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Friday, March 16, 2018

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

This week is our much anticipated field trip to the Knott Dairy Center at WSU. Our preschoolers are so excited to see the cows, calves and farm and they are very quick to remind us that they are Miss B’s cows and it is Miss B’s farm🐮. 

On a side note, you may have noticed that Miss B was not with us this past week. She had to have shoulder surgery, and while recovery is painful she seems to be doing well! She hopes to join us for the field trip and will return to preschool when she is feeling up to it. We love having Mrs. Wilson with us for the time Miss B is away. 

About the field trip: thanks so much to the parents that are able to go along with us. Our goal is to leave about 9:10. Feel free to bring backpacks in and use the restroom and then we will head out to our vehicles to drive over to the dairy center.

Snack is provided and we will eat as soon as we get to the dairy. We are anticipating good weather, but it will probably be muddy so please dress your preschooler in boots (I will have our preschool boots out and you’re welcome to grab those) and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!

After a snack and activity we will be able to go to the barn with the calves and maybe even have some playtime outside to round out our trip! If you drive your child you are welcome to leave directly from the dairy. Depending on what time we finish we will return to school and and we can finish up with some activities there. 

On Thursday we have chapel where we will learn about Palm Sunday and how the people celebrated Jesus coming into Jerusalem in anticipation of Easter. 


Upcoming events
3/20 WSU Dairy Field trip
3/22 Chapel 
3/29 Easter Egg Hunt
4/2-4/6 Spring Break- No preschool this week

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

We are a very blessed school to have community volunteers bring us experiences that we would otherwise not have.  On Monday baby chicks are coming to the preschool.  And on Tuesday bunnies and duckling are coming to the preschool.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first days of spring!  A huge thank you to Beth Tietjen and Katie Bystrom.

We also have SHARE Day on Monday and Tuesday! 

Your preschoolers have been learning all about fire fighters, fire trucks, when and how to dial 911 and they have been practicing STOP, DROP AND ROLL!  It only makes sense to end our amazing fire house learning and fun by visiting a real fire station!  Wednesday and Thursday we will our field trips to the City of Pullman Fire Department!  Our volunteer spots filled up quickly to drive and help out!  Thank you for being so willing!  If you are not one of the drivers, please be sure to bring your preschoolers car seat to the preschool on the morning of our field trip.  An email will be sent out at the beginning of the week with car seating arrangements.

 In worship we will be shouting “HOSANNA!” as we learn about Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem! Songs of praises to our Lord is one our favorite parts of worship time.

Looking forward to another wonderfully full week!
 -Mrs. O’Loughlin

Mