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Friday, December 19, 2014

Jesus Was BornFfor Me and For You!

This past month has been a whirlwind of fun and learning!  I'm sure your home schedules have had busy times as well.  As we count down the last days before Christmas, our prayer is that we each slow our hearts and minds for a moment or two to reflect and ponder on the great love that God has for each one of us, that He would send His only son Jesus.  Jesus was born for me and for you.  May your life be filled with the peace that comes from The Prince of Peace and may His gifts of grace and love flow over and through you each and every day!
Merry Christmas,
Mrs. Krantz, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. O'Loughlin, Mrs. Eld and Mrs. Barrington

Merry Christmas - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our Happy Birthday Jesus party was a fantastic way to cap off this beautiful season of Advent with these wonderful preschoolers!  We pray you all have a blessed and joyous Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Celebrating Jesus! - All Classes

We are so excited to celebrate the birthday of the King of Kings!  We hope 
you can be part of it too.  On Thursday and Friday, we will be having parties over at the church.  We will start at 10:30am with a wonderful movie called "The Very First Noel."  
It is a cute movie about the birth of Jesus and it has fantastic music. 
 It is narrated by Andy Griffith and produced by Exclaim Entertainment.  
After the movie we will head downstairs to enjoy crafts, cupcakes and fun.  
We will bring backpacks and the check out binder over to the church, so you 
can check out without having to head back to the preschool.  We look forwarding
 to ending 2014 with the celebration of Jesus!  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Glory to God in the Highest! - Mrs. Wilson

Run! Go see Him! That is what the angels said and that is what the shepherds did! We did it too!! Did you see our heavenly host in the sky above Bethlehem? Did you hear the angels tell the shepherds? 
In worship time we had preschool Angels announcing HIS birth. We had preschool shepherds rushing from room to room until we found the Christ child in the manger in the hay... His name is Jesus!

What a glorious story and a gracious LORD. He even made his own passionate love story fun and wondrous! I just know HE knew how joyful it would be for our sweet babes to learn about HIS own baby story. 

Ask your preschoolers to tell the story to you using the story wheel they brought home. We have learned so much over this Advent that your children can tell you too. The announcement to Mary... The foretold city of David (starts with a B)... The baby born in the stable (no room anywhere else)... The Angels singing and telling the shepherd how to find him... What a story to tell! 

To top it off today, in chapel Pastor Tim helped us understand why baby Jesus was born... He came to die on the cross to forgive us. To save us. To make us His very own beloved children. Thank you God! What a plan!!! What a reason to celebrate!

Join us Thursday to celebrate together. Happy Birthday Jesus! We preschoolers will meet you at the church at 10:30 for a Christmas party. We look forward to seeing you there!

Oh, and please notice the page that went home asking about how you celebrate Christmas at your house. On Thursday morning, preschoolers will use this page to share with Addy how they celebrate right here at home! Addy (and we) are really looking forward to it.

Christmas Traditions - Mrs. Krantz

The morning was nice enough, and the sidewalks safe enough, for us to head over to the church for chapel with Pastor Tim this morning!  We enjoyed the beautiful trees next to the altar and the big advent wreath.  Worshipping together is always wonderful.

The rest of the morning moved pretty quickly.  We finished wrapping special gifts for some pretty special parents.  Addy told us about Christmas celebrations in Venezuela and asked us to share our traiditons with her on Thursday.  Christmas tradition papers went home today.  Please fill it out with your preschooler and send it back on Thursday.  Addy will be very excited to hear all about each way we celebrate!

Jingle bell beading was a popular activity as was paper punching.  Ms. Joyce, a classroom volunteer, played a Chicka, Chicka Boom, Boom game with groups of 3.  We love classroom volunteers! We also did a little digging for numbers in our manger with sparkly straw.  

We are looking forward to our parties on Thursday and Friday.  Preschool starts as normal at 9am and if parents and siblings want to join us for the festivities, please meet us at the church at 10:30am!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Merry Christmas!
WOW! How can this be the final week of preschool for 2014? How fast it has gone and how wonderful it has been. 

