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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Times With Friends

Today was very pleasant as the preschoolers played quite well with one another. We had clay creations being formed, a doll house scenario going on, a train being built, flowers being made out of various art supplies, farm busy at work and letter being formed with magnets. We also spent a short few minutes journaling about what we would do if we were flowers. The preschoolers illustrated their stories and they are now in their binders!

We had chapel with Pastor Dudley and we learned about praying all the time. We sang some wonderful songs and prayed together.

Outside time was fabulous as we soak in these wonderful fall days with warm sunshine.

Our field trip next week will be on Thursday, October 7 to Dissmore's Bakery. We will leave at 10:30am. We need parent volunteers to help drive, so if you are interested in coming along, please let me know!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trip to Neils' Flower Shop

We had a wonderful time on our field trip to Neil's flower shop! We had lots of parent help... a HUGE thank you to those parents who came along for the trip. We had a few T/Th friends come along too! At the flower shop we saw where customers pay for their purchases, the room where the flowers arrangements are put together, the cold room where flowers are stored and we even were able to watch Mitch the florist put and arrangement together. It had a lot of beautiful flowers in it! It was a beautiful day for a trip to the flower shop!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making Music

Music with Miss Marsha was a HUGE highlight of our day. The children loved listening to the Mountain Dulcimer, dancing like birds, playing the bells, and singing the firefly song after reading about a lonely firefly. Miss Marsha had hold of their attention and I think they could have gone on with music for a very long time!

During opening circle we made a list of things we new about a flower shop... what we would find in one. The list was quite impressive. I have it posted on the doors outside the preschool classroom. Today we were more successful in making our clay flowerpots... I think these teachers have the technique down! We also made floral arrangements, played marbleworks, flower shop and read some great books.

Outside time was delightful with the warm sunshine and gentle breeze. The preschoolers rode bikes, drew with chalk, climbed, went down the slide, chased bubbles and dug for treasure.

I am certainly enjoying watching new friendships grow and bloom all around. The preschoolers have really found themselves at home and I couldn't be happier. They really are extraordinary children!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Flower Shop

I must say that today was one of my favorite days so far this school year. We had so much fun with the flower shop! During circle the class worked together to write a poem about the flower shop. I'm at home now and left the poem at school, but I will try to post it tomorrow. We had so much fun finding words that rhymed!

Centers was full of lower power. We made silk floral arrangements with blocks and floral foam for the base, played with floral moss, peat pots and silk flowers in the sensory table, decorated dramatic play and building as a flower shop and worked with brown clay to try and form pots (they stuck to the trays so we will have to try this project again). Some major building with blocks took place along with a dinosaur village at the circle carpet.

Today was our first day of music with Miss Marsha! Each preschooler had a turn to hold a puppet and sign a song during music time. Ask your preschooler what kind of puppet it was! A bird also came to visit, they might like to tell you about it's color. We played bells, sangs songs, danced, and listened to the Mountain Dulcimer. It was great!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Reminders

We go outside every day, weather permitting. Please remember to bring a jacket each day for your preschooler.

Remember to check your mailbox daily!


This is a bit sudden, but we are having a field trip on Wednesday from 10:30-11:30am! We need drivers for Wednesday’s field trip! Let me know if you can help. I also need permission forms returned and car seats left on Wednesday morning.

Flower Time!

It’s FLOWER TIME!!! This week will be all about the Flower Shop. We will be forming clay flower pots, making floral arrangements, selling flowers, playing with moss, journaling about flowers, observing flowers at our science table, creating flowers out of various materials and more. Of course we will be taking a close look at the letter F as well. Our M/W/F group will be taking a field trip to the flower shop on Wednesday. Next week our T/Th group will be visiting a bakery. I am in need of parent volunteers to come along a drive to the destinations. If your child does not attend preschool on the day of the field trip, you and your child are welcome attend with us, but you will need to stay with your child. Siblings are welcome to attend as well!

Our Bible story this week is “Hannah’s Prayer.” Our verse is “I love the Lord.” Psalm 116:1. We will focus on how we can talk to God to show our love for Him and to ask for His help.

This has truly been an amazing first month of preschool! You have extraordinary children and we look forward to seeing each day. Not only do we have amazing children, but amazing parents as well!

Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Barrington

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keeping the Beat

We had a fabulous time this morning keeping the beat to the rhythm of our poem. I used the lollipop drum to keep the beat and the preschoolers used bells. We tired normal speed, slow speed and fast speed. Can you guess which speed they liked the most?

During centers we continued to work on our Shore Store, did some journaling, sent lots of mail in our classroom mailbox, investigated ice in the sensory table, played with shells and made some chef hats!

Jesus Time focused on the story of Moses leading the people through the Red Sea and how God took care of His people. We talked about how the people sang praises to God after they made it through the sea. We learned a song in English and Spanish too. Ask your preschooler to sing it for you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Store on the Shore

We had a sandy day at preschool today as we began to create our own store on the shore. Each preschooler added an item to the store, ask your preschooler what they took to the store! We did a little bit of rhyming at opening circle today too.

