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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Apple of God's Eye - Mrs. Wilson

...What a great tie-in with apples and the story of Joseph in the Bible...!

First, in morning circle, we looked at how different apples can be. We also got to hold and examine some apples. Then, we tried to put them in order from largest to smallest. We discovered that it wasn't so easy. Apples can be tall and wide and bumpy and bruised... so many characteristics that make sizing a challenge. We did enjoy seeing how tiny apples can be though, and decided apples are pretty special! Later we listened to a song that talked about apples... and eyes??? When it was time for our worship, we spread a special quilt of many colors on the floor. We also had a cuddly visitor come and help us think about how we take good care of our pets. I think your preschooler might be able to tell you about our furry friend. Well Joseph in the Bible went through some hard times and he really needed to be taken care of. God did it! God had a plan to use hardness for good. Many were fed and saved because of what happened to Joseph. God loved Joseph and took care of him. God loves us too and will always take care of us, even in hard times. We are so special to him he calls us the apple of his eye (Psalm 17:8)! I wonder if your preschooler might remember the song and even the sign language for apple! As always, we are so blessed to be a part of the lives of these special preschoolers so precious to God. I fills our hearts to share His love with them!

We have even more exciting adventures coming up, like field trips and apple picking! The preschoolers are excited! Here are some things to do for having a great start to the day. Please arrive on time and have your preschooler use the bathroom before coming to class. We hope to get in cars and be off by 9:15am.  The time at the orchard itself is a bit shorter than we had thought, so we may be back as early as 10:45am to finish our day at preschool. If you prefer to head home with your preschooler right after the field trip, you are welcome too. Please just let us know if you do. If you are not attending with your preschooler, please be sure to leave their carseat at school when you drop them off. Thanks all and see you on Thursday!

Oats and Beans And Barley! - Mrs. Krantz

Our morning was full of farm fun and we examined and explored oats, beans and barley.  We sang about them and then took a close look at each one.  Later we used all three to build up Joseph's storehouse as we learned how God cared for Joseph and had a wonderful plan for him to help guide Egypt through 7 years of famine.  

We also talked about our upcoming field trip and what to expect.  We have an excited group of kids!

On Thursday, please be sure to arrive on time and have your preschooler use the bathroom.  We will load up and be on our way to the apple orchard at 9:15am.  We will be back sooner than we originally thought, around 10:45am.  We will enjoy the remainder of the time at the preschool!  If you would prefer to head home with your preschooler directly after the field trip, you are welcome to do that too.  If you aren't attending the field trip with your preschooler, be sure to leave your child's car seat.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Fantastic Field Trip!

I think our apple orchard field trip was a huge success!  We definitely had some apple picking experts in our group.  Raindrops hit the wind shield as we were pulling into the preschool parking lot.  So thankful it held off for us! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who went along with us.  We wouldn't be able to go on fun adventures without the help of all you!

Enjoy this beautiful, rainy, fall day! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Important Information and Upcoming Events

9/29                 Field Trip!
9/29                 Mom’s Bible Study
10/2                 Field Trip!
10/3                 No Preschool – Teacher Workday
10/8                 School Picture Day

9/29                 Field Trip!
10/2                 Field Trip!

10/3                 No Preschool – Teacher Workday
10/8                 School Picture Day

9/29               WSU Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/3                No School-Teacher Work Day
10/8                School Picture Day

10/2                 WSU Apple Orchard Field Trip
10/8                 School Picture Day (Wednesday)


School pictures are next week on Wednesday, October 8.  We start out with an all preschool group picture at 9:10am.  We start promptly so if you would like to have your child in the group picture, please arrive by 9:10am.  This is quite a sight to see, watching that many preschoolers get a picture taken at the same time!  There is always a lot of fun personality in this group picture!
Following the group picture, those students who do not normally attend preschool on Wednesday will have the opportunity to have an individual picture taken if you so desire.  Sibling pictures may be taken as well if you would like.  After all the T/Th children are done with individual photos, the students attending preschool as normal will have their individual pictures taken.  
In the past, Janet Leifer, our fabulous photographer, has stayed into the early afternoon to take family pictures, sibling group pictures, and photos for anyone in the community who may want pictures taken.  Many homeschool families have enjoyed this opportunity.  Please pass this information on to anyone who may be interested and have them contact Becky.  If you are interested in family pictures in the early afternoon, please let Becky know and we can schedule a time slot with Janet.  
Please give you envelopes with your picture order and payment to your child's teacher.  Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!

1) Please be on time! We plan to be in the vehicles at 9:15am and on our way. Please leave your child's carseat if you are not driving.
2) Snack is provided! No need to pack a snack tomorrow!
3) Please have your child wear sturdy, closed toed shoes. We will be outside and walking around a lot. Long pants and a jacket would also be appreciated!
4) Rain will cancel the field trip, so pray that the rain waits until 11:15am or after!

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

What an exciting week we have ahead of us!  Monday and Thursday will be loads of fun on as we embark on our first field trips of the year.  Please be sure to be on time as we hope to be loaded and on our way to the WSU Tukey Orchards at 9:15am.  Snack is provided!  If you are not attending the field trip with your preschooler, please be sure to leave your child’s car seat so we can safely transport! 

As we continue through “The Story,” we will be hearing about Joseph and his life.  We will see how God took care of Joseph and how he cares for us!

We will continue learning about oats, beans and barley this week.  We are watching our seeds grow in the window and will be drawing pictures of the progress.  Very exciting!

There is NO PRESCHOOL on Friday. 

Next week on October 8, we have school pictures!  There is more information about this with the flyer and envelope. 

Blessings on your week!

Mrs. Krantz

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

I wish I could have recorded our first Share Day! These preschoolers did an outstanding job telling their friends all about their special item. They were also fantastic listeners when it was someone else’s turn to share. What a wonderful group of kids in this class!

There is a lot of excitement about our upcoming field trip to the WSU apple orchards. I know the kids are looking forward to this adventure. Be sure your child is wearing sturdy shoes as we will be walking up some hills. Also, rain will cancel this field trip, so we’re praying for afternoon rain!

As the weather does begin to turn chilly, please remember to send a sweater or jacket with your preschooler. We want to enjoy as much outside time as we can while we can!

Since we are having such a short week, and a field trip, we will spend the entire day on Wednesday learning about Joseph! We will discuss how God took care of Joseph and takes care of us! We will be playing games and of course making a very colorful coat!

A reminder that there is no school this Friday, October 3. The teachers will be having a work day.

Blessings on your upcoming week! 

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Friday, September 26, 2014

Monday is Field Trip Day!

Monday is Field Trip Day!  We plan to be loaded in the cars by 9:15am in order to be on time for our trip to the orchard.  Please arrive to preschool on time, have your preschooler use the bathroom and if you are not coming on the field trip, leave your child's car seat.  We will leave the orchard shortly after 11:00am and return to the preschool for a quick closing.  If you are attending with your preschooler, you are welcome to head home directly following the field trip, just be sure to let us know!  Please email with any questions you have!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bessy the Cow - Mrs. Krantz

We had a very special and soft friend visit today.  Her name is Bessy and she is a cow.  She likes to moo in a variety of tones to communicate with Mrs. Krantz.  She loved being at preschool and hearing the preschoolers wing about how a farmer works.  As we sang the songs, we included the movements of the farmers actions.  We heaped hay, sheared sheep, mowed weeds and drove the tractor.  Bessy loved the song sovery much that she asked us to find all the words that started with the letter "B".  Of course she chose that letter because Bessy starts with "B"!  So we happily did that.  Then she wanted us to find the letter "C".  This was because cow starts with "C".  The preschoolers did such a great job finding the words and they loved Bessy and her crazy mooing. 

In worship we learned about Abraham and how he obeyed and trusted God.  God led him to a new land and gave him a baby boy even when Abraham and Sarah were old.  The was quite a discussion as to whether or not grandparents were older than Abraham was when Isaac was born.  Abraham was 100.  One little guy was pretty sure that his Daddy was older than that!

I will be out of the classroom for the rest of the week.  If you have any questions regarding the field trip, please send me an email.  I will be in the office on Friday if you want to touch base then.  Please hand in your permission slips as soon as possible and sign up on our list if you plan to attend the field trip with your child.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Important All Preschool Information!

Field Trips are planned for next week!  You should have received a permission slip in your child's mailbox.  These must be filled out and returned prior to our trip.  We also need parent drivers.  In order to drive, you need to fill out and turn in a Voluntary Disclosure form. Your child's teacher has these forms available.  There is a sign up sheet in each classroom for those parents who wish to attend along with any siblings that will come as well.  Please indicate how many additional children you might be able to fit in your vehicle.  We are excited for the first field trips of the year!!!

Scholastic Book Orders also went out today.  Online ordering is available and very easy.  It also allows you to order a larger variety of books from the site.  I am happy to take orders the old fashioned way too!  Please turn in any order that isn't placed online to your child's teacher.  Orders are due this Friday, September 26.  