This week is going to be a busy and blessed blur! There is so much to do in our celebratory 
state of being, many fun activities and stories leading to Jesus’ birth.

Addy the Advent Angel is back again from her travels and will be bringing us news of Christmas 
from more interesting places… 

Best of all, your preschooler will tell her and us of all the wonderful Christmas traditions you have at home! A paper is coming home on Tuesday to that you can fill out with your preschooler to help them tell us all about it. We really look forward to hearing from them all! 

Thanks again for a wonderful 2014 semester of time with your children. Each one is such a blessing to us here at Concordia.

Mrs. Wilson

Important information
You are invited to join our preschool class on Thursday at 10:30 for our very joyous birthday party for Jesus! We will watch a short video, “The First Noel,” play a game, make a treat have a fun story 
and just enjoy the fact of Jesus’ birth! 

12/16   Chapel
12/18  Christmas Party
12/22-1/2   No Preschool~ Christmas Break
(Have a wonderful & merry Christmas celebration!)

Shiny Straw in a Manger - Mrs. Krantz

What a fun and busy day we had!  With all the excitement of the season, the preschoolers are moving fast, so we are moving right along with them!  We enjoyed searching for numbers in a manger filled with shiny straw.  This was an enormous amount of fun as the dug through shiny things and found numbers.  After identifying the number, they could try again.  A couple of time we saw the shiny straw turn into more of a snow storm!  Such fun!

We made star toppers for trees, enjoyed fabulous bead work, finished up woodworking projects and sang Christmas songs.  

Today a paper went home asking about your Christmas traditions!  Please answer these questions with your preschooler and return them by Thursday or Friday.  We look forward to sharing how we each celebrate Christmas!  

Christmas, Cars and Counting - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We are all clearly getting very excited for Christmas because there was a lot of energy at preschool today!  We put that energy to good use!!  Papa Ken came in and finished a woodworking project. These will be sent home on Wednesday!  Addy told us about Denmark and how the children there only have stars at the tops of their tree.  During centers, we had the opportunity to make our very own star tree toppers.  The glitter was used liberally and the stars turned out wonderful! 

To go along with our letter C, we played Counting Car Races.  There is always so much learning going on when these preschoolers play games.  In this particular game there was number recognition, eye-hand coordination and counting.  Along with that, I saw social skills being displayed in the verbal communication with peers,  taking/waiting turns, sharing and of course a whole lot of fun!!

Our very special (and secret) Christmas presents are finished!  Whew!  These preschoolers worked very hard the past couple of months!  They are very proud of the completed product, as they should be!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Classroom News

I can’t believe we are already to the last week of December!  This month flew by!  We will have our last visits from our most favorite Advent Angel, Addy.  She will tell us all about Christmas in Denmark and Letter recognition will be at the forefront of center time.  Hands on activities help reinforce what is previously known and also supports new knowledge!  Letter sounds will be a focus in our letter line up game as well as our group time!  We continue our work with the letters A and C.

The good news of Jesus is all around this time of year!  During worship time this week, we will look into God’s word at Psalm 92:1; “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”  We will talk about how we are thankful to God that Jesus was born and that we can tell the good news to others!

Papa Ken will be in on Monday to finish a woodworking project with the preschoolers.  It’s always so wonderful to see how proud and accomplished these kiddos are when they see their completed creation.  

I pray you all have a most joyful and blessed Christmas!  Wishing you rejoice in the glory of Christ’s birth on Christmas and always!

 Happy Birthday Jesus Party!

Our class Christmas party will be on Friday, the 19th!  There are still a few more items needed on our signup sheet.  Also, if you are able to set-up/clean-up, there is a spot for that too!  Parents and siblings are welcome to join!

Upcoming Dates

12/19 Christmas Party
12/22-1/2—Christmas Break, No school

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

Our last week of preschool in 2014 has arrived.  Is it just me, or have these first few months of preschool cruised on by?  What a gift these last few months have been for us as the teachers of your wonderful children!

Energy will be high this week and we are ready to have fun with it!  Addy will greet us again and teach us about a few more countries.  On Thursday and Friday, the children will get to share with Addy how we celebrate Christmas in our homes!  A paper is going home for your child to brainstorm ideas to share with Addy.  Please bring your paper on Thursday or Friday so we can hear about your family traditions!

We will sneak in some fun work with number identification and counting.  We will be doing more beading as this has caught fire in the classroom and the preschoolers keep asking for more!  I am happy to oblige.  Look for some jingle bells to be added to the beadwork! 
It has been incredible to watch the kiddos build stables and mangers for Baby Jesus.  I’m sure we will continue to see fabulous structures build for the King of Kings!

Chapel is on Tuesday and our Christmas Parties are on Thursday and Friday.  Both parties begin at 10:30 with a short movie “The Very First Noel.”  Festivities will follow!  These will take place at the church.  Families are invited to join us as we celebrate the birth of our Savior! 

Christmas Blessings to you!
Mrs. Krantz


Merry Christmas!

12/15                Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
12/22-1/2          No Preschool – Christmas Break

12/16                Chapel
12/18                 Christmas Party 10:30am (Th)

12/19                Christmas Party 10:30am  (F)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Best Gift - Mrs. Krantz

We put the finishing touches on some special gifts today.  Preschoolers created their own, unique wrapping paper for a gift for Mom and Dad!  We used the special paper and wrapped up those special gifts.  Careful!  They are a bit fragile.  Put those special presents under the tree and open them on Christmas!

Today we talked a lot about gifts.  How they are wrapped, which kind of wrapping we like best, those sorts of things.  In worship, we talked about our best gift ever.  It wasn't wrapped in pretty paper or fun gift bags.  No.  He was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger.  Jesus is our best and most precious gift!

Share Day, Stained Glass and Stables... Oh My! - Mrs. O' Loughlin

Today was a great day!! Share day is always a fun day and a special time to see each preschooler stand up and talk in front of their peers. No shy kids in this group!

Addy told us all about Christmas in Poland! They love Christmas trees and put them up everywhere. They also love baby Jesus and spend the entire season celebrating His birth!

At snack time, we had hay under our name places. Ask your preschooler why! This led to a discussion of what eats hay. Apparently not preschoolers! :)

Miss Holly came today and told us all about stained glass. We had the opportunity to paint our own stained glass ornaments. We took our time on these beautiful creations and were very proud of the end result.

To end our day, the preschoolers got into groups and worked together to build stables for all the animals. It's wonderful to see collaborative work at this preschool level.

I just love this group of kiddos! I feel so blessed to be a their teacher. Thank you for trusting us with your special little people!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Celebrations - Mrs. Wilson

This season is so full of celebration! Today we learned from Addy how the children of Haiti celebrate Christmas with pine bows and nativity scenes. So, of course we get to make those things too! We celebrated the birth of the savior by dressing up and traveling to Bethlehem, knocking on doors to find a place the baby could be born… Celebrate Bethlehem! 

We have two songs we are working on that celebrate Bethlehem. Only in one song it’s called the city of David, a very special place because of the very special baby that was born there, so really it’s to celebrate that God kept His promise that the Christ would be born there. The first song is, “O Bethlehem, O Bethlehem” and then our song from Luke 2:11. Maybe your preschooler can remember some of the signs for that song. We spent some time learning the sign for savior…

We celebrated the GREAT job our preschoolers did on another fire drill with a super silent cheer! And there is no better way to celebrate at snack time than to celebrate a preschooler’s birthday! This was our 4th of the year so far! 

I would like to shout-out a celebration for Papa Ken and Grandma Karen who both came in today to help with woodworking and with cookie decorating! Yum. 

Little celebrations happen all the time with things like preschoolers suddenly mastering the zipper on their coat, or using really kind words to encourage another. We celebrate challenges like getting the bell strung on the wire after trying really hard, or having the self control to leave the sand table (for just a minute) to go finish a project when the sand is SOOO much fun…

Small milestones and miraculous stories of Gods love go hand in hand and day by day… so sometimes, just to remember the wonder of it all, we celebrate!

