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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Fabulous Day!

It was a fabulous morning!  We were blessed to have the baby chicks visit again today, so this group could meet them.  I love watching the kids with the chicks.  They were able to hold the birds, feed them and watch some of their cute behaviors.  It was a special treat to have them with us!

The end of the day was, of course, out Easter Egg Hunt!  Again, I love watching the children running around with so much joy!  The smiles that a hidden egg bring are priceless!  After the eggs were found, we went downstairs to hear the Easter story and how a butterfly can help us remember the Easter story and just how much Jesus loves us and how much he did for us!

I'll post some wonderful pictures next week during Spring Break.  If any parents have a few great Easter Egg Hunt pictures, please email them to me at clppullman@gmail.com.  All my pictures are a bit blurry!

I pray you all have a BLESSED EASTER!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Joy was the word of the day!  The children LOVED seeing the baby chicks.  Some even held feed out in their hands and the chicks ate from their hands!  There was a lot of squealing, laughter and all around joy!  Beth, the owner of the chicks, told us all about how they have grown, what they will do on her farm, how they eat and lots of other fun chicken facts.

Centers time included making cross shaped rice krispy treats, creating Easter art, building flower gardens, creating new games with our big foam dice, and reading many wonderful books.

We celebrated a birthday today... more joy!  Following the birthday we read the story of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Then we got ready for our Easter Egg Hunt.  JOY!!!!  The hunt was over in record time and we went downstairs to hear about Easter.  Each preschooler went home with a butterfly Easter book and some fun cross stickers. More joy!

Have a JOYOUS and wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We learned about symmetry today and how butterflies have symmetrical wings.  Of course we did some of our own symmetrical paintings and checked to see if any of us were wearing clothing that was symmetrical.

Today was cooking with Grandma Karen and we made Rice Krispy Treats.  It was tough work stirring it all up, but worth it!  We cut the treats out in the shape of an Easter cross!

During chapel with Pastor Dudley, we learned about Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Pastor read us the account from the Bible, then we acted it out and finally we watched a short depiction on the big screen.  Hosanna was the word of the day!

The Easter Egg Hunt in Thursday and Friday at 11:10am.  Family is welcome to come join in the fun!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taking Advantage of a Little Sunshine

The sun was shining, well it was shining off and on, when preschool started.  Knowing that rain was on the way, we finished up opening circle with our butterfly play and then headed outside!  It was chilly, but the kids were in their glory!  Sliding, building nests for birds, chasing dragon, making wooden pathways and having friends over to dinner were all part of the outside fun. Oh...don't forget jewel hunting!

During our worship time we learned about the word Hosanna, learned a Hosanna song and super fun Easter song.  We also added a sicker to our Jerusalem scene.

Thursday is our Egg Hunt starting at 11:10.  Siblings are welcome to come!  I have bags for the preschoolers, but you will need to supply an additional baskets or bags for siblings!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Each of our caterpillars are in the third stage of their life cycles!  We are anxious to see what will happen in the next few days.  We took time to draw our observations in our science journals... impressive work!

Centers time included rolling big foam dice, writing the number that came up and then putting the same number of Easter stickers next to the written number.  Great fun and fabulous math work!  A group of preschoolers took tools into the play kitchen are to fix the appliances.  It is handy to have such handy kids in our room!  We also worked on some puzzles, did some reading and enjoyed wood working with Ken.

We learned a wonderful Hosanna song at worship along with a Rockin' Easter song.  We continued in our journey as Jesus carried his heavy cross.

Music with Miss Marsha closed out our day!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Get ready for another week of butterfly fun, with Palm Sunday and Easter stuff too!  We will here how  Jesus resurrection can be compared with a butterfly.  We will also make our own palms, painted with real palms and learn about the word Hosanna!  Looks for lots of open ended Easter art  to come home this week.

Worship time will be full of wonderful songs and we will continue our journey around Jerusalem.   

This week we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt!  They will take place at 11:10am.   Siblings are welcome to attend and participate.  Weather permitting it will be outside on the hill.  If the weather isn’t good for an outside hunt, it will be upstairs in the sanctuary.  The hunt will be held on both Thursday and Friday.

Our lamb field trip will be sometime after Spring Break.  We are looking forward to it, but just have to be patient!

Don’t forget that there will not be preschool next week.  Enjoy your Spring Break and have a fabulous Easter.  You can join us for worship at Concordia on Easter morning at 8am or 10:30am with and Easter brunch starting at 9am and egg hunt for the kids following.

Upcoming Events

March 29, 30          Easter Egg Hunt
April 2-6       No Preschool-Spring Break
May 2            PSD Kindergarten Registration
May 24          Closing Program and Graduation 6pm

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Egg Shell Mosaics

Today was a great day! I think my favorite part was the end of the day when we had art with Miss Holly.  We made Easter Cross Egg Shell Mosaics.  They are beautiful!  We are so blest to have Miss Holly volunteer her time and talent with our preschoolers!  She is instilling a love for all kinds of art in the hearts of these children.  Thanks Holly!

Our caterpillars did something amazing over night!  They are now in the pupa stage of their life cycle.  The kids found it quite exciting to see the chrysalis!

Chapel with Pastor Dudley was today.  He told us about the children he worked with last week in Guatemala.  We prayed for the children together.

Next week is our Easter Egg Hunt!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Very Full Day!

We did a lot today!  We made paper butterflies for our butterfly play.  The flowers have bloomed in the meadow, ready to greet some beautiful, soft flying butterflies!

We worked together is make a batch of butterfly shaped soft pretzels.  Delicious!  We also made some glittery Easter crosses, worked with the butterfly life cycle and played floor Candyland.

Our Easter Egg Hunt is set for next week on Thursday and Friday.  Siblings are welcome to join in on the fun.  Weather permitting, it will be outside.  If not, we will hunt upstairs in the sanctuary.  Either way, we will have a fabulous time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snow to Welcome Spring

We welcomed spring with snow today!  We did our best to wish winter a warm farewell, but the snow made it a bit chilly.  We are excited to see what wonderful things God has for us the spring!

Our meadow mural is now covered in beautiful flowers.  We will soon be making butterflies to add to our butterfly play.  Our caterpillars are HUGE and should molt for the last time very soon and enter the chrysalis stage of their life cycle. We are giddy with anticipation.  We added another drawing of the caterpillars in our science journals.  It is wonderful to be able to observe the intricate life cycle that God so carefully created!

Our Lenten devotional time continued during worship.  The favorite song seems to be "Every Good Gift."  I bet your preschooler could sing it for you.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meadow Mural

Make sure to check out the mural in our classroom!  It is full of some beautiful flowers!  This meadow will become the staging ground for some fantastic butterfly play.  Woodworking, Easter cross making, play dough, and tissue paper butterflies were all part of our day too!

Music with Miss Marsha was active and fun.  She just came back from a mission trip to Guatemala and brought a really neat drum that we each got to play...yes, the teachers had to give it a try too!

Last week I sent home a flyer about the "Reading is Key" event.  The date on that has change to April 4, same time.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Fluttery Fun

Look for more butterfly fun this week! We will continue to watch our caterpillars change and see where they are in the life cycle.  Watch our wall by the tables to change as we add to our meadow mural.  We will be learning how God made butterflies is a special way so that they could blend in with flowers to protect them from hungry birds.  We will be learning words like camouflage, predator and prey.  Look for some beautiful and creative butterfly art to come your way too.

Worship time will continue to get us ready for the incredible gift of Easter!!!  

Next week we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  They will take place at 11:10am.   Siblings are welcome to attend and participate.

We are planning a field trip out to Mrs. Barrington’s  house, but the notice will be short.  We want to go just a few days after their lambs are born!  So please be aware that a field trip is coming, but we don’t know quite when!

