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Friday, October 31, 2014

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter (November 3-7)

November is here!  The past two months have flown by and I’m sure this month will do the same.  We welcome two new students into our M/W/F class this week.  On Wednesday we will meet two new friends!  I know they will feel welcome and will make friends quickly with this amazing group of friends.

This week we will be learning about Grocery Stores.  We will work together to set up a store in our classroom.  The preschoolers will brainstorm what the store needs and we will add those items!  We will be sorting and classifying food items from grocery ads as well as sorting coins by color and size.  We will be using a scale to weigh items as well. 

Our T/Th kids will be attending a field trip to Winco on Thursday.  Please sign up if you are able to help drive.  We will leave the preschool at 9:15am and should return by 11:15am.  Snacks are provided that day and will be eaten in the Winco Employee break room.  Each child will be given $1 to purchase an item for our Food Drive!  Please be sure to turn in your permission slips.

Our Preschool wide Food Drive begins this week and will run for 2 weeks.  Our goal is to collect 250 items!  Check out the thermometer in the lobby to see our progress.  We will be learning how the food we collect blesses those in need in our community.

The Story continues as we learn about a strong man named Samson.  We will learn that Samson asked God for help, and we can too!  Chapel is on Wednesday this week.

The following week, our M/W/F class will be taking a field trip to Dissmores.  The parent sign up sheet is available for drivers.   We plan to leave preschool around 9:20am and should be back to preschool by 10:30am.  The preschoolers will be given $1 to purchase an item for the Food Drive.  We will eat snack at the preschool, so please bring a snack that day.
Lots going on!  If you are ever interested in volunteering in the classroom, please let me know and we will arrange a time!
Mrs. Krantz

11/3, 10, 17        Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
11/11                  No Preschool – Veteran’s Day
11/24-11/28       No Preschool – Thanksgiving Break

11/5                  Chapel (W)
11/6                  Winco Field Trip (Th)
11/10                 Dissmores Field Trip (M)
11/12                 Chapel (W)
11/18                 Chapel (T)
11/20                SHARE Day and PJ Day!
11/21                 SHARE Day

Food Drive!

Our Preschool wide Food Drive will be held the first two weeks of November.  We will be collecting the items in each classroom and a thermometer in the lobby will share our progress.  Our goal is to collect 250 items.  Please donate non-perishable food items and hygiene items as you are able!  The preschoolers will also be shopping for an item to donate on our upcoming field trips, with money provided by the preschool.

Hibernation Day - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We had such a fun day! After we introduced our special stuffed animals we were off to centers. There were 2 caves filled with hibernating animals! This turned into our reading area for the day. Good thing we had glow sticks so we could see in our dark lair!  This very creative group came up with stories using shadow puppets. Rachel the squirrel and Batty the bat were the main characters!

By unanimous vote, the best part of our day was the hot cocoa served at snack! Love the simplicity of preschoolers!

Our science question today was: how do bears stay warm in the winter? Does your preschooler remember the answer? We used a bucket of ice water and bags of crisco to test how fat keeps the bear warm. When we put our bare hand in the ice, we couldn't even count to ten. But with an extra layer we could keep our hands in for much longer!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Nocturnal Day! - Mrs. Krantz

What a fun day we had together.  We've brought our nocturnal learning all together with a nocturnal day at preschool.  We started out sharing about our Pajamas and special stuffed animals.  We made a list of all the things preschoolers do at night.  I was happy to hear that a lot of sleeping goes on!  We also used glow sticks to make all the letters that just use lines to be formed.  

Snack time was eaten by candlelight.  Very fun!  Each preschooler had an LED candle to eat by.  Our worship time included looking at ways that we can be helpers like Rahab.  We drew pictures and the stories of the pictures were written down.  Theses helper pictures can be found in the stairway.  They will be added to our sacred artwork binders!

Our centers time included bat caves used for reading, building with glow sticks, making pretend candles and story writing.  It was fun to see the preschooler take a candle, go into the caves with a baby or favorite stuffed animal and read the book!  There were amazing glow stick buildings that we had fun measuring.  We counted how many glow sticks each structure used and we measure how long they were according to different sized feet in the classroom.