JOY! - Mrs. Krantz

This joyful morning flew by!  So many special things were on the agenda today and we got through all of them!  SHARE Day was first in line.  This is an absolute favorite activity for the kids.  We grabbed some wonderful time outside with just a few rain drops to join in our fun.  We also had an amazingly smooth fire drill.  These preschoolers are pros!  

Cookie decorating with Grandma Karen was especially delightful.  We worked on finishing our block nativity sets with Papa Ken.  Beading button wreaths and decorating pine boughs were also part of our creative morning.  In worship we learned about the word JOY!  Each child took home an ornament of the word "JOY."  It will remind them that when Jesus, the promised Messiah was born, hearts were filled with great joy!  We are joyful that Jesus was born for us!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cookies, Ornaments and Baby Jesus - Mrs. Krantz

Today was busy!  I'm amazed how much we can accomplish in our short time together each morning.  Pastor Tim led us in chapel as we sang Christmas carols and learned about the beautiful gift of Baby Jesus.  Grandma Karen came to decorate Christmas cookies with us, one should have gone home, or at least made it out of the classroom!  The other was happily eaten at snack time.  Addy told us about Christmas celebrations in Brazil and we made ornaments with buttons and we painted some wooden ornaments as well.  Energy was high and we has some fabulous opportunities to learn about respecting one another.  Teachable moments that show preschoolers how to be successful with peers in the areas of personal space, conflict resolution, sharing, and communicating in general are some of the most important parts of a good preschool experience!

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday!!!

A Dusty, Brown Stable - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Presents!!  Our day started with chapel and talking about gifts.  We all agreed that we like getting presents at Christmas time.  It makes us happy and we're excited about that.  But God gave us the best Christmas present ever!  Jesus!  So simple, but a perfect reminder of what Christmas is truly about.  The Christmas carols were sung loudly and joyfully with Pastor Tim.  We love chapel!

Grandma Karen was here today!  She decorated not just one, but TWO cookies with us.  One was devoured during snack and the other was sent home.  We love Grandma Karen!

Our worship time was all about where Jesus was born.  Not a hospital or a house, but a dusty, brown stable!  We guessed there were probably cows, sheep, a donkey and maybe a dog in the stable.  Even though baby Jesus was born in a stable, this group decided he was warm, safe and very loved by his mommy and daddy.  We love baby Jesus!

The weather was not frightful today so we went outside!  Slides, chalk, raking, chase, pretend campfires and so much more was enjoyed by the preschoolers.  We love outside!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Opportunities for Learning Hands - Mrs. Wilson

There were so many fun opportunities today for creativity and strengthening fine motor muscles with active hands! Since Addy had told us about Romania and how the children carry stars and sing carols, we put together our own shiny stars. We used glue sticks (opening the lids, twisting them to get the glue up, spreading the glue around), scissors (to cut or snip the foil), peeled backs off nativity stickers to decorate them… all wonderful ways to strengthen muscles and develop coordination. There were many active (yet gentle) fingers and hands at work in the sensory table role-playing the nativity in the moon sand with fragile manger figurines. Gems were pressed in place making a very royal decorative stable for the birth of the king. Of course, what would our manger scenes be if the cars and trucks didn’t come to visit too? Right next to that was another great exercise during woodworking with Papa Ken. There were big and little hands holding firm to the sand paper for sanding our wood blocks. Naturally, Ziploc bags, cheese sticks, Tupperware etc. are always good practice for learning hands at snack time. Miss Holly had a beautiful opportunity for using small paintbrushes and thin stick-tools to decorate our stained-glass ornaments.  

We took a little extra time getting ready for outside to practice with our zippers on coats and vests (by now we were ready for a little large motor skill building!) And last but not least, we had loving hands holding the baby Jesus to end out our day learning about His birth (just as God, through the angel had promised Mary). Thank you for sharing these little hands and the precious people they are attached to with us here at preschool!

Stars, Stories and Stained Glass - Mrs. Krantz

The Christmas star is an important part of the nativity story and we learned today how the star is an important part of Christmas celebrations in Romania.  We made our own stars today and became authors writing our own stories about a star.  Some chose to illustrate their story as well!  I love to hear the creative process of each individual child through their dictated stories.

