank would be filled with a word that started with a certain letter. If that word didn't start with our letter we flapped and pecked all over the place. If the word started with our letter, we fell asleep!

SHARE day is Friday!! See you all then.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chicks Come to Visit - Mrs. Eld

We enjoyed having four special guests come to preschool today brought by Beth and Rachel. As one of our first tasks of the morning, we all went into the lobby to greet them. As the preschoolers stared down into a red box that contained our guests, the chicks, they noticed the chicks were looking right back at them! Later during our busy centers time we got to go back and visit with them more and we got to touch and hold them. We also learned about the lifecycle of a chicken: from egg, to hatching, to chick, to chicken and then the cycle begins anew.

In worship time we talked about the end of Jesus’ life including the last meal he shared with his friends, praying in the garden, soldiers taking Jesus away and his death on a cross. We wondered why Jesus had to die and to help answer this we had a visual. Hopefully your preschooler will remember well enough to explain it to you. It involved us in the world (pennies and other coins in a bowl) being covered in sin ( a red liquid) but Jesus the light of the world (a candle) came and when the  cross snuffed out Jesus’ life ( a jar with a cross drawn on it) he drew all sin away from us and onto him on the cross (as flame used up all the oxygen under the overturned cup it pulled the liquid into the cup).

Our learning about animals on the farm hasn’t stopped. We will get some on the site learning on Thursday at the Whetzel Horse Training and Horse Shoeing. Especially with all the rain, please remember to bring boots (and maybe a spare pair of shoes for the ride home) along with appropriate clothes for a farm. Snacks will be provided. When you arrive at 9am please have your preschooler use the restroom since this is an all morning field trip. We will be leaving at 9:15am and will be back by 11:30am.

A Great Morning! - Mrs. Krantz

What an amazing morning we had!  The highlights include watching some of the ladybug larvae begin to change to a pupa, seeing snow falling outside, holding baby chicks and learning about how to care for them, woodworking with Papa Ken, and hearing about Christ's love for each one of us as be died on the cross.  It was a great morning!  Here are a few pictures!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Symmetry - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we learned all about symmetry!  Ladybugs are symmetrical, and with the help of a piece of string, we discovered which preschoolers had symmetrical shirts on and which preschoolers did not.  Later we painted dots on half a ladybug, then folded that paper and squished to create symmetrical ladybug paintings.  We also worked on our rhythm with a drum while singing one of our favorite ladybug songs!

The rain was pouring, but it didn't dampen our spirits!  We enjoyed lots of large motor inside.  We had dancing hoops with ribbons, a balance beam, hop scotch, and a chicken coop!  We had a lot of chickens collecting eggs for their nest!

Our ladybug larvae are getting quite large.  It shouldn't be long now and we will have a ladybug land full of pupa!  

In worship, we learned about how Jesus died on the cross for each one of us.  It was a somber worship time, but we are excited to know that His death isn't the end of the story.  We are learning a song about why Christ died for each of us.

A Busy, Rainy Monday - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started with 4 bowls turned upside down. As Mrs O'Loughlin turned them over we discovered an egg, a hatching egg, a baby chick, and a full grown rooster...we discovered the life cycle of the chicken! The baby chick was a definite favorite as this particular chick cheeped at us!

During centers the first two stages of our chicken life cycle diagrams were created! Ask your preschooler what those first two stages are! Woodworking, nest building and marble tubes capped off our center time.

In worship we acted out our story as Jesus's disciples. First we had a last supper with Jesus.  Then we went to the garden to pray but fell asleep! We watched the soldiers take Jesus away and finally, we saw the cross where Jesus died for all our sins. We had many preschoolers feeling very sad about what happened to Jesus. BUT...we know this isn't the end of the story!

We used an illustration to explain to the preschoolers what happened up on the cross. See if your preschooler can explain what we did! (Hint-we had sin (red water) that covered all the people (coins). Then Jesus (a candle) came into the world. When Jesus died on the cross (cup put over the candle) all our sin went on that cross with Jesus.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Another exciting week about the farm is coming up!  This week will be full on hands on experiences with real, live farm animals!  On Tuesday we will enjoy seeing baby chicks and learning all about how they grow, what they eat and how people can take care of them.  Tuesday is also SHARE Day, so bring one special item share and talk about with the class.  Parents, help you child pick three things to tell about their special item.

Thursday will be a full morning of field trip adventure!  We will head out to Whetzel's Horse Training and Horse Shoeing to experience a farm and see lots of animals.  Please be sure to hand in those permission slips and sign up to drive if you are able. 

