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Friday, January 30, 2015

Amazing Sharks - Mrs. Krantz

Science Friday was fantastic this morning!  Mrs. LeBlanc brought in her computer and showed us many pictures of sharks and told us some incredible information about them.  Later in the day we played a beachball game and I asked what the preschoolers remembered about sharks.  They retained a lot of great information.  One of the most fascinating parts of science today was seeing a real shark!  Mrs. LeBlanc brought in a preserved dogfish shark and we put on gloves so we could explore the shark.  The skin was rough and the teeth looked sharp!  I'm sure if you ask the preschoolers how it smelled, you will get a great face as they tell you about the shark's odor!

Our ocean learning had been a lot of fun and it is time to move on to our next unit of learning.  In February we will turn our attention to emotions!  

Have a great weekend!

Pattern Day - Mrs. Krantz

I was out of the classroom most of the day performing one on one assessments with your wonderful children! When I was in the classroom I saw plenty of patterns being worn, writing on rocks in the writing center, creating striped people after reading Case of the Stripes, and plenty of sensory fun with rice!

Thank you to Mrs. Dobbins for being in the classroom today! You are so fun!

Art with Ms Holly finished our day together!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Day at the Beach - Mrs. Krantz

Beach day was an enormous amount of fun and energy!  We started out taking a very close look at 2 real shark jaws and their teeth.  We noticed something very interesting regarding the way sharks teeth grow.  Ask your preschooler about it!  

We pulled out the parachute and a beach ball and had some beach ball fun with ocean waves made by the parachute.  We had to work together to keep that ball on the waves!

In centers we laced flowers and straws for some tropical bracelets.  We also used salt trays for tracing pictures and letters in the salt.  Ms. Holly arrived for art and we drew picture of friends exchanging flowers.  These amazing pictures will be on display at our upcoming Art Show.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Missing My Preschoolers! - Mrs. Krantz

I am happy to report that my middle child is on the mend and I should be back at preschool for the remainder of the week.  I miss your precious kids, but am so thankful I can stay home and take care of mine when needed.

While I wasn't at preschool today I know Mrs. Barrington and Ms. Harum had a fabulous time teaching.  The morning started with chapel and followed by spending some glorious time outside in the warm January weather.  

Each Wednesday we have a college student who volunteers in the classroom for an hour.  Danica is wonderful!  Today she wrote down stories your children dictated about swimming with sharks.  I for one can't wait to read what they came up with!  I love reading their creative process and watching their vocabulary grow and mature.

Thursday and Friday are beach days!  Have your child dress like he/she is headed to the beach if they would like.  See you then!

Silly Story - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We loved our chapel time with Pastor Tim! We learned that praying is talking to God. And we can talk to God whenever we want!

If you didn't get a chance, please take a moment to read the story the preschoolers wrote together. The title: "The silliest, roughest story ever" Words like "first, next, then" helped connect our thought together. We began by each getting one item from our classroom and throwing it in a bag. One by one an item was pulled out and added to our story. The items later helped retell the story in the same sequence.

Some art show preparations were done today using blending colors! We want this art to be a surprise but I'll give you a sneak peek!

See you all on Friday for pattern day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Long Winter's Rest - Mrs. Wilson

H for hibernation, hibernate and even hibernated, as a preschooler figured out while we were all thinking about the words together… Letters and words… What literacy skills we are developing as we think through our sounds and our usage!

There was certainly a hush over the downstairs for part of the day… Was that snoring we heard? The dens, caves and burrows were full of sleeping hibernators! There were hedgehogs, bears, ladybugs, and more. We even had some frogs settled in at the bottom of the pond.It was a lot of fun to see the preschoolers fully emerged in the idea of hibernation. They really took it on and we had a lot of fun. We ate extra snack, because bears do come out once in a while for a mid winter snack or two… we helped little critters in and out of tunnels and caves, we built extra caves with snow on top to bring home for our own hibernators too. 

We took a break to go outside for a bit and help our non-hibernating, non-migrating friends by putting up our bird feeder tubes. We are excited to see what we might find on Thursday… The one we put up last week was totally gone, so we will see if there are more hungry visitors stopping by. Loved to see some hibernation minded preschoolers using sticks and branches to build a cozy place or two for another critter looking for a winter home. Meanwhile, others were running from tree to 
tree looking for places to hibernate or hide… Go letter H for helping us in our adventures!