Miss Holly came today and taught us about beautiful stained glass.  We worked on our own stained glass ornaments.  They baked after the preschoolers went home... it smells kinda funny in the building, but the ornaments turned out quite beautiful!  

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday this week! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

St. Lucia - Mrs. O'Loughlin and Mrs. Krantz

We had a wonderful Swedish Christmas presentation today!  Each preschooler was given an important part of the very traditional festival and, when called on, brought their item to the front to be added to the beautiful display.  We learned about St Lucia and how her name means light!  At the end, we enjoyed delicious sweet bread and a ginger cookie!  It was fun to have both classes together enjoying traditions in Sweden!

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

What Good News we get to share together in preschool! God’s perfect plan to send a savior… and here He is… Jesus has been born. We focus on the birth of our Lord this week in worship. 

Addy the Advent Angel is back from her travels and will be bringing us news of Christmas in 
Romania and other interesting places…

Our week is full of many fun activities. On Tuesday we have woodworking with Papa Ken and 
art with Miss Holly. On Thursday we have cookie decorating with Grandma Karen, and all week we 
continue work on our surprises for Christmas in centers time. 

We are so thankful to have wonderful people coming to share their gifts & talents with us in preschool. What a blessing they are and how blessed to be working with so many wonderful 
children and their families!
Mrs. Wilson

Important information

The downstairs bathroom is STILL under construction. We are in the process of making it ADA accessible as required by the city. The bathroom is usable and perfectly safe. It just isn’t very pretty (yet). It should all be done by the New Year and ready to go! 

Please be sure to send warm outdoor wear (hats mittens etc. We will go outside as we can when temps are over 25 degrees. 


12/18   10:30 Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas Party! Parents and siblings are welcome to join us! There is a sign-up in the lobby for items needed.

12/22-1/2   No Preschool~ Christmas Break (Have a wonderful & merry Christmas celebration!)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to another exciting week of learning!  We will be learning about several more countries, courtesy of Addy the Advent Angel.  On Monday, we will have a guest to tell us about Christmas celebrations in Sweden including the St. Lucia festival.  We will be hearing a lot about light and how Jesus is the light in a dark world!     This will take place at the church at 10:30.  Feel free to join us!

This week we will also be working on some special projects that you will find out about later!  SHARE Day is on Thursday and Friday this week too!

In worship we will hear about the birth of Jesus!  We will share the Good News about the birth of the Savior.  Chapel is on Wednesday this week.

There is a sign up sheet for items needed for both Christmas parties.  These are in the lobby.  The parties will be on the 18th and 19th at the church beginning at 10:30am.  Parents and siblings are welcome to join us in the fun!   

Enjoy this wonderful season with your families!  I know I treasure these moments with your little people!
Mrs. Krantz

12/8, 15             Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
12/22-1/2          No Preschool – Christmas Break

12/10                Chapel
12/11                 SHARE Day
12/12                SHARE Day
12/16                Chapel
12/18                 Christmas Party 10:30am (Th)

12/19                Christmas Party 10:30am  (F)

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

This week, Addy will be telling us about Sweden, Brazil and Poland!  The preschoolers absolutely love Addy and look forward to her stories of Christmases around the world!Our upcoming days are filled with special helpers and visitors!  On Monday, we have the opportunity to hear about Christmas in Sweden, specifically St. Lucia, from our friend Miss Marsha!  Wednesday we have chapel with Pastor Tim and cooking with Grandma Karen.  On Friday, Miss Holly will come and do art with us.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful and caring people who love to give their time to these special children!

We will continue our work with the letters A and C.  This week we will be practicing letter recognition with the help of games, our sensory table and center time activities.  We’ll be going on a hunt as well…a letter hunt!  

Worship time will be all about the birth of Jesus!

SHARE day is Friday!!  Have your child choose one special item to bring to school and tell their friends all about it!
Mrs. O’Loughlin

Happy Birthday Jesus Party!
Our class Christmas party will be on Friday, the 19th!  A sign-up sheet for items needed is in the lobby.  Parents and siblings are welcome to join!