There will be NO PRESCHOOL during Spring Break which is April 2-6.  Mark your calendar!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


SHARE day was super fun today.  I love to hear what the children have to say about their special treasures.  This group was perfect during SHARE time!  Every single one patiently waited his or her turn, listened to each preschooler describe what was brought, and followed directions the very first time!!!

We did a little woodworking with Ken today.  The preschoolers used a miter saw to cut angles.  This will be an important skill for an upcoming project!  We also did some reading, dot-to-dot butterflies, tracing butterflies and of course we spent lots of time watching our caterpillars that aren't so small anymore.

Worship time talked about the rooster crowing after Peter denied that he knew Jesus.  We sang some memory verse songs and prayed together.

We ended the day with Art with Miss Holly.  She told us all about the Shamrock and St. Patrick.  Then we made green shamrocks using blue and yellow paint mixing together!

No lambs yet...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Butterfly Play!

Today was so much fun!  We started out making a butterfly sequence game at opening circle, but the super fun came at centers time!  We became butterflies!  The preschoolers started out with some pretty amazing caterpillar crawls.  Next, we used towels to wrap up in a chrysalis.  Then they emerged from the chrysalis as a butterfly, using the towel as wings!  We added drinking straws and flowers around the room for the butterflies to drink sweet nectar using their proboscis.  It was a great time!

Don't forget that Thursday and Friday are SHARE Days.  No baby lambs yet...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Snowy Tuesday

We didn't let the snow and wind slow us down today!  We dove right in as we began learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  We will be watching three caterpillars grow and change in our classroom.  We read a book about another caterpillar that grew in a classroom and heard about all the changes those children saw.  Our class is quite excited to see what happens with ours!

We made butterfly life cycle books, sequence cards, painted caterpillars, and made amazing marble works tunnels during centers time.

Worship time included two new memory verse songs and the Lenten sticker of the day. 

We enjoyed indoor large motor time with a lot of basketball, beanbag tossing, balancing, hoop jumping and crawling through our huge tunnel.

Don't forget that Thursday is SHARE day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Butterfly Words

It was so great to be back in the classroom with your preschoolers!  We had so much fun learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly.  We learned some new words including metamorphosis, larva, molting, pupa and proboscis.  We also started drawing our caterpillar observations in our Science Journals.

During centers time we played butterfly memory, worked on puzzles, helped fix a broken shelf with our woodworking friend, made lifecycle books and decorated our meadow mural with clover.  Marbleworks was also a big hit today.

At worship we learned two new memory verse songs, Proverbs 17:17 and James 1:17.  We also put another sticker on on Lenten devotional.

Don't forget that SHARE Day is Thursday and Friday this week!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crazy Caterpillars!

We are ready to start learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly!   We have live caterpillars eating and growing that we will have the opportunity to watch as they go through the process of changing into a beautiful butterfly.  We will be making connections with the Easter story too!   We’ll make sure our Science journals get lots of use as we observe the changes with our caterpillars.   We’ll also be creating a meadow mural on our wall that will be the backdrop for some butterfly play!   We’ll be making books, sequencing, playing memory and putting butterfly puzzles together.

During worship we will learn more Bible verse memory songs and continue all around Jerusalem with our Lenten devotional.

Thanks to everyone for coming in for conferences last week.  Your children are a joy to work with!  Also thanks for your support of the art show and silent auction.  We raised about $1500 for the preschool!

We are planning a field trip out to Mrs. Barrington’s  house, but the notice will be short.  We want to go just a few days after their lambs are born!  So please be aware that a field trip is coming, but we don’t know quite when!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Touching Base

So I have been spending my week taking care of my family that is still in the midst of a nasty stomach flu.  Thank you for your understanding as I care for my kiddos.

Next week is Conference week.  If you haven't signed up for a time yet, please email me and we can arrange a time to meet.  On Monday I will send email reminders of your conference date and time.  I look forward to the opportunity to focus on and chat about your wonderful children!  Mrs. Barrington will be available to play with your preschooler during conference time, so feel free to bring him or her along.

Thanks again for understanding how much my children needed their Mommy this week.  See you next week!