During centers we created sea collages on a sandpaper background, sorted and observed many different sea shells (we listened to the ocean too), has impromptu puppet shows, and played in our shore store.

We heard the story of the path through the Red Sea at Jesus Time. We also learned a new song in both English and Spanish.

The rain kept us inside, so we had set up an obstacle course inside. It included a tunnel to crawl through, cones to weave through, hoops to hop in and stepping stones to balance on. We listened to some great music as we played.

Our day finished by celebrating a birthday with one of preschool friends! Mmmm, yummy cupcakes!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Reminders

We go outside every day, weather permitting. Please remember to bring a jacket each day for your preschooler.

Remember to check your mailbox daily!

The Project Room is available to you EVERY Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll have a few things for you to work on if you like, but feel free to bring projects of your own to work on if you would like. The volunteer schedule will be coming out this week. If you signed up to volunteer, look for a calendar in your mailbox.

Thank you everyone who kept my family in prayer last week. My daughter is recovering well and we are all healthy again! Mrs. Krantz

Upcoming this Week

This week we will be turning part of our room into a store at the shore! The children are familiar with the book George’s Store at the Shore from readings last week. This week we will be bringing that story to life, with a little bit of our own preschool creativity! Look for a Shore Store in the classroom, sea collages, sorting money for the store, and melting ice in the sand to be part of our “shorely” fantastic week!

Our Hand writing time will focus on writing a big line down and a little line across. Look for the worksheet I will be sending home in your mailbox to explain the handwriting strokes we will be using in our room!

Our Bible story this week is “A Path Through the Sea.” This will integrate well into our shore store! I am looking forward to seeing just how the preschoolers will work these together! Our verse is “I thank and praise you, O God.” Daniel 2:23. We will focus again on God’s love and care for each one of us.

Thursday is Picture Day. We will be staying very clean on Thursday and will do our best to keep your preschooler “picture ready” for his or her turn for individual photos. If you plan on having additional family member photographed, please let me know ASAP.

Have a blessed week!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I must say that my preschool children are amazing! Their first SHARE circle together was wonderful. Each preschooler waited patiently for their turn, shared about their item and listened carefully to each one of their friends! It was so fun to see what each child brought and to hear about their special items.

Centers time was full of fun with moon sand work, shapes bingo, journaling activities, making letters out of play dough, open art and playing with SHARE items. Chapel with Pastor Dudley was next. We always begin chapel with the sign of the cross and the invocation. Each week we have a candle lighter who helps light the candles on the altar. Then we sing and Pastor reads from the Bible telling us about how much God loves us. We pray and sing some more and end with the benediction. The candle lighter then helps extinguish the candles. Today Pastor showed us some very small seeds and then he showed us what grew from those seeds. Ask you preschooler about it... it was VERY tall.

Art with Miss Holly happened today and we focused on the color yellow. She showed us painting of Vincent Van Gogh and then we painted pictures of sunflowers. The paintings turned out amazing, each unique and beautiful!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bubble Store

Our unit on "STORE" has created lots of fun opportunities for learning! Today we have a pet store, grocery store, train store and even a bubble store outside! The preschoolers were really enjoying creating store environments! Miss Annie, a beloved congregational volunteer, was with us today and worked on journaling with the preschoolers. The journaling prompt was, "When I got to the store..." Each week we will have a journal prompt that will be put in your child's binder. At the end of the year, your child will have written and illustrated his or her very own preschool book!

The preschoolers have also been busy playing with baby Moses from our Bible story last week. At one point, I had 4 babies in my arms, all from the floating basket! It is wonderful to see them remembering and playing through the stories we have been learning.

During Jesus Time we played a traveling games, much like red light, green light. Just like Moses took his people on a big trip out of Egypt, we took a big trip in our game. We learned that God cares for us where ever we are!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mrs. Krantz at Home

I just wanted to let you know that I will be gone again on Tuesday caring for my little Eli who has an infection in his throat, most likely strep, but they didn't test for it. He is now on an antibiotic, so I should be back on Wednesday. Thanks for your thought and prayers! See you soon!
Mrs. Krantz

Sunday, September 12, 2010


We go outside every day, weather permitting. Please remember to bring a jacket each day for your preschooler.

Remember to check your mailbox daily!

The Project Room is available to you this Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll have a few things for you to work on if you like, but feel free to bring projects of your own to work on if you would like.
SHARE DAY is this week on Thursday and Friday. Please have your child choose an item for this “Show and Tell.” Please help your preschooler choose 3 things they would like to say about their item during SHARE circle!

Do you have any extra baby food plastic containers like Gerber makes? There is a woman in our congregation looking for a few. This is a great place to recycle them!

Coming Up This Week...