Upcoming Dates
12/7 St. Lucia Festival Presentation—10:30am
12/7Mom’s Bible Study—8pm
12/10 Chapel
12/12 SHARE Day
12/19 Christmas Party

12/22-1/2—Christmas Break, No school

Friday, December 5, 2014

Who Likes the Smell of Basil? - Mrs. Krantz

Addy came to visit our class and told us about Christmas in Greece.  Basil is used to tie on wooden crosses and used to bless the home.  We had fresh basil and everyone took a sniff!  We conducted a survey and collected information about who liked the small and who did not like the smell.  We discovered that more people in our class do not like the small of fresh basil.  

We continued using our sense of smell as we painted the table with shaving cream snow!  We enjoyed the warm sunshine coming in through the window by painting at the window easels.  There were busy preschoolers designing and building mangers for our miniature baby Jesus figures too.

On Monday we will be learning about the St. Lucia festival in Sweden.  Miss Marsha, a good friend of the preschool, will tell us all about the festival at 10:30 am at the church.  Parents and siblings are welcome to join us!

Greece and Car Ramps - Mrs. O' Loughlin

We had a bustling classroom today!! After we learned that the children in Greece celebrate a lot of the same way we do, Addy told us that during the season, a cross wrapped in basil is used to sprinkle water around the house every day. This is how they are blessing their homes! We had the opportunity to make a basil cross at centers.  The room was filled with the scent of fresh basil and it was wonderful!

I discovered we have a class full of engineers today! A ramp was built and the car races began! We kept track of which car was the fastest, which one went the furtherest and what would happen if we raised or lowered the ramp. It was wonderful to see how the preschoolers observed and tested their different ideas on how to make their car cross the finish line.

We spread the good news during worship time today. Can your preschooler tell you what the good news is?! After whispering the good news to one another, we decided it was better to shout it out!  We thought sending a card would be a good idea too. So good news cards were created and delivered to our friends upstairs.

On Monday at 10:30am we have a very special guest coming to tell us all about Christmas in Sweden and the St. Lucia Festival! Both classes will walk over to the church and participate in this very fun presentation. Parents are welcome to join!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

No Preschool Today - Thursday, December 4

Due to weather and road conditions, preschool will be cancelled today.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This Day in the City of David - Mrs. Krantz

Our class has been working hard to learn a Christmas song that is straight from God's Word.  Luke 2:11.  I love listening to these children sing about the birth of our Savior so long ago in the city of David.

Addy visited this morning to tell us about her journey to Japan.  We enjoyed cutting out hearts as we learned that Japan celebrates Christmas much like we celebrate Valentine's Day.  Many people in Japan don't know Jesus, so we said a prayer that the love of Jesus would reach their hearts too!

Hearts for Christmas - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Addy our Advent Angel returned again today to tell us about Japan! In Japan, Christmas is a holiday of love. Lots of people get married and there are hearts everywhere. We decide it must be like our Valentines Day! Addy told us that a lot of people in Japan don't know it's Jesus' birthday. This sweet group knew just what to do about that..."we can tell them!!"

In worship time we discussed how excited Mary must have been! But she had a lot to do to get ready. The advent season is our time to get ready for Jesus to be born! We all have different ways of getting ready for Christmas but we discovered we all decorate a tree. Each preschooler created an ornament that is now hanging on our classroom tree. So beautiful!

At closing circle we practiced writing our letter A!  We realized that A starts with so much this time of year; Advent, Addy, Angel....

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent and Angels - Mrs. Wilson

Welcome to Advent! Oh how we love to get ready for Jesus! We started our day with Pastor Tim for Chapel time. We learned that angels bring messages. We learned that Mary would have a baby. We learned His name would be Jesus. This week we continue to learn about that special announcement made to Mary and the even more special baby of promise.

After chapel our preschoolers had a visit from Addy the Advent angel. She told us all about her nighttime adventures visiting children all around the world. Today, she told us of her trip to China and how children there celebrate Christmas, and how many don’t know who he is. We prayed for them to learn about His love and know that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and that he loves us all so much. Addy was tired after her trip, so she was off to take a nap while we decided to make paper lanterns like they do in China. The lanterns they brought home are lovely with a little switch-on tea light inside, or even hung over a Christmas light to shine through!

We also spent some time working on a special surprise… That would be why you may discover some blue on your preschoolers hands… but, shhh it’s a surprise! Papa Ken was there with his woodworking wonders! Oh how the children have come to love that time! Of course we had many manger scenes and nativity sets to explore and play with. There were angels and other nativity characters dressing up as well as minnie moments of travelers bound for the stables… when the cars and trucks came out, we even had some rescues at the manger when the fire trucks arrived!

Snack time was pretty special today as we celebrated one of our wonderful preschooler’s birthdays! Along with our usual snack, we had delicious and gooey cupcakes to help her celebrate! Some decided to bring theirs home to finish later (you might just want to check backpacks and snack bags… don’t worry, we wrapped them! :)

Next time we look forward to seeing where Addy has been and what children do there to celebrate Jesus’ birthday!

Paper Lanterns - Mrs. Krantz

Addy introduced herself to this group of preschoolers this morning!  She is a very happy and joyous Advent Angel and the preschoolers loved meeting her.  Today she told us about Christmas in China.  Many people in China don't know about Jesus.  Those who do know Jesus, attend church on Christmas, but there isn't enough room for them all!  They also decorate trees with paper chain, paper lanterns and paper flowers.  Today we made paper lanterns and paper chains too!  The lanterns are hanging in the window.

We enjoyed Chapel with Pastor Tim today and we heard how the angel shared good news with Mary and told her not to be afraid.

We are learning several wonderful Christmas songs, I hope you will hear them at home too!

Mrs. Krantz will be out of the class on Thursday as she needs to be at a appointment in Spokane with her husband.  Mrs. Barrington and Mrs. Wieser will be in the classroom that day.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent is Here! - Mrs. Krantz

Advent is here and that means Addy, the Advent Angel has returned to share about how children all around the world celebrate Christmas!  As we wait for the celebration of the birthday of Jesus, we will hear all about Christmas around the world.  Today we heard about Christmas in Argentina.  Celebrations there include fireworks!  We painted skies filled with Christmas fireworks and we joined Mrs. O'Loughlin's class to see a science at work making fireworks in the water.  It was pretty amazing!

In worship we learned about God's promise of the Messiah and how Mary learned about her special part in that promise.  We sang some wonderful songs that will be part of our Advent/Christmas worship time together.  

Our centers time included writing Christmas cards, decorating trees, creating painting, and lots of fun play with nativity costumes.  There were angels, Josephs and shepherds all around the classroom!  We love this time of year!

Addy! - Mrs. O"Loughlin

We met Addy today!  She loves to travel all over the world and learn how other children celebrate Christmas.  Today, Addy told us all about Argentina!  The weather is a lot different from Pullman during this time of year.  Ask your preschooler about that!  The nativity is a very special decoration in Argentina and takes center stage as it is placed in front of the Christmas tree.  Another thing that is different from us is on Christmas Eve, fireworks can be seen in the sky!  Addy was very tired from her travels, so after each preschooler got a kiss on the head, Addy went to sleep so she could be rested for her next journey to another part of the world!

Center time gave us a chance to paint fireworks!  We chose red and green paint since that's our traditional Christmas colors.  They are beautifully hanging up in our classroom making it even more festive!  We had quite a few angels, Marys, stable animals and shepherds in preschool today!  It's so wonderful to see the children acting out the nativity story.  There was still plenty of time for board games, car races and bridge building.

In worship time, we heard about God's promise to Mary!  The people waited for a long time and were so excited to hear that baby Jesus would soon be born!  Someone even "leaped"!  Can your preschooler tell you who?!

Our friends from upstairs came downstairs for some science.  We made fireworks in a jar!  First food coloring and oil were mixed together.  As this mixture was poured into a jar of water, we observed what happened!  Since oil and water do not mix, the food coloring slowly separated from the oil and created a firework effect in the water.  Like all good scientists, we recorded our findings!