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Friday, February 27, 2015

Authors, Science and Art - Mrs. Krantz

It was a busy day with all kinds of wonderful learning experiences.  Sherry Varkonyi came this morning and shared her book, "Flight of the Red Hot Peppers" with us.  It was a delightful book was wonderful illustrations.  What a great experience to meet her!  Her Mom was also there this morning, and the book just happens to have a lot to do with Sherry's Mom.  The Mom in the story was inspired by Sherry's own Mom.  How fun it was to meet the person who inspired the story!

We headed back to preschool and enjoyed Science with Mrs. LeBlanc.  She shared about the sense of hearing and then we were able to watch sound waves make ooblek dance on a speaker.  It was amazing!  

REMINDER... NO PRESCHOOL NEXT WEEK.  We will hold parent teacher conferences next week and childcare will be available during your conference time.  I will send an email reminder to all the families in my class to remind you of your conference time.

Written and Illustrated By... - Mrs. O'Loughlin

US!!! We became authors and illustrators today! After meeting Miss Sherry, a real live author, we were inspired! It was fantastic to see the preschoolers become so engaged in their stories and drawings!

Reminder: Parent teacher conferences next week! There will be NO preschool all next week however, there will be childcare provided during your conference time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Books! - Mrs. Wilson

We could have spent a lot more time on books! This is a theme we may well revisit because it is so rich in fun and learning value. We briefly explored the book cover and talked about what an author and illustrator do. We skimmed through some books to introduce the topic or plot. But we spent more time getting to know the meaning of two new words for our word wall. FICTION and NONFICTION. We did a live graph using our books to sort them between fiction and nonfiction. We look inside the book for clues… Was it a story that was pretend of imaginative with characters? Or did it contain facts and information about real things that we can learn about from the book? We had 7 fiction books and 3 nonfiction books. 

We talked about the Bible being a very special book. All 100% true. God’s Word. Yet how fun and kind God is… He uses stories too, to help us know and understand many things, and so we can get to know Him better too!

Centers included puppets for acting out characters in a story (like a book), painting (like an illustrator), and writing our very own books too! We had some fun and budding author/illustrators hard at work! 

Please see the blog for information on the visiting author coming tomorrow (Friday) for the preschoolers. Tuesday/ Thursday friends are invited to join in too! 

I look forward to seeing you all next week for conferences. What a better topic to take some time on than these wonderful amazing preschoolers!

Puzzles - Mrs. Krantz

This morning, our entry task was a bit different than what we normally do.  Each child wrote their name (which isn't unusual) but they wrote it on a different paper than we normally use.  Later in the day, we used that paper to create our very own name puzzle.  I will share these puzzles with you at parent teacher conferences next week!  They are great example of the skills these children have developed while working with scissors.

Our handwriting is moving right along as we work through our workbooks.  Today we worked on the letters U and C.  SHARE Day is always fun and it what wonderful to see how the preschoolers played with one another during our centers time.  The items from home take center stage on these days and it is so much fun for the kids!

Our visiting author will be with us tomorrow morning at the church at 9:15am.  Please join us if you are able!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bear or Snake? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

That was the choice we got today when ordering pancakes on our restaurant field trip!  After seeing how the fresh orange juice maker works, we were given tastes of the yummy juice!  It was so yummy, we were very excited when we all got seconds!  Next we were seated at our table.  Each kiddo waited their turn and gave their order.  Miss Emily (our server) kept telling Mrs. Eld and I how well behaved and polite this group of kids are.  She was right!  The preschoolers were amazing!  They remembered their manners and were so very respectful the entire time.  Bear and snake shaped pancakes were devoured!  While we didn't get to go back into the kitchen, the 2 chefs came out to us!  The preschoolers were able to ask some questions about what happens in the kitchen!  A fantastic, fun field trip!

Reminder: Author visit and SHARE day on Friday!  Another busy, busy day at preschool!

SHARE Day - Mrs. Krantz

It has been a while since out last SHARE Day, and the preschoolers were over the top excited for this one!  They have grown so much over the year in their ability to stand in front of their peers and talk about something specific.  They have also learned so much about being respectful listeners.  I am very proud of them!

We have been loving this wonderful sunny weather and it is fun to take notice of all the changes that come outside with warmer, sunny weather.  

Our worship time included a den of lions, Daniel and and angel.  We took turns becoming part of the story and seeing how Daniel trusted in God.

Centers time included more book writing and illustrating, creating some cute lions with closed mouths, sharing and playing with special items from home, and using our outdoor deck for beanbag toss.  

Friday is out special day with our visiting author!  That will be followed by Science with Mrs. LeBlanc and Art with Ms. Holly!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Books, Goodbyes and all things eclectic! - Mrs. Wilson

There was a lot if learning going on today as we enjoyed some open ended time in centers. Sensory play lead to a lot of great social interaction while others chose to spend time practicing sign language letters or reading their special books. Trains and blocks made an appearance in helping with cooperative play and friendship building. These are a few examples in our packed full day. So much learning happens right under our noses in preschool! It's fun when we have the time to stop and notice it.

We had a lot of fun sharing books today... But not enough time to read them all... Soooo, I told the preschoolers they could bring them back Thursday, and another one too if they want! Did you know that most of our books were rectangular? Some were square though, and one was shaped like a carriage!

Chapel was fun as always, singing and enjoying the good news of Jesus' love for us.

Good old baking flour took the day for most popular choice in the sensory table, followed at a close second for wood working with Papa Ken!

And finally we ended out the day with a big goodbye to a preschool friend moving away for new and wonderful adventures. We will miss him!

Attention! - Mrs. Krantz

Today was chapel!  We always enjoy waling over to the church for our worship time with Pastor Tim and the rest of the preschool.  This morning Pastor Tim asked about the different ways that we use to get people's attention.  Bells, clapping, calling someone's name were all ideas we came up with.  Pastor showed us a big drum that could also be used to get attention, and it certainly grabbed the attention of our group of kiddos!  Then he asked us how God gets our attention.  There were several ideas shared.  Maybe you can talk with your preschooler about that very question!

We were busy authors today, writing books and illustrating them.  Our children are multi-talented!  We also set up quiet reading tents that also turned into a place for special food deliveries from our kitchen.  Lovely letters were made by matching pictures of words with the letter that those words started with.  

SHARE Day is Wednesday and Thursday this week!

Our visiting author will be at the church on Friday at 9:15am.  We would love to have you join us.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chefs for the Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Chef hat included, we were chefs in a kitchen at preschool.  There are so many tools a chef uses but one of those tools is measuring cups and measuring spoons.  The preschools did a fabulous job telling Mrs. O'Loughlin what was bigger and what was smaller.  As beans were scooped into bowls these observant kiddos noticed the bigger the measuring tool the more beans would be in the bowl.  Words like gigantic, large, teeny, and little were used to describe our measuring tools.  There were two cups that were the same size.  Does your preschooler remember another word meaning "the same"?

We used our new ideas all throughout centers!  Each preschooler wrote about what they were larger, smaller or equal to.  Those fantastic writings and illustrations can be seen on our writing wall.  Flour filled the sensory table!  Along with measuring cups, spoons, and muffin tins, our chefs continued some messy measuring work. 

We learned about Daniel in worship time and his loyalty to God.  Daniel was an adviser to King Darius and was very well liked by the king.  Other advisers were jealous, so they made up a law that would get Daniel into trouble.  Have your preschooler tell you that silly law!  Daniel's loyalty to God got him into trouble because of this law and Daniel was thrown...I'm sure your preschooler can tell you the rest!

The sun was shining, birds were chirping and the mud was EVERYWHRE!  We were a mess as we came back in from outside.  So sorry, parents!!  But those preschoolers had a blast playing tag, exploring the hillside and just beings kids!

Wednesday is our field trip to Old European!  After a quick morning circle (and a birthday celebration) we will head out at 9:45am.  Parents are more than welcome to hang out in our classroom for the opening!  We will be back to the school by 11:15am!  

A Classroom of Authors - Mrs. Krantz

At the end of the week we will meet an adult author and she will share one of her books with us!  The preschoolers have been authors all year long, but we were deliberate authors today!  The class worked together to write a story titled "Three Children and a Frog."  You can read it for yourself as it is posted on the closet door.

Later, the kids had the opportunity to put their own book together starting with building the pages.  Pictures and words were added.  At closing circle, those individual authors shared their book with the entire class.  They were very proud of their work and the classroom was very attentive to each story! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015



Help for Art Show Preparations
There is a sign up sheet in the lobby for items need for the art show.  Thank you to those who have already signed up!  If you haven't taken a look yet, and there is something you may be able to donate, please sign up as you are able. 

We are also looking for volunteer help the morning of Thursday March 5 and Friday March 6 from 9am- 11:30am.  This time includes displaying artwork, preparing the auction items, and preparing food on Friday morning.  Childcare is provided during that time.

Parent Teacher Conferences
Hopefully you have all had the chance to sign up for a conference time.  This is wonderful time spent talking about your amazing children.  Preschool will not be in session March 2-6, but childcare will be provided during your conference time.  

Visiting Author
Children's author Sherry Varkonyi will be visiting our preschool on Friday, February 27 at 9:15am over in the lower level of Concordia Lutheran Church.  The T/Th classes are invited to join us along with their parents!  Our time with Sherry will be about 30 minutes.  Please join the M/W/F classes if you can!

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

The last week of February has arrived and we have an exciting week planned!  We will continue a bit of work with emotions, but will also explore what it means to be an author.  We are blessed to have a visiting author, Sherry Varkonyi, on Friday morning.   The T/Th groups are welcome to join us at the church at 9:15am! She will be sharing one of her books with us and share a little bit about being an author.  We will become authors ourselves, both as a classroom team effort and individually.  We will also be busy putting finishing touches on our items for the art show!  If any parent has time to volunteer on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, we could use some help framing and labeling the artwork for display.  Just let me know if you are able to help out!

SHARE Day is Wednesday and Thursday this week.  It is not Friday, as planned.  Our Friday is full with a visiting author, our science exploration and art with Ms. Holly!

Daniel in the Lion’s Den will be our story journey this week.  We will learn about trusting in God and how Daniel trusted God and would not turn from Him.  Chapel is on Tuesday at the church.

Mrs. Krantz 

2/23                 Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
3/2-3/6            No Preschool – Parent/Teacher Conferences
3/6                   Springtime Garden Art Show and Silent Auction
4/6-4/10          No Preschool – Spring Break

2/24                 Chapel
2/25                 SHARE Day
2/26                 SHARE Day

2/27                 Author Visit/Science/Art

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Wow, is February really ending this week?! We will continue to explore shapes, but wanted to take some fun time to enjoy and share some favorite books together. So instead of Share Day on Thursday, we will bring share Books on both days! Please choose a loved and favorite book with your preschooler to bring on Tuesday and Thursday. It can be the same book, or two different books. Preschoolers can tell us about it and even read it to us if they want to! We are excited to have their books available throughout the day.

In worship we will learn about Daniel. He is loyal to God, and God protects him... We can be loyal to God too!

Important Information
The first week in March is time for parent teacher conferences. Preschool will not be in session, but childcare is provided during you conference. 

Upcoming Events
2/24,26  Share a book week
2/24   Chapel 
3/2-3/6 No Preschool~ Parent    Teacher conferences 
3/6    Spring Garden Art Show   & Silent Auction 

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

We’re on to our last week of Restaurant!  Cups, teaspoons, and tablespoons will be used in our sensory table as we explore different measuring tools.  Size differences will be investigated throughout the classroom and our vocabulary will grow as we classify items by size!

Our field trip to Old European is Wednesday!  If you have not already turned your permission slips in, please be sure to do that ASAP.  We will leave the school promptly at 9:45am.  For those parents driving, you are more than welcome to stay for our morning circle time.  (It will be a quick 45 minutes but not for our excited little preschoolers.)  The field trip will take a little over an hour.  We will return to the school by 11:15am.

Parent teacher conferences are next week!  Sign up for conferences are in the classroom. Be sure to sign up for a time.  Preschool will not be in session during conference week, however, child care will be available for preschoolers (and siblings) during your conference time.

Our favorite day of the month is Friday…SHARE day!  Please choose one item, to bring to class.  Help your preschooler come up with three details about their share to tell our friends.

The Garden Art Show and Silent Auction is March 6th!  Please mark your calendars for this fancy night of hors d’oeuvres, wonderful silent auction items and most importantly, amazing 
preschool artwork!  This is always a fabulous evening spent ooing and ahhing over our talented little artists!

Enjoy this last week of February!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
2/25 Field Trip to Old European Restaurant
2/27 Author Sherry Varkonyi visits 
2/27 Share Day
3/2-3/6 No Preschool—Parent conferences
3/6 Garden Art Show and Silent Auction—6pm

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Playing Games - Mrs. Krantz

Today was full of a variety of different learning opportunities.  Ms. Holly came and taught us how to make pinch pots and snake pots out of brown clay.  These amazing pots will make their debut at the art show on March 6.  It is sure to be a fantastic display of pottery!  The frog leap game was also a big hit today.  This game works with color and number recognition along with the all important social skills that come along with playing a board game.  Preschoolers are learning to wait their turn, stay within the boundaries (rules) of the game, work in teams at times, and how to successfully complete the game conflict free!  Not only that, but they have an incredible amount of fun!

The art show sign up is in the lobby, please sign up for items needed as you are able!

Conference sign ups are at the top of the stairs.  Be sure to grab  a conference time.

The Springtime Garden Art Show is just around the corner!  March 6 is the night and I hope you are all able to attend.  Please invite your friends and family to this fun evening.  We are collecting silent auction items as well.  If you would like to donate an item for the auction, please do so!  All proceeds go directly to the preschool!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Who Wants Pizza? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We started our day with chapel with Pastor Tim!  Songs of praises were sung loudly and actively this morning.  It's such a wonderful time to see how preschoolers engage in worship and it is always joyful!

Pizza took center stage during center time.  There were play-doh pizza's, pizzas being ordered over the phone, a pizza parlor opened up and plenty of pretend pizza's being created in the dramatic play.  Our classroom was not short on letter work!  In the writing center the preschoolers had the opportunity to read a word, build a word and then write a word.  We used the rug area to build giant letters out of the blocks.  It's amazing how far these kiddos have come in the past 6 months!

Thank you, Grandma Karen, for coming in to make fruit kabobs!  They were so yummy!

This gorgeous weather had all these little entomologists outside searching for bugs!  Ladybugs, gnats, roly-polys and a few unidentified tiny friends were discovered!

My Many Colored Days - Mrs. Krantz

What a wonderful, sunshiny day!  We started our morning off at chapel with Pastor Tim.  Singing with Pastor Tim is always wonderful and he shared a little bit about ashes on this Ash Wednesday.

Our morning continued with fabulous outside time in the backyard.  These kiddos are loving the sunshine just as much as the teachers!

Snack was next on the agenda but we started that with Cooking time with Grandma Karen.  Fruit kabobs were on the agenda so we each made a kabob of strawberries, pineapple and bananas!  YUM!!!!  

Before centers time we read "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss.  I can not begin to describe how much this group loved the book.  Before we read the book, we looked at four different colors and escribed emotions that those colors brought up in us.  The book explored colors and emotions that go along with them in a very fun and vibrant way.  Sometime, something concrete like a color, can help children express and emotion that may not be so concrete.  Colors can become tools for communication and working through intense emotions.  Lifelong skills begin in preschool!

Our centers time included painting pictures of different colored days.  We saw pink for exciting day, black for mad days, orange for silly days and green for laidback days.  We also put on jackets and played frog races out on the deck.  Love that sunshine!  

Tonight there is an Ash Wednesday service at Concordia Lutheran Church, 7pm.  All are invited to join!

The sign up sheet for conferences is up.  Please take a moment to sign up for a conference time if you haven't done so yet.

There is also a sign up sheet in the lobby for items and time needed for the art show and silent auction.  Please sign up as you are able!  THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Full House - Mrs. Wilson

How great it was to have every preschooler healthy and back in school together!  It was almost like a reunion. In general we had a good time remembering how circle time works with everyone there, and how fun it is to have each other to play with, and talk with, and just enjoy. This time of year is fun because there is a comfort level and maturing that merges together for some neat interactive social times and working out things that crop up like sharing and taking turns and helping each other do things. Preschoolers are using so many respectful and helpful words with each other. Such a delight to see them growing and developing so many skills.

Shapes were fun. Good thing the preschoolers were able to help Mrs. Wilson draw a real square! I kept getting mixed up and making the wrong shape! In the end we figured out that every square really does have 4 corners and 4 sides that are the same. If not, it’s not a real square!

