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Friday, December 18, 2015

Curbside Drop Off Today

We will have curbside drop off available starting at 8:40am for Mrs. Krantz's class and 8:55am for Mrs. O'Loughlin's class this morning.
Please enter the church parking lot at the end of the lot closest to the church.  Please wait at the exit of the church parking lot until the area in front of the driveway is open.   Pull up to the driveway of the preschool one car at a time and we will help your child unload and get into the building. 

Our Christmas movie starts at the church right around 10am, with the rest of the party following at 10:30am.  Please meet us at the church if you are attending!  Pick up will be at the church at normal times.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Jesus!

We celebrate! 
We have joy together!
We share precious things from home.
We make a quick Christmas wish video to encourage a sick friend.
We tell Addy about our favorite tradition and give her a final Advent hug…
(some common themes in our traditions included baking cookies, looking at lights, 
putting up trees, etc. etc.) I think Addy now has a good sense of Christmas here, at 
least in our homes and our lives!

We sing some songs.
We dance to fiddles and Christmas music.
We use instruments and have a Christmas parade all around the downstairs.
We zip up and head over to the party!
A book about a very special little star helped us know that God has big plans and 
helps us do what he asks as we obey… He also had a big announcement when His 
son Jesus was born!

A fun movie (The Very First Noel) helped us travel to the manger to see the Baby 
Then A Birthday song and cupcake for the newborn King, with a candle to blow out 
of course!
Yum! Preschoolers and some families decorated some beautiful and tasty cakes!
Ornaments to make, crowns to color, and gifts to take home made for a wonderful 
party and last day of preschool for 2015!

Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas dear Preschoolers and families! We are 
blessed by you and pray you are greatly blessed this Christmas and far beyond!

See you in January 2016!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Curbside Drop Off on Thursday December 17

With freezing rain in the forecast for tomorrow, we will have curbside drop off available starting at 8:40am for Mrs. Krantz's class and 8:55am for Mrs. Wilson's class.  I will assess for the afternoon class and post at noon.
Please enter the church parking lot at the end of the lot closest to the church.  Pull up to the driveway of the preschool one car at a time and we will help your child unload and get into the building.
Our party will still be over at the church so please plan to pick up your preschooler from the church.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Preschool Closed Today - December 16

Due to snow and ice, preschool in canceled today, Wednesday December 16.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Brisk Winter Air - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

This afternoon was bustling with activity!  We finished up projects, decorated Christmas cookies with Grandma Karen and met a new friend who will be joining us in January!  

We loved playing outside in the backyard in the brisk winter air.  Digging for treasure and playing pirates was all the rage!

Our centers time included decorating pine boughs, and a lot of nativity play.  We had angles, roosters, donkeys and of course, baby Jesus!

Our Happy Birthday Jesus party is on Thursday.  We will head over to the church at 1:45pm for the festivities.  NO SNACK is needed on Thursday.  We will end our time at the church too, so pick up will take place there.

Full of Activity! - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

Our morning was full of activity!  We started out hearing about Christmas in Haiti and then headed over to chapel with Pastor Tim.  He reminded us that Christmas is all about Jesus!

We grabbed some fabulous time outside.  The air was cold, but the sun came shining through.  Outside is one of the best place to cultivate incredibly meaningful play!

We finished up a few projects during centers time.  We also decorated pine boughs, enjoyed smelling the fresh cut pine, dressed up and took care of baby Jesus in the manger.  Play dough sparked some incredible creativity and fun conversation among our preschoolers!

Our Happy Birthday Jesus party is on Thursday and Friday!  We will walk over to the church at 10am and that is where the remainder of our time will be.  You can join us for the party or pick up your child at the church at normal pick up time.  NO SNACK is needed on Thursday and Friday!

Prepare Ye, Prepare Ye - Mrs. Wilson

We did a lot of preparing today! I hope you all found a nice safe spot to keep the gift boxes that came home (the contents are somewhat fragile). We have been preparing these items for weeks, and today prepared the box as a gift from your preschooler to you and your family on Christmas! Also, after weeks of work and preparation, the woodworking project is done and ready to come home! The preschoolers made lovely nativity blocks to treasure for Christmases to come. They can act out the story of our lord any time with their own handy work! And I am sure you saw those yummy and well prepared cookies from today's decorating with Grandma Karen and Miss Joyce. The pine boughs and ribbons were assembled by preschoolers to help us remember how the children in Haiti decorate for Christmas. Maybe your preschooler can use them to help you decorate too! 