What a fun day we had! I am sure your preschooler will have a lot to say about their adventures.

Sharks - Mrs. Krantz

We were all about amazing sharks this morning at opening circle.  We even spoke in low, muted tones as we learned about these incredible predators.  We drew a picture of a shark and labeled the parts of a shark.  Perhaps your preschooler can tell you about some of the things we labeled.

In worship, we learned about how we can learn from our mistakes and even from mistakes that other people make.  King Asa made good choices and obeyed God after learning from the mistakes of kings before him.  Mrs. Krantz was working on a puzzle and they pieces just weren't fitting together.  She was making a lot of mistakes, but the preschoolers learned from her mistakes and put the puzzles together correctly.  

In centers we worked on controlling the muscles in out hands with squeeze tube painting.  We also created cute little jellyfish.  Woodworking was a popular today as always, but the hammering of nails was particularly exciting!  The seashell store was open on the oceanshore and there was a lot of business happening there.  

At the end of our morning together we became seashells moved by the waves!  Thursday and Friday are Beach Days!  Dress like you are ready for the beach, but not for swimming!  And don't forget to make reservations for The Heart Cafe!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Rocks and Rhythm Sticks - Mrs. O'Loughlin

It was a full day at preschool!  At opening circle we looked closely at a quilt Mrs. O'Loughlin brought it.  The preschoolers said what they saw when they looked at the quilt.  Some observations included: squares, dots, blue, zig-zags, stars, rectangles, swirls!  Can your preschooler say what they saw?  All these wonderful colors and shapes created many patterns on the quilt.  Our own quilt squares with our own unique designs and patterns are brightening up our classroom! 

Our new focus letter R had a lot of attention today!  As a group we came up with words that have an R in them.  One of these words was ROCKS.  The beautiful sun was streaming in our windows so we took advantage of it and went on a rock hunt.  Watching these preschoolers hunt for rocks and being SO excited when they found one was the best part of my day.  So much joy...for a rock!  We took our rocks inside and compared them, counted them, created patterns and pictures with them.

The sound of rhythm sticks filled the room during closing circle.  We learned some basic rhythm sticks rules.  See if your preschool can show you resting position and ready position!  Each kiddo came up with their own sound pattern and the rest of the class copied.  It was a joyful noise!    

Sunday, January 25, 2015


With all kinds of illness going around, I'm posting a reminder of when to keep your child home as found in our Parent Handbook.  

When to keep your child home
If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, he or she needs to stay home.  We are committed to keeping all of the children as healthy as possible.  If your child is brought to school sick, you will be asked to take him/her home.  If your child becomes sick while at preschool, we will isolate him/her from other children and contact the parent to pick him/her up immediately.  Children need to be with family when not feeling well.  These guidelines will be strictly enforced to ensure the health and safety of all.
Ø  Fever of 100 ˚F or higher
Ø  Vomiting on two or more occasions within the past 24 hours
Ø  Diarrhea - three or more watery stools in a 24 hour period
Ø  Draining rash
Ø  Eye discharge or pink eye (must be treated for 24 hours before returning)
Ø  Fatigue that prevents participation in regular activities
Ø  Lice or nits
Ø  Heavy (green or discolored) nasal discharge or constant cough

Ø  Communicable diseases (chicken pox, whooping cough, etc.)

Important Information

We are collecting pictures frames and picture mats for the art show.  If you have unwanted frames, we have a place for them!  Please bring them to preschool and we will be happy to give them a wonderful purpose.

This is the last week for priority enrollment. If you have not turned in 
your fall intention form, please do so ASAP!

Heart Café
The Heart Café is open for business on February 12th and13th at 9am!  
A full breakfast will be served.  Allergy friendly options will be available. 
Reservations are required, so please be sure to turn those RSVP’s in!

On the 12th and 13th, please come straight to the church for breakfast.  
At 9:45am, please walk your preschooler over to the school to sign them 
in and drop them off for the rest of our class’ Valentine’s celebration.

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

This is our last week of ocean fun.  We will be learning about SHARKS!  The preschoolers have shown a lot in interest and curiosity about sharks so this should be a lot of fun.  We will learn a poem about sharks, will identify the different parts of sharks and of course we will read some fabulous shark books.  We have been talking about authors and illustrators all year long and we will practice being authors and illustrators once again this week as the preschoolers write stories about swimming with sharks.  I looks forward to reading their stories! 

