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Thursday, September 29, 2011

T/Th Pictures... Look what we've been doing!

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M/W/F Pictures... What we've been doing!

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Heavy and Light

We worked with the opposites heavy and light today!  We used a balance scale to investigate items to see which ones were heavier than others, lighter than others, or the same weight!  We used rocks. feathers, craft balls, fabric and other items around the classroom.

During centers time we began some of our handwriting work by practicing our big lines.  We start at the top and write a big line down.  We also did more weighing of items, used magnets with our collection of nuts and bolts, made an elaborate home in the dollhouse, worked at the workbench and cut caution tape.  Busy and fun morning.

At worship we saw the parable of the Good Shepherd.  Ask your preschooler about the parable and what they saw! 

We spent some time outside before we came in to have Art with Miss Holly.  She told us about Van Gogh and we saw some of his paintings.  We also talked about the color yellow and then did some painting of our own!

The flyers for picture day will be available next week.  Picture day will be held on Wednesday, October 12.  Since we are such a small school, we can only have our photographer come once and Wednesday worked best this year.  We will have an all preschool group picture taken at 9:15am.  If you would like your preschooler to be in this picture (and I hope everyone can come!) please be upstairs in the sanctuary by 9:15.   After the group shot is taken,  T/Th kids can have their individual pictures taken if you so choose.  Siblings of T/Th are also welcome to have pictures taken at this time if you would like sibling pictures taken.  Group shots of families are also available.  I hope this answers some questions!  Please email me or talk to me if you need more specifics.  The price list will be on the flyer next week!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Words Ending in ..er

Don't be surprised today if you find your preschooler looking and listening for words that end in with the letters ER.  As we listened to our skyscraper songs, we listened for words that ended in ER.  Skyscraper was one!  Then we took rhythm bells and shook the bells as we broke the words up into syllables.  I think we could have done this activity for 30 minutes!  The kids loved it.  You can do it with them at home, just find two things you can use to tap together and they can tap while saying the words!

Centers time included playing floor Candyland, working with colored inch cubes to create patterns, making collages of things we find up high and we had some spies in the classroom, taking notes and watching people with binoculars! 

Chapel with Pastor Dudley was a great as we watched how Jesus can erase, or forgive, the things we do wrong and the mistakes we make.  Ask your preschooler what Pastor Dudley did wrong and how it was fixed!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reaching Up High

We learned about the opposites high and low today!  Our bodies helped us define the difference in high and low.  We also learned a song about building a skyscraper, which is very high! 

During centers time we made "Things Up High" collages by finding things in magazines that are usually up high, cutting them out and adding them to our collages.  We also did some fall art, measured the lengths of nuts and bolts, did some work at the workbench and made bricks in the moonsand.

Our worship time was about the Good Shepherd.  Ask your preschooler about what they saw at worship time!

Monday, September 26, 2011


We started off our week thinking about things that are up high.  Our song about skryscapers got us thinking and looking for things way up high.  We also made a skyscape with a tall, taller and tallest building! 

During centers we made our own personal skyscapes, autumn trees and did a little woodworking with a volunteer from the congregation, actually Mrs. Krantz's Dad!  He brought a workbench and worked one on one with the preschoolers to teach them how to use a saw and saw a piece of wood!  The kids were so focused and interested in it!  They wore safety glasses and some chose to wear hard hats!  It was wonderful.

Our worship time got us wondering about sheep and shepherds.  We are getting ready to open the gift of the parable for the Good Shepherd!

We are looking forward to another great week!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Looking Ahead to the Week

I am excited for this week ahead!  We have lots of fun learning planned and I can't wait to hear the great things your kids will say.  So far, this group of kids is the funniest group I have ever had!

This week we will be learning song called "Building a Skyscraper."  There are some great new words in the song and we will be talking a lot about high and low along with other opposites.  We will also be listening close to the end of words to identify similar sounds.  Rhythm and rhyme will be wonderful friends to us this week.  We will also be doing a little handwriting work, story writing, all kinds of sorting and investigations with magnets.

Our worship time this week will focus on the parable of The Good Shepherd.  Parables are like wonderful gifts to us.  When we look inside the parable, God has something amazing for us.  This parable will be hiding in a beautiful box and your preschooler will watch the parable come to life as different things come out of the box.  Our scripture is Psalm 23:1-4.  We will also have some time to use our prayer journals.  These already are precious books your children are writing to the Lord.  I am amazed by their drawings! 

