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Monday, January 31, 2011

Flying Fish

Flying Fish was, by far, the favorite activity of the day. Since it was so very cold outside, we decided to have some inside parachute fun! We put fish in the middle of the parachute and had a blast. First we had big, gentle waves, then a little bit bigger and then a huge storm! Fish were flying everywhere! Some even hit the ceiling. Giggles filled the air and we made the fish fly!

We also had fun with tongue twisters during morning circle. At centers time we created our very own unique sea creatures with clay, dough, sticks, feathers, googly eyes and wooden shapes. We had some very creative and amazing creatures formed in our classroom!

Jesus Time was about the story of Jesus feeding the 5,ooo. We practiced our verse of the week. Ask your preschooler if they can remember it. It is in our newsletter if you would like to help them practice it at home!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fishy, Fishy...

This is our last week under the water and we will be finishing in a tongue twisting kind of way! Our poem is called “Fishes Evening Song” and it is full of wonderfully fun tongue twisters. We will be listening closely to sounds and identifying letters that make those sounds. We will also be creating our own sea creatures, counting fish with tongs, painting with sponges, and lots of great fine motor opportunities.

Jesus Time is about Jesus feeding the 5,000! We will hear the story, learn our verse, play a fish walk game and make edible jewelry as we bring the story to life! Our verse is, “God give us what we need” Philippians 4:19.

Miss Marsha is out of town this week, so we will not be having music. Share Day is on Thursday and Friday this week, so make sure to help your preschooler find something to share at SHARE circle.

In order to make the preschool more secure on Monday, when the office is not open, the front door will be locked while preschool is is session. It will be unlocked during drop off and pick up times. Rest assured the door is a push bar and can be easily opened from the inside. A doorbell has been installed and can be used anytime you need to get in the building and the door is locked. Thanks for understanding as we continue to ensure that you children are as safe and secure as possible when in our care!

Art Show Info

On the evening of February 25, 2011, we will be having an elegant evening of art, music, and delicious food to raise money for the preschool program. The art will be provided by our very own preschoolers. A silent auction will also be held. All funds raised will go directly to the preschool!

How can you help? Each family will be provided tickets to the event without cost. We are asking families to sell tickets to other family and friends. The tickets will be $10 suggested donation. We are also asking for donations of items to be auctioned at our silent auction. We could also use some of the artwork that we have sent home that your child has made. The artwork will be displayed only, not auctioned off!

Talk to Becky to see how you can help in other ways!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drumming Up Some Fun

We pulled out the drum this morning to keep the beat with our watery song of the week. Each preschooler got a chance to keep the rhythm. Drums are always a hit and such a wonderful way to teach rhythm!

We were busy with lots of activities during centers time. The preschoolers had an opportunity to journal about what they would be if they were a sea creature. They illustrated their stories as well. Shimmery paints, creating blow fish and sea anemones were also part of our morning. Working with numbers on white boards and counting shells also were lots of fun.

Chapel was this morning with Pastor Dudley. He taught us about the word "merciful." We sangs some fabulous songs and prayed together. We always enjoy our chapel time with Pastor!

We were blessed again with sunny weather to be outside! It was a little windy, but that didn't slow us down one bit. Outside time got the most votes on our end of the day chart today. Ask your preschooler what they liked best!

Scholastic book orders are due my February 9th. And just to clarify, we will not be auctioning the children's art at our art show and silent auction. Other items will be auctioned off. The artwork will just fill our gallery for everyone to admire. All art will be returned to you! Sorry for any confusion.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drawing Fish

Today we went to work as we each drew our own fish, careful to remember the different parts a fish has. We helped each other along the way as we remembered that fish have bodies, tails, fins, eyes, mouths, fins and gills. The pictures were great! We have very talented preschoolers!

Centers time involved sand play, shimmery dot painting, building with rocks, shells, blocks and gems, escaping from the lava in our room, creating colorful scenes with our peg boards and a whole lot of other things. We were busy today!

At Jesus Time we had super fun singing songs and talking about how God is good to everyone. We practiced our verse of the week in some very funny voices. Your preschooler can tell you which voice was their favorite. We also made a list of things that we can see that we are thankful for. Ask your preschooler what they said!

We were so happy to get outside again today. Soccer was the running game of choice today and well as sand box fun and teeter/tottering.

As for the upcoming art show, we will not be auctioning off the preschooler's art work, the art work will just be displayed in our art gallery and will be returned to you after the event. The silent auction will be for items donated for the purpose of auctioning. If you want to donate an item for the auction, we will be happy to add it to our items. The preschoolers will be working on a class project that will be part of the auction. But your child's art will just be for display. Sorry for the confusion!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nonsense Words

Today we had a little rhyming fun, making up nonsense words! Our song this week has a few nonsense words. We also read a wonderful book, "The Pout, Pout Fish." Very funny!

During centers time we wrote rhyming word cards, dressed in some very fancy dresses, painted with sea colors, made sea anemones, and made some wonderful seashell observations.

Jesus Time was about Jesus healing the blind man. Jesus used something very curious in this miracle. Ask your preschooler what Jesus put on the eyes of the blind man. We kept our eyes closed while the story was read and opened them again as the blind man washed in the pool!

We were able to grab some running time outside before music. The cool, fresh air was a wonderful addition to our morning together.

Music was full of dancing, marching, balancing, playing the harp and singing! Ask your preschooler what they liked best!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Underneath the Water

We went to the sea today and sang about hings found underneath the water. Then we made our own list of things we might see underneath he water. It is posted outside the classroom on the doors by the tuition drop box. Take a look!

Centers time was busy with work in the sand table, amazing buildings built from blocks, rocks and gems, rhyming words, original artwork and painting with purple, red and yellow.

One of our parents read a fun book to the class today called "The Pout, Pout Fish." It is a fabulous book and I bet your preschooler could tell you how it ends.

Music with Miss Marsha included a new instrument, a big lap harp! It played beautiful music. We also had some fun with puppets and silly songs.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art Show Info

On the evening of February 25, 2011, we will be having an elegant evening of art, music, and delicious food to raise money for the preschool program. The art will be provided by our very own preschoolers. A silent auction will also be held. All funds raised will go directly to the preschool!

How can you help? Each family will be provided tickets to the event without cost. We are asking families to sell tickets to other family and friends. The tickets will be $10 suggested donation. We are also asking for donations of items to be auctioned at our silent auction. We could also use some of the artwork that we have sent home that your child has made.

Do you want to be more involved? Talk to Becky and we’ll make it happen!

Weekly Reminders

Please remember to bring outdoor attire for your children each day!

Let's Go To The Sea...

We will be going to the sea this week, in song and action! We will come up with fantastic watery words, make up nonsense rhyming words, discover some letters and their sounds, and use our knowledge to make some educated guesses about the ocean. We will also match shells with numbers, add to our mural, sort and classify sea items and have a lot of fun!

Jesus Time is about Jesus healing the blind man. Our verse of the week is “The Lord is good to all.” Psalm 145:9. We will be thinking about all the ways that Jesus shows us His love for each one of us!

We will coninue to work through our Underwater Alphabet book during transition times. We will also be reading a few new aqaurium and ocean books. The preschoolers are sure to love them! Does your child have a fun ocean book? If so, please bring it to share with the class!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!

I'll start where our day ended, Art with Miss Holly! We looked and the story of the Rainbow Fish and paid particular attention to the pictures. After the story, we made our own rainbow fish pictures with oil pastels, water colors and glitter. Messy, messy fun!

We worked on our shark poem again and learned that the poem has 3 stanzas. We practiced reading it in our mysterious and swimmy shark voices. I wish I had recorded it! Ask our preschooler to do their best shark voice.

We were busy making jelly fish for our mural, swimming in our ocean, playing in the sand, becoming architects as we designed aquariums and making a collage of things that are plants and things that are animals.

Jesus Time included colorful boats and practicing our Bible verse. I think they all know it by now. I'm sure they would love to say it for you. It starts with, "The Lord is great..."

We are collecting art for our art show, so if you have any preschool art at home, bring it in for our show. We'll make sure you get it back! We are also looking for a few parents to be on the planning committee for the fundraiser. Let me know if you are interested.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Would You Like to Help?

We are looking for one or two parents to be on the planning committee for our upcoming Art Show and Silent Auction Fundraiser Event. You would not be in charge, just part of the committee. Responsibilities will be divided up, so one person doesn't have an overwhelming amount of stuff to get done. It would require meeting with the committee to plan and delegate. Please let me know ASAP if you want to be part of this group. Planning starts next week! It is going to be a fabulous event!