We had a double birthday today and Papa Ken stayed for the birthday song and cake! We love to celebrate birthdays in preschool! And what fun we will have on Thursday celebrating the birthday of our Lord Jesus!

We finished the day reading about a little mouse named Mortimer who moved on in on the baby Jesus in the hay… but soon discovered the real meaning of Christmas and how God cared even for him! Ask your preschooler about what kind of house Mortimer lived in first and then at the end…

Don’t forget to fill out those pages about your Christmas traditions at home for Addy! She is looking forward to hearing from her preschool friends!

See you Thursday for the Party!

Monday, December 14, 2015

St. Lucia - Mrs. Krantz

This was a full and fun morning!  We wrapped up special gifts for Moms and Dads.  We played outside for a bit and then headed over to the church for a wonderful St. Lucia celebration!  Special thanks to Miss Marsha for telling us all about this Swedish celebration and helping us remember that Jesus is the light of the world!

Busy, Busy Morning! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

The beautiful wooden nativities are complete! Papa Ken came in and we did the last step! These creations are drying and will be ready to take home on Wednesday!

Miss Marsha told us all about Christmas in Sweden and the festival of St. Lucia! Ask your preschooler what Lucia means! We danced, we sang, we had Swedish treats, we read stories and saw authentic Sweden Christmas decorations. Thank you miss Marsha for sharing your Swedish traditions!

Back at school we wrapped some very special presents!! The preschoolers spent multiple days making these gifts for mommies and daddies to open on Christmas morning!

And...OH JOY!!! We have a crosswalk!!!!! We were so excited to use it today!!!

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter: December 14-18

This week we will be wrapping up advent at preschool… what a great gift it has and continues to be!  We will be busily finishing some projects and enjoying lots of advent and Christmas fun. We will have cookie decorating with Grandma Karen, and woodworking with Grandpa Ken. Addy will be taking a trip to Haiti and reporting on it this Tuesday. 
Then on Thursday it is our turn to teach Addy about some advent traditions… OURS!!! 
Please watch on Tuesday for a page to come home for you and your preschooler to fill out. You can brainstorm together about a few of your preschooler’s favorite Christmas traditions that are celebrated at your house. They will have a chance to share these with Addy on Thursday! Addy LOVES to hear about her preschool friends’ Christmas joys!

We have chapel on Tuesday, and on Thursday in Worship we will hear the great birth announcement that the shepherds heard all those years ago! Such GOOD NEWS!!!

On Thursday our class will join Mrs. Krantz’s class for our Christmas Party! This is a birthday celebration for Jesus! Parents and siblings are very welcome to join us in 
the festivities. We will begin at 10:00 at the church. Sign out will be from there at the end of the party.  PLEASE, we need some help with the party. There is a sign up in the lobby for the Thursday party. There are still a lot of opportunities to help out by bringing some 
needed items if you can.

What a wonderful preschool 2015 fall semester we have had! We look forward to 2016!! Have a VERY merry and blessed Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: December 14-18

Welcome to the last week of preschool in 2015!  Our month has been full and this week isn’t going to be any different!

On Monday, Addy is going to tell us about Christmas in Sweden!  Our class, along with Mrs. Krantz’s class are excited about our special guest who will have a St. Lucia presentation 
over at the church from 10-11am!

The woodworking project the preschoolers have been working on for the past couple of months will be completed!  We are so thankful for Papa Ken and all the time he gives!

Cooking with Grandma Karen is on Wednesday!  This time she’s bringing sugar cookies to decorate!

In worship we hear about the angels proclaiming the birth of our King!  Chapel on Wednesday!

The paper that went home about our favorite Christmas traditions will be shared on Friday during Addy’s last visit.  Friday is also SHARE day!

The Happy Birthday Jesus Party is Friday over at the church at 10am!  This is where you will pick up your preschooler!  Sign out folders and backpacks will be over there as well!