Mom's Bible Study starts tonight at 8pm!  We will be meeting at the church.  Please feel free to come even if you didn't express interest previously.  You are always welcome!  THe study goes to 9:30pm.  I hope to see you tonight!

A Farmer's Work is Never Done - Mrs. Krantz

Farm work is hard!  Today we shared from our own knowledge what kinds of farms there are and what happens on each kind of farm.  We generated a list of farm animals as well.  We were introduces to the song "A Farmers Work is Never Done" and learned a few new words.  Two of our new words were "dawn" and "sow."  

Our worship time focused on the story of Abraham, a great man of faith who trusted the Lord even when it was scary and hard.  He left his home for a new land when God told him to.  We talked about obedience and what it meant to obey.  That was a memorable conversation!

Centers time introduced Papa Ken and woodworking!  Papa Ken showed the preschoolers how to use safety glasses when doing woodworking and introduced them to a hand plane.  You probably took home a little bag full of wonderful wood curls.  The preschoolers LOVED it!  While patiently waiting to have a turn at woodowrking, they enjoyed hanging laundry on the laundry line, cutting out pictures of farming items, using the farm puppets for some creative play and building roads.  We were busy!

Just a reminder that I will be out of the classroom Wednesday-Friday this week.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Woodworking - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We met Papa Ken today and our love of woodworking has begun!  Everyone did a fine job at making some wood curls with Papa Ken's help.  The preschoolers were super excited to scoop them up, put them in a bag and take them to their mailboxes for safe keeping.  Having some woodworking time was unanimously the favorite thing we did today!

Mrs. O'Loughlin's wooden curves and lines were all a mess today!  Luckily, the kiddos helped out by polishing and sorting all those big lines/little lines and big curves/little curves.  After we were all organized we took a big line and a little line to make something.  Can your preschooler remember what we made?

During worship we learned about Abraham and how God asked him to leave his home.  Even though it was difficult and a little scary he obeyed God and trusted God.  We discussed ways that we obey our moms and dads at home.   

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

We’ve had fun with 5 amazing shapes and now we will be moving on to some farm fun!  We’ll explore more shapes a little later in the year.  This week we will be singing some fabulous songs.  “A Farmer’s Work is Never Done” will introduce some robust farm vocabulary.  We will be on the lookout for letters B and C.  “Oats and Beans and Barley” will introduce us to some fabulous rhyming through song and games.  We will also listen and respond to rhythm. 

SHARE Day is this week on Thursday and Friday.  This is a show and tell type activity.  Your child is invited to bring ONE items from home.  We will encourage your child to tell us 3 things about their special item.  During centers time, they are able to play with their item if they choose.  This is a great way for children to practicing speaking in front of their peer group! 

The Story continues this week as Abraham follows God.  Genesis 12:1-9, 17, and 21:1-7 is where the story is found in the Bible.  We will see and hear how Abraham trusted and obeyed God.  Parent Pages are going home in your mailbox!

Next week is field trip week!  On Monday and Thursday our classes will be going to the WSU Tukey Orchards.  We need parent volunteers to come along and drive.  There is a sign up sheet in the classroom.  Siblings are welcome to attend as long as the parent is attending too!  Please be sure to sign up so we have the correct count.  Permission slips are in your box and must be returned even if the parent is attending.  More specific information will be coming out later this week.  We are very excited!

I will be out this week Wednesday-Friday.  I am having minor surgery on Wednesday morning, so prayers are appreciated!  Mrs. Barrington will be in the classroom.  On Wednesday Mrs. Wieser will be with us, Thursday Mrs. O’Loughlin and Friday Mrs. Dobbins.  I may be around on Thursday and Friday but will be in the office.
 Mrs. Krantz

9/22                 Mom’s Bible Study
9/29                 Field Trip!
9/29                 Mom’s Bible Study
10/2                 Field Trip!
10/3                 No Preschool – Teacher Workday
10/8                 School Pictures

9/25, 26           SHARE Days!
9/29                 Field Trip!

10/2                 Field Trip!

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

Signs of autumn are all around! Cool mornings, colorful leaves and of course apples! We will have more apple fun in school this week. We’ll be taking a closer look at all the different parts of the apple and using a very important part to make a delicious treat!

Our handwriting work will continue practice with those big/little lines and big/little curves! 