Mrs. Krantz will be gone on Monday.  Mrs. Barrington and Mrs. Wieser will be heading up the classroom.  

Have a super fun and safe weekend!  Don't forget the time changes on Sunday!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Party Fun! - Mrs. Krantz

The highlight of our morning was the PUMPKIN PARTY!  It was also an amazing amount of fun sharing about our costumes.  Thanks so much for donating items and participating in the party.  We had over 25 congregational and homeschool volunteers run the booths for your kiddos this morning.  We are so thankful for them!

Tomorrow is Nocturnal Day!  Preschoolers are encouraged and welcome to wear their Pajamas and bring a favorite stuffed animal.  The room will be dark and we will do nocturnal type things, including having hot chocolate with our snacks!  We've been working hard to prepare the room for this special day.  The bat cave is ready and owls are perched throughout the room.  Our leaf candles are ready with LED lights to help us in our nocturnal endeavors!

Permission slips for next weeks field trip to Winco were in your box today.  If you are able to come along on the trip with us, please send me an email or sign up on Tuesday.  

Hibernation Day is Tomorrow - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Hello preschool families!

I hope you all enjoyed the Pumpkin Party today!

Tomorrow is our class Hibernation Day and we get to wear pajamas to school!  We have been talking about animals that hibernate and our favorite is the bear, so we want to meet everyone's favorite teddy bear from home. (If there's a lovey that's a dog or a monkey, we want to meet them too!)  Snack will be provided tomorrow but as always, feel free to send one from home as well.

It's going to be another fun day!  See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Amazing Gift of Hats

A very special lady from our congregation at Concordia Lutheran Church handmade hats for each one of the preschoolers!  What an amazing gift!

Bats and Birds - Mrs. Krantz

The morning started out with a HUGE amount of energy!  This is where flexibility is important in a preschool classroom.  We switched gears and sang a silly song about a bat.  We used our finger puppet Little Wing and placed it somewhere on our body.  Then we would sing about it.  Mrs. Krantz started with Little Wing on her head.  We sang:

There's a bat on my head, on my head. (clap, clap, clap)
There's a bat on my head, on my head. (clap, clap, clap)
There's a bat on my head,
And I'm filled with so much dread.
There's a bat on my head, on my head. (clap, clap, clap)

That little bat sat on our heads, fingers, toes, feet and tummies.  There was some quick thinking to find the right rhyming words, but it was fun to use new vocabulary and giggle a lot at the silly song.  Sometimes we just need to start out our day with some laughing time together!

Later on we helped build the walls of Jericho.  We marched around that wall 7 times and then helped it fall.  We sang about Joshua and the battle of Jericho and we realized that it was God's strength that won the battle!  

We ended our day with the book, "Stellaluna."  The preschoolers loved the sweet book about a bat who ended up being raised by a family of birds.  Later Stellaluna was found by her bat mother.  Not only is it a fabulous book about love and family, but it is also a great book to look at the difference and similarities between bats and birds.  We made a Venn Diagram (in the shape of a bat) to make a list of things that are only about bats, some that are only about birds, and then some that bats and birds have in common.  Pretty fun brain work happening at the end of class today!

Tomorrow is the Pumpkin Party!  Join us over at the church at 10:30am.

Friday is Nocturnal Day.  Our lights will be off, and we will pretend we are awake at night.  Glow sticks and LED candles will be helping us in our nocturnal endeavors.  Preschoolers are welcome to wear Pajamas if they would like, and bring a favorite stuffed animal!

Nice and Warm - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Each preschooler went home with a beautiful hand made hat from a wonderful member of Concordia Lutheran Church. Each kiddo was able to pick which one they wanted and they were worn all day! We stayed nice and warm thanks to these hats! We learned that animals who hibernate stay nice and warm all winter by eating a lot and getting an extra layer of fat. Ask your preschooler what they would eat a lot of if they hibernated!

Rahab was a nice lady who helped Joshua when he was in Jericho. We talked about all the ways we help!  We decided it makes others happy when we're helpers. (It makes us happy too!)