Wishing you all a joyful Christmas!!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
12/14 St Lucia Presentation—10 am
12/16 Chapel
12/16 Cooking with Grandma Karen
12/18 SHARE day, Happy Birthday Jesus Party—10am 
12/21-1/1—No preschool, Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: December 14-18

What a great month we have had so far!  This is our last week of preschool in 2015 and we will be busy!  

Addy will be sharing celebrations from Sweden, Haiti and Greece.  On Thursday and Friday, we will share our own traditions with Addy!  Papers went home in your box for you to fill out with your preschooler and bring back for Thursday or Friday!  We will be decorating cookies this week with Grandma Karen and sending home special gifts to go under your Christmas tree.  Thursday and Friday are also SHARE Days!

On Monday we will have a special guest to share the Saint Lucia celebration that is part of Sweden's traditions.  We will be over at the church from 10am-11:00am.  Pick up will be as normal over at the preschool.

In worship, we will hear about the angels announcing the good news of Christ's birth to the shepherds!

We have class parties on Thursday and Friday.  Both are birthday celebrations for Jesus!  The morning parties start at 10am and will be held over at the church.  Our afternoon classes party will begin at 1:45pm (note that is a change from previously published information) and will be over at the church as well.  Parents and siblings are welcome to attend!

Mrs. Barrington will be gone on Thursday and Friday as she will be attending her son's college graduation!  Ms. Tietjen will be subbing.


12/21-1/1 No Preschool - Merry Christmas!

12/14 St. Lucia 10am
12/15 Chapel
12/16 Chapel
12/17 SHARE Day, Christmas Party
12/18 SHARE Day, Christmas Party

Born in a Stable - Mrs. O'Loughlin

During worship we discussed how Jesus wasn't born in a hospital, or a house, or a castle (where a king might be born) but Jesus was born in a stable. Together, the preschoolers constructed their own stable for Jesus. Cooperative group work is some of my favorite moments in preschool. Watching each child add their own idea and each preschooler accepting differing opinions on where a certain block should be placed. At the end, the result is always something the entire group is proud to have been a part of!

Addy told us about India. Ask your preschooler if they remember the name of the red flower the churches are decorated with. Christians in India place a clay lamp on their roofs to tell their neighbors that a certain someone is the light of the world! Your preschooler can tell you who that is!

We went outside!! How lovely the fresh air was for all of us!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Poinsettia - Mrs. Krantz

This morning, Addy told us about Christmas in India!  We painted poinsettias as in India have this beautiful flower as part of their festivities!  We also finished up a long term woodworking project that went home today.  I hope your preschooler enjoys playing with his/her block nativity set!

Next week is a busy week!  Make sure to read the newsletter for next week to be sure you are aware of all the fun things taking place!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jingle Bells and Magnet Wands - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

Our afternoon started off by adding cotton ball marshmallows to cups of hot chocolate!  We rolled the dice and added that number of cotton balls to the picture of hot chocolate.  Then Addy came for a visit to tell us about Christmas in Switzerland!

We worked on our top secret Christmas project... you won't find out what it is until Christmas Day!  The preschooler have had so much fun making these gifts!  

Centers time was busy with jingle bells and magnet wands (a favorite of this afternoon class), dressing up as the nativity characters, making trees and angels and dancing!

Bells and Stars - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

This morning Addy flew in with feather flying to tell us about Christmas in Switzerland!  Bells are a big part of the festivities as are stars!  What fun we had with jingle bells and cutting out stars.

We grabbed some precious time outside while the rain stopped.  It was so good to be out in the fresh air and enjoy the backyard.  Lots of exploring and running, and many, many smiles!  Our floor snowman puzzle has been a favorite these days.  My favorite part of the puzzle is the look of success and pride on the faces of the preschoolers once they have finished it!

We worked on a top secret project today... one that will be revealed on Christmas Day, or whenever your family opens gifts!

Luke 2:11 - Mrs. Wilson

For there is born to you this day in the City of David a Savior who is Christ the LORD. ~Luke 2:11

This was our theme. This was our song. This is the truth we enjoyed together today.  Nativity sticker scenes came home today. The preschoolers so carefully arranged their scenes after remembering the story of that holy family on that most Holy night. We sang our Luke 2:11 song. It was beautiful. I think your preschooler may be able to sing it for you… We celebrated His birth. We enjoyed the “getting ready.”

Addy told us how some children of Switzerland get ready… They ring bells as they come out to gather for the midnight worship service to celebrate his birth. Addy even brought some bells for us to use in making our ornaments. That way we can also ring bells to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord. Addy also had a fun surprise. Cinnamon doughnuts! Some families in Switzerland make homemade doughnuts as part of the joyful time. Yum, we had some joyfully cinnamoned faces after snack time was over. 

We also made a collage of nativity scenes and other joyful decorative pics and stamps. Be watching for the adorable Luke 2:11 scenes we made. Love the minds and hearts that show up in the preschooler’s words. Treasure leaning about treasure!

For there is born to you this day in the City of David a Savior who is Christ the LORD. ~Luke 2:11

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Prepare the Way of the Lord! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our morning started with chapel upstairs in Mrs. Krantz's classroom. Beautiful Christmas songs were sung and we talked about how baby Jesus being born made us feel. We decided joyful!!

Ghana was the country Addy told us about today! In Ghana, churches are packed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with people singing, dancing and playing music! Ghana also grows lots of cocoa bean plants. We talked about all the things made from cocoa beans and even made some hot chocolate to enjoy during snack!

Another sense was explored; hearing! Ask your preschooler if they remember any of the instruments Mrs. O'Loughlin played while eyes were closed!

I loved watching the preschoolers take their time to make Christmas ornaments for our friend who is sick and staying in Spokane. Much care was taken as the preschoolers sent Love to him! We love you so much and pray for you every day!!

Cocoa! - Mrs. Krantz

Our blustery day was full of warmness as we heard about Christmas in Ghana.  December is the cocoa bean harvest, so we enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate!  They also love music with drums and percussion, so we also enjoyed percussion instruments today!

Pastor Tim came to the preschool for chapel, so we wouldn't blow away trying to walk over to the church!  Maybe your preschooler can singing about preparing the way for Jesus.

In our centers time we signed a card for our friend who not feeling very well.  We also spent time cutting out snowflakes, playing with magnet wands and jingle bells, creating shaker instruments and carrying gifts to baby Jesus!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hot Chocolate! - Mrs. Krantz PM Class

Our afternoon was so much fun as we celebrated Christmas in Poland!  Addy told us all about it and then we headed off to chapel with Pastor Tim.  We heard the story of Jesus birth and sang about preparing the way for Jesus.

We had a special treat today... we made hot chocolate!  It was quite yummy as we drank it at the table while Mrs. Krantz read Christmas books.  It was a wonderful way to end the day.  

Our centers time was full of happy energy as we used scissors to cut out stars and snowflakes.  We also built trees with different sized paper strips, used magnet wands and jingle bells to explore magnets, and added ornaments to paper trees with the help of dice.

Tender Times - Mrs. Krantz AM Class

Poland was our country today!  Addy shared all about celebrations in Poland and the preschoolers were quite surprised to find that on Christmas Eve, they don't eat anything until the first star is seen in the night sky!  We enjoyed cutting out stars and placing stars on the tops of trees today during our centers time.  We also took care of baby Jesus in the manger.

Chapel was wonderful as we focused on preparing the way for Jesus!  Perhaps your preschooler can sing the advent song Pastor Tim has been teaching us.

Each day, we end our time together with a book about the birth of our Savior.  It is a tender time as we think about the love of Christ.

Prepare the Way - Mrs. Wilson

Prepare the way of the LORD! Chapel was a joyful time of preparing even more for our celebration of Jesus. We sang about Him as Light of the World, we saw how a Christmas tree, being wood, can point us to the cross…, which was the goal of the newborn babe. We thought about what gives us joy at Christmas… So many fun and wonderful things!

In class we remembered how the angel told Mary that God’s Son was going to be born. Today we thought about how God kept that promise and Jesus really was born. In a stable. Lain in a manger. With hay. The Light of the World!