Share Day is Friday! This is an opportunity for your preschooler to bring something from home to share with the class. Have your child practice with you by telling you three things about their special item. This will help them when they are in front of their classmates! 

Our field trip to the WSU apple orchard is on Monday, September 29th.  We are in need of drivers, so if you want to come along, please sign up on the sheet in the classroom. Siblings are more than welcome!

We will learn about Abraham this week. We will hear how he trusted and obeyed God and how we can trust and obey God too! Our key verse will be Genesis 15:6.

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Friday, September 19, 2014

Upcoming Field Trips!

I wanted to let you know about our upcoming field trips!  All classes will be going to the WSU Tukey Orchards on September 29 (M/W/F classes) and on October 2 (T/Th classes)  Our 5 Day kids will get to go twice but we will be sure to make it a learning experience both times  A sign up sheet will be in the classrooms next week for parents and siblings who would like to attend. (In order for a sibling to attend, the parent has to be in attendance as well).  We will need parent drivers!  In order to be a parent driver,we will need a voluntary disclosure form from you.  If you haven't filled one out yet, please get one from your child's teacher.  Permission slips will also be in your mailbox and need to be turned in before your child can go on the field trip.  

We are excited for these fun field trips!  Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs. Krantz

That Silly Little Worm! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We were on the hunt for a little worm today among 10 apples!  That silly little worm was hiding and we had to choose the correct number to find him.  The kids loved this game and did a great job at recognizing numbers written on the apples.  Ask your preschooler if they chose the correct number?

Mrs. Eld was sick today.  We missed her but we were glad Mrs. Dobbins was able to be in the classroom with us. 

Miss Holly was back and this time she brought a certain yellow flower.  I'm sure your preschooler can tell you which one.

We enjoyed some cooler outside time in the front.  It is so wonderful to have two outdoor spaces to explore and run around!

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Mrs. O'Loughlin

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How did God get things ready for us? - Mrs. Wilson

On Tuesday we discovered how God made Adam and then made Eve. Today we thought about how God got the world ready for them first. He gave us light so we didn’t need to be in the dark all the time. He grew plants so it wouldn’t all be just dirt and water... but oh how special those plants are! Ask your preschooler how God got the world ready with plants and seeds so people wouldn’t have to be hungry!!! We had a mystery creation bag with wonderful seeds and stems and, well, ask them what was in there that was red... or green... with seeds inside for making more! It was also fun to pretend to be a seed all curled up under ground while the sun shone on us and the raindrops fell. Then we stretched and burst into growth. Each one was a different tree with oh such creative fruit!  Outside we brought bags to collect any seeds or other wonderful things that God has made on the earth for people to enjoy. We found a great deal of wonderful created treasures. There was even an apple that had dried up some to reveal its seeds inside! Wonderful example of Gods plan right in our front yard!

All this followed by Art with Miss Holly. Guess what... she brought Sunflowers that had SEEDS inside. A crowning beauty to our day of seeds! We painted like Van Gogh, and and were delighted with the color yellow. See Mrs. Krantz’s wonderful description of the art lesson today! What a gem Miss Holly is!

A big thank you to a new friend as we welcomed Mrs. Wieser, our substitute teacher today. We had a great time getting to know her better. And what a timely meeting, as she will be with the preschoolers next week working with Mrs. Eld, while Mrs. Wilson is away. What a great bunch of support people we are blessed with here at Concordia Lutheran Preschool!

Next week we will delve into apples full force! There are a few all about me posters still to present when Mrs. Wilson gets back too. Have a great weekend all! May blessings to you and your families.

Mrs. Wilson

Yellow - Mrs. Krantz

We enjoyed Art with Ms Holly today.  We learned about the color yellow, sunflowers and Vincent Van Gogh.  We looked at a variety of sunflowers and learned how to use our paint brushes in order to have good control over the brush and paint.  I think it would be appropriate to brag about the artistic ability of our group!  They painted some amazing sunflower pictures.  We added sunflower seed to the middle with a touch of glue.  Brilliant!  We love Ms. Holly!

We are also working in class to learn the difference between an inside and an outside voice!  We are doing some fun activities to help us become more aware of the volume of our voices.  And we did explore squares today.  A square has four sides, all the same!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Seeds - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Have you ever wondered how many apple seeds were in an apple?  Well we asked that question today and after a few guesses we cut open an apple to get an answer.  Does your preschooler remember how many seeds we found?  This led to a great game at centers of rolling dice and putting "seeds" on apple cutouts.  It was fun to see who could fit the most seeds on their apple!

