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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Coming Up This Week

First I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support for my family these past several weeks.  I appreciate it more than you know.  I will be out of the classroom Monday-Wednesday this week, but will be her for the last two days of the week.  I may miss another day here and there, but the lengthy time away should be over.

This week your preschoolers will be diving into "Heavy vs. Light" and Narrow vs. Wide."  We have some great hands on stuff to help them discover what those terms mean and how they realte to one another.  We will also be painting, chalking it up, watching the ladybugs and working with magnets.  We will be figuring out what is real in a book and what is pretend.  It should be a fun week.

In worship, we will be hearing about Paul singing in jail.  

In just a few weeks we will be done with preschool!  It doesn't quite seem possible.  Mark your calendar for May 23 at 6:30.  It's our closing program and graduation!  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coming Up This Week...

The year is moving along so quickly!  In the blink of an eye summer will be here… times goes fast when you are having fun in preschool!

This week we will be focusing on the life cycle of the ladybug.  We will be looking at the larva stage and the pupae stage in particular.  We should see both in our live ladybugs this week!  We will also be planting flowers for Earth day, but we might have to wait for good weather J
Our worship time will about Saul, his journey to Damascus and his amazing encounter with Jesus.

Pullman School District Kindergarten Registration is April 30 at the Pioneer Center.  .
Our pantry is a bit low, so if you would like to donate snack items, we could use them!  We do have a dairy allergy in the classroom.  

important Information

I NEED A VOLUNTEER for a special Scrapbooking Project.  Talk to Mrs. Krantz our send her an email if you have this talent.  I could use a few people on this!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for my family!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tug Of War

Chapel included a game of tug of war today... Preschoolers vs. pastor Dudley.  Dudley won!  As you can imagine, the preschoolers tugged with all their might through their incessant giggling.  It was great!  Dudley went on to tell us how Jesus said that nothing will pluck us from his hand, nothing will pull us from Him.

Art with Miss Holly included looking at some Monet paintings.  We then painted out own lily pad paintings.  They are beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend and cherish your amazing kiddos!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Squish Painting

Mrs. Barrington and I agree that squish painting is by far the most popular painting project among the preschoolers this year.  Check out our "Symmetry" bulletin board put together by our amazing volunteer, Rachael.  She is a college student who comes in twice a week to help out in the classroom.  WE LOVE HER!

The past two days have also been special with baby chicks visiting our class.  Special thank to Beth and Rachel, members of Concordia, for sharing their baby bird with us.  I say this a lot, but we are surrounded by amazing people so willing to share their time, talents, and stuff with us!

We have been learning about the Ascension this week in our worship time.  Favorite songs chosen by the preschoolers have also been part of our worship time together.

Thursday and Friday are SHARE Days.  Mark your calendar.

I will be out of the classroom tomorrow for part of the morning, attending a Dr. appointment with my husband.  I will also be gone on Friday at an Early Childhood Educator's Director's conference in Portland.  Next week I will be in Seattle on Tuesday the 23rd.  I'll keep you updated on times that I will be gone and Mrs. Eld will be stepping in.

Thank you so much for your prayers for my family.  Again, I am surrounded by amazing people!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Symmetry was the topic of the day!  We had a lot of fun checking out symmetry with our clothing, shoes, faces and a few other things.  We looked at ladybugs and discovered they are symmetrical.  We had an enormous amount of fun squish painting.  Ask your preschooler about it!

The rest of the week we will be discovering more incredible information about ladybugs.  Thursday and Friday are SHARE Day too, so mark your calendar.

I will be gone on Friday for a Director's Conference in Portland.  Mrs. Eld will be in the classroom.  Please make sure to read an important letter I place in each mailbox.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mom's Bible Study

Our Mom's Bible Study is canceled next Monday (April 15) as the congregation will be skyping with a candidate for our future Pastor.  Bible Study will resume on April 22.

Ladybug Wall

Our ladybug wall is growing!  I will do my best to post a picture for those of you who are far away.  We are enjoying learning more and more about the amazing ladybug.  We've discovered just how creative God is in the wonder of his creation!

We spent some of our centers time in our outdoor classroom!  We searched for ladybugs and other insects and did a little bird watching too.  The teachers got cold, but the preschoolers seemed as happy as could be.

We ended with art where we painted rock ladybugs.  They will make their way home next week after they have dried.

I will not be in class tomorrow.  Mrs. Eld will be filling in for me tomorrow.  As always, the preschoolers will be very excited to see her.  She is much loved by our preschoolers!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ladybug Posters

I hope those of you who came at pick up time today had the opportunity to check out the ladybug posters.  The kids had a lot of fun coloring them.  We learned that lady bugs have 6 legs, 2 eyes and 2 antennae.

Centers time was full of creativity today.  We created a "Fan Shop" where we made paper fans, had a bowling alley, finger painted ladybugs prints and put brand new puzzles together.

We had chapel with Pastor Dudley and enjoyed some outside time.  It was a bit cooler that yesterday!

You have amazing children!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful Morning

We spent almost half our morning outside today.  We started of with our ladybug learning and discovered there are thousands of types of ladybugs.  They can be red, yellow, orange and brown as well as black with red spots!

We took a walking field trip across the road to Grandma Karen and Grandpa Ken's backyard to pick some little flowers.  These are going to be used for a special project!

We headed outside after worship time taking our magnifying lenses and binoculars with us.  We searched high and low for insects, signs of spring, birds and other fun outdoor things.  Then the bubbles came out!  The preschooler giggled and chase bubbles up and down the hill.  Squeals of delight were heard as they watched the wind blow the bubbles.  It was a beautiful morning!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Ladybug Story

Everyone was very happy to be back at preschool!  The teachers are convinced that each child grew taller over the week long break, they are all looking so grown up lately.

We have started our ladybug unit!  Today we made a list about what we knew about butterflies, we started ladybug number lines and we made a line of ladybugs and worked on the terms first and second.  We also took a walking field trip to pick flowers.

Our worship time included breaking bread together as Jesus did with the men on the road to Emmaus.

Our pantry is a bit low, so if you would like to bring snacks to help fill our cupboards, that would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Coming Up This Week...

JOYOUS EASTER BLESSINGS!  Welcome back from Spring Break!  I hope you were able to enjoy some fabulous family time together. 

This week we will begin a great unit on Ladybugs.  During this unit, we will be observing the lifecycle of the ladybug, the parts of a ladybug, its defense mechanisms, symmetry and other things.  This week our larvae will arrive and we will begin to watch the lifecycle.  As weather allows we will be heading outside for a few special projects. 

Our worship time this week will be about the Road to Emmaus.  We will be focusing on thanking God that Jesus is with us all the time. 

I have Pullman School District Kindergarten Registration forms for those of you moving on the PSD Kindergarten next fall.  Registration is April 30 at the Pioneer Center.  More information to come.

Our pantry is a bit low, so if you would like to donate snack items, we could use them!  We do have a dairy allergy in the classroom.  

Upcoming Events
April 18           SHARE DAY
April 19           SHARE DAY
April 30           PSD Kindergarten Registration
May 23            Closing Program and Graduation (evening)