Addy woke up to tell us about her adventure to Poland, and how she saw children  decorating Christmas trees with stars and ornaments. We did that too! The came out 

We prepared to send some Christmas joy and big preschool love to a friend who is pretty sick. Preschoolers were so very intent and careful and caring as they made their cards of love. We pray you are so blessed and cheered our dear FRIEND!!! We miss you!

What treasures our preschoolers are. I am so very thankful to share our lives together at preschool. I am so blessed to spend this Advent season preparing together. Many blessings on you all!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Star Wands! - Mrs. Krantz

Addy told us about Christmas in Romania today and we each got a star wand to hold up while we sang Christmas carols!  What a fun way to remember the star that led the Magi to the Savior!  

In worship be heard about the birth of Jesus.  He was born in a stable and laid in a manger.  Mary was a wonderful mom and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger.  We sang beautiful Christmas songs!

Centers time was busy using magnet wands with jingle bells, creating Christmas trees by using long and short pieces of green paper, and green and red button wreath ornaments were made.  We also had some puppy play going on and so much reading in the library!

Hey! It's Hay! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Using only our sense of touch we discovered what was new in our sensory table! Hay!! As little hands moved around in all that hay, we made a list of descriptive words. Soft, bumpy, pokey, smooth, and hard were just some of the words the preschoolers described what they were touching.

Addy brought us a present this morning! A star on a stick is a decoration you would see a lot in Romania. These stars are carried around while caroling from door to door! Addy was caroling and singing all night so her voice was a bit scratchy. ;) Ask your preschooler what animal some people dress up as and create mischief during the caroling.

Phase 2 of our woodworking project with Papa Ken is complete! Next week, our final step, and we will have a beautiful finished product for you to add to your Christmas decorations!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: December 7-11

Addy visits three more countries this week; Romania, Ghana, and India! We will continue to keep track of her travels on our globe by putting a Christmas sticker on the locations she has been. It’s such a wonderful visual of Christmas around the world!

We learn so much about other countries from Addy! To carry on with this new knowledge, we have projects and activities that relate to another country’s celebrations during our centers time!

Our class’s Happy Birthday Jesus Party’s sign up is in the lobby! Thank you to all those who have already signed up! There will be a collection bin out in the lobby for you to drop off your items!

The 5 Senses exploration continues with the sense of touch and sound!  

In worship we will hear about the birth of Jesus! Our new songs, God’s Son and The Angels sing will fill our classroom with a joyful noise! Chapel on Wednesday!!

Mrs. Hein will be here on Friday for a top secret art project! Let’s call this one Operation: Christmas!

Closing circle has been our class’s time to come together and read the Advent devotion. The preschoolers close their eyes while listening to the words being read from the Bible and then we happily count how many days are left until Jesus’ birthday! Singing Away in a 
Manger together is always a favorite part of the day as these sweet voices are raised in praise!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
12/9, 12/16 Chapel
12/11 Art with Mrs. Hein
12/14 St Lucia Presentation—10 am
12/16 Cooking with Grandma Karen
12/18 SHARE day, Happy Birthday Jesus Party—10am 
12/21-1/1—No preschool, Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: December 7-11

We have another fun week of Christmas Around the World!  This week Addy will be traveling to Romania, Poland, Ghana, Switzerland and India.  Our crafty type projects will center around celebrations in each country .  We will continue to have our card writing center, which has been quite popular with all of our class groups.  It is such a fun way to encourage writing, creativity and giving.  It has been so fun to see how the preschoolers pick the recipients of the cards and how they put such effort into each card.  Papa Ken has received quite a few!  Speaking of Papa Ken, we will be finishing up our long term woodworking project and it should be going home sometime next week.

In worship this week we will hear about the birth of Jesus, our Savior!  Chapel is on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We have been learning some wonderful Christmas songs that enrich our advent worship together!  

Our Happy Birthday Jesus Parties are planned for Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th.  The morning parties begin at 10am, and our afternoon party will begin at 2:00.  There are sign up sheets in the lobby for each class with items we could use for the parties.  All family is invited to attend the birthday parties with us!  

May the preparations you are making at home and in your families to celebrate the birth of our Savior, remind you how just how much Jesus loves you!