Today we were introduced to big line/little line and big curve/little curve.  No matter what letter we chose, we were able to make a wooden one using big/little lines and big/little curves.  Some of the kids spent quite a bit of time writing out their whole name with our wooden lines and curves.  I was very impressed!

Feel free to send a water bottle with your child!  Mrs. Eld and I are happy to get cups of water for any thirsty preschooler, but we've noticed how special those water bottles are!  Preschool makes us thirsty, especially when we come back from outside.

Enjoy this beautiful day!

Singing About Shapes - Mrs. Krantz

We had so much fun singing about shapes that we missed reading our closing book!  We sang our shape song and each child had a shape given to them.  When their shape's name was sung, they would stand up with their shape.  We sang this song four times and we could have kept on going!  Maybe your preschooler will share the song with you.  Perhaps your preschooler will also tell you about using dry erase markers on triangles, squares and rectangles!

We took some time at worship to thank God for many different things He created!  It was a lot of fun to think about God's creation and how we are blessed by so many marvelous things around us!  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Terrific Tuesday in Mrs. Wilson's Room

It was good to see the preschoolers again after the weekend (ours is always a long one in the Tuesday/ Thursday class). It was also great to see so many wonderful posters coming in. We had fun hearing from children today and asking them about their posters. Each child just shines when they share the special items on their page. I was so sorry we couldn’t get to them all today, but we will schedule even more time on Thursday for these extra special presentations.

In worship time Mrs. Wilson used some play dough and her hands to show what the Bible says about something very special God made to live in His garden. God even used His very own breath to give him life! After the first was formed, there was a second one too... See if your preschooler remembers their names...

Thursday will bring another close up look at God’s creation in Worship time and maybe with a hint of something crunchy, juicy and red... or is it green?

God Made Me! - Mrs. Krantz

We started our worship time curriculum today.  We have started our walk through the Bible in 31 stories.  Today we learned about Creation and how God made each one of us!  We sang a song about all that God has made.  

We explored rectangles and spent a lot of time spotting them in our surrounding environment.  We found them in the classroom, outside, in the books we read and even in places we have previously been.  Rectangles are all around us. Perhaps you can find some at home.

Thanks for bringing those awesome family pictures!  They are rectangles too!

Mrs. Wilson - Weekly Newsletter

Last week we began presenting our All About Me posters. What a treat! We look forward to seeing and hearing from more preschoolers this week as we continue to celebrate how God made each of us according to His plan.

New this week, we will begin our journey through The Story for Little Ones during our worship time. This journey will take us from genesis on through the entire Bible in 31 weeks!
I am excited that this worship series begins just as we wrap up our all about me theme. The lesson this week is creation, and what better way to finish our All About Me theme but to see that God made us all in His likeness (Genesis 5:1) and we are the final touch to His creation?

We will also enjoy looking into some of the other works of His hands in Genesis chapter 1, as we see that He made the world just right for us. This will provide a perfect Segway to our next classroom theme… Apples! Look for more of that coming soon. It will be fun to discover that God made trees and fruit and seeds to make more trees and fruit and seeds!!! Yay God. Thanks for making us, and apples, and seeds for more!! We love the works of your hands!

We will watch with anticipation for the “All About Me” posters to come in this week. We will share these with the class in days to come.

           9/16 & 18   All About Me Posters
9/23 & 25 Mrs. Wilson will be gone to a conference in Texas. Mrs. Eld will take the lead and Mrs. Paige Wieser will be our most excellent substitute that week.
9/25  SHARE Day! On this day your preschooler can bring one special item from home to “share” or tell the class about. (Show and Tell) They can leave these in their backpacks and reveal them at just the right time. It is so much fun to see and hear how these treasures from home are presented to the class!
10/3  No Preschool – Teacher Workday
10/8  School Pictures
Mrs. Wilson

Monday, September 15, 2014

Choo, Choo! - Mrs. Krantz

Today we built our very own rectangles.  We learned how rectangles have four sides, 2 short and 2 long.  We build out own rectangles using wooden pieces.  Later we used rectangles to make trains.  We added circle paint stamps to make the train wheels and smoke from the smoke stack.  It was fun to use our shapes to make geometric art!  

In worship we heard the story of creation and how God made each one of us!  We learned how God spoke and creation happened and that is was good!  I hope you take a few moments to look at the parent pages that went home today that goes along with our worship story of the week!

Moms, if you are interested in taking part in the Mom's Bible Study, please let me know so we can pre order a book!