This week we will begin our unit on STORE. This is a fun unit that will take us through grocery stores, flower shops, clothing stores and more. Songs, poems and books will all be part of our learning adventure. Collages, sign making, playing store, creating money for our store and other store exploring choices will be part of this week. The letters S and F will also be a big part of our week and we learn the letters, sounds, how to write the letters. We will also be learning a song that will help our preschoolers learn the proper grip when writing!

Our Bible story this week is The Escape from Egypt. Our Bible verses is “God said, ‘I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go.’” Genesis 28:15. We will be focusing on how God cares for each one of us, wherever we go!

Art with Miss Holly this week is all about the color yellow. Music with Miss Marsha will begin in a few weeks.

Mrs. Krantz will be gone on Monday as Eli is running a fever. Please keep the Krantz family in your prayers this week; Hannah (age 6) will be having her tonsils removed on Friday. Thanks for your prayers!

I will be getting the volunteer schedule put together soon. Have a wonderful week knowing that God cares for you!

Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Barrington

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sink or Float?

We played in the water a little bit today. We engaged in a Science Investigation testing items in the classroom to see if they would sink or float. Each preschoolers found something from the room to test. They could extend their investigation during centers time to test more items if they chose to. We talked about Moses in the basket and that the basket didn't sink, it floated!

Centers time included more sinking and floating, beading, painting, reading stories, taking care of babies and more.

Our Bible verse/thought for the week was finished up today. This is what we learned...
"God cares about who?
God cares about you!
As far as I can see,
God cares about me!"

The preschoolers met Miss Holly Hein, our wonderful art teacher! She asked each child his or her name and their favorite color. She read a wonderful story about painting! Miss Holly will come every Thursday at 11am to have art time with the preschoolers.

Thank you for a wonderful first two days with the T/TH group! I believe this is going to be a wonderful group of children to teach! I am also enjoying the opportunity to get to know you, the parents, a little bit better. I hope that we can partner together to provide the best preschool experiences for your child!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today was another wonderful day at preschool. It was so great to see returning preschoolers and get to know our new students as well. We learned the names of all of our preschool friends, sangs songs about the days of the week and months of the year, and talked about the weather.

At centers time we explored the room and tried out different activities. The preschoolers had fun with our new felt board, painting projects, sticker art, building, moon sand, letter bingo and more. If was fun to see new friendships being made!

We had Chapel with Pastor Dudley today. Ask you preschooler what Pastor lost. We helped him find it and then he told us the parable of the lost coin. We sang songs and prayer together.

Outside time was full of energy with bike riding, sand box digging, playing belly ball and volleyball, drawing with sidewalk chalk and running around. It was great dun for everyone! It really was a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Fantastic First Day

Fantastic is the only word that I can use to describe our first day of preschool with this group of kids! Everyone was so eager to be in preschool and excited to see what the room was all about. We started off with our welcome song, calendar and weather. We got to know one another through a name song, "Hickity, Pickity." We also heard a story about some friends in a cookie jar. The preschoolers watched the story on our felt board as it was read.

We explored the classroom and played with many different things found in the room. Marbleworks, restaurant, painting, open ended art, dry erase boards, observing rocks with hand lenses and moon sand were just a few of the things going on in the room. It was wonderful to see the preschoolers exploring their new environment and feeling at home enough to try out new things!

Jesus Time was about baby Moses in the basket and knowing that God cares about each one of us. Ask your child this question, "God cares about who?" They should know the answer! We even sang a song with the answer. We prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to our caring God.

Digging for jewels was the main attraction on the playground. Riding bikes, sliding and riding the teeter totter were also lots of fun.

We closed our day with our chart. Each day we choose several activities from the day and then each child votes for their favorite listed activity. We create a chart and talk about terms like "most" and "least." Ask your child what they voted for today!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Welcome to a new year at Concordia Lutheran Preschool! We are very excited to teach your preschoolers and share the love of Jesus with them!

This week we will be focusing on learning the names of our new friends, exploring the classroom, learning the routine of the morning and becoming comfortable with the room and one another!

Each week we will focus on one Bible story and a simplified Bible verse. Jesus Time will include learning the story, playing games, singing lots of songs, praying together and learning our verse of the week. A fun story sheet will be put in your mailbox each week that corresponds with what we are doing in the classroom. It has a story on one side and a fun activity on the other. It is a wonderful opportunity to extend learning at home and fun faith building activity for you to do with your child. It is purely something for you to use at home, it does not need to be returned.

Again, we are so very excited to have the opportunity to be such a special part of your preschooler’s life. We are continually blessed by your children. THANK YOU!!!

Mrs. Krantz and Mrs. Barrington

Special Reminders

Please supply a change of clothing in your child’s cubby. Place the clothing in a gallon sized zip-loc bag labeled with his or her name.

Remember to check your mailbox daily!

Opening Circle starts at 9:05am. You may drop your preschooler off starting at 8:55am. You may pick up your preschooler at 11:30am. I will dismiss your child after closing circle is finished and I see that you have arrived. Please sign your child out as soon as you arrive to keep the congestion down at pick up time.