The preschoolers really enjoyed seeing what it was like when God sent Jeremiah to see the potter forming clay. It made a lot of sense that the potter can reshape the pot if it isn’t coming out well. It was worth it to squish the clay and squeeze it around to help it be ready for a new chance at being useful and coming out much better. How God loves us and uses the hard times and less than helpful choices to reshape us and give us a new chance. His love never gives up!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Shape, Shapes and Shapes
Shapes are a wonderful thing. They are everywhere for the finding! As we move beyond hearts, we plan to have fun with other important shapes like triangles, rectangles, diamonds and more!

Speaking of wonderful things, just another THANK YOU to all who came and all who helped at the Heart Café! What a special and wonderful time it was!

In Worship we look at the Prophet Jeremiah, and how how even when God’s people had to face their wrong choices, God’s love never stops. He has a big plan of love for us too! No matter what our mistakes.

FYI, on Thursday, Mrs. Weiser will be with us again, as I will be there, but working on individual assessments and conference preparations. Also on Thursday, Grandma Karen will be cooking with us! That is always a treat!
 Mrs. Wilson

Important information
Parent Teacher Conference are coming up the first week in March.  A sign-up sheet is posted in the classroom.  Please sign up for a conference time.  Preschool is not in session conference week, but childcare is provided during your conference time.


2/19   Cooking with Grandma Karen & Art with Miss Holly 
2/24   Chapel 
3/2-3/6 No Preschool~ Parent    Teacher conferences 

3/6    Spring Garden Art Show & Silent Auction (watch for details to come)

Sunday, February 15, 2015


important Information

Parent Teacher Conference are coming up the first week in March.  A sign-up sheet is posted in each classroom.  Please sign up for a conference time.  Preschool is not is session this week, but childcare is provided during your conference time.

Springtime Garden Art Show and Silent Auction

A sign-up sheet is posted in the lobby for items needed for the upcoming Art Show and Silent Auction.  Please sign up as you are able.  We are also collecting items for the silent auction.  All proceeds directly benefit the preschool!
One of the items we need help with is prep work on Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th.  The time slots for volunteering are 9am-11:30am.  We are looking for 5 volunteers each day and childcare will be provided during those times.  Set up on Thursday includes displaying artwork and setting up the auction tables.  Set up on Friday includes setting up auction items, displaying artwork and food preparation.  We would love your help!  

Just a reminder that February's tuition is due!

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

I hope you all enjoyed last week and “The Heart Café!”  It is a highlight of my year and I hope you were able to make a special Valentine memory with your precious kiddos!

This week we will continue learning about emotions.  Our focus book will be “My Many Colored Days” by Dr. Seuss.  It is a fabulous little book that uses colors to help describe feelings.  We will explore using colors to express feelings and will do our own writing about colors and emotions.  We will also have some fun matching upper and lower case letters using a clothes line.  We will also be working with number identification 1-20.  We are hoping to use the outside deck for some of our centers time work.  We will see if the weather cooperates!  We are also continuing work through our handwriting workbooks.

In worship this week we will hear about another prophet named Jeremiah.  We will hear about God’s love for his people even when they do wrong.  God ALWAYS loves us!  We will learn how the Lord is everything we ever need and we can put our hope in Him.  Lamentations 3:24. 

Tuesday I will be in and out of the classroom doing individual assessments prepping for conferences in a few weeks!  Ms. Harum will be with us.

Mrs. Krantz

2/23                 Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
3/2-3/6            No Preschool – Parent/Teacher Conferences
3/6                   Springtime Garden Art Show and Silent Auction
4/6-4/10          No Preschool – Spring Break

2/18                  Chapel
2/24                 Chapel
2/26                 SHARE Day
2/27                 SHARE Day

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Is your preschooler a proud owner of a bag of paint?  Perhaps a few rocks have made their way into your home.  Ever noticed salt on your preschooler’s clothes?  Bags of paint, rocks and salt are all writing tools we use here in preschool!  At this age, fostering a love for writing is key!  Providing multiple types of tools and canvases such as paint brushes, rocks or markers, allows preschoolers to explore the world of writing and become excited in the 

Thank you to all those who joined us at The Heart Café!  Each and every preschooler was so excited to share this very special meal with their very special family members!

