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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Note About School Cancellations

If Pullman School District has a late start or is cancelled, preschool will not be in session. I will post the preschool cancellation on this blog page by 7am, if preschool is cancelled.

Fish Scales

On this wonderfully snowy day, we met Addy the Advent Angel who will be with us every morning to tell us about Advent and Christmas traditions from around the world. Today we learned about the Czech Republic. They put fish scales under their dinner plate at Christmas for good luck! We made fish with colorful scales during centers and put a scale under our snack time plates! Don't worry, they weren't stinky!

We also made paper advent wreaths today as we learn all about waiting for the birth of Jesus. We heard the story of the angel coming to Mary and telling her that she was going to be the Mother of Jesus!

Out number line is coming along. Check out the wall by the tables to see our number line grow. If your preschooler brought home their own number line, consider putting it up in their room or somewhere they can enjoy seeing their hard work!

We ended the day with Music with Miss Marsha. We sang angel songs and played the drums. We also played a game called Lucy Locket. Ask you preschooler how it worked!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent Fun

Welcome to the season of Advent! This is by far my favorite season to teach. Each morning we will look at how children is different countries celebrate Advent and Christmas. Then, during centers time, the preschoolers will have the opportunity to bring to life some of those traditions. We will also be doing lots with numbers and counting. The preschoolers will be creating a number line for our classroom as well as their own personal number line for home. This month we will be collecting canned food items for the Food Bank, and those donations will be counted and sorted by your children!

This week during our Jesus Time circle we will hear the story about Mary hearing the news that she will be the mother of baby Jesus! We will be building baby beds, taking care of babies and take some time to practice waiting!

We will plan on going outside some during these snowy days, so please provide snow clothes for you preschooler to wear outside… boots, mittens, hats, and warm coat. Snow pants are great too!
The church’s college group is doing a fundraiser to raise fund for their mission trip in 2012. They will be providing childcare two evenings in the coming weeks. There is a sign up sheet next to the sign in binder!

Weekly Reminders

There is a sign-up sheet if you want to be personally contacted in the event of preschool closure. Please sign up if you want to be contacted.

This month we will be collecting canned food to be donated to the local food bank. Please consider bringing one or more cans a day.

Party Planners Needed
Would you be willing to plan a 45 minute Happy Birthday Jesus Party for your child’s class? The dates are Dec. 16 and 17 from 10:45-11:30am. Let me know!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

That's right, Mickey turned 82 today! We celebrated during art with Miss Holly. We learned all about the color wheel by mixing colored frosting to make different colors. With frosted cookies, we sang a birthday mouse who makes us smile!

During circle we shared about our Thanksgiving traditions and shared our special SHARE items. It is always fun to see what the preschoolers bring to SHARE Day.

Centers was full of thanksgiving as we made turkey headbands, created Thanksgiving scenes and played in the corn. We also beaded special bracelets, played with our SHARE items and did some great building with connectors.

During Jesus Time we shared about things that God gives us that we NEED that we are thankful for. Jackets, blankets, homes, family, love, food, and chocolate all made the list. (The chocolate was from Miss Holly and Mrs. Barrington)!

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving Break.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sharing Thanksgiving

We started our day with some of our preschoolers sharing about their Thanksgiving celebrations. If you forgot to send your child's paper today, no worries, we'll do more sharing on Friday! It is fun to see what each family does and what foods the preschoolers like the most. Sharing our family traditions with one another is a great way to understand each other and how each family is unique!

Thanksgiving scenes with Pilgrims and Native Americans were made today, although not by everyone. They will be available on Friday too if your preschooler didn't make one. A member from our congregation made cut outs, much like paper dolls, for the preschoolers to put together to make the Thanksgiving people. Thanks Kris for making these for the preschoolers! We also wrote letters to one anther, built amazing structures with wooden blocks, did some number games and felt corn cobs, corns husks and corn kernels.

We had chapel with Pastor Dudley and we learned about the man who couldn't walk, was healed and then went walking, leaping and praising God! What a wonderful was to show how thankful we are! When is the last time you leaped in joy tot hank God for his wonderful blessings?

Thursday and Friday are SHARE Days, so remember to send a share with your preschooler. Also send your Thanksgiving paper if you haven't done that already!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome to Preschool Butch!

I was so glad to see that all of our preschoolers were safe and sound after our HUGE wind storm last night. No one blew away with the wind, so all is well!

We had a GREAT time at centers today, as we spent our centers time with Butch, the WSU mascot! He came and brought gifts, signed posters, made corn art, built with the blocks, drew pictures and even played ponies with is new preschool friends! Pictures will be coming.

During Jesus Time we made a list of things we are thankful for. It was a wonderful list including, toys, homes, medicine, cars, churches, preschool and families!

Music with Miss Marsha was great as we all played the drum and we had a fun poem about 5 seashells. We even acted it out.

Please remember that Scholastic Book Orders are due on by Friday and SHARE Day is Thursday.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coming Up This Week

This week will be full of Thanksgiving fun! We will be reading about the first Thanksgiving, making hats and headbands, creating scenes, decorating turkeys and creating items to be used for a Thanksgiving celebration.

During our handwriting time we will be working with specific colors and shapes and meeting Mat Man. Mat Man helps us with our shapes!

During Jesus Time we will be focusing on different things is our lives that we can be thankful to God for. We will talk about the people we are thankful for, the things, that abilities we have, the needs provided for and our Savior Jesus Christ.

We are thankful for each one of your children and the beautiful uniqueness they each bring to our classroom. What an incredible blessing to us!

Next to the sign in notebook I have placed our teacher prayer calendar. This calendar has a prayer that Mrs. Barrington and myself pray each day. Will you join us in that daily prayer? Please take a quick moment while you sign in your child to read the prayer quietly and lift it up to the Lord. Thanks for praying with us!

Weekly Reminders

Cold weather is here! Please remember to provided warm outdoor gear for your child for outside time. Please make sure that your child has appropriate footwear for outdoor play as well.

Please remember to keep you child home if he/she is not feeling well.


You should have received a Thanksgiving tradition paper in your mailbox. Please take a moment with your preschooler to fill it out and bring it back to preschool (Wednesday for our 3 and 5 day kids, Thursday for our 2 day kids).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tell Me About Your Turkey

Today we read a book, "Gracias the Thanksgiving Turkey." It is about a little boy who is given a turkey by his father who is a truck driver. Miguel is suppose to fatten the turkey for Thanksgiving. Well, Miguel and the turkey become great friends. He names the turkey Gracias. After reading the wonderfully fun book, we journaled about our turkeys... what our turkey would be named, what we would feed it, where it would live... if we had a turkey. They preschoolers illustrated their stories too.

Centers time was full of thinking power. Play do and mini dinosaurs became fossils, buildings became castles, hand prints, googly eyes and feathers became turkeys. It is wonderful to watch children expand learning in their own ways, without prompting! Those little minds are busy at work while they play!

Ask your preschooler about the great song we learned during Jesus Time. It's pretty catchy, you'll get it pretty quick.

No Preschool tomorrow. Hug a veteran!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Making Lists

We made an amazing list of words that rhyme with CAT this morning at opening circle. Each preschooler came up with a word and it was fabulous to see their minds at work as they worked through the process of finding a word that had the same ending sound! Try this at home, you'll love to see their minds at work!

Centers time was full of sorting, turkey making, hand print tracing, castle building, puzzle making and cutting with scissors.

I had to leave early since my baby isn't feeling well, but I am sure Jesus Time and Music with Miss Marsha were fantastic. I bet your preschooler can tell you all about it!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Puzzles All Around

We had lots of puzzles fun today, working on a big floor puzzle, creating our own puzzle posters with our parent volunteer and discovering some tooth puzzles in our puzzles section. Great to see preschool minds at work, figuring out of things fit together and finding clues to help them problem solve!

We made a wonderful list of words that rhyme with red. They came up with a list of over 15 words! We worked with red and green flip crayons during handwriting time too.

Jesus Time talked about being kind to one another. Ask your preschooler how David was kind to Jonathan's son!

We spent some time playing outside in the brisk, cool air. Please remember to bring mittens or gloves along with hat and coat for your preschooler!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Reminders...

Cold weather is here! Please remember to provided warm outdoor gear for your child for outside time. Please make sure that your child has appropriate footwear for outdoor play as well.

Please remember to keep you child home if he/she is not feeling well.


Fun Fall Learning

This week we will continue having fun learning with fall and Thanksgiving and we will add in a little rhyming and rhythm too! We’ll be reading some fantastic Thanksgiving books, creating some Thanksgiving art, journaling about turkeys, playing some great cooperative games and doing some fun measuring.

During our handwriting time we will be working with specific colors and shapes. We will be singing some great songs along the way too!

Our Bible story this week is “David and Mephibosheth (Jonathan’s son).” Our verse of the week is “Be kind to one another.” Ephesians 4:32. We will learn how to show God’s love by being kind to people who need help.

We pray that you have a week full of things to be thankful for! We sure are thankful for you and your children. Thanks so much for enriching our lives each day!
Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Barrington

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fantastic Fall Day

The warm fall weather had us outside collecting leaves to make our fall shadow boxes. There were plenty of fall leaves on the ground as well as some other signs of fall. The shadow boxes were marvelous!

Jesus Time included a bean bag game practicing being patient even when it is hard to be patient. We also practiced being kind to others even when we wanted to go first, being kind when it is hard.

Outside time included more leaf hunting, looking at the clouds in the sky, running around on the hill, exploring a few nearby trees and dancing!

Art with Miss Holly was a highlight of the day as we looked at the color purple, and how purple was discovered. Ask your preschooler about it. We made capes of purple and blue and decorated them. The preschoolers felt very royal!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Salad Anyone?

What a fabulous day we had today! We made a list of our favorite fall things... jumping in leaves, raking leaves, eating pumpkin pie, crawling under leaves, skate parks, and crisp cool air all made out list. We worked with our flip crayons and colored some awesome fireworks for handwriting time.

Today's group met our hamster friends, and we had a blast watching their crazy antics. These hamsters like lettuce and grapes, so Mrs. Krantz put some treats in their home along with some cotton balls they use for nesting. Stewart filled his cheeks with almost a whole lettuce leaf, went back to his nesting corner and spit it all out! You can imagine what the preschoolers had to say about that!!! Salad anyone?

We mad some delicious apple sauce today which was a HUGE hit at snack time. What a neat process for the preschooler to watch, and apple being turned into applesauce.

We painted with red and yellow and discovered what happens when those two colors mix together and we made some spray paint art work with leaves. Good times today! During Jesus Time we talked about being kind even when it is hard. They came up with some great scenarios and how to be kind. Wonderful, wonderful children!

Music with Miss Marsha was great. Ask you preschooler what instrument he or she got to play today.

Monday, November 1, 2010

All Kinds of Things Going On!

Today was a day of fun and variety! We have two Teddy Bear Hamsters visiting our room for the week, Chewy and Stewart Little. The preschoolers had so much fun watching them, drawing pictures of them, watching them sleep, nibble on ritz crackers and get drinks from their water bottles! They will be with us until the end of the week.

We also made applesauce today and ate it for snack. It was delicious! The preschoolers helped load the apples into the machine, mash them down and turn the crank. Ask your preschooler about what they did to help make our snack today.

At circle we made a list of the things we see in God's Beautiful Fall Creation. The list is posted by the sign in binder.

Music with Miss Marsha included some puppets and different types of instruments. There were three types of instruments we used today... wooden instruments, metal instruments and shaker instruments. Ask you preschooler what they played!