Have your preschooler wear beach attire on Thursday and Friday!  Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, but probably not swim suits :).  We won’t go outside, so they could wear shorts.  We’ll have the heat turned up for our beach day!

This week in worship we will learn about the split in the kingdom and about King Asa who did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.  We will learn about how God uses bad things to reach His people and how we can learn from our mistakes.  Chapel is on Wednesday this week at the church!

Invitations for “The Heart Café” are in your box this week.  If you or a special person is unable to attend this full breakfast with your preschooler, please let me know and we will have a special person for them!  All family is invited to attend!

Mrs. Krantz

1/26                  Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
2/12, 13            The Heart Café 9-9:45am
2/16                  No Preschool – President’s Day
3/2-3/6            No Preschool – Parent/Teacher Conferences
3/6                   Springtime Garden Art Show and Silent Auction
4/6-4/10          No Preschool – Spring Break

1/28                  Chapel
1/29                  Beach Day!  Dress for the occasion!
1/30                 Beach Day!  Dress for the occasion!

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Hibernation Day is here! Tuesday is PJ and hibernation day (bring a cuddly friend if you want to)! What better way to learn about it than to do it! There will be caves and dens set up around the classroom where preschoolers will be able to settle in for a cozy time of reading about and looking at other hibernators. There may be some snoring as we remember those animals that are actually fast asleep right now!

Our word wall letter of the week is H. Watch the wall for Hearty and Happy words…    

In Worship we will touch on the divided kingdom and how in spite of some bad choices made by many kings, some learned from their mistakes and made good choices to followed God. We can too!
Mrs. Wilson

Important information

Save the date for the Feb. 12, 9:00-9:45 AM for the Heart Cafe!  February 13th at 9am!  A full breakfast will be served.  Allergy friendly options will be available. Reservations are required, so please be sure to turn those in.  On the 13th, please come straight to the church for breakfast.  At 9:45am, please walk your preschooler over to the school to sign them in.

On Thursday Mrs. Wieser will be helping out in our classroom, as Mrs. Wilson will be working on assessments for conference prep.

1/29   Hibernation Day & Pajama Day!
2/12   The Heart Café (please make your reservations soon! All family is invited to this sit-down and order style full breakfast meal)
3/6    Spring Garden Art Show & Silent Auction (watch for details to come)

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

How are we already to the last week of January?  This month is speeding by!  We’ll use our last week of January to continue exploring the patterns all around us.  With the use of rhythm sticks, we’ll discover sound patterns.  As a group we will create our own story using objects from around the classroom.  As each child adds to our story we will be looking at order and sequence of what we are saying.  Even the stories we hear have patterns!

Each and every day we have many activities, games, and songs that help the preschoolers practice their letter recognition and handwriting.  A focus letter gives special attention to a letter for the week and really highlights the sound and look of that letter.  This week our focus letter is R.

Chapel is on Wednesday! The Story continues with The Split of Two Kingdoms.  We learn about King Asa and how he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.  Even though mistakes were made, God can use these mistakes to teach his people.  We can learn from our mistakes too! 

Friday is pattern day!  Wear any and all patterns that you have!

Heart Café
The Heart Café is open for business on February 13th at 9am!  A full breakfast will be served. Allergy friendly options will be available. Reservations are required, so please be sure to turn those RSVP’s in!  On the 13th, please come straight to the church for breakfast.  At 9:45am, please walk your preschooler over to the school to sign them in and drop them off for the rest of our class’ Valentine’s celebration.  

Mrs. Dobbins will be in the classroom on Friday.  I will be doing one on one assessments to prep for conferences for the week of March 2-6. 
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
1/28 Chapel
1/30 Pattern Day—Wear something with patterns! 
2/13 Heart Café—9-9:45am 
2/16 No Preschool—Presidents Day
2/18 Chapel

Friday, January 23, 2015

Cryospheres - Mrs. Krantz

We are quickly falling in love with Friday Science!  Mrs. LeBlanc came in to told us about ice in the ocean.  We learned about the polar ice caps and about brinicles.  Then she taught us about dry ice and how very cold it is.  She took some dry ice and added rubbing alcohol to it.  A very cold solution was made, we could even hear it bubbling.  Mrs. LeBlanc put juice in balloons and then put the balloons in the cold solution.  After 3 minutes she took the balloons out, took the balloon off there was a frozen sphere, a cryosphere!  The inside of the cryosphere had deliciously chilled juice and we each had a sampling.  We ate some of the cryosphere as well.  YUM!  