Tomorrow is the Pumpkin Party! I will see you all over at the church at 10:30am! Can't wait to see those costumes!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jericho! - Mrs. Wilson

From Chapel to our closing circle, Jericho was the topic of the day! In chapel, our class was Jericho. We held hands and became the walls. We tried to be strong. Then the upstairs class became the Israelites, and they began marching, marching, marching, around us. We wondered what they were doing... we even laughed because it seemed funny... then, they blew their horns and guess what... The walls of Jericho came tumbling down! In the end, Pastor Tim helped us to learn that when we know and trust God, we can wait and listen to see what He is going to do, just like the Israelites waited 
and listened... and the walls came down!

In circle time we made some important scientific observations after cutting open pumpkin A. Don’t miss the descriptions on our Pumpkin A & B charts in the lobby. Later we opened up Pumpkin B. We were pretty confident there would be seeds inside that one too. The question arose weather the seeds would be smaller because the pumpkin was smaller... What a great discovery we made... The seeds were the SAME size! Now we know.

When we got busy in centers, we sawed wood with Papa Ken. We painted pumpkins after drawing with crayon what the insides looked like (based on our observations). We weighed pumpkin stems and mini-pumpkins on the balance. And finally, we started to build the walls of Jericho with Mega Blocks! This was a really great structure that helped us in worship time to learn about Rahab, who lived right against the inside wall. She helped God’s people when they were spying out Jericho. She saved them from the king. See if your preschooler remembers how the spies got out from the city. On Thursday we will see how the spies will help Rahab... When we know God is our help, it makes it easier to have courage to help others.

I hope you are all enjoying the bright and beautiful hats that your preschoolers took home. We have a friend over at the church that delights to gift us each year with a lovely hat for each preschooler. Thank you friend! We love the hats!!

Thursday is a very exciting day. The pumpkin party will begin at 10:30! Please join us at the church if you can! Before that, we plan to have a fun morning finishing up some things and getting ready for the fun. Your preschooler is welcome to wear their costume to class if they want too. Otherwise, they can put it on when we go over to the party. Please remember fun costumes with no scary theme (i.e. ghosts, witches, weapons, masks etc.) We look forward to the fun!

Mrs. Wilson

Hanging Upside Down - Mrs. Krantz

What a fun day we had together!  The morning started out at Chapel with Pastor Tim.  All morning long the preschoolers were singing "Jesus Love Me All The Time!"  We acted out the story of Jericho and the walls tumbling down.

When we got back to the classroom, we took a closer look at bats.  We took a close look at a bat skeleton and saw some pretty cool stuff.  Ask your preschooler about it.  We also learned how bats sleep... hanging upside down! 

In our centers time we cut out black bats and added them to our bat cave.  It was daytime, so we had them hang upside down from our line.  We had a great time giving our muscles a workout as we used those scissors.  We are working to make those muscles strong!

Preschool on Thursday starts as usual at 9:00am.  Children are welcome to come in costume right away if they would like.  Parents and siblings can join us over at the church at 10:30am for some Pumpkin Party fun!  Costumes should be non-scary, no  masks and no weapons.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

Inside a Pumpkin - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Our pumpkin investigation had us looking on the inside of a pumpkin today!  Everyone knew exactly what would be in there...SEEDS!  (How many seeds is still to be investigated!)  As we were digging around we heard a lot words to describe the inside such as slimy, squishy, and looks like noodles!  The few brave who used their sense of touch also reported that the inside was cold and wet!  We also used our sense of smell and Mrs. O'Loughlin was the only one who had anything positive to say about the way a fresh pumpkin smells. :)

The question of the day asked "Do you like to make noise?"  We used our love of making noise to reenact the story of Jericho.  After making our very own trumpets, we marched around the city 7 times and then made a lot of noise!  The city came tumbling down, just like in our story.  We also learned that there were helpers all around.  A nice lady named Rahab helped Joshua and then Joshua helped her back!  We are so thankful God gives us helpers and we will try to be helpers for God.

We are relishing these last crisp days of fall!  Our whole group enjoyed playing tag outside.  We learned a new version today: Cartoon Tag.  I'm guessing you'll be asked to play this one at home.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Going Batty! - Mrs. Krantz

Things got a little batty in preschool today!  We learned about bats!  We discovered that they are nocturnal, they sleep hanging upside down, their name starts with the letter B, and they see at night by echolocation.  We even saw a real bat skeleton!  We were surprised to see how small it was.  Ask your preschooler what they like about bats!

We were happy to have a special new friend visiting us today.  We look forward to a new friend joining our classroom in November!

Our worship time was about the battle of Jericho.  A special helper, named Rahab, helped the spies when they were in need and they helped her when she was in need.  We also learned what God's people used to win the battle.  Ask your preschooler what God's people did to bring down the big walls around Jericho!

Our closing book, "Nightsong" helped us understand more about echolocation.  God certainly was creative in the way He made bats to see at night!  We met our classroom bat, Little Wing, and we each had a turn to hold Little Wing and share what we knew about bats.  It was a wonderful day together!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Can we ever have enough of pumpkins? Our answer is NO WAY! This week we will actually open up our pumpkin A and pumpkin B to see what is inside and to compare them with  each other. Look on our descriptive posters for even more great pumpkin words describing the inside too. There will be seed counting, weighing, and projects starting with P. Our pumpkin learning this week is still brought to you by the letter P! 

This week in worship time, God’s people finally get to enter the Promised Land! We will learn about 
Joshua and the battle of Jericho, but also a special helper that trusted God too. Oh the places God leads Joshua and His people as they put their trust in HIM!

We also look forward to some favorites with chapel on Tuesday with pastor Tim and our weekly wood working with Papa Ken. As always, families are welcome to meet us at church for chapel after 9:00 drop off.

Mrs. Wilson

Pumpkin party! This carnival style event is a lot of fun and open to parents and siblings as well. Morning drop off will be as usual, but families can meet us downstairs in the church at 10:30 for the fun. NON-scary costumes are encouraged for all! Please see the blog for more info.

UPCOMING EVE opportunity!NTS...
10/28 Chapel Time with Pastor Tim at the church at 9:10
10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30 am down stairs in the church
11/6 Field Trip to WINCO~ see blog for more info about this neat

Important Information and Upcoming Events

Pumpkin party!!!
Thursday is the Pumpkin Party!  The M/W/F families can join the t/th classes us at the church at 10:30am for a super fun morning full of carnival style booths with fun prizes.  Appropriate costumes are encouraged!  Please nothing scary, no masks and please no weapons.

Upcoming Field Trips

Mrs. Wilson's Class and Mrs. Krantz's T/Th Class will be going on a field trip to Winco on Thursday, November 6!  We will get a tour of the store, eat snack in the employee break room and learn all about the store.  Each child will be provided $1 to purchase an item for our school Food Drive that will take place in November.  Watch for permission slips and sign up sheets for drivers!

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Class and Mrs. Krantz's M/W/F Class will be going on a field trip to Dissmores on Monday, November 10.  We will enjoy a tour of the store and each child will be provided $1 to purchase and item for our school Food Drive.  Watch for permission slips and sign up sheets for drivers!


The first two weeks in November we will hold a Preschool wide Food Drive.  We will have a goal of collecting 250 items for the Pullman Food Bank.  The items purchased on our field trips will contribute to the effort.  We will be collecting non perishable food items and hygiene items!

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

Is it really the last week in October!  The fall is flying by and we are having so much fun learning together!  This week we will be learning about another nocturnal animal, the bat.  We will build our vocabulary as we learn about echolocation.  We will focus on the letters B and T.  Be sure to have your preschool trace or write the letter on the chalk board as they are dropped off for preschool.  We will be making out own bat fact books and fine tune our scissor skills by cutting out bats to hang upside down on our line.  We will be enjoying several bat books including “Stellaluna.”  We will make a Venn Diagram about birds and bats after reading the book! 

On Thursday, the preschoolers are welcome to wear their costumes to class.  They will each have the chance to tell us about their costume.  On Friday, we will have Nocturnal day and the preschoolers are invited to wear their PJ’s and bring a favorite stuffed animal.  Don’t worry T/TH class, we will have a Pajama Day in November! 

The battle of Jericho is on the agenda for our Worship Time.  I look forward to hearing trumpets blare and watch walls tumble down.  I have a feeling this will be a very engaging story for many of our kiddos! 

November 6, Thursday next week, we will be going on a field trip to Winco as we learn about stores, food and helping others in need!  Look for permission slips and a sign-up sheet for drivers.                              

