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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Important Information


The downstairs bathroom is under construction.  We are in process of making it ADA accessible as required by the city.  The bathroom is able to be used and is perfectly safe, but it isn't very pretty!  The changes will be finished by the new year.  Thanks for your understanding as we work to make the preschool an even better building!

Food Drive Thank You!!!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our food drive.  We exceeded our goal of 250 items!  Many, many thanks!

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to December!  This is a fast and fun filled month!  These last three weeks of preschool in 2014 will be used to prepare for the birthday of Jesus.  We will also learn about Christmas celebrations around the world.  Each day we will hear from our special Advent Angel, Addy, who will tell us about how children around the world celebrate in different ways.  We will be busy with special projects, lots of singing, and of course learning.  Much of what we do this month will be integrated with the story of Jesus’ birth. 

We are also looking forward to using the patterning boards the preschoolers made in woodworking.  I’m excited to see how fun it will be for the kids to use a board they made themselves! 

This week in our worship time we will focus on Mary hearing the good news from the angel Gabriel.  Christmas carol and new Christmas songs will be part of our worship as well.  Chapel is on Tuesday this week.

Our Christmas Parties will be held the last two days of preschool at 10:30am.  Parents and siblings are invited to attend.  Sign-up sheets for items needed for the parties will be posted in the lobby by the sign-in binders later this week.

I love teaching, especially in December during this time of Advent.  The anticipation of Christ’s birth is amazing!  May you be filled with the excitement for Jesus too!                     Mrs. Krantz

12/1, 8, 15         Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
12/22-1/2          No Preschool – Christmas Break

12/2                  Chapel
12/10                Chapel
12/13                SHARE Day
12/14                SHARE Day
12/16                Chapel
12/18                 Christmas Party 10:30am (Th)
12/19                Christmas Party 10:30am  (F)

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Classroom News
We are entering into the beautiful season of Advent!  During these upcoming weeks we will be getting ready and celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus!  To help us with our celebration, Addy the Advent Angel will take us on a journey throughout the world, showing us how others observe Jesus’ birth!  The Nativity takes center stage in our dramatic play area!  Creating Christmas cards, counting Christmas objects, singing Christmas carols, and making special presents will keep our center’s time bustling.  It truly is the most wonderful time of year and an exciting time in preschool!

Our focus letter will be the letter A!

Snow is in the forecast!  Be sure to send snow pants, boots, hats, mittens, and jackets each day.  We will definitely want to go out and play!   

Under Construction
Throughout the month, the downstairs bathroom will be under construction.  It is in the process of becoming wheel chair accessible.  We will still have full use of the sink and the toilet and it will of course be safe!  No construction will be going on during preschool hours. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our school building.

Happy Birthday Jesus Party!
Our class Christmas party will be on Friday, the 19th!  We will be having a birthday party for Jesus!  If you are interested in helping out, please let me know!

Upcoming Dates
12/1 Mom’s Bible Study—8pm
12/10 Chapel
12/19 Christmas Party
12/22-1/2—Christmas Break, No school

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
    and his courts with praise;
    give thanks to him and praise his name.
 For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
    his faithfulness continues through all generations.

Psalm 100:4-5

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!
With Love,
Mrs. O'Loughlin, Mrs. Eld, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Barrington and Mrs. Krantz

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! - Mrs. Krantz

SHARE Day, as always, was wonderful.  The preschoolers are becoming more confident speaking in front of their peers and adding complexity to their explanations of their special items.  I continually impressed at their growing ability to respectfully listen to one another!  Watching these children grow is incredible!  And of course, pajama day was incredibly fun and comfortable!

I was very proud of this class as they warmly welcomed a new friend into our classroom.  We are now a full class of 12!  

With the icy conditions outside, we opted to play a Turkey Trot game.  We each chose a card and followed the directions on the card.  These directions included hopping on one foot, clapping over our heads, touching our toes and many other physical activities.  They loved it!

We also took some time to look at pictures depicting the first Thanksgiving and we heard a bit about the story.  We also discovered what a cornucopia is.  Ask your preschooler!  