Advent Blessings!

12/21-1/1 No Preschool - Merry Christmas!

12/8 Chapel
12/9 Chapel
12/14 St. Lucia 10am
12/15 Chapel
12/16 Chapel
12/17 SHARE Day, Christmas Party
12/18 SHARE Day, Christmas Party

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Paper Chains and Paper Lanterns - Mrs. Krantz AM and PM

Addy came back from a trip to China this morning!! In China, boys and girls decorate their plastic trees with paper chains! We had the opportunity to make both paper chains and paper lanterns during centers!

Mrs. Hein was here for art and told us all about Wilson Bentley, the snowflake man! Snowflake Bentley studied snowflakes and discovered, like people, no two are alike! We each made snowflake ornaments and guess what? No two were the same!

The afternoon ended by reading Humphrey's First Christmas! Ask your preschool who was the baby and what gift did Humphrey give to Him!

Advent, Art and Addy - Mrs. Wilson

What a fun time of Advent! Preschoolers were busy preparing for Christmas in so many ways today. We hung more ornaments to make our trees ready. We put another sticker on our Advent tree… it had a picture of keys to help us remember that Jesus is the key to heaven. 

Addy the Advent Angel was here to visit too. We woke her up twice so she could tell us about her latest adventure to China where she found some boys and girls preparing for Christmas! They were wrapping up apples in beautiful shining paper to give as a gift. They also hung up colorful lanterns. We decided to do those things too! Did your preschooler enjoy their apples? 

When we gave it some thought, we discovered a theme of light… In Australia they had candles, in China there were lanterns… Of course, light… Jesus is the light of the world!! 

Dramatic play was all about the baby born in a stable and lying in a manger. More Christmas cards were written, and another very happy birthday was celebrated! Very fun times in preschool! 

The day ended with snow… In art, Mrs. Hein taught us about a man named Wilson Bently who took some amazing pictures of snowflakes. He stayed outside so the snow wouldn’t melt! We looked at the photos of these awesome crystals and then made some snowflake decorations. Each was unique. Each as different as the person who made it! They were beautiful… maybe even  just right to hang on the tree?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nativity - Mrs. Krantz

What a delight to wake up to snow this morning!  While things do take a little more time with all that snow gear, we do enjoy playing in this fluffy cold.  After chapel, we played in the snow and had so much fun!

Addy told us all about her travels to Brazil and how people celebrate Christmas there.  Nativity scenes are a big part of how they celebrate.  We enjoyed creating our own nativity scenes and playing with many sets throughout the classroom.  We also had fun adding decorative stickers to Christmas trees by rolling dice to see how many ornaments to add to each section of the tree!

Beautiful Snow! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We started our day by playing out in the snow!! Snowmen, snow angels, and snow trails were made with delightful giggles!

We headed over to chapel and heard all about Mary and her visit from an angel. Does your preschooler remember the angel's name? The angel told Mary she was going to have a baby. Ask your preschooler who that baby was!

Addy flew back from Brazil last night! It's very hot is Brazil and some families even go to the beach! But on Christmas churches are filled as everyone goes to sing songs and celebrate Jesus' birthday!

Our senses exploration has begun! Today: smell! Ask your preschool all about our smell game! We even painted candy canes with peppermint smelling paint!

I can't wait to hear how those candy canes taste!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pictures from Today! - Mrs. Krantz AM and PM

Angels and Advent - Mrs. Wilson

A little quiz to keep our angels and their news in context: 
1. Which angel came to visit Mary with very important news to help God’s people prepare for the coming of the Messiah? 
a. Gabriel
b. Addy the Advent angel

2. Which angel was flying around preschool today telling us about how children in 
Australia prepare for Christmas?
a. Gabriel
b. Addy the Advent angel

3. What did The Angel tell Mary?
a. That she was going to have a special baby, Jesus God’s own Son 
b. That God was happy with her and not to be afraid.