Mrs. Krantz

10/27               Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
10/30               Pumpkin Party 10:30am
11/3, 10, 17        Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
11/11                  No Preschool – Veteran’s Day
11/24-11/28       No Preschool – Thanksgiving Break

10/28               Chapel (T)
10/31                Nocturnal Day – Wear PJ’s! (F)
11/6                  Winco Field Trip (Th)
11/5                  Chapel (W)
11/10                 Dissmores Field Trip (M)
11/12                 Chapel (W)
11/18                 Chapel (T)
11/20                SHARE Day (Th) and Pajama Day!

11/21                 SHARE Day (F)

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Are we already at the end of October?! Wow time is flying! This week we will continue with our pumpkin investigation by taking a look inside. We’ll find out the answer: How many
seeds?! These seeds are going to help us with our counting skills and contribute to a pumpkin craft. Science, math and art all connected by one pumpkin! 

Our Pumpkin Party is on Thursday at 10:30am over at the church. Carnival style games will be set up and this year we will be winning tickets that can be turned in to receive prizes! Siblings are welcome to join in on this fun. We ask that both children and adult costumes be friendly and free of witches, ghosts, monsters and the like. Also, please leave all pretend weapons at home.

The Story continues with God’s people entering the city of Jericho. We will find out that God 
sent help for his people and that we are God’s helpers too!

Hibernation Day
Friday will be our class Hibernation Day! We are going to sing songs, play games and learn all about how, when and why a bear hibernates. Perhaps there will be a cave for us to hibernate in! We get to wear pajamas and bring along our favorite teddy bear! No need to send in snack because we will be having Teddy Grahams and hot chocolate.

Upcoming Dates
10/27 Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30am
10/31 Hibernation Day-Wear PJ’s
11/10 Field trip to Dissmores
11/5 Chapel
11/24-11/28 Thanksgiving Break

Blessings on your week!
Mrs. O’Loughlin

Friday, October 24, 2014

Chapel and Brunch with Pastor Tim - Mrs. O'Loughlin and Mrs. Krantz

When we got to chapel today Pastor Tim showed us shoes!  We talked about how we walk everywhere with shoes and how sometimes we get tired.  But we know that when we are tired, God carries us!  We sang a song about how Jesus loves us all the time!  He loves us when we play and when we sleep...he loves us ALL THE TIME!

After chapel was over, we headed downstairs to enjoy our brunch and show our appreciation to Pastor Tim!  We presented him with a present that everyone helped make!  (Even our friends in the Tuesday/Thursday classes!!) Such a fun morning!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Share Day and Green Glitter - Mrs. Wilson

I think the two favorite things of the day were sharing special things from home and gluing green glitter to our pumpkin leaves! I really enjoyed hearing from each preschooler as they shared their something special. Everyone had something to say and you could see the delight in each one as they answered questions and demonstrated their share. The surprise for me came when, even though they had the option of playing with their items on the rug, almost the entire class chose instead to enjoy gluing green glitter to their pumpkin leaves for our classroom pumpkin patch. The vine has sprouted some mighty fine fruit between the two classes! Take a peek when you can.

We had some other wonderful parts to our day as well. Ms. Janet came to read for us, but she also did a very informative demonstration on different leaves. She has a background in botany and we really learned a lot from her. Thanks Ms. Janet! Our other special guest was none other than Miss Holly bringing... you guessed it, LEAVES! The great thing was how different the leaves were from Ms. Janet’s. So much to learn from leaves. In the morning we learned about the veins and stems, and in the afternoon we actually used them to create beautiful leaf prints.

I am sure your preschooler has told you about their telescopes (or spy tubes) already. We decorated them and went searching around the downstairs for big things and little things. In the end we gave thanks to God for His word that has such fun adventures (like that of Joshua and Caleb) in it for us to learn about Him.

Have a great weekend everyone.

I'm a Great Big Owl - Mrs. Krantz

SHARE Day was today, and as always, it was wonderful to listen to the preschoolers tell their peers about the special item they brought to preschool.  This is a great way for the preschoolers to gain confidence speaking in front of their peer group.  They also find new things they have in common with friends in class.  New conversations spring up and great dialogue occurs!