Miss Holly, our art teacher, will be coming every Thursday and Friday now.  She is a wonderful art teacher and I can't wait for her to get to know your children.  We will be working with specific colors during art time and the color wheel.

This week looks to be a little cooler, so please make sure to send a jacket each day and make sure your preschooler has socks and shoes on.  The grass tends to be a little wet, and toes can get cold pretty fast.  We are enjoying our daily time outside so very much!

I am no longer putting paper newsletters in everyone's box.  You will receive a paper newsletter only if you have signed up for one.  The sign up sheet is by the sign in/out binder.  The volunteer calendar is also there if you would like to sign up for a time to volunteer in the class.  In October we will be taking at least one field trip per class, so consider coming along for that!

10/27  SHARE DAY
10/28  SHARE DAY

Blessing upon your week!

Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Barrington

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful Stones

Our first SHARE Day was a HUGE success!  Each child had a special item to tell his/her classmates about, and they all did a fantastic job!  They all were fabulous listeners as they heard about all the items in the circle!  Such a fun time!

We made beautiful garden stones today.  The preschooler mixed their own concrete and then decorated their stones to their liking.  The will be dry and ready to go home on Tuesday!  We also got busy working with play dough, shooting baskets, using monster feet for walking and doing some bean bag tossing.  Lots of energy, lots of fun!

We had our first T/Th Chapel time with Pastor Dudley.  We saw a big red tool box full of some pretty neat tools.  Then we learned that we are all part of God's tool box!  We can be God's tool for sharing love and helping one another!  Our pastor comes up with some pretty cool stuff for these kids!

It was also our first day or Art with Miss Holly.  She brought in some very colorful balloons.  Ask your preschooler about art today!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Our Hands Dirty

Today we made garden stones!  We mixed up our own concrete and added jewels and letters to make out own special garden stone!  It was so much fun to make the same thing that we saw being poured out of the cement mixer just last week!  We also used popsicle sticks and playdough to make some buildings.  Half of the classroom was taped off to become an elevator construction site.  There was a lot of hammering, measuring and sawing going on in that corner of the room!

Worship time included a new song, "I Love You Lord."  We also found out that God can talk to us through the Bible!  We read John 8:12.  Look it up with your preschooler when you have a minute and ask them what they think about it.  I'm sure they will love to share with you!

While we were outside, we walked over to the elevator construction site to see what the workers were up to.  They have been busy sawing lumber and building a frame.  We saw some big tool belts full of some fantastic tools.  The saw was very loud.

Thursday and Friday are SHARE Days.  Help you preschooler choose ONE item to bring to tell his or her classmates about.  Help them decide on three things to say about their item.  At opening circle, they will have the opportunity to tell us about their SHARE item! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Construction Site

We started our morning with a book about construction sites.  We are also learning the different parts of a book.  When reading with your preschooler, take a second or two to point out the front cover, back cover, author and illustrators names and the title page.  The saw through pictures the different types of construction sites and then we went to see what our construction site was up to.  Ask your preschooler what they saw happening with the elevator this morning!

Centers time included sorting nuts and bolts, building with glue and toilet paper rolls, building a road and putting up garages, playing a color dinosaur game and a few other fun things! 

We had a special day because we celebrated a birthday!  Congrats to the birthday boy and thanks for the yummy treats and awesome rings!

Worship was wonderful as we lit a candle for each child to show how Jesus love and light shines in each one of us.  They were so quiet and focused as the candles were lit and as they were told how much Jesus loves them!

We went outside and enjoyed the fall morning!  We ended at circle time looking at our construction site book again and naming things in the pictures.  GREAT FUN!

SHARE day is Thursday.  Please help your preschooler pick ONE item they would like to bring to class to tell their friends about.  Help them think of three things to say about their item.  During centers time, they will have opportunity to play with their item if they so choose.  If they would rather not have it out, it will stay safely in their cubby. 

Monday, September 19, 2011


I don't think today could have been more fun even if we tried!  The group was ready and excited to get busy exploring our construction site.  We started with a discussion about the word CAUTION, as we had caution tape to use in our room.  We found out that it means to "BE CAREFUL."  Anytime we see that yellow caution tape, we know what to do!  Then we got busy building walls, establishing a safe construction site, sorting nuts and bolts, working with tools and a whole lot of other fun things.  Later we made word cards that have construction words written on them.  They are all over the room! 

During our worship time, we lit a candle for each person in the classroom to show that Jesus shines in each one of us.  I am enjoying how focused and interested the children are during our worship time.  We are learning a few more songs and started to learn the Lord's Prayer! 

The fall weather makes for fabulous outside time.  Soon we will be seeing lots of changes outside!  Please remember to send a jacket on cool days!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coming Up This Week

Get your hard hats on because we are entering the construction zone!  This week begins our journey to the construction site.  On our trip we will be discovering colors, textures, sounds, shapes, word, numbers and a whole lot more.  Watch for word cards to go up around the room that have some of our favorite construction words written on them.  Keep an eye out for caution tape and signs in our classroom.  We’ll be busy building all kinds of thing with a variety of materials.  Handmade garden stones are also on the list of things to do this week!

This week is also our first time to have SHARE Day!  The kids have been waiting and waiting!  This is the chance for your child to choose ONE of his/her items from home to bring to class to tell everyone about!  Please remember that toy guns, swords, and other such toys are not allowed in the classroom.  Please help your child choose something to bring and help them think of 3 things to tell about their item.  At opening circle, everyone will have an opportunity to share about their item.  This becomes a favorite day for the kids and it is so fun to see the confidence of the children grow over the year as they share in front of their peers!  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Our worship time will continue to take a look at Jesus as the light of the world.  We will be learning a Bible verse about this, continue to learn a few new songs and have a chance to pray to God through our art work.  We will start our prayer journals this week!
Please apply sunscreen to your child before preschool if you would like them to have it on for our outside time.   You are also encouraged to send a water bottle with your child that can be kept in his/her cubby during preschool time, so that they can easily stay hydrated.  Please take the water bottle home each day.
This is the last week for paper newsletters.  I will only send home a paper newsletter to those families who request it.  There is a clipboard by the sign in/out binder.  All the newsletter information is available on our blog.

Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Barrington       

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mrs. Barrington!

That's right!  Mrs. Barrington is having a birthday, so we were sure to celebrate!  Birthday's are a BIG deal in preschool, even a teacher's birthday.  She even wore a crown!

Today we used our bodies to make numbers.  The easiest number was the number 1.  It took some pairing up to make the other numbers, but it sure was fun. We also use pipe cleaners to shape the numbers we've been working with.  The new sidewalk was being poured today, and we had a great view from the big windows in the staircase.  We talked about the tools being used, the big boots the workers were wearing, why we couldn't walk on the new sidewalk yet and we saw the concrete coming down the slide from the truck.  The preschoolers watched for about 5 minutes, completely absorbed in the process! There is nothing like seeing the real thing!

Centers time was lots of fun with a spontaneous mask making activity!  We also did some beading, pipe cleaner formations and dress up.

Worship time was fantastic as the children are catching on to the routine of this time!  Ask your preschooler about our time at worship.

The cool fall day was a welcome outside companion!  Giggles filled the air and smiles warmed out hearts as we watched you children play together.  Such wonderful friendships are growing and we are so happy to be blessed with the opportunity to watch!  Thanks for a great week with your kids!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's That Noise?

A jackhammer of course!  We listened to the tool off and on all morning and even got to see it in action.  We had a perfect view from outside the office.  We watched as the jackhammer broke up the old sidewalk and we felt the vibrations on the bottoms of our feet.  Very cool!

The preschoolers has a glorious time sharing their color posters.  It is so wonderful to see them so proud of their work!  The posters will soon be on display in the classroom!

We mixed red and yellow paint together to make a new color.  Ask your preschooler about it!  We also colored chameleons just like the chameleon in our color book.  Our chameleons are throughout the classroom!

At worship, we lit our candle and talked about how the light can remind us that Jesus is the light of the world and is with us.  When the candle was snuffed out, we talked about how the light was going to change from a flame to something else.  Ask your preschooler what happened!

The cool, fall weather was beautiful as we enjoyed the breeze on the playground.  Soon we will be watching for signs of autumn!  When the weather is cool, please remember to send a jacket for your preschooler. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Duck, Duck, Goose!

The number line is coming together!  The preschoolers enjoyed sharing their posters and soon the line will be going up on the wall.  Thanks for all you at home help with this project!

Today we learned how to make a tally sheet and took clip boards around the classroom to count and tally things up.  Memory was a fun game that s few preschoolers chose to play with one another, building was a busy place, more mail went in the mailbox and number charts were made.  Busy morning.

We had our first chapel time with Pastor Dudley.  Chapel takes place upstairs in the sanctuary.  He taught us about making lists and praying to God for the things we need and the things we want.  We sang songs, prayed together and received a blessing!

Outside was a lot of fun as the preschoolers decided to play Duck, Duck, Goose!  This group works so well together!  They all chose to play and we had a wonderful 15 minutes of a group game.  Spectacular!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colors Everywhere!

We love colors!  We spent a lot of time today looking for colors, using colors, and naming the colors of things around us.  Painting was by far the most popular activity.  We painted with tempera and used finger paints.  The children loved to see what happened when the colors were mixed together.  We also used our balance beam, which is a rainbow of colors, to practice naming the colors.  As we balanced, we named the color we were balancing on.

We had a fun surprise today... the cement mixer came to pour cement for the elevator.  We took a front row seat to watch the action.  It was fun to listen to all the sounds of the mixer and see just how big it was. 

At worship we learned how to get our bodies still so we can listen to what God has to say to us.  We practiced wiggling and then making our bodies still.  We sang a song to help us know when it is time to be still. 

Each preschooler took home a poster with a color labeled on it.  Directions were sent home along with the poster.  Have your preschooler decorate the poster with the appropriate color and return it on Thursday so we can add our color line to the classroom!  Thanks!

Monday, September 12, 2011


We are off to a great week as we dive into the numbers 1-12.  We have a great group of counters who did a great job helping me figure out how to make a number line during opening circle.  Everyone contributed in the process of making our line, so we had some great teamwork going on!

During centers time we did some great number games with pegs and one that matched the number of objects with the correct number.  We also played with dominoes, made out own personal number lines, read books, played farm, and worked at the workbench.

Our feast included fresh carrots, tomatoes, dip and goldfish crackers.  YUMMY!

During worship we learned new ways to help ourselves be able to listen to God.  We learned a little bit about helping our bodies and voices be still.  We sang some songs to talk to God and received special blessings for the day.

Outside time was full of children running!  Bikes and treasure were also a lot of fun.  We are loving this weather and being able to be outside!

Each family went home with a number line poster to complete and bring back on Wednesday!  Please take a moment to help your preschooler!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Curriculum Corner

We are excited and ready for a new week at preschool.  We certainly enjoyed the first few days with your children and we can’t wait to get to know them, and you, better.

This week the M/W/F group will be working with numbers 1-12 and the T/Th group will be getting messy with colors.  Watch the blog to find out just what we did each day as we explore numbers and colors.  A small homework assignment will be sent home and we ask that you return the project the following day your child is at preschool.  They are simple, fun projects that you can do with your child that won’t take too much time.  Thanks! 

Our worship time will take a look at Jesus as the light of the world.  Each worship time we light a candle that helps us remember Jesus being our light.  We will also continue to learn about our worship time and find out about new ways we can talk to God.

Please apply sunscreen to your child before preschool if you would like them to have it on for our outside time.   You are also encouraged to send a water bottle with your child that can be kept in his/her cubby during preschool time, so that they can easily stay hydrated.  Please take the water bottle home each day.

I will send home a paper newsletter for the next two weeks.  After that, I will only send home a paper newsletter to those families who request it.  All the newsletter information is available on our blog.
September 14            Book Orders Due
September 22            SHARE DAY
September 23            SHARE DAY
October 7                    No Preschool
October 12                 Picture Day (more info to come)

Special Reminders

Please be sure to have an extra change of clothing in your child’s cubby!


Book Orders Are Due on Wednesday

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Week Down!

This week went fast!  In May, we will be thinking the same thing, only about the entire school year.  So we do our best to make certain we enjoy every moment we can as we teach your children!

If you take a look at yesterday's blog entry, you will get a good idea of the routine in the classroom.  This can help you understand the flow of the morning and will also give you a good place to start in conversation with your preschooler.

At opening circle we did another name game song as we are still learning the names of everyone in the class!  Pastor Dudley also stopped in so the preschoolers could say hello and so that the new preschoolers would know who he was.  We will see him almost everyday and if this year is like that last 4 year, he will become one of their FAVORITE people! 

Centers time included balancing on river stones and a foam balance beam, writing cards and putting them in envelopes to mail, and using long strip of paper to write and draw, stamping, play dough, dancing to some great music and listening to books at the listening center.

We had a birthday girl in our classroom today, so we had special birthday cupcakes to celebrate her day!

Worship time included learning more ways of talking to God.  We sang songs, and learned a new song.  We use our hands while we sing, this is another way we can talk to Jesus.  We also drew pictures for Him.  These were sent home, so be sure to ask your preschooler about his/her picture.  As the year goes on, each child will be given a blank notebook they can use as their prayer journal.  When they would like to make a drawing for God, they can use their journal.  When their journal is full, it will be sent home and they will get a new journal to start.  Using art is a wonderful way for children to communicate with the Lord.  Many times children will give loved ones pictures as a sign of their affection.  This is the same principle.  This is something you can very easily do at home too!

We made our way outside to feel the warm sunshine and play in the fresh air.  The jewels hidden on the playground have brought a lot of joy to the children as they have searched for treasure, collected precious stones, created a birthday house with gems just to name a few treasure games.  the cars and bike are also getting great use!

Have a fabulous weekend and we will be excited for a new week together on Monday!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Making Comments

A few parents told me that they were unable to make comments on the blog.  This is now fixed and you should be able to comment!  Enjoy!

Discovering the Routine

Well, it was another fabulous day at preschool!  Seriously, these kids are wonderful. 

Just so you know, we follow a daily routine.  This routine starts with hand washing at arrival time, signing in at the sign in table with Mrs. Krantz, book time with Mrs. Barrington and then we start opening circle.  Opening Circle begins with our hello song.  We find out who the room helpers are for the day, have our calendar and weather time and then do a group lesson, game or activity.  Centers time comes next with the preschoolers having a good amount of time to choose activities throughout the room.  Today that included dot painting, roller painting, cutting and pasting collages, moon sand at the sensory table, dramatic play and building areas, river stones for balancing and a foam balance beam, rock investigation and a few other fun things.  This is a great time for the preschoolers to learn how to interact with their peers, to engage in conflict resolution, to negotiate and make good choices.  It is also a time to make fabulous discoveries as they play and grow. 

As centers time comes to an end, they hear the 5 minute bell ring letting them know that they have 5 more minute to play.  As the time comes to a close, we count backwards from 10 down to 0 and clean up begins.  This group has done an amazing job cleaning up.  We head to circle for a story to be read.  Then the preschoolers line up as their name is called to head to the bathrooms for bathroom time and hand washing before our feast.  We have a bat named Henry who likes to come out of my pocket when the hallway is quiet.  Since bats have very sensitive ears, he only comes out to dance when his ears don't hurt.  Once he has decided to visit, we sing for him because Henry is a great dancer!

Our feast is next.  We say our prayer together and then the snack is served family style.  Today we had Ritz crackers and craisins.  As each child finishes eating, they clean up there area and find a towel, their rug, and take it to an area of the classroom that they choose.  They unroll their rug and find a faith book to quietly read while we wait for others to finish the feast.  This is a time that we are preparing our hearts and our minds for our worship time. 

Mrs. Barrington then invites children one at a time to go to the worship center.  Once everyone has arrived, we greet one another and sing a few songs.  Today we talked about talking to God.  We can talk to God by singing, by talking, and we can even talk to God through our art.  Each child drew a picture for God today.  As the year continues, each child will have a prayer journal that they can use to draw picture for God.  We closed our time with the song "Go Now in Peace" and I gave each child a special blessing whispered in his/her ear and they went to line up for outside time.

We went outside and enjoyed time running, sliding, digging, biking, balancing, chalk drawing, looking for treasure and blowing bubbles.  We do lots of fun, loud things outside!

We close our morning with one last gathering together at the Jesus carpet.  We talk about what we did that day and either make a list, a chart or a graph.  Today we made a graph and talked about the word "most."  Mrs. Barrington read a book and then each child was dismissed with a blessing song. 

So I hope this helps you understand the flow of the morning.  It can give you a starting point when discussing the morning with your child!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So Happy Together!

If I could choose one word to describe today, it would be "DELIGHTFUL!"  It truly was a delight to see old friends get together again and watch the blossoming of new friendships begin.  It is indeed a precious gift to watch these early friendships form in your children!

We started our day with circle time where we learned names and discovered what circle time is all about.  Our Meteorologist dressed our penguin for the weather and our calendar helper pointed out the days of the week while we sang each day.  We also began learning the months of the year and we counted the apples up to 7, since today it the 7th of September.  Each child will have the opportunity to be a room helper many times during the year.  They are very excited for this!

Centers time included a lot of activity at the moon sand, dollhouse and dress up clothing.  Roads were also built, complete with road signs.  Some of the preschoolers chose to do a journal entry about what they thought preschool will be like.  These journal pages will be kept and put in their binder so at the end of the year they you have a book written and illustrated by your preschooler!

Our feast time was fabulous as they served themselves family style.  After eating, they cleaned up their own area, picked a rug and a faith book to read as they prepared their hearts and minds for worship.  Our worship time was an introduction to our worship area, a little bit of singing and a dismissal with a personal blessing just for your child!

Outside was HOT, but that didn't stop anyone from treasure hunting dancing with ribbons, drawing with chalk, riding bikes, playing house and climbing on the structure.  We had so much fun!

Thanks so much for allowing us to be part of your children's lives.  It is a true blessing!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It Was a Fantastic First Day!

We couldn't have asked for a better first day of preschool! We had a tear free morning (at least kiddos... I think there were some misty eyed parents!) full of fun and energy! We began the morning singing a hello song to everyone as we start the process of learning all the new names of our new friends. We saw how circle time goes and discovered that everyday there are room helpers. Many times throughout this year your preschooler will get to be a room helper!

Centers time followed and there was a lot of exploring in the classroom, digging in the moon sand, getting dinosaur land put together, building at the workbench, cooking in the kitchen, designing roads and watercolor painting. Busy times!

This is a great group of cleaners and clean up time went super fast.  We read a great book about a red, ripe strawberry and a big hungry bear.  Ask your preschooler about it!  Then it was off to the bathroom to get our hands washed for our feast.  After our fest we pulled out our rugs and did a few minutes of quiet reading to prepare our hearts for worship time.  At worship time we learned that our worship space is a special place where we don't have to hurry, we talk a little quieter so we don't disturb someone who might be talking to God, we listen to and see some sacred stories from the Bible and we will get opportunities to do some neat things with the stories we have heard.  I am new to this curriculum style and am very excited to see how it goes!  The kids thought is was great.

Outside time included bubbles, bikes, cars, digging for treasure, sliding down the slide, playing in the house and running around enjoying the sun. 

Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to be part of your young child's life.  We are honored to be your child's teachers! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

A New Year at Preschool!

WELCOME to a brand new school year at Concordia Lutheran Preschool! We are certainly looking forward to getting to know each preschooler and their families. Our prayer is that God enables us to provide a fabulous preschool experience for them while we have fun learning, exploring, investigating, reading, singing, building friendships and much more. We also are so blessed to be able to openly share the love of Jesus with each child is our classroom!

These next few weeks will focus on learning the names of our classmates, discovering the routine of the classroom, exploring the different areas of our room, getting to know one another and making sure each child find this preschool to be a safe, warm, and inviting place to be.

I will send home a paper newsletter for the first three weeks. After that, I will only send home a paper newsletter to those families who request it. All the newsletter information is available on our blog. The information for the upcoming week will always be posted the Sunday evening before the week begins. Multiple updates will also be posted throughout the week to keep you informed about the happenings of our room! You can subscribe to the blog to have the new updates delivered to your email address. Please let me know if you have any problems receiving the updates via email.

Again, we look forward to teaching your children and partnering with you to provide the best experience possible for your child. ALWAYS feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc.

Please be sure to have an extra change of clothing in your child’s cubby!
Follow this blog via email by subscribing in the upper right sidebar!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Are Excited!

Mrs. Barrington and I are very excited to get this year going with our wonderful group of preschoolers! It was wonderful to have everyone in the classroom together, to meet family members, see the preschoolers with one another and just begin to build family relationships that will grow and be strengthened over this coming school year.

Please remember to subscribe to this blog if you would like the updates to come straight to your email inbox. You can do that by using the gadget on the right hand side bar. This is a great way to stay updated about what is going on, what upcoming events are and what went on in preschool that morning. Share this blog address with relatives and they can keep updated on what your preschooler is up to!

I pray that you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend. See you next week!!!