In worship we worked on our wisdom skills and sang some our favorite songs.  Our songs are straight Bible verses so as we learn the songs we are learning the Word of God and putting it in our hearts!  Music is a wonderful way to memorize God's Word.

Have a fabulous weekend and we will see you next week!

Who wants a sandwich? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

The preschoolers told Mrs. O'Loughlin exactly how to make a sandwich today. They had to be very careful about the order she did things so it would be a sandwich we could eat! Sequence!! It matters!

Pretend peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were made during centers! Messy ones and paper ones. Can you guess which one was more popular?! Math skills were put to the test in the sensory table while searching for shapes in rice. Races to find the most diamonds, hexagons and triangles were a favorite today.

Worship time was full of wisdom and exercise! Either a wise or unwise sentence was called out and the preschoolers ran to that side of the room. This is a wise group of kiddos!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Migration - Mrs. Wilson

Some birds migrate, like robins and Canadian geese....
Others are permanent residents, like magpies and (some) chickadees...
God gave some of them downy feathers, and others he gave big strong wings and amazing instincts to know what to do and how to stay warm and fed! Even in the snow!

Permanent residents
Summer residents
Dry fur

These are some of the scientific words and ideas our young biologists are getting a feel for. They are really taking it in! We made bird feeders today. Then some of us wanted to be "birds actually" and fly around and eat from the sample feeder we put out. What fun to know that God had a plan and a purpose for everything He made. He made them incredibly adapted for the parts of the world in which they live!

On Tuesday be on the lookout for our migrating geese... They will be in formation somewhere in our school while on their way to warmer places.

Also on Tuesday, be ready for our HIBERNATION DAY! Come in PJs with a cuddly friend if you want to! We will be cuddling into our cozy winter lairs to get a feeling for those animals who handle winter by just sleeping right through it. Of course we may need to take a break to migrate outside and check on the bird feeders! We are looking forward to a lot of fun!

Swimming Together - Mrs. Krantz

We had a sea of colorful fish swimming in the water today at circle time.  We each had a fish and when the color of the fish was sung, the preschooler lifted the fish up in the air to swim around.  Eventually all the fish were swimming together.  The preschoolers had to listen closely to hear their color called!  Then we traded fish and did it again.

In worship we learned about King Solomon asking to know right from wrong and how God gave him great wisdom.  We drew our feet and asked that God would lead us in His ways.  Later we made crowns like King Solomon.

Check out our underwater environment that had been growing in the classroom.  You'll se some pretty amazing creatures with 8 tentacles!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fabulous Helpers - Mrs. Krantz

Nonsense words are an amazing amount of fun, especially when we make up our own rhyming nonsense words!  We sang the song "Lets Go to the Sea" and added our nonsense words to the song.  The preschoolers LOVED it!  

Later we learned about King Solomon knowing right from wrong.  We talked about what being wise meant.  We decided that choosing to wear shoes instead of flip flops today was a wise choice.  Perhaps you can talk about wise choices at home too. 

Centers time was full of adventure.  We painted the sea full of colorful fish, like the fish we sang about in our song.  We also began building coral.  The coral will be added to our hallway, but it will take a bit of time for the glue to dry.  It was fabulous to see friends working together to make amazing buildings in the building area too!

Herman the Helper, a little octopus, showed us what it means to be a helper.  The preschoolers brainstormed ideas about how to be a helper.  We have a group of fabulous helpers!

Patterns Repeat - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We started the morning with a song about patterns.  Ask your preschooler what we did when we figured out the pattern! (Hint we weren't quiet about it!)  The concept of an AB and AAB patterns were very familiar to this group.  They were able to complete any pattern I threw at them!  It was a bit more challenging when I asked them to create their own pattern.  Centers time gave us more pattern creating opportunities though!  Some number writing, track building and water colors completed our centers.

God told King Solomon he could ask for anything!  I asked the preschoolers what they would ask for and some of the answers included, "horsies, 250 cars, ice skates, and a baby".  :) We learned that Solomon asked God for wisdom!  We sang James 1:17 to remind us that every good gift comes from above!

The sun was just too enticing to stay indoors, so we bundled up and headed to the back yard for some outside time!  Luckily there was a hot cocoa stand open that also served cookies, tea and macaroni and cheese!