Apples for Sale! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

It was a fun day in preschool today!!  Our very own apple store opened up and we were selling apples, counting apples, trading apples, and weighing apples!  The preschoolers had a great time with the cash register and using the play money to contribute to their dramatic play.  It was so wonderful to see these group of friends playing so well together and using their imaginations.

We began The Story in worship time today!  We discussed how God made animals.  I bet your preschooler could give you a few examples along with the sounds they make.  We also heard that everything God made was GOOD!

Our time ended with a giant apple tree (Mrs. O'Loughlin) dropping apples everywhere!  We rushed to collect them and made sure each time there were 10 apples.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mrs. O'Loughlin - Weekly Newsletter

We had a fantastic Marvelous Me week! It was so great getting to know each of the preschoolers just a little bit better with their All About Me posters. They did such a fabulous job and they are now proudly being displayed in our classroom. 

We are beginning a new unit this week and it’s all about the apples! We will be comparing, counting, tasting, painting, cooking, and so much more, all with the help of apples! This week we are shifting into high gear and will be diving into more learning! We will focus on some counting this week. Not just being able to recite numbers but also being able to recognize them! We will be introducing our Handwriting Without Tears books. These are fun activity books that give the kiddos practice with their letters/writing.

This week we will begin The Story for Little Ones. This is a walk through the bible starting with creation. Each week there will be a Parent’s Page in your mailbox. Feel free to use this to reinforce what we are learning during our worship time. Our verse for the week is Genesis 5:1.

As always, I am praying for each one of your children and your families! May you all have a blessed week!

-Mrs. O’Loughlin

Upcoming Dates
9/22 Mom’s Bible Study—8pm
9/26 Share Day
10/3 No School-Teacher Work Day
10/8 Picture Day

Mrs. Krantz - Weekly Newsletter

Rectangles and Squares are on the agenda for the week!  We have explored circles, triangles, crescents and now we will add rectangles and squares.  We will use the shapes we have learned to create geometric art.  Watch for trains and houses to come your way!  This week we will also begin to split up in small learning groups for a portion of the morning.  I am working hard to get to know the ability levels of each of your children.  Sometimes groups will be according to similar ability.  Sometimes groups will be according to similar interests.  Groups will not stay the same all year.  This week we will work with handwriting and literacy. 

We are still collecting family pictures!  We need a few more to complete our family fridge section.  The kids love looking at these special pictures.

This week we begin our journey through “The Story for Little Ones” in our worship time.  Our first week is “In the Beginning.”  We will learn about Creation, that God made everything and God made each one of us!  Parent Pages will come home each week.  A letter also went home this week telling you a bit more about our journey.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!  We have quickly fallen in love with each one of these precious preschoolers! 
 Mrs. Krantz
important Information

Our Mom’s Bible Study starts on Monday, September 22 at 8pm.  We will meet each Monday evening.  More information went home in a preschool letter!

9/22                 Mom’s Bible Study
9/29                 Mom’s Bible Study
10/3                 No Preschool – Teacher Workday
10/8                 School Pictures

9/25, 26           SHARE Days!

This Week's Important Information and Upcoming Events...

This is an exciting week!  This week, all of our preschool classes will begin our journey through “The Story for Little Ones.”  We will explore 31 stories, beautiful messages of God’s love and care for His children.  We will take a quick break during the weeks after Thanksgiving and before Christmas to focus on Advent and the birth of Jesus. 

While we as a class explore God’s Word, we encourage you to extend that exploration to your homes.   Each week a Parents’ Page will come home with several home exploration ideas and activities.  If you want, you can order “The Story for Little Ones” Bible on Amazon or any other bookstore.  You can also use a children’s Bible you may already have that has the story we are exploring. 

Concordia Lutheran Church will also be going through this series of Bible stories.  Pastor Tim will preach on them each week and children’s Sunday School will be exploring the story as well.  You are invited to take part!

As The Story begins to unfold for all of us here at Concordia Lutheran Preschool, we invite you to share the experience with your child.  We have been richly blessed with this incredible story of God’s love and we are excited to share it with your children and so with you.

Our Mom’s Bible Study starts next week on Monday, September 22.  We meet each Monday evening at 8pm.  Our study will be Beth Moore’s study “Believing God.”  A book is needed for this study and we can get them at a discounted price.  If you are planning on attending, please let you child’s teacher know and we will be sure to get a book for you.  On the first night, we will collect payment for the book.  The price is about $17.  If you want to attend and can’t afford the book, don’t let that stop you!  We would be happy to provide a book for you.