Who loves pizza?!  We will continue our restaurant unit with pizza rhyming songs and books.  Pizza toppings will aid in our math learning with the use of graphs and shapes!  Letters T and P will also be reviewed!  The dramatic play area will add pizza to the menu for some imaginative discoveries!

Worship time will focus on the bible verse “I say to myself, ‘The Lord is everything I will 
ever need.  So I will put my hope in him.’” Lamentations 3:24.  We will hear a story about the prophet Jeremiah and how God loves his people even when they did wrong.  We will be reminded that God will always love us, no matter what!

Another very special cooking time is on Wednesday!  The preschoolers are always so excited when they find out Grandma Karen in coming!  

Permission slips for our field trip to Old European Restaurant on February 25th have gone out.  Please be sure to get those in!

We are blessed to have a visiting author coming to the preschool on February 27th.  Sherry Varkonyi wrote a booked called “Flight of the Red Hot Peppers,” and we get the opportunity to meet her!  

Have a blessed week!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
2/16 No Preschool—Presidents Day
2/18 Chapel
2/18 Cooking with Grandma Karen
2/25 Field Trip to Old European Restaurant
2/27 Author Sherry Varkonyi visits
2/27 Share Day
3/2-3/6 No Preschool—Parent conferences
3/6 Garden Art Show and Silent Auction

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Heart Cafe in Pictures

Happy Valentine's Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin and Mr.s Krantz

Thank you to everyone who attended the Heart Cafe! It is always a wonderful morning and it is so much fun for the teachers to serve our preschool families!

Just as your "bill" stated, the greatest love comes from our Savior, Jesus!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heart Cafe for Valentine's Day! - Mrs. Wilson

What a TOTALLY fun time we had this morning at the Heart Café!!!  Thank you thank you all for coming out to dine with us! As Miss Crimson, one of your servers this morning, I can say that this put Valentine’s Day over the Top for me! What a great bunch of families we have hear at Concordia Lutheran Preschool!

Thank you too, for all the sweet, cool, and loving Valentines sent in for your child to share and exchange! We are all so blessed.  The preschoolers had fun dropping them into their classmates’ bags. We even had some goo practice at letter and name recognition. More V 
words… Valuable Valentine’s learning experience! It was fun to see them peeking in their own bag to see the growing bounty!

We also have to stop and thank the maker of the weather for granting us this lovely day! We caught up on a lot of rained out playground time! The kids just loved being outside. They really are growing in friendships and communication skills! So fun to see.

On coming inside, we stopped to learn a new song about how to know true love. It comes from 1 John 3:16. I wonder if your preschooler might remember it.

Crowning of our perfect day was Art with Miss Holly! There were some beautiful bright colors flowing from these junior artists’ hands for sure!

Have a weekend full of the joy of loving and being loved.


Pictures from The Heart Cafe

The Heart Cafe - Mrs. Krantz

Many thanks to all those who came to The Heart Cafe this morning and especially to the volunteers who helped in the kitchen, with set up and with clean up.  There is an amazing team of people who do so much to make these special events possible.  I hope it was an enjoyable and memorable family moment for your preschooler and for you!

When we got back to preschool, we were lured outside by the 60 degree weather!  What a beautiful morning.  One at a time the preschoolers took a break from outside to play mailman and deliver their special Valentines to their friends.  Those special envelopes went home for Valentine discovery!

We also started on a collaborative art project with all the preschoolers in the whole entire preschool.  This will be a fabulous work or art that will be up for auction at our upcoming Art Show and Silent Auction.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

LOVE - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we started off with a hear in our hand and a discussion about the emotion of LOVE.  We made lists of people we love and people who love us.  We also talked about God's love for each one of us and made a special project to remind us of that amazing love!

Our outside time was full of non stop running.  I think these kiddos are ready for spring!  I think I would have to agree with them.

In worship, we each received messages from God in a special Valentine heart.  These messages talk of God's love for us and his promises to us.  Delivering these papers with special messages was a highlight on my day!

Centers time included graphing boxes of conversation hearts, using our scissors skills and cutting out hearts for valentine fun, painting over tape shaped like letters and pulling off the tape to see what was left, and having fun with out workbench.

The Heart Cafe is open tomorrow and Friday mornings!  See you there at 9am!