Our time together ended with a Musical Alphabet game.  The music played as we marched on our letters but when the music stopped, we had to say what letter we were standing on!  A fun, active, way to practice our letter recognition!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blubber! - Mrs. Wilson

We decided in preschool that God is so wise and good. When he made animals, He gave them just what they need to stay warm where they live! We had fun learning about Arctic animals today. We did some real scientific thinking and decided that thick fur and feathers were really warm, but when animals live lives that include swimming in the Arctic Ocean, they needed something more to keep them warm while catching food and swimming around! Ask your preschooler just how COLD that icy water feels! Hooray for God though! He gave them Blubber! Especially whales and polar bears. We even tested it out. Our young biologists checked out the water.... Burrrrr. But we had a polar paw to experiment with. Our mitt filled with Crisco blubber totally solved the problem. Ask them how the water felt when the polar paw was on...

It was also a lot if fun pretending to be polar bears diving in for a swim to eat fish. We needed to eat a lot to give us the energy to keep warm in the Arctic snow and ice!

Our letter E is covered in EYES because eye has TWO Es!!! Maybe your preschooler will remember how to point to their eyes to spell E Y E.

Our Letter A is covered with Arctic polar bears. So much fun today. We also have three names in our class that Start with E! (One of them had a birthday! :-)

Big thanks to Miss Joyce and to Papa Ken for adding their own wonderful touch to our day!

See you Thursday!

Lets Go to the Sea - Mrs. Krantz

What a fun morning we had together!  We started out walking over to the church for chapel with Pastor Tim.  We learned a new song that really got us moving!  It was a beautiful day for the short walk to the church and back.  The sun was so bright and marvelous!  Later in the classroom we made a diagram of things found in the ocean, things found in an aquarium and the things that are found in both.  That was a fun and lively conversation!

"Lets Go to the Sea" is quickly becoming another favorite watery song for this class.  We kept the rhythm in several different ways.  Perhaps your preschooler can show you some of the techniques we practiced.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

They’re all around us!  We hear them, we see them, we say them, and we even live by them.  What are they?  Patterns!  Children who see patterns are thinking mathematically!  But patterns don’t stop at math; there are word patterns, art patterns and behavioral patters.  Over the next couple of weeks we will explore a variety of patterns with the help of songs, shapes, painting and games.

Our sight words for the week are GO and I!  Please help your child identify these words on signs, in books, on cereal boxes!  Being able to recognize words gives our preschoolers a huge sense of accomplishment.  They are reading!  And they should be proud!

Worship time teaches us about Wise King Solomon.  God gave Solomon the gift of wisdom.  He made Solomon a wise leader.  God can make us wise, too!  

The new bathroom floor will be installed on January 26!  Thanks for your patience!

Calling all parent volunteers!!!  
Do you have a special talent?  Do you play an instrument or know how to knit?  Do you like to read or play games with some pretty amazing kids?  Then we want you in our classroom!

It’s a short week, but it’s going to be a great week!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
1/28 Chapel
2/13 Heart Café—9-9:45am (more details to come!)
2/16 No Preschool—Presidents Day
2/18 Chapel
2/27 Share Day

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Important Information


We are collecting pictures frames and picture mats for the art show.  If you have unwanted frames, we have a place for them!  Please bring them to preschool and we will be happy to give them a wonderful purpose.

Enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year is open for those already enrolled in our preschool!  Please return your intent form ASAP.  Thanks! 

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

 I’m looking forward to another fabulous watery week.  This week we will learn a song called “Let’s Go to the Sea.”  This song incorporates fun colors, rhyming of nonsense words (Super fun!) and some fabulous rhythm work.  Our rhythm sticks might be part of our music making endeavors this week!  We will also be reading a book called “Herman the Helper.”  Herman is a sweet little octopus who likes to help.  We will make some cute octopus art to add to our environment and of course we will be sure that our octopus have 8 tentacles. 

Wise Solomon will be part of our worship time together.  Chapel is on Tuesday and will be at the church.  We will build God’s temple and learn about walking in wisdom. 

Soon we will be working more intently on handwriting by taking about 5 minutes each morning to write certain letters.  The best thing you can do at home to help reinforce important handwriting learning is to help your child remember to start their letters at the top!  This is VERY important and Kindergarten teachers in the Pullman School District have emphasized this importance to preschool teachers.  Watch for more handwriting information to come home in your mailbox.