We also worked on a song called "Great Big Owl."  The song helps us remember that owls are active at night.  The preschoolers love this song and we sang it in normal voices, whisper voices and then silent voices with only the actions of the song.  Ask your preschooler to sing the song to you.  They may also want to share another owl song called "The Owl in the Tree."

Ms. Holly came for Art and we make leaf printed with some HUGE green leaves that Holly brought to class.  These prints will be on our windows soon.  So beautiful!  It was a fun way to take a closer look and observe the veins in leaves.  We what those veins do for the plant, and we also saw that the print makes some fabulous artwork.

SHARE Day is tomorrow for our Friday group!

Next week is our Pumpkin Party of Thursday!  Appropriate costumes are encouraged! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What About Those Owls? - Mrs. Krantz

Owls are amazing creatures!  Today we looked at pictures of different owl and discovered that some owls are small, some are big, and some are medium sized.  Some have heart shaped faces and others have wide faces.  We learned that owls fly very quietly and use stealth to capture their prey.  We love robust words in class!  This week our robust words have been "nocturnal" and "stealth."  We made a list of the characteristics we knew about owls.

Take a look around our classroom and see check out our owl artwork.  We are enjoying different textures as we make owls.  Fuzzy feathers, bubbly paint, and smooth paint have been part of the creative process.

Today we thanked God that He will do what He says He will do!  Joshua and Caleb knew this and we can trust it too!

SHARE Day is tomorrow and Friday!  Friday we also will have Chapel and our Pastor Appreciation Brunch.  What a busy, fun week!

We Are Spies! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Did you know Joshua and Caleb were spies?! They went into the promise land to check things out! Today we made our own spy gear and became spies. We were looking for big things and little things. Our spy adventure took us upstairs to Mrs. Krantz's class! It's always fun to see our friends in the other class. (Even if we were spying on them)

Our sensory table was filled with dried corn and miniature gourds. The preschoolers had a great time organizing the gourds according to shape and size.

We began discussing the life cycle of a pumpkin! We were amazed that such a small seed can turn into a giant pumpkin!

Reminder: Share day is Friday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just Plain Pumpkin-y Fun - Mrs. Wilson

That’s what we had a lot of today. It was fun to feel and see our pumpkin today. We wrote down some great descriptive words about it. You can find our list in the lobby... The page is labled pumpkin A. Watch for more words to come as we explore our pumpkin even more. We have yet to smell and listen to our pumpkin... maybe there will be some brave tasters too... Next week we will compare it with another pumpkin we will call pumpkin B. Pumpkins can be so different and so much the same.

We also had a lot of fun singing our “Pumpkin Starts with P” song. We passed it around, picked it up and put it down... and sang about letter P. Pumpkins are perfect for practicing P!

Even more fun was had when we went over to church to eat a yummy brunch with Pastor Tim (did you notice the P in Pastor Tim?) The preschoolers enjoyed presenting our card while signing and saying thank you to Pastor Tim. I bet they can show you the sign for thank you!

The sound of fun was bursting from preschoolers on the playground when we got back. So much laughing and joy today! 

 Woodworking was especially fun for some brave preschoolers who tried it out for the first time ever. You cant imagine how much fun it is to drill holes and collect wood shavings with Papa Ken!

Worship was an adventure as we helped Joshua and Caleb spy out the Promised Land for Moses and the Israelites. We walked across the desert and sneaked into the land. There were so many good and big things to eat. But there were also big and strong people that wanted us to stay away. Joshua and Caleb really trusted God anyway and even when the people didn’t want to go... The two brave men did end up in the beautiful land God had promised them. It was quite and adventure. We decided that it was a good idea to trust God because He keeps His promises!

As some of you saw, we were trying to wrap things up bit quickly while finishing up our day with the calendar. These preschoolers are really learning their days of the week! There are always so many wonderful opportunities in a given day that we can scarcely fit them all in. So glad there is still Thursday yet to come!

Brunch with Pastor Tim - Mrs. Krantz

Today we took time to tell Pastor Tim that we appreciate him as a Pastor!  We had brunch with him over at the church and just had a good time chatting and eating.  We enjoyed fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, yogurt and delicious juice.  Many thanks to those who brought items for our brunch!  We made a special card for Pastor too.  It was a fun time all around.