4. What did the Angel see when she flew over Australia looking for girls and boys getting ready to celebrate Christmas?
a. Children and grownups singing carols and lighting candles
b. Snow and ice on a winter day

Did your preschoolers remember? They sure enjoyed each one!  We had a lot of fun in chapel singing and getting ready for Jesus’ birthday (Christmas). We learned about Advent and preparing. How Mary started to prepare for the baby. How we prepare each year to celebrate His coming. Some words we came up with were Exciting, Joyful, Happy, Great, Glad… We also worked on preparing to celebrate in our classroom by decorating the tree with a few more ornaments, making a bunch of Christmas cards for loved ones, decorating candles (like Addy told us about), and reading some great Christmas story books. We also 
had our first December Birthday celebration. We have several of those coming up! What fun to celebrate birthdays as we prepare to celebrate our very special Christmas birthday.

Monday, November 30, 2015

HOPE - Mrs. Krantz

How wonderful it was to see everyone after Thanksgiving Break!  We got right to business as we noticed all the changes in our room.  Perhaps your preschooler can share some of the changes with you!

We learned about the first advent candle, the candle of Hope.  We even have a song about it!  We also met Addy the Advent Angel who shared with us all about Christmas in Argentina.  She also met each of the children and was very excited to be in preschool.

Our centers time involved making crafts that helped us think about the celebrations in Argentina... fireworks and cotton balls of trees!  We also had a lot of fun at our card making table.  Some pretty incredible cards were made today!

We are so very excited to learn more about Christmas around the world!!!

We Met Addy! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

What a wonderful first day back after being on vacation for a week! I missed these preschoolers and all the fun we have!!

During opening circle, we met Addy the Advent Angel! We learned that she flies all night long so she can tell us about the celebrations and festivities that other countries have during Christmas. Today she flew back from Argentina!! Ask your preschooler what happens in the night sky on Christmas Eve in Argentina! And, what is a very important decoration that is placed under the Christmas tree?!

Addy was very tired from all that flying, so while she took a nap, we were off to centers! The Christmas card station was bustling, Angels and animals played amongst us, a letter search in Christmas tinsel peaked the sensory curiosity, all while Vince Guaraldi's A Charlie Brown Christmas played in the background!

Advent means to prepare! We talked about all the ways we prepare for Christmas! Mary learned about Baby Jesus and had to prepare for his coming. We learned that we get ready for Jesus during this beautiful advent season! Our new song God's Son told us who Jesus was born for. Ask your preschooler who that is!

Mrs. Wilson's Weekly Newsletter: December 1-4

Welcome to December, and even better, welcome to ADVENT! What a special and exciting time of year! We love advent and how it helps us focus our anticipation and preparation for the big day… Here at preschool we love to celebrate Jesus. What better way than to prepare for his coming and get ready to have a birthday party for our Lord!

1. The advent of something/somebody the coming of or arrival of an important event, 
person, invention, etc.the advent of new technology
2.  (Advent) The first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays.
3.  (Advent) Christian Theology The coming or second coming of Christ.
Old English, from Latin adventus 'arrival', from advenire, from ad- 'to' + venire 'come'.  

From now through break, get ready to hear about a special visitor who comes flying into preschool each day… Addy the Advent Angel! She travels the world learning about how children in other places celebrate Christmas. We always enjoy her coming back to report to us all that she has learned! This week, she will be visiting Australia and China! I can’t wait for us to learn all about it! We will have crafts and projects available to make that are like those from the places Addy has been.  We will also sing and learn songs for the season, and write cards and stories for Christmas!

In worship throughout the month, we will learn all about the Christmas story. This week we learn about how Mary had a very special visitor with a very special message from God. He told her how the Christ child would be born! WOW!

Another thing we look forward to is our preschool Christmas party. A happy birthday Jesus celebration! Mark the date for December 17, and please check in the lobby for a sign up of needed items. Thanks!

Happy Advent!

12/1 Chapel
12/3 Art with Mrs. Hein
12/8  Chapel
12/15  Chapel
12/17  SHARE DAY, Christmas Party
12/21-1/1  No Preschool - Merry Christmas

Friday, November 27, 2015

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter: November 30 - December 4

Tis the season of Advent!  This is such a wonderful time of year to be in preschool!  Our dramatic play has been changed to Bethlehem, there’s a Christmas tree and lights in our 
classroom to add to the festivities of the season! As we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus we will be taking a journey with the famous Addy the Advent Angel to look at how Christmas is celebrated around the world!  This week we will hear how children in Argentina, Brazil and Japan prepare and celebrate!