Blessings to you this week!
Mrs. Krantz 


1/26                  Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
2/12, 13            The Heart Café 9-9:45am
2/16                  No Preschool – President’s Day
3/2-3/6            No Preschool – Parent/Teacher Conferences
3/6                   Springtime Garden Art Show and Silent Auction
4/6-4/10          No Preschool – Spring Break

1/20                 Chapel
1/28                  Chapel

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Animals in Winter
In keeping with our January winter theme, we will explore the animal kingdom and how some animals handle winter… Are they Migrating or hibernating? Or even staying right where they are… We have mittens hats and jackets… What equipment has God given animals for the cold weather? 

Our word wall letters of the week are A & E. Watch the wall for Exciting and Happy words…     

In Worship this week we will see how God helped King Solomon (son of David) make wise and right choices. God can help us make right choices too! I am so glad we can ask Him for wisdom!

Please send preschoolers to school with mittens/gloves, boots, hats etc. to help us in our fun, and to ensure a little time in the great, windy and cold out-doors!

Mrs. Wilson

Important information
Save the date for The Heart Cafe on February 12 from 9:00-9:45 AM.  See January Preschool Connections for more info.

Downstairs Bathroom Flooring goes in on the 26th Yay!

1/20 Chapel with Pastor Tim, Reading buddy time with Miss Joyce, and wood working with Papa Ken
1/27   Hibernation Day & Pajama Day! More details will be coming home soon.
2/12   The Heart Café (watch for details to come)
3/6    Spring Garden Art Show & Silent Auction

Friday, January 16, 2015

Waves in a Bottle - Mrs. Krantz

What a huge blessing it was to have Mrs. LeBlanc in class with us this morning for our first science lesson with her.  She told us all about energy in waves, tidal waves and tsunamis.  We learned about how waves can break rocks and shape the beaches.  Pretty cool!  We moved to the tables and each made a wave bottle.  The little fish inside may look real, but rest assured that it is rubber.  They look so real!  It was fun to see the preschoolers make their own bottle and experiment with the way the waves would form in the bottle.  Some shook up the bottles and watched the oil and water seperate.  I hope you have fun with these at home!

Just a reminder that preschool is closed on Monday as we observe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Have a fabulous weekend!

Shaving Cream - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We decided we haven't had enough snow this month so we created our own "snow" to play with. A whole can of shaving cream later every preschooler was up to their elbows in the "fluffy, soft" shaving cream. Symmetrical shapes, letters and words were written on the table too! So much fun!

We finished our symmetrical journey today with comparing symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. We also discussed what a line of symmetry is and these smart kids picked up on that so quickly. As a group a beautiful, symmetrical design was made. Can your preschooler tell you what they thought it looked like?

Ms Holly finished off our morning with art! More shaving cream was used to construct snowmen. Painting with glittery shaving cream was so much fun, most of the snowmen now look like melted snowmen. All beautiful creations!

A reminder that there is no school on Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr Day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swimming in the Ocean - Mrs. Krantz

We had a busy day full of extra things!  We enjoyed making soft pretzels during our cooking time with Grandma Karen.  Ms. Holly came for some snowman art.  We had a parent volunteer who helped out with some journal prompts about swimming in the ocean.  The preschoolers each told their story and illustrated it as well.  These fabulous stories are on the wall for your reading and viewing enjoyment.  I love to read and hear the stories that these kids come up with!  It is especially fun to see how the things we have been learning and doing in the classroom make their way into some of the stories!

Our opening circle included a poem called "Fish's Evening Song."  We listened closely to word to decide if they sounded the same at the beginning of the word or at the end.  We also had a little fun with tongue twisters!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fish Pretzels - Mrs. Krantz

This morning was cooking with Grandma Karen!  We took dough and rolled it into a long rope.  After the rope was long enough, we shaped in into a fish.  We baked these yummy soft pretzels and they should have gone home with your preschooler today!  Yum!

We also met a special person today.  She is a college student studying child psychology.  She will be volunteering in our classroom every Wednesday from 10-11am.  She is super nice and we look forward to her time in the classroom with us!

On Friday we will begin our Friday Science circles.  One of our Moms is a former science teacher and will come in each Friday morning to teach science.  What a huge blessing!  We are very excited for her time with us and our weekly science circle!