Just a reminder that there is no preschool next week.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Looking for Patterns in Turkey Feathers - Mrs. Krantz

This morning the class was excited to meet some friendly little turkeys.  They all had feathers and we looked to see how some of the turkeys were the same, how some of the turkey were different, and how some of the turkeys had a pattern in the arrangement of the feathers.  It was fun to watch connections being made and the excitement of discovery as one preschooler pointed out that two turkeys were different in the pattern of the feathers, but the same in the number of feathers!  Pretty neat observation!

In our worship time we each had a turn at tossing a bean bag into a tote.  Some of us missed, some of us got the bean bag in the tote.  We learned how prayer is not the same.  When we say a prayer, God will ALWAYS listen!  It's not like tossing a bean bag and hoping it gets where we want it to go.  God always hears our prayer!

At the end of the morning, the preschoolers as a whole group wanted to play our Turkey Tails game... how could I say no to that! 

Thursday and Friday is SHARE Day!

For my Thursday kids, wear your pajamas tomorrow if you would like!

Cornucopias and an Old Lady - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We learned a big word today...cornucopia!  One preschooler suggested we count how many letters were in this new word and we discovered there are 10 letters in the word cornucopia.  We learned that a cornucopia is something we see during Thanksgiving time and is associated with the bounty of food that God gives us.  (Cornucopia, bounty, associated...such robust vocabulary being used) After talking about our favorite foods we read the book "I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie."  This lady ate a lot of food!  Ask your preschooler if they recall any of the items she ate!

Centers was filled with Thanksgiving goodness!  We used our cornucopia's and did some counting.  We figured out the smaller the food, the more will fit inside!  Very observant kiddos!  Our sensory station was filled with dried corn and cobs.  Magnifying glasses allowed us to take a closer look at the shapes and textures.  Thanksgiving preparations continued with our final project!  The class is so excited to finally share all this with our families!

We made it outside today!  Raking, playing tag and sandcastle building was some of the fun going on in the back.  The playhouse was looking a little boring, so this group decided to "paint" it all the colors of the rainbow.  It is gorgeous!

Friday will be a very busy day!  Share day and our Thanksgiving celebration at 11am!  See you all then!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Turkeys Galore - Mrs. Krantz

I wasn't in the classroom today... I wore my Director's hat this morning to do a classroom observation downstairs, but I was in the building and stopped in to see how my class was going and how the preschoolers were enjoying the day.  Their morning was packed with learning fun as always!

We all began together as we worshipped at Chapel with Pastor Tim.  Later in the day there were all kinds of turkeys in the room helping us as we practiced one-to-one correspondence, number recognition and fine motor skills in creative turkey puppets.  I also saw some major construction happening with train tracks and bridges.  

Thursday is PAJAMA Day and SHARE Day!  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Turkey Feathers and Pilgrim Hats - Mrs. Krantz

Today was a very good day!  We started out our morning with a fun rhyme and game that included identifying letters and searching for a pilgrim hat.  I bet your preschooler can recite the rhyme we would say before looking for the pilgrim hat hiding beneath one of the letters.  This activity was focused on letter identification, understanding the meaning of "beneath", and the social aspect of playing together and waiting for a turn.  They had so much fun with this game and asked to play it again, so we played it at our closing circle!  I am so proud of these amazing children!

In worship we learned about Hannah's prayer for a baby and how Samuel listened to God.  Prayer is praying and listening and we can do both!

Centers time was super busy as we pinned feathers to turkeys, the number of feathers matching the numeral written on the turkey.  We also made cute and creative turkey puppets.  Another turkey game included rolling dice and then adding that number of beads to the bare feathers on the turkey.  I was so pleased to see how engaged the group was!  We also enjoyed woodworking with Papa Ken.  Our first big project is almost complete!

Please be sure to send hat and gloves each day and it would be incredibly helpful if names were written in each cold weather item!  Please keep winter outer gear in your child's backpack so that it easy for us to find!

Thanksgiving Story Bracelet - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We read a story all about the very first Thanksgiving.  To help us remember important details (and be able to retell the story) we made bracelets.  Each colored bead represents a part of the story.  I'm guessing you've already heard the story, but just in case, here is the poem I read as the preschoolers strung the beads:
Thanksgiving Story Bracelet
With this bracelet you will know
The first Thanksgiving that was long, long ago.
The Pilgrims set sail from far away
On the Mayflower with tall white sails.
They sailed many days across the ocean blue.
The seas were rough, but the ship came through.
At last they spotted land so green.
They were so happy they cheered and screamed.
The first year was so hard and black.
Many died and wished that they could go back.
But the Native Americans gave them a hand
And helped them survive in the strange new land.
They decided to celebrate in a special way
And that became the first Thanksgiving day.
They prepared a feast with turkeys brown
And red cranberries that they had found.
Yellow corn that they had learned to grow
And orange pumpkin pies, don’t you know!
But before they ate the turkey and dressing,
They all held hands for a thankful blessing.          
We are getting ready for our Thanksgiving Celebration.  More practice, some special artwork and a lot of silly turkey giggles filled out classroom today!  The children can hardly wait to share all of this with their special family members on Friday.
A new friend joined our group today!  It was so wonderful to see how welcoming and kind each preschooler was to make sure our new friend had a fantastic first day!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Important Information


Generally, if inclement weather causes a school cancellation or late start for the Pullman School District, Concordia Lutheran Preschool will be canceled for the day.  Cancellations will be posted on the preschool blog and Facebook by 7am. (www.clppullman.blogspot.com) If you would prefer a phone call, please make a request to the preschool director prior to the winter season.

It is going to be COLD this week!  Please be sure to dress your child with appropriate outdoor attire for playing outside.  Please send hats and gloves.  If the temperature is below 25 degrees, we will not go outside. 

No Preschool Next Week

If your child will miss preschool for any reason, please be sure to send a text or email to your child's teacher or Mrs. Krantz.  Thanks!

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

Our last week in November at preschool is going to be full of same fabulous fun and learning.  Many of our turkey activities will focus on the skill of one-to-one correspondence.  This is the ability to count each object in a group once and is very important in developing a strong number sense.  Feathers, clothes pins, dice and a bunch of turkeys will be our helpers in our number endeavors.  Always the multitaskers, these activities are also designed to strengthen those ever important fine motor muscles! 

We will also be listening close and counting syllables in words and identifying letters as we search for pilgrim hats hiding behind turkey tails.  SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday and Thursday is Pajama Day for those who want to wear their jammies to preschool!

The Story continues as we learn about Hannah and her prayer for a child.  We will learn about prayer, speaking and listening to God.  We will add prayer journal pictures to our Sacred Art binders too.  Chapel is on Tuesday and will be held at the preschool.

I thank God for your children and for each one of you.  It is a true blessing to be part of your journey! 

Mrs. Krantz

11/ 17, 24          Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
11/24-11/28       No Preschool – Thanksgiving Break
12/1, 8, 15         Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
12/22-1/2          No Preschool – Christmas Break

11/18                 Chapel (T)
11/20                SHARE Day and PJ Day!

11/21                 SHARE Day  

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

It’s all about Thanksgiving this week!  Together, we will learn the story of the very first Thanksgiving.  We will be doing an activity that will help to recall details of the story!  

It’s amazing to see the growth that has already taken place this year!  Letter recognition and writing has improved greatly in our class.  We will continue to have a focus letter throughout the week.  This week we will be using the letter T in handwriting. 

Our worship time will be about prayer!  We will hear about Hannah and Samuel and see how God heard their prayers!  We will find out that God hears our prayers too!    

Reminder that Share day is Friday!!  

Keep sending those jackets, mittens and hats!  We hope to make it outside for a little running around this week!

I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!
Mrs. O’Loughlin 

The preschoolers are so excited about our Thanksgiving Celebration!  The fun starts at 11am!  The kiddos will have a short presentation for all our special grownups and we will all sit down together to feast on pumpkin pie.  If you are unable to attend, please do not worry!  We will make sure that each child has a fun celebration with all our friends! 