9/22  Mom's Bible Study Begins 8pm-9:30pm
9/29  Mom's Bible Study 8pm-9:30pm
10/3  No Preschool - Teacher Work Day
10/8  School Pictures

Friday, September 12, 2014

Crescent Moon and a Purple Crayon - Mrs. Krantz

We have been surrounding ourselves with fun shapes in the upstairs classroom.  We've looked closely at circles, triangles and crescents.  We used all three shapes to create a funny looking bat picture!  Later we created night sky pictures as the preschoolers seemed to like that better than Mrs. Krantz's crazy looking bat!  Later we read about Harold and his purple crayon.  Guess what he drew!  Your preschooler can tell you.

It is amazing to me to see how well your group of kids is doing after such a short time together!  They are some pretty great kids and we are so blessed to have them in our class!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Mrs. Krantz

All About Me and Ms. Holly - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We shared our All About Me posters during circle time today!  These preschoolers were very excited to sit in the share chair and explain their posters to their friends.  I was very proud of how well the kiddos took turns and were very good listeners when others were speaking.  If you didn't bring your poster in today, no worries!  We will share them as they come in.

Today was also very special because we met Miss Holly!!  She is our art teacher and we love her!  After introducing ourselves and telling our favorite color, we sculpted with the play-dough Miss Holly brought.  Ask your preschooler what they created!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wonderfully Made - Mrs. Wilson

This week has been a wonderful week with wonderfully made preschoolers learning and growing together. What a privilege it is to work with these children and teachers and families! I have seen so much learning and growth as a team already that I can only imagine what an amazing year lies ahead. 

In general, the preschoolers are learning to anticipate the routine of our day and looking forward to choices and opportunities throughout our time together. We are getting to know each other and appreciate one another by leaps and bounds. Which feels so good. Preschoolers are communicating their needs, and newness is making way to just plain fun, learning and some developing friendships. 

On Tuesday we measured ourselves and each child has a flower line growing on the wall. It is wonderful to see our flowers mixed with the flowers from Mrs. O’Loughlin’s class. Each one just the right height for who each child was meant to be! Lovely. Tuesday for our outside time, we discovered the lower playground. An instant success! So, back by popular 
demand, we did it again today. Creative play abounded, and many fun discoveries too, from cars and scooters to ivy, logs and squirrels in trees. Those trees are pretty tall when you stand at the trunk and look straight up!

Today, we celebrated how God made us so special and with such care, He even cared to give us our very own thumbprints and our own unique hands. We made special note of those hands and thumbs at the art area during centers time. We also sang a funny song about How God made “thumbody” special. Maybe your preschooler can show you who... A highlight of our day was celebrating the birthday of one of our preschool friends and sharing 
yummy cupcakes together. We also had a special visitor in the classroom. 

Miss Holly is our preschool art teacher who will come regularly to teach art and work on special projects. Preschoolers love Miss Holly days! Today we worked with homemade play dough that had a special smell. The art students enjoyed it greatly. It was a wonderful way to end our week together.

For next week, we look forward to some more All About Me posters coming in. It was fun to see a few come in today and oh how the walls will be filled with treasure as we get them up for all to see. It is a joy to see preschoolers share about their special posters and the people places and things that are so important to them! Treasures indeed to be treasured! Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Wilson

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Night Sky - Mrs. Krantz

Today we learned more about the crescent shape.  We worked together as a group to make a beautiful night sky with a crescent moon.  Each preschooler added a shiny night star to our sky and our picture is hanging on the bulletin board near the group rug.  At centers time each preschooler could make their very own night sky with a crescent moon if they wanted to.  We also made family picture magnets.  It's fun to see the family pictures on our fridge.  The preschoolers love seeing their families and the families of their friends displayed in our room!  It's not too late to bring your family pciture if you haven't brought it yet!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Holly.  She is our art teacher!  She introduced herself and brought some wonderful orage play dough for us to work with.  She will be with us each month during the year and will do some fabulous projects with your kids.  We are blessed to have her as part of our preschool!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family Magnets - Mrs. Krantz

Thank you for bringing family pictures!  No worries for those who are still bringing them, we can make the project on Friday too!  We added magnets to the back of each picture and they will adorn the side of our fridge.  It was so fun to watch the preschoolers look at each picture, ask questions about the people and find out more about one another.  these pictures foster a sense of belonging in our classroom as the family becomes a part of the everyday life of our room!