Just a reminder that there is no preschool next Monday!

Science! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

I think it's safe to say that the favorite part of today was science with Mr. Levi.  To go along with our winter theme, Mr. Levi brought dry ice to our class.  We discussed what we used ice for (to make our drinks cold and to go ice skating)  We also explored the differences between solid (glass, metal, bricks), liquid (apple juice, water, milk) and gas (the stuff that comes out of an exhaust pipe, steam)  These kiddos had wonderful and scientific answers!

Next came the demonstrations!  We learned that dry ice isn't frozen water, but frozen carbon dioxide!  A frozen gas, not a frozen liquid!  Mr. Levi put some of that dry ice into a regular glass of water and into a glass of soapy water.  I bet your preschooler can tell you what happened next!

The preschoolers were being such fantastic listeners and such safe scientists, everyone was able to conduct their own experiments!  It was a blast! 

See you all on Friday!

-Mrs. O'Loughlin

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Snowballs - Mrs. Wilson

What can you do with a roll of Paper towels and some mittens???  Have fun with “snowballs,” that’s what!!!  First we took a good look at mittens and then gloves. We thought about which we prefer (rich vocabulary) and made up our minds, each one, which was our preference. Then each preschooler put up their choice on the graph and we decided that for now, at least this Tuesday, gloves were favored over mittens. Later, mitten wearers and glove wearers alike bundled up. Some used what they brought from home, others tried out some from Mrs. Wilson’s big bag. We spent a little extra time trying out some independent dressing with winter clothes, and then we were ready…

After checking to be sure the mud really was muddy, we decided to make our own inside snow day. We crumpled and packed and rolled up paper towels and voila! Instant snowballs. Bouncing “snowballs” on Mrs. Wilson’s snowflake blanket was a lot of fun. Then we really enjoyed using our large motor muscles throwing the balls into the “snow bucket.” With the lobby door open and the wintery day coming in for a short visit, we didn’t even realize we were bundled up inside! 

We ended our day reading The Mitten, by Jan Brett, a very fun wintery tale. Ask your preschooler who all actually fit into the one single white mitten before Nikki finally brought it home.  See our growing list of S words on the word wall and our mitten graph on the inside door!

See you Thursday,  
Mrs. Wilson

Listening - Mrs. Krantz

We worked extra hard with our ears today as we listened to rhyming words and listened to some water sounds.  It was fun to hear what each preschooler thought the sound of water was.  Some thought it was a waterfall, others thought it was a rainstorm and some thought maybe a shower or bathtub.

Our centers time included sandpaper art with chalk... very messy and very fun. We also took a close look at shells.  Woodworking was a highlight of the morning as well.

It was pretty yucky outside so we brought the balance beam into the classroom along with dinosaur feet, hopscotch and hula hoops.  The ocean floor was also used for crawling and climbing.  We moved a lot even though we didn't get to go outside!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

We are determined to enjoy snow, even without snow! Again we will focus on winter weather and all the wonderful opportunities it brings. We will do some practicing and play some fun games using our very own winter clothes, mittens, gloves, hats and boots! Lets celebrate bundling up and being cozy. It’s always good to get better at putting on and taking off our own cold weather gear!  Please send preschoolers to school with mittens/gloves, boots, hats etc. both to help us in our fun, and to ensure a little time in the great, foggy and cold out-doors!

Our word wall letters of the week are D & S. Watch the wall for dandy and surprising words to surface and demand our attention! Words and letters can be so much FUN!

Mrs. Wilson

Important information
This is a week of many preschool friends and helpers! We will have time with Papa Ken (wood working), Grandma Karen (cooking), Miss Holly (art), And a new reading buddy, Miss Joyce! What a Super Duper week ahead of us! 

1/12 reading buddy time with Miss Joyce and woodworking with Papa Ken
1/15   Cooking with Grandma Karen & art with Miss Holly
2/12   The Heart Café (watch for details to come)

Action Words - Mrs. Krantz

We put our ears and bodies to work this morning as we listened closely for action words that end with -ing.  We listened to a poem titled "Fish."  It had lots of -ing words and we acted the words out.  After we came up with our own -ing words and acted those out too!  It was a lot of fun moving and really great listening.  

As your preschooler what mistake Mrs. Krantz made when frosting a cupcake.  It was a big mistake that she couldn't make better.  We make mistakes everyday, those mistakes are called sin.  God loves us so much that He forgives our sin and gives us a clean heart.  

Our centers time was busy creating sea horse to add to our underwater environment, painting with sponges, and looking closely at shells.  It was fun to see the preschooler take the shells and create a shell store.  There were lots of fabulous observations taking place.  

We ended our morning reading "Dear Mr. Blueberry."  It is a book of letters between an little girl named Emily and her teacher, Mr. Blueberry.  After the book, the preschoolers wrote a letter to Mrs. Krantz about the morning.  

Icky Stuff - Mrs. O'Loughlin

The preschoolers were so excited when Mrs. O'Loughlin started mixing up a cake at worship time.  She put in flour, sugar, some cinnamon and one more thing!  Can your preschooler tell you what the last thing was?  (Hint: it was a big mistake!)  One of the preschoolers suggested she just start over.  "Throw that icky stuff out and do it again!"  So wise!  This was the perfect intro into our story of David's mistake.  We learned that David made some pretty "icky" mistakes but he said sorry to God and God forgave him!  We ended our worship with Psalm 51:10 and by praying so simply "Dear God, please forgive me."

A beautiful winter scene was created on our window with cotton balls, snowflakes and sticky paper.  I saw every kiddo add something to the creation and it looked wonderful!  Groups of 3 were made to construct the letter W out of wooden sticks.  It was a little tricky but the groups talked it out and figured out how a W should look.  I just love seeing all this collective work!  We also did some more imaginative writing with our intro "If I lived in a snow globe..."  We'll continue to work on those on Wednesday and hope to have them proudly displayed on our writing wall!

We decided it looked pretty muddy outside so we set up the basketball hoop, the bean bag toss and a few balancing items inside.

Our day ended with a great book with a fantastic W word...WILD!  Does your preschooler remember what they do when they are being WILD?!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

January Preschool Connections

Winter Weather

While it still is Fall, it sure feels like Winter!  Please be sure to send appropriate outdoor clothing for your child each day.  If there is snow, please send boots and snowpants!  We do not go outside if it is below 25 degrees.  Please be sure to have your child’s backpack to keep snow clothes in… it helps us keep things organized!  Also be sure to check your preschoolers extra change of clothing to make sure it is season and size appropriate! 


2015-2016 Enrollment is Open!

Enrollment for the upcoming fall opens on January 1 to children of parents/guardians who are members of Concordia Lutheran Church, to regular attenders who consider Concordia their church home and to children already enrolled in the preschool program. Siblings of children already enrolled in the program may enroll February 1 as space allows.  Enrollment opens to those on the waiting list and to the public on March 1 as space allows.                                                                          

School Closure in Inclement Weather

Generally, if inclement weather causes a school cancellation or late start for the Pullman School District, Concordia Lutheran Preschool will be canceled for the day.  Cancellations will be posted on the preschool blog and Facebook by 7am. If you would prefer a phone call, please make a request to the preschool director prior to the winter season.

Drop off in Winter Road and Sidewalk Conditions

On days when the roads are yucky, and the sidewalks just don’t seem to be able to be cleared enough to be safe, a preschool staff member will meet you at the end of the driveway to escort your child into preschool for the morning.  Please pull up to the end of the driveway and we will help your child quickly unload.  Please stay in your vehicle if possible so that we can move quickly with this process and not clog up the road!  We will do our best to make this as safe and efficient as possible.  When this option is available, a staff member will be standing at the end of the driveway by 8:55am.


The Heart Cafe

The Heart Café is an annual event in which we treat your preschooler and special guests (you!) to a Valentine Breakfast at The Heart Café.  The café is located in the lower level of the church and the teachers become your waitresses.  Reservations are required and more information will be given out closer to the date.  The café will be open for our T/Th kids on February 12 from 9am-9:45am.  It will be open for our M/W/F kids on February 13 from 9am-9:30am.  So mark your calendar!  You won’t want to miss this!


Springtime Garden Art Show and Silent Auction

Our Annual Art Show and Silent Auction is schedule for Friday, March 6 from 6:00pm-7:30pm.  This is a beautiful evening displaying the artwork of the preschool children while enjoying delicious finger foods and beverages.  A silent auction is also held to benefit the preschool.  We are taking silent auction donations as well.  Please plan on attending this fun filled, elegant evening!  Preschool are encouraged to attend as they are the stars of the evening!