Upcoming Dates
11/17 Mom’s Bible Study—8pm
11/21 Share Day
11/21 Thanksgiving Celebration
11/24-11/28 Thanksgiving Break

Friday, November 14, 2014

Elsa the Squirrel - Mrs. Krantz

Yes, we named out friendly squirrel today... Elsa received the most votes, so Elsa it is!  We enjoyed the chattering of our motorized friend and made sure to be treat her with care!

The morning was too cold to be outside, so we had large motor fun in the classroom.  We cleared space and enjoyed balancing stones, hopping hoops and a balance beam just to name a few.  

Our snack time was extra special as we celebrated one special preschooler's birthday!  It is always fun to listen to the conversations that a table together eating will bring.  

In our worship time, we are learning two songs that continue to put the Word of God in our hearts.  One song is about giving thanks and the other is about kindness.  Our songs are straight out of the Bible so as we sing we are memorizing scripture that will always be with us.  

Art with Ms. Holly was today and the preschoolers made some beautiful corn paintings.  They will make their way home next week!

We've had a few families ask if they could bring their Food Drive items next week, so we will extend the Food Drive until Tuesday next week.  Thank you so much for your generosity and giving to our drive!

Enjoy your weekend! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cooking, Art and the Food Drive - Mrs. Krantz

Today was another busy day in Mrs. Krantz's classroom!  We started out counting the new items that came in for the food drive.  We counted 53 items!  We headed down to the lobby and filled in the thermometer.  The red grew a lot taller this morning.

We added some thankful leaves to our "Give Thanks" tree.  There are so many wonderful things that we are thankful for listed on those leaves.  I am thankful for you and your children!

Grandma Karen came in for our monthly cooking experience.  We made delicious pumpkin muffins.  The whole building smelled delicious as sweet pumpkin spice smells filled the rooms.  Perfect on a cold fall day.  Later on, Ms. Holly joined us for Art.  We learned about painting with dots.  Ask your preschooler if they can remember the name of the artist we learned about.  Here is a hint, "Dot, Dot..."

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Silly Little Squirrel - Mrs. Krantz

A silly little squirrel joined us at closing circle today.  Your preschooler can tell you all about it.  We are working on  name for this particular squirrel... perhaps we will have one picked out on Friday!

Our morning started out having Chapel with Pastor Tim.  We worshipped together at the preschool, as the sanctuary at the church was pretty cold!  It is always wonderful to have both classes together for worship!

Grandma Karen made a visit today and we made delicious pumpkin muffins.  Beforehand, we made a list of ingredients we thought might be part of the recipe.  We had listed several of the ingredients that were used, and a few that weren't part of the recipe.  Mixing up those muffins was a lot of fun and it smelled so good.   It smelled even better as the muffins baked in the oven.  YUM!!!

We played a leaf picking game together which was super fun and we practiced our counting and number recognition skills.  We also took a close look at corn and empty corn cobs.  We used hand lenses to get a very close look.  We added tweezers to pick up the kernels.  Fine motor added with science exploration... we love to multi-task!

We have just a few days left in our Food Drive.  We have more to collect  to reach our goal! Please help us reach our goal as you are able.

Heavy snowfall is in the forecast for Thursday through Friday.  Please check the blog and/or Facebook regarding possible school closure.  

Pumpkin Muffins are Circles! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Grandma Karen did some cooking with us today! We followed a recipe and each added an ingredient to the bowl. As they baked in the oven, our whole school was filled with a heavenly smell of pumpkin and spices! These delicious muffins were devoured during snack time.

We are learning all about shapes! And we are realizing that shapes are all around us. The muffin tops were circles, the frames we decorated for our family pictures are square and our table is rectangle! As we looked at our rectangle pictures of our families, we discussed the differences and similarities. We decided that we are very different, but if you look at each picture, we're all smiling and happy!

Chapel with Pastor Tim was held upstairs today and our learning of Ruth and Naomi continued. They were a family and loved one another. Just like Ruth went wherever Naomi went, God goes with us wherever we go!

Our Thanksgiving Celebration invitations were in your mailboxes today! These little turkeys are very excited!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Field Trip and Kindness- Mrs. Krantz

We enjoyed our field trip to Dissmores this morning.  Special thanks to all those who came along and helped drive.  We couldn't do field trips without you help and support!  Mike showed us all around the store and took us to the fun and exciting "Employee Only" sections of the store.  We walked in a HUGE refrigerator, saw a big fork lift, discovered that Dissmores is committed to recycling and we even got a yummy cookie at the bakery.  Then, we went shopping!  Each preschool used their dollar to purchase an item for our Food Drive.  They each checked out individually with the cashier and got their receipt.  

When we returned, we enjoyed a bit of outside time, before the frigid weather arrives, and learned about the story of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz.  We heard such wonderful examples of kindness and we shared ways that we can also show kindness.  It was fun to realize that we were showing kindness by donating items for the Food Drive!  

Just a reminder that we will not have preschool tomorrow!

Dissmores - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Field trips are always such an adventure and full of learning!  We began our field trip with a guided tour by Mr. Mike.  We went to each section of the grocery store and saw how all the food was separated and organized by it's same kind.  We decided it was like the rooms of a house...everything has it's special place!  We even got to go in the where only employees are allowed!  We felt very special!  Our tour continued over to the bakery where we saw all the yummy cakes being displayed.  And guess what?!  Each preschooler received a chocolate chip cookie.  Our last stop was the floral department.  Next, we shopped!  It was adorable watching each child look up and down the aisles, for that perfect $1 item.  When the choice was made, these proud preschoolers went to the checkout, handed over their $1 and paid for the item themselves!  

Once we returned back to our classroom, we added our items to the food bank bucket and counted what we had.  We collected 41 items just today!!  Currently, the school has collected 117 items!  We are getting so close to our 250 goal!

In worship time we learned about the kindness of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz.  Boaz was kind and gave food to Ruth because she had none.  God is so happy when we are kind to those around us.  A few of the kiddos realized that we are giving food to those who don't have any.  We are kind like Boaz and God is happy!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Important Information

Important Information
Generally, if inclement weather causes a school cancellation or late start for the Pullman School District, Concordia Lutheran Preschool will be canceled for the day.  Cancellations will be posted on the preschool blog and Facebook by 7am. (www.clppullman.blogspot.com) If you would prefer a phone call, please make a request to the preschool director prior to the winter season.

It is going to be COLD this week!  Please be sure to dress your child with appropriate outdoor attire for playing outside.  Please send hats and gloves.  If the temperature is below 25 degrees, we will not go outside.  

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

Monday is the field trip for our M/W/F group!  We will meet as normal and then load up to be at Dissmores by 9:30am.  We look forward to learning about the store and then shopping for our Food Drive.  Please bring a snack as usual.


The rest of the week we will be graphing some of the food items we have collected in our Food Drive.  We will also begin some Thanksgiving learning coupled with autumn leaves.  November flies by, so we will be packing in lots of learning.  We will continue to look for items that have the same intent and purpose and group them together.  We will be measuring leaves, exploring similarities and difference in several types of leaves and turning some leaves into turkeys.  Our letters this week will be T and L.  We will also be filling our tree with leaves of thanksgiving!

This is the last week of our food drive.  Please bring items as you are able and help us reach our goal of 250 items to share with those in need in our town.  This is a tangible way for the preschoolers to share blessings with others!

The Story continues as we learn about Ruth and Naomi.  We will focus on kindness, a great lesson as we finish up our Food Drive!  You can read it for yourself in Ruth 1:1-2:23.  Chapel is on Wednesday and will be at the preschool building this week.

Mrs. Krantz

11/10, 17            Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
11/11                  No Preschool – Veteran’s Day
11/24-11/28       No Preschool – Thanksgiving Break

11/10                 Dissmores Field Trip (M)
11/12                 Chapel (W)
11/18                 Chapel (T)
11/20                SHARE Day and PJ Day!
11/21                 SHARE Day  

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Our food drive is off to a great start!  As of Friday, we have 50 items and we will be adding more after our Dissmores field trip.  Our school goal is 250 non-perishable food or hygiene items.  The preschoolers love seeing the big thermometer in the lobby fill in with red.  Please help us reach our goal by dropping items in the food drive box in our classroom!

Grandma Karen will be here on Wednesday to make pumpkin muffins with us!  Yum!

Please be sure to send in a family picture.  We are doing a project with them that will hang in our classroom.

Brrr!  It is turning cold outside!  Be sure to send a jacket, hat and mittens for your preschooler.

I’m looking forward to another wonderful week with your very special children!  They truly are gifts and I’m blessed to be their teacher!

Mrs. O’Loughlin 

Play with Purpose 
At arrival each day, we have a question.  In those few moments before school has begun, your child has already done so much!  They have used their fine motor and strengthen their pincher reflex 
(pinching the clothes pin), they have recalled information that was taught in the previous days (the questions itself), and they have been given practice on word, letter or number recognition (in the 
answers). This task is a part of your preschooler’s morning routine and a warm up to the learning that will take place throughout our day together. 

Our Thankful Tree
Our tree is beginning to fill in with colorful leaves!  Please come into the classroom and read what our preschoolers are thankful for!  

Upcoming Events
11/10 Field trip to Dissmores
11/12 Chapel
11/21 Share Day
11/24-11/28 Thanksgiving Break

Friday, November 7, 2014

Food Drive and More - Mrs. Krantz

This morning we talked a little more about what a Food Drive is and how we can be a blessing to those around us.  We read a book about a little girl who donated a can of peas to her school's food drive.  She got to see where the peas ended up... at a Thanksgiving dinner at a church's soup kitchen!  Ask your preschooler about the book!

The weather was glorious and we enjoyed our time outside.  The leaves are in their full glory on the lawn and we enjoyed looking at the different types of leaves mingling on our playground floor.  We also filled another leaf bag full of leaves and needles.  These preschoolers are amazing helpers!

Our worship time recapped the story of Samson and how God gave him strength.  In our prayer journals, the preschooler drew pictures of God giving them strength.  These will go in their sacred art binders.

Read Mrs. O'Loughlin's blog post to hear about our time with a real live scientist!  It was super fun and a great science experience!

Monday is our field trip to Dissmores.  We will meet at the preschool and load up to drive to Dissmores.  We plan to arrive at the store at 9:30am and enjoy the tour.  After the tour we will shop!  Each preschooler will have the opportunity to purchase a food item for our Food Drive.  We will have snack at the preschool after our field trip, so please pack a snack as normal.

Have a blessed weekend!

Suds and Surface Tension - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We started our morning with a poem called After the Bath. We discussed all the things we do before, during and after a bath. We all agreed that the last thing you do is dry off (not shake off like a dog!) To put our new sequencing and order learning to good use, we gave our babies a bubble bath! We washed ears, elbows, legs... everything! Some preschoolers took the bath time routine to the next step by dressing and putting the babies to bed.

Mr. Levi was back again to do some science! Our question today: what is surface tension and how does it work? As a group we saw how the water molecules stuck together as we added pennies to a cup of water. The water was coming over the top but not spilling! Finally the water tension broke and the water came over the sides. Since we're all scientists, we did our own experiment in real Petrie dishes using water, glitter and dish soap! Can your preschool show you our surface tension experiment?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I will see you all Monday for our field trip to Dissmores!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

WINCO - Mrs. Wilson

What a great trip to the grocery store! Our guide (and manager) Mr. Eric was great! He took us through so many departments to show us just how diverse a store can be. First we saw seasonal items like stuffing and cans of pumpkin, then we were off to produce which even included a new organic section. We passed by the bulk bins and had a friendly stop at the deli too. Next was a very interesting stop looking at fish all packaged up and ready to go… whole!!! After a quick look at meats, we headed into the back rooms. This was a neat adventure as these are the parts of a store that we usually don’t get to see. First, there 
was the meat cutting room, and next we saw the storage shelves that went up very high.  Watching the forklift in action was pretty neat! Great maneuvering Mr. Eric! After that 
came the refrigerated area. It was a unique point of view to see the all the milk products 
from the inside while being able to peek out at the shoppers on the other side of the glass 
doors. The freezer was SO cold that only the few brave stepped in briefly. Brrrrrr.

We then learned that the bakery department is now baking foods to send to the new store in Lewiston. It was fun to see the birthday cakes and decorations. All this learning made us 
hungry, so we actually got to eat our snack upstairs in the employee break room. Can you 
believe there was enough room for all the preschoolers to sit down and eat? 

After being refreshed there and meeting some more employees, we headed down to the store to do some shopping. How special to watch each preschooler, their dollar in hand, go search out just the right food item to buy for our food drive. There were many types of pasta, cans of vegetables and so much more. One of my favorite parts of the trip was watching the joy of preschoolers checking out and paying for their items themselves. Just 

A BIG THANKYOU to the preschoolers, moms, dads and siblings for a very enriching trip to the store. THANK YOU so much Mr. Eric and WINCO! You have a truly spectacular store!

WINCO - Mrs. Krantz

What a fabulous time we had on our field trip to WINCO.  Special thanks to those parents who came along and helped drive.  Also special thanks to Eric, the manager of the Moscow WINCO, for a fun filled field trip!

We were able to go in the back of the store, see the big fork lift, check out the meat section and the machines they use, the cold dairy fridge and we even got to walk in the HUGE freezer.  It was fun pretending to be WINCO employees and having our snack break in the break room.  We ended by each purchasing an item for our preschool food drive.

REMINDER... There is no preschool on Tuesday, November 11.  Hug a veteran!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Friends - Mrs. Krantz

We welcomed two new friends into our classroom today!  It was so fun to see how the class welcomed our new preschoolers.  I look forward to strong friendships being built and incredible learning happening together.  

We started out with Chapel, learning about our strength being God's strength.  Samson was given incredible strength from the Lord!  

Later we learned about 3 sections of the grocery store.  We love big, robust words!  We talked about the Produce section, the Bakery and the Dairy section.  Perhaps your preschooler can share with you what kinds of items can be found in each section.  We practiced this in our Dramatic Play Store.  Reshelving items in their proper place is very important in a store!  As the children reshelved items, they were learning to sort and classify the object according to their intent and purpose.  Play is amazing!

Thanks for allowing us to love your preschoolers!  They are incredible children with minds that are eager to learn and grow.  What an incredible thing to be part of!

Our Strength is God's Strength! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

That's what we learned in chapel today! Pastor Tim told us about Samson and how his strength came from God.  We learned that God gives us strength too!

Our classroom was busy busy busy! Papa Ken was there to do woodworking with us. We measured and made marks on our pieces of wood so next time we can drill! We had our very first reading buddy! Poppy (Aka Papa Phil, aka Mrs. O'Loughlin's dad) had a lap full of kiddos and an armful of books during center time. Reading buddies are so special to our preschoolers and they very much look forward to all the special visitors we have in our class.

Be sure to send in a family picture if you haven't already done so. Also, our field trip to Dissmores is Monday! Please turn in permission slips and if you are able, driver sign ups are in the classroom.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

To Market, To Market - Mrs. Krantz

What a busy morning!  We started out with the poem "To Market, To Market."  We listened for words that start with the letter "J".  We found jiggety jog and jiggety jig.  Of course we had to jig and jog!  We focused our ears to hear the beginning sounds of words.  We also talked about markets and grocery stores.  We expanded that learning a bit alter in our centers time.

During centers we created our own grocery store in dramatic play.  Each preschooler went back to our storage area and picked out items they thought would be found in a grocery store.  We organized the items and stocked the shelves of our store.  We have a produce section, a dairy section, a bakery, canned foods and a few others.  The preschoolers enjoyed shopping, checking out with the cashier and paying for their items.  We also wrote grocery store stories and some preschooler illustrated their story.  We sortec coins according to size and according to color.  We took a look at grocery ads and cut our pictures to use in our store.  

In worship we learned about Samson, a very strong man.  We discovered that even he needed God's help!  We talked about times we need God's help too.

We closed the morning by counting the number of items we already have collected for our Preschool Food Drive.  We went down to the lobby and filled in our thermometer.  We can't wait to watch it grow!

On Thursday we will be headed out to Winco for our field trip!  We are excited for this fun filled trip that allows us to see places of the grocery store we don't usually get to go!  I can't wait!

Fun Day and Field Trip Information - Mrs. Wilson

What do rainy days, cans of food, and a longhaired strong man have in common? Our day at preschool! Yes, it was eclectic, but somehow it all made sense.  We had a lot of fun at circle time reaching in Mrs. Wilson’s big shopping bag and pulling out cans, pasta and other food items. There was a lot of food in there! I was so proud of the preschoolers looking for and finding many places on the cans where the letter P was part of the name or words written there! Way to go, knowing your letter P! We talked about where we go to get this food and what we do with it at home. We wondered about people who are hungry and might need help getting food for themselves and their families. We read a great book about a girl named Dee whose class collected cans to give hungry people. We read as Dee found out where her can went when her class went to help with others at a church that was serving a Thanksgiving meal to hungry people. Dee even got to use her can for the vegetables!

Centers included woodworking with Papa Ken. Each preschooler got to draw a line on their block of wood and measure marks for future drilling. A great time learning the preparation needed for a bigger project. There was a lot of imaginative play in the house area, small manipulative on the rug for building those hand and finger muscles, weighing and balancing pasta shapes and pumpkin seeds for building math skills, and gluing pumpkin seeds on a letter P! They came out great. It was interesting to listen as each preschooler came up with their own list of P words for their page.

Later our downstairs was transformed into a maze and obstacle course for recess. Delighted 3 and 4 year olds were crawling through tunnels, leaping across stepping stones, stomping with great big monster feet (often called dinosaur or dragon feet too). There was also dancing and movement with streamers while the sounds of Beethoven dramatically wafted in the background! Over all fun time!

We wrapped it up with the story of strong Sampson. We read the hard story of how he decided not to listen to God, but to listen to a lady instead. She was not really his friend 
and he told her the secret of his strength… See if your preschooler remembers what she 
did that lead to the bad guys capturing him. The best part of the story was finding out the 
God would forgive Sampson and would still help him when he asked for help. God forgives us too. We can always ask Him for help! The sticks everyone brought home are decorated names that your preschooler chose for helping. They can pick a stick from the pile and that is the person they can help right then and there! 

We are looking forward to our fieldtrip to WINCO this Thursday! Those who wish can meet us there at 9:30. We will assemble at the customer service desk to meet our guide Mr. Eric. Otherwise, just come to preschool as usual for sign in. We will have a quick opening circle, meet up with the upstairs class and pray together before we head out by 9:15. If you plan to meet us at WINCO, please email me ahead of time so we won’t be watching for you at preschool. After our tour, each preschooler will get $1 to buy something for our food drive to help hungry people. This is a lot of fun for the preschoolers! See you Thursday!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

This week we are entering into our Home unit.  We will be talking about home and school routines, explore people and places in a neighborhood.  We will also learn the importance of helping at home and we will be discussing the concepts of families!  I’m asking each preschooler to bring in a family picture!  These pictures will be displayed in our dramatic play area.  Because what home doesn’t have family pictures?!

In worship we will learn about a very strong man named Samson!  Samson asked God for help and we can ask God for help, too.

Throughout the month of November, we will be discussing all that we are thankful for!  Each day we will add to our class Thankful Tree! 

During the first two weeks of the month, we will be collecting canned food and hygiene items.  Our school has a goal of 250 items! Please donate, if you are able to do so.  A thermometer will be displayed in the lobby to track our progress.  We will be learning how these items are blessing to the neighbors in our community. 

Our class field trip to Dissmores will be on Monday, November 10th.  We will leave at 9:20am and will return by 10:30am. (We will eat snack at preschool, so please send one as you normally would)  There is a driver volunteer sign up in the classroom and permission slips in your mailboxes.  Each preschooler will be given $1 to buy a canned food item, which we will add to our food drive!

Upcoming Dates:

11/3 Mom’s Bible Study—8pm
11/10 Field trip to Dissmores
11/5 Chapel
11/12 Chapel
11/21 Share Day
11/24-11/28 Thanksgiving Break

Blessings on your week!

Mrs. O’Loughlin