Throughout the next few weeks we will use the season to explore the 5 senses!  Pine trees, candy canes and twinkle lights will give us plenty to discuss and discover!  

There are so many ways we get ready for this season!  In worship, Mary hears the good news of baby Jesus and has a lot to do to get ready!  We will discuss Advent and how it’s a time of preparation!  

On Friday, physical science will be explored with the help of Mr. Levi and magnets!

Each year we celebrate Jesus with a birthday party in His honor!  This party will be on Friday, December 18th at 10am over at the church.  There is a signup sheet in the lobby with items needed!

When that glorious snow does fall down, we will take advantage and head out to play!  Please send in boots, snow pants, hats, and gloves so we can go walking in a winter wonderland!

This truly is the most wonderful time of year and I am blessed to see the wonder and awe through the eyes of your sweet children!
-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
12/2, 12/9, 12/16 Chapel
12/4 Science with Mr. Levi
12/4, 12/11 Art with Mrs. Hein
12/14 St Lucia Presentation—10 am
12/18 SHARE day, Happy Birthday Jesus Party—10am 
12/21-1/1—No preschool, Christmas Break

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter: November 30 - December 4

Welcome to Advent!  I LOVE Advent and all the wonderful things that come along with preparing to celebrate the birth of our Savior!  The classroom is festive and I am excited to introduce Addy, the Advent Angel to our class.  Some of them will remember Addy and will be so happy to see her again.  Addy travels all over the world and flies back each morning to share with the preschoolers how children around the world celebrate Christmas.  This week Addy plans to visit Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China and Japan.  We will engage in some of their celebrations through crafts and activities during centers time.  

Our worship time will also tell the wonderful account of Christmas.  This week we hear about Mary and the angel Gabriel.  Wonderful Christmas songs will be part of our worship time together.

All December long we will have a dedicated space for making cards, writing letters, and creating correspondence to special people in each preschooler's life.  Cards and letters are a big part of our countries traditions!  If you have extra faith centered Christmas cards, we would love to add them to our space!

As many of you know, my husband will be having surgery in Seattle on December 3 and I will be with him.  I will be out of the classroom Thursday-Monday for sure and possibly Tuesday as well.  Miss Tietjen will be subbing in my morning classes and Mrs. O'Loughlin will be in my afternoon class.  I will not have a daily blog update while I am in Seattle.

This Monday and Tuesday we will have guests in the morning classes as we are conducting a working interview for two candidates for the assistant teacher position.

Lastly, there will be sign up sheets in the lobby for items needed and help needed for the Christmas parties for each class.  Be sure to double check that you are signing up for the correct class grouping!  

Advent Blessings!

12/1 Chapel
12/2 Chapel
12/3 Art with Mrs. Hein
12/4 Science with Mr. Levi, Art with Mrs. Hein
12/8  Chapel
12/9  Chapel
12/14  St. Lucia 10am
12/15  Chapel
12/16  Chapel
12/17  SHARE DAY, Christmas Party
12/18  SHARE DAY. Christmas Party
12/21-1/1  No Preschool - Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Leaf Raking on Sunday, November 22

Tomorrow (November 22, Sunday) at 2:30pm I will be raking leaves into the curb in front of the preschool for free city pick up.  I would love your help if you are able!  The plan is to get all the leave, both from the front and back, to the curb.  If you are able to help, please bring a rake and gloves.  Kids are welcome!  They can play or help.  Hopefully it won't take more than an hour.  Thanks!  ~ Becky

Friday, November 20, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! - Mrs. Krantz

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sweet and Kind Friends - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had such a fun day with our friends! Share day started us off on a great start with using our listening ears and being respectful when our friends were talking!

During centers these kind friends shared their special items and there was lots of giggles and playing so kindly together! We also had the chance to draw one of our friends and this was added to the blessed books we've been working on!

We made 6 rock candy suckers so that meant we had to share! Not a problem with this group! The preschoolers paired up and enjoyed a sweet treat!

I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!