Some important information about the farm... the rain has made the farm muddy!  Please have your child wear boots on this trip!  Also, this take place outside, so please dress your child in appropriate outdoor clothing that can get dirty.  Snack will be provided, so you do not need to pack a snack on the 26th.  This field trip will take up the whole morning, so plan to have your preschooler at preschool at 9am and please have them use the restroom.  Cars will be loaded and on the road by 9:15am.   We will return by 11:30am.

Worship this week will focus on the sacrifice Jesus gave on the cross, and the week leading up to His death.  We will learn about the Last Supper and Jesus praying in the garden.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, April 2.  At 11:15am, we will end our week with and Easter Egg Hunt!  Siblings are welcome, but please be on time.  If the weather is good, we will be in the church yard.  If not, we will be in the church sanctuary/worship center.

Important Information

Saturday, March 28 is an Outdoor Workday at Preschool!  We will work together to do spring clean-up in all the outdoor areas at preschool.  Please join us if you are able, even if for an hour!  Bring rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, pruners and gardening gloves!

April 5 is Easter!  You are invited to join us at Concordia Lutheran Church.  Traditional Easter Worship at 7am, Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt at 8:30am and Easter Celebration Worship at 10am.

No Preschool April 6-10: Spring Break

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

We are enjoying our ladybug unit so much!  Not only are we able to watch the lifecycle unfold before our eyes, but we are working with numbers, identifying letters and sounds, mixing colors, and observing so much life!  This week we will look at symmetry and what that means.  We will discover the symmetry of ladybugs and a whole bunch of other things.  Much of our art will practice symmetry as well.   SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday this week.  Tuesday and Wednesday we will have the opportunity to see and hold some baby chicks that will be visiting!

Worship this week is all about the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  As Easter approaches, we will engage with this important account of His incredibly love for us.  We will hear about the last supper, praying in the garden and Jesus dying on the cross.  Next week will bring some incredible and miraculous news!  Chapel is on Wednesday. 

Planning ahead… this Saturday is an outdoor clean-up day from 9am- Noon.  It is a chance to volunteer and help spruce up the preschool outdoors areas now that spring has arrived.  Shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, pruners and garden gloves would be helpful!

Next week we will have Easter Egg Hunts on Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd.  They will start at 11:15am.  Siblings are welcome, but please be there on time!  We won’t wait.  If the weather is cooperative, we will hunt in the church yard.  If not, we will hunt in the church sanctuary/worship center.      
Mrs. Krantz

3/23, 30          Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
3/28                 Outdoor Clean up 9am-Noon
4/2, 3               Easter Egg Hunt 11:15am
4/6-4/10          No Preschool – Spring Break

3/25                 Chapel
3/26                 SHARE Day
3/27                 SHARE Day

3/31                  Chapel, Entomologist Visit!

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

This week we will discover the lifecycle of a chicken!  We will take a close look at each stage from egg to full grown chicken!  The preschoolers will have the opportunity to create their own lifecycle diagram and also describe what is going on in each phase.  How absolutely perfect that baby chicks will be visiting our class on Friday!  

We are going to jump ahead in The Story so we can hear about the death and resurrection of Jesus before spring break.  This week is the first part of the Easter story, Jesus’ sacrifice.  We will discover how Jesus died for our sins so we can live with Him in heaven someday! Chapel with Pastor Tim is on Wednesday!  Parents are welcome to join us!

Share day is Friday!  Please help your child choose one special item to bring to school.  Encourage your preschooler to come up with three details to tell their friends about their special share!

Monday, March 30th is our field trip to the Whetzel Horse Training and Horse Shoeing to see a bunch of farm animals!  We are in need of parent drivers and siblings are welcome to join us!  Because of the distance (the farm is located about 6 miles North of Pullman) 
we will be gone all morning.  We have been told that it will most likely be muddy and messy, so boots will be a good choice of footwear!

Outdoor work day is planned for this Saturday!  Please join us for an hour or the entire morning to help clean up our outside space!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
3/25 Chapel
3/27 Baby Chicks visit
3/27 SHARE Day
3/28 Outdoor work day—9am-noon
3/30 Field Trip to Whetzel Farm
4/3 Easter Egg Hunt
4/6-4/10 Spring Break—No Preschool

Friday, March 20, 2015

Service Project in Pictures - Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had a wonderful morning at Community Action helping plant seeds for the Food Bank.  What an incredible opportunity to serve those in Pullman who need assistance with food.  Many thanks to those parents who came along on this service project.  

The wonderful people at Community Action had some great learning experiences for our kids too.  We created our own paper gardens, helped build a fairy garden, learned about the wonders of worms and we planted spinach and peas.  We also started the never ending task of weeding!  The pictures below will give you a quick look at our project.  Special thanks to Thrivent Financial for awarding the Action Team Grant to fund this project!