Back at preschool we learned about the word NOCTURNAL and listed some animals that are nocturnal.  My favorite nocturnal animal is an owl and we read about three special little owls.  This book was so well loved that we read it twice!  Our artwork also reflects the owls in the story.

SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday this week!  The kids are very excited!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Change in Plans for Wednesday

Hi there Wednesday families!  We have a change in plans for Chapel and Pastor Appreciation Brunch.  Pastor Tim needs to be in Seattle for a doctors appointment for his baby so we will be changing Chapel and Brunch to Friday.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers as they travel and for the appointment to go smoothly.  If you have any questions, send Becky an email or text.  Thanks for your understanding!

Owl Babies - Mrs. Krantz

I was downstairs today, doing the other part of my job (Directoring) but I know the preschoolers enjoyed owls today.  They learned what the word nocturnal means and heard one of my favorite books, "Owl Babies."  Watch the book on YouTube here!


At centers time they made pictures of the owl babies from the book... some of the cutest artwork I have seen in quite some time!  They also used the letter O to make a feathery owl.  Our room is going to look quite ready for our nocturnal day on the 31st!

Chapel is on Wednesday along with our Pastor Appreciation Brunch.  Out T/Th kids will have brunch with Pastor tomorrow!

Have You Ever Seen a Pumpkin? - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We learned a fun new song today but some of the words were missing!  It was our job to fill in those words.  So we put on our describing thinking caps on and came up with words to describe pumpkins.  We had big pumpkins, small pumpkins, whiny pumpkins, dirt eating pumpkins!  Can your preschooler sing you our song?

Center time was busy!  Papa Ken was in for some woodworking and showed us how to use a machine to drill holes.  It was awesome!  We painted some pumpkins for our pumpkin patch and showed off our scissor skills.  There was still plenty of marble tube building and fantastic imaginative play going on!  I absolutely love watching these creative minds come up with their own doctor or fancy lunch game!

There are finally enough leaves out front to make a pile!  We took turns running and jumping and leaping and hopping in the leaves.  Autumn really is a glorious season!

Wednesday is our first chapel with Pastor Tim!  Drop your preschooler off like usual and we'll walk over as class at 9:10am.  Parents and siblings are welcome to meet us over at the church to join us for this very special worship time!  After chapel, our group will be heading downstairs at the church to have a appreciation brunch for Pastor Tim!  We made him a present today and can't wait to give it to him!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Pumpkins, leaves and more! We continue in our fall glory by adding pumpkins to the fun! This perfect package of orange excellence is great for science, art, writing, counting and so much more! We will practice the letter P and be on the lookout for words that start with P.

This week in worship time, we’ll continue our journey in the Story with Joshua and Caleb. They 
believed in God’s promises and were ready to follow even when others were still worried... God 
kept His promise to them and He will keep them for us too!

Pastor appreciation month gives us a great opportunity to support our own Pastor Tim! We will be having a special brunch together with him and for him on Tuesday. What a fun way to say thank you!

Share day is this Thursday! I am excited for this share day as I was away for the last one and missed 
all the fun. I look forward to hearing from each preschooler about their treasure.

Next Thursday is our Pumpkin party. This carnival style event is a lot of fun and open to parents and siblings as well. Morning drop off will be as usual, but families can meet us downstairs in the church at 10:30 for the fun. NON-scary costumes are encouraged for all! Please see the blog for more info.


10/21Pastor Appreciation brunch with Pastor Tim at the church
10/23 Share Day
10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30 am down stairs in the church

Upcoming Events and Important Information

10/20               Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
10/22               Chapel (W)
10/23               SHARE Day
10/24               SHARE Day
10/27               Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
10/28               Chapel (T)
10/30               Pumpkin Party 10:30am

Chapel begins around 9:10am over at Concordia Lutheran Church.  Parents and siblings are welcome to worship with us!  We are done by 9:30am.  Check the calendar to see when you  child's class is scheduled for Chapel with Pastor Tim!