We had some fun learning about crescent, the shape!  The moon can be a crescent shape, a banana can be a crescent shape.  What else can you find at home in the shape of a crescent?  

We had some fabulous music time at the end of the day.  We were introduced to rhythm sticks.  We practices resting position, ready position and playing.  We worked hard to listen and follow the rhythm.  It was pretty evident that this group of kids thought the sticks were pretty cool!

All you Moms!  Our Mom's Bible Study will be held every Monday night 8pm-9:30pm starting on September 22.  We will be going through the Beth Moore study "Believing God."  If you are interested in being part of this fun group of ladies, let me know and we can pre order a book.  

Enjoy this cool, fallish type afternoon!

Fingerprints - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Today we learned how marvelous we truly are!  Each preschooler put a single fingerprint on a paper and we had the opportunity to look at these closely with our magnifying glasses.  What did we discover?  They're all different!!  Just like us, God made our fingerprints one of a kind.

As always, our outside time was very much enjoyed.  Many of us were on a "top secret mission" which included a secret hideout, buttons that needed to be pressed, rocks needing to be moved and a lot of whispering.  Watching these friends create such a fun game was definitely a highlight of my day.

Reminder:  We will be sharing our All About Me posters on Friday!  This is a no pressure project for you and your preschooler to do together.  Have fun and I can't wait to see them all!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trying Out the Front Playground - Mrs. Krantz

It was an exciting day!  We tried out the front yard playground.  This is a space that can be used for bikes, scooters, bouncy balls, parachute play and other open space type play.  There is a lovely "Lilac Cove" as I like to call it, with benches and a shady place to have some quiet outside play.  The preschoolers loved it!  Our new building allows for two great outside learning areas and I love it!

We enjoyed working with triangles, reviewing circles and looking for them as we went about our day.  We also learned about Jesus the Good Shepherd.  We sang about being strong and courageous because Jesus is with us wherever we go.  

Thanks for bringing your family pictures!  If you forgot, please bring them on your next preschool day.  We will be turning them into magents for our fridge!  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mat Man! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We met Mat Man today!  As a group we assembled him, one piece at a time.  Ask your preschooler which piece they added to Mat Man.

During worship we discovered that God made us and He made every part of us!  Today we focused on ears.  We put our God made ears to use and went outside to hear what we could hear.  Then we came back inside and made a list of all the things our ears heard.  It's amazing how many sounds we discovered!

One of our friends brought in cupcakes and we had a birthday celebration!  I love to see how excited and special birthdays are to these preschoolers.   

Those Crazy Triangles! - Mrs. Krantz

Those crazy triangles!  No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't find a triangle with more than three sides.  We couldn't find a triangle with less than three sides!  We finally decided that all triangles must have three sides.  There were lots of giggles as we searched for those triangles.

Our worship time was about Jesus as our Good Shepherd.  We used small toys to play out the story.  During centers time, many of the preschoolers used sets of the same toys to create the story themselves.  It was wonderful to watch!

We made triangle art with popsicle sticks and glue.  Again, we could only make a triangle with 3 sides!  We explored rose petals as I had a rose that was at it's end, so we took a close look at the petals.  

Please remember to bring your family photo!  We are looking forward to our project using these special pictures.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

This Week's Important Information and Upcoming Events

Things appear to be moving smoothly with parking, drop off and pick up.  However, you are the ones who actually experience it.  Please give us any feedback that would be helpful in making anything move smoother.  

If you haven't turned in your parking permit, please do so ASAP.  We will begin towing this week.

September tuition is due.  You can drop your payment in the tuition drop box near the door in the lobby.

Each year we have a Mom's Bible Study that is held at the church on Monday evenings.  We meet 8pm-9:30pm.  This way we don't miss out on important bed routines and other family time.  All ladies are invited to take part!  This year we will be going through the Beth Moore study "Believing God."  If you plan on attending, we can pick up at book for you at a discounted cost, so let us know!  This is a fantastic time to dig into the Bible and build friendships with other women.  

9/22                 Mom's Bible Study Begins 8pm - 9:30pm
9/29                 Mom's Bible Study 8pm-9:30pm
10/3                 No Preschool – Teacher Workday
10/6                 Mom's Bible Study 8pm-9:30pm
10/8                 School Pictures

9/8, 9               Bring a Family Picture (More info. Coming)
9/25, 26           SHARE Days! 

9/12                  All About Me Posters Due
9/26                 SHARE Day

9/11                  All About Me Posters Due
9/25                SHARE Day