Diving Dolphins

We had an ocean full of fun today in preschool! The ocean became part of our classroom and we became divers, sharks, fish, jellyfish and even dolphins. The dolphins had fun jumping through hoops and performing for the audience! We also made shark stories and worked in our handwriting notebooks.

Chapel with Pastor Dudley was about Jesus being the key to heaven. We had to find the key to the playground and then we found the key to heaven in Jesus!

We had inside recess time with the basketball hoop, bowling for pins, balancing and tunnel crawling. We ended the day celebrating a birthday and reading a story about Herman. Ask your preschooler who Herman is!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Silent Sharks

Today we read our new poem, "Shark." We also talked about experiences in large Aquariums. We talked about other things found in the ocean, like shipwrecks! During centers time, we turned the building a dramatic play areas into the ocean and we built shipwrecks and became sharks swimming among the sunken ships! Moon sand painting glittery, shadowy sharks for our aquarium we also part of our experiences today. We also matched numbers to the corresponding amount of shells.

During Jesus Time we sat in our ocean and heard the story of Jesus calming the storm. We learned our verse for the week along with some hand actions. Ask your preschooler if they remember it.

We grabbed some great outside time today. We dug for treasure in the sand box, pulled out the bikes, played on the slide and ran around. It was wonderful!

Music with Miss Marsha included playing bells, listening to birds, and singing a very silly song.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharks in the Water

We will be moving quietly through the classroom, searching for some learning to devour as we learn about sharks! A great poem will introduce us to the big fish and we will take a closer look by labeling the different parts of a shark. We will also paint some shadowy sharks to add to our mural. We will make a classroom book about sharks too. This week will also involve some counting, sorting and classifying pictures into plant and animal groups.

Jesus Time is about Jesus calming the storm. Our verse for the week is “Great is the Lord and mighty in power!” Psalm 147:5. We will talk about how mighty our God is and how He loves to help us.

Enrollment for next fall is filling up. If you have friends who are interested in the program for next fall, enrollment opens up on March 1. Please encourage them to contact me and schedule a visit if they would like!

Things to Know and Remember

When preschool is closed due to inclement weather, the cancellation will be posted on our blog by 7am the morning of the closure. Please check our blog if you are wondering if preschool is cancelled.

On the evening of February 25, 2011, we will be having an elegant evening of art, music, and delicious food to raise money for the preschool program. The art will be provided by our very own preschoolers. A silent auction will also be held. We are looking for a parent or two to help plan the event. We also need donations for the auction, frames and mats, and a few pieces of artwork that have been sent home, if they are available… you will get them back. More details to come!

Please remember to bring outdoor attire for your children each day

Sunday, January 16, 2011


No Preschool on Monday, January 17.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


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We learned a fun new song today, "There's a Hole in the Middle of the Pond." The kids caught on fast, maybe they could sing it for you! We talked about the word "middle" and what it meant.

Orange was the color of the day as we played with orange flubber and painted clown fish to add to our aquarium. Basket weaving, puppet making, puzzles and book reading were also popular choices today.

Chapel with Pastor Dudley was today and he shared some special gifts that he had received with us. Maybe your preschooler could tell you what they were. He told us that just like we get excited to share something that has been given to us, we can get excited about sharing the love of Jesus... the most wonderful gift we could ever get!

Miss Holly came in for art and we made some wonderful snowman pictures with foam, glue, crayons and splattering paint!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goopy and Globbery

It was a goopy, globbery sort of day in preschool... the kind of day we ALL love! First we started by observing individual shells and making a list of words that describe each shell. We made a spectacular list of descriptive words and phrases! It was time for our aquarium mural to have some fish, so we painted clown fish with orange finger paint and white shaving cream paint... it will dry puffy! We also played with homemade orange flubber in the sensory table... very globbery... very fun!

There was a lot of dinosaur and block action going on too! At Jesus Time we talked about the birds and flowers Jesus was talking about in our Bible story. Then we played a game where each preschooler took a turn hiding Kindle, the beautiful bird in our classroom. Then they gave Mrs. Krantz clues to find the hidden bird! This was a well loved game.

Our paperwhite are growing and the jewels are in the lead! They are a full 2 inches taller than those growing in the soil. They are also showing sign of flowers getting ready to bloom. Ask your preschooler about the roots. They can tell you just what the job of the roots are!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turtle Races

I love to see the creativity of the preschool children as they learn through the variety of ways they play in the classroom. Today, they built an amazing obstacle course for sea turtles to race through. It was amazing. Over at the coral making table, some preschoolers took the materials and created their very own baskets! It truly is wonderful to see the children take everyday items set in front of them, take their own ideas and put them into action. What a fabulous day!

We spent some time in the cornstarch goop, drew pictures on the paper spread across the floor and added numerous pieces of coral to our reef on the wall mural. During snack it was fun to hear the children say, "It's like we are eating in the ocean." Seaweed was dangling above their heads, the blue water was right beside them and the colorful coral was beautiful to admire. We also got a little taste of seaweed at snack time. No one really liked it... to fishy!

We've been reading pages in our underwater alphabet book by taking the first letter of each child's name and looking that letter up in the book to see what kind of aquatic creature also starts with that letter. We have seen some amazing fish and other aquatic life. All of those various creatures point to the creativity and awesomeness of our living God!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Moving Like Fish

We learned a new poem today. It is titled "Fish." The poem was all about the movement of fish. We listened for words ending in -ing and had a little fun acting out the different movements. These included words like swerving and curving.

During centers we created the beginning of a coral reef on our wall mural. We used colorful pipe cleaners to add some depth to our mural. We also made cornstarch goop in the sensory table. This was a favorite by far. We traced sea shells on butcher paper on the floor and did some building with inch cube blocks.

At Jesus Time we learned that God cares for us and loves us. He takes care of all that we need, just like the birds of the air have food and the flowers of the filed are always brilliantly dressed. We also sang a new song "I'll Do My Best."

Our paperwhite are busy growing! Right now the jewels are ahead in growth by 1/2 an inch.

Music with Miss Marsha included a new instrument, the temple blocks. We each had a turn to play these blocks while we sand a song about ice cream scoops. We also heard Miss Marsha play the lap harp and we listened to birds again!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Feeling Fishy

We are ready for another fishy week in the classroom. We will be learning the poem, “Fish.” This is a fun poem full of all kinds of words about movement. We will be looking and listening for words that end in –ing. We will also create some of our own poems about things that we are very familiar with. Coral and clown fish will be added to our wall mural this week. Come into the classroom to take a closer look at our 3-D art work! We also are watching our paperwhites grow and our chart is tracking their progress.

Handwriting time will involve some work in our notebooks and well as some work with play do.

Jesus Time is about Jesus telling the people just how much God loves them. He cares for the flowers and birds, clothing them and feeding them. God know just what we need and cares for us too! Our verse is Psalm 89:1, “I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever.”

Please turn in our enrollment forms for next fall ASAP. Thanks! Have a wonderful week.
Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Barrington

Weekly Reminders

When preschool is closed due to inclement weather, the cancellation will be posted on our blog by 7am the morning of the closure. Please check our blog if you are wondering if preschool is cancelled.

I am working on the new brochure for our preschool. I am looking for a few good quotes to include that describe our program from a parent’s point of view. If you would like to submit a quote, please drop one in the quote box by the sign in notebook.

Please remember to bring outdoor attire for your children each day.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fishy Fun

The preschoolers are really doing a great job learning our new song, "Way Down Deep." We sway like seaweed in the ocean while we sing. SHARE circle was wonderful. I always enjoy seeing what each child brings and hearing what they have to say about it!

Centers time included painting seaweed to add to the wall mural, creating star pictures out of craft sticks (like the star over Bethlehem), playing with fish and water in the sensory table, selling items at the store and playing with our SHARE items.

During Jesus time we talked about how the star led the wise men to Jesus and we created a list of things that help us be led and to know Jesus more. The list included the Bible, praying, angels, sometimes fish, and a few other things.

We made our predictions about which paperwhites would grow taller, those in the soil or those in the jewels and water. We measured them and right now they are even at 2 inches tall. Since the rain made outside a bit miserable we set up and indoor obstacle course with cones, stepping stones, a tunnel and bridges.

We finished off the day with yellow and purple in our handwriting notebook and a story about a whale and Mr. Blueberry. Have your preschooler tell you about it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Green Seaweed

Today, the preschoolers are telling me what to write on the blog. Here is what they remember form our day...

During morning circle we had fun with calendar. We counted how many preschoolers were here today. We sang an ocean song and made a list of ocean words.

At centers time we painted seaweed that will soon be added to our wall mural. We mixed yellow and blue paint to make green for our painting. We played with fish in the water, examined seashells, thought of more ocean words and made some wonderful collages.

Chapel with Pastor Dudley was a lot of fun. We lit the candle, sang songs, read the Bible, and looked at pictures of children. They were pictures of Pastor Dudley's kids as babies... and Dudley had a mustache! We talked about how Jesus loves all the children so very much.

We had yummy applesauce during snack time and lots of fun talking!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Watery World

It was wonderful to see the preschoolers so happy and excited to be back in the classroom this morning. This group has also grown over the past two weeks! It was delightful to see them all again.

We did a little rhyming work today with out ocean song. The preschoolers thought about rhyming words during centers. If they were using a red crayon, they were encouraged to think about some words that have the same ending sound as red. This was a lot of fun for them... and for the teachers! We also played in the water, stamped, sorted, took a closer look at all kinds of shells and did some wonderful building. The preschoolers also added sea creatures around the room to help create our watery world in the rooom!

Snack time was full of wonderful table time conversation. They chatted away with one another while they ate their crackers and string cheese. It was a wonderful social experience.

Jesus Time was about giving gifts to Jesus. We made our list of gifts to give Jesus, sang a few praise songs and prayed.

We planted our paperwhite bulbs today. Ask your preschooler how we plated them and what we plan to do with them over the next few weeks!

Music with Miss Marsha included bird songs, a fun running game with the wolf and hen, snake dances and a song about frosty weather!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Glad to Be Back

Everyone was happy to be back at preschool this morning. The preschoolers were full of fun energy as they were with their friends again. Mrs. Barrington and I believe that each child grew at least 2 inches over these past two weeks!

We got back into the swing of things with just a few reminders on the flow of the morning... teachers needed reminding too! We learned a great song about deep in the ocean. We talked about aquariums and the preschoolers shared what they already knew about aquariums. We know there are small and large aquariums. We know they hold water and fish. Some aquariums have turtles. Some of the preschoolers have aquariums. It will be fun to see their knowledge expand over the next few weeks.

Centers time involved the start of our BIG wall mural. We have painted water for our wall aquarium. Watch as more things are added. We also did some stamping, water play in the sensory table, the doll houses got lots of use and all kinds of items were sorted and classified.

Jesus Time was about the Visit of the Magi to see Jesus and bring gifts. We read the story and then we talked about what gifts we would bring Baby Jesus if we were one oft he wise men. Some of the answers included: squeaky toys, a new crib and new bottle, love, teddy bear, a doll and gold. They all thought very hard about their gifts.

Music with Miss Marsha was a treat as we played a fun puppet game about a chicken and a wolf. Ask your preschooler about the game. we also had fun with the birds and listening to their different songs. We met 3 new birds today!

The preschool got a new computer over break which is a fabulous thing! I know longer need to share the office computer. This will allow me to do a lot more in a very timely fashion... eventually! Please be patient with me as I work out all the kinks of connecting to the right networks and figuring out how to print off newsletters and other documents. Hopefully things will be running smoothly in a couple of days. Thanks for your patience!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

Welcome to 2011! We are ready to kick off the New Year with lots of fun and energy in our preschool classroom! We are starting a unit on the Aquarium! We will be learning a song called “Way Down Deep.” We will be playing with sounds, rhythms and rhymes. We will also begin to build new vocabulary surrounding the aquarium. Watch our wall turn into a giant watery mural over the next few weeks. SHARE Day is on Thursday and Friday as we know the kids will be super excited to share some of their Christmas gifts! We also will be planting paper Whites this week and measuring their growth over the next month. We will chart our findings, so keep an eye out for that upcoming development as well!

Jesus Time is all about the visit of the Magi to see Jesus! Our focus is all about PRAISE! What a great way to start out a new year.

We are looking forward to being in the classroom with your children again after this wonderful Christams break.
Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Barrington

Weekly Reminders...

When preschool is closed due to inclement weather, the cancellation will be posted on our blog by 7am the morning of the closure. Please check our blog if you are wondering if preschool is cancelled.

I am looking for one or two people to volunteer to help count and submit our Campbell’s Labels for Education. Please let me know if you are able to help in this area!

It’s time to enroll for next fall! Enrollment is now open to member of our church and those families already enrolled in our program. Please fill out the form in your mailbox and return it ASAP. Thanks!

Please remember cold weather outdoor gear for your preschooler.