Pumpkin Party
Our Pumpkin Party will be held on Thursday, October 30.  This is for all our preschoolers!  T/Th Preschoolers will come to preschool as normal and we will meet parents (if able to attend) at the church at 10:30am.  M/W/F preschoolers will meet us at the church with parents at 10:30am.  There will be many fun carnival style booths and fun prizes.  Appropriate costumes are encourages.  Please NO MASKS, WITCHES, GHOSTS, OR SCARY COSTUMES.  Adults are welcome to wear appropriate costumes as well!  There is a sign up sheet in the lobby for items needed.  Please sign up as you are able.  If you are unable to attend the party with your preschooler, please be sure to let your child's teacher know.  

Pastor Appreciation Brunch
This week on Tuesday and Wednesday our preschoolers will be showing their appreciation to Pastor Tim for being our Pastor!  We will be serving and sharing brunch with him.  Snack is not needed on these days.  All items served will be allergy sensitive.  We are excited to have this special time with him!

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

As we enter the last two weeks of October, we will start our investigation of several nocturnal animals.  This week we will be investigating owls.  We will learn the word “nocturnal” and what it means.  We will hear some wonderful stories and work with those stories in intentional artwork.  We will also be working with the letter “O”. 

This week we will also be putting appreciation in action by serving Pastor Tim brunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.  This will take the place of snack, so don’t send a snack on these days.  Our Wednesday group also has their first Chapel with Pastor Tim.  SHARE Day is on Thursday and Friday!  Please help your preschooler choose ONE item to bring for SHARE Day.  Perhaps you can help your preschooler think of three things to talk about in regards to their item. 

We will continue the journey in “The Story” by learning about Joshua and Caleb and how they believed in God’s promises.  
Next week, on October 30, is our Pumpkin Party!  All families are encouraged to join us at 10:30am over in the lower level of the church.  It’s sure to be a fun time with lots of games and fun prizes.  Appropriate costumes are encouraged!

Blessings on your week!

Mrs. Krantz

10/20               Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
10/27               Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
10/30               Pumpkin Party 10:30am

10/21                Pastor Appreciation Brunch (T)
10/22               Chapel (W)
10/22               Pastor Appreciation Brunch (W)
10/23               SHARE DAY
10/24               SHARE DAY
10/28               Chapel (T)
10/31                Nocturnal Day – Wear PJ’s!

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

This week is all about pumpkins!  As a group we will be investigating a pumpkin both inside and out.  We will continue to practice recognizing numbers 1-10 with our game Pumpkin Patch 123.   The letter P will be our focus in handwriting.
Our very first chapel with Pastor Tim is on Wednesday!  We will arrive at the preschool like we usually do and walk over as a group at 9:10am.  Parents and siblings are welcome to join us for worship!
October is Clergy Appreciation Month and to show Pastor Tim how grateful we are for him, we will be having a brunch in his honor immediately after chapel on Wednesday.

God gives us promises!  In worship time this week we will learn about Caleb and Joshua and how they believed in God’s promise!  We can believe in God’s promises too!
Our very favorite day is coming up on Friday…SHARE DAY!!
All About Me posters will be coming home on Monday. (We need space for our pumpkin patch!)  The children absolutely love seeing pictures of their families, so in the next 2 weeks, I will be asking for a family photo to be sent in.  More on that soon!
Blessings on your week!
Mrs. O’Loughlin

10/20 Mom’s Bible Study 8pm
10/22 Chapel
10/22 Pastor Appreciation Brunch
10/24 Share Day
10/30 Pumpkin Party 10:30am
10/31 Hibernation Day-Wear PJ’s

Friday, October 17, 2014

Looking for L Words - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We went on a leaf hunt at the beginning of the week and today we went on an L word hunt!  We used our fun L pointer and took turns finding L words like ladybug, legos, and light!  Ask you preschooler what they found!

I had been promising a certain preschooler that we would be a wind storm with the parachute again, and today was that day!  We were a giant wind storm and those leaves went EVERYWHERE in our classroom.  We even experimented by putting balls on the parachute.  We all worked as a team and held the parachute high above our heads as one friend at a time ran under it.  It was like a cave under there!

The weather was beautiful today and we took advantage by spending some time in the back playground.  This group uses every square inch of that space!

Miss Holly visited us at the end of the day and did a very fun leaf project with us!  Have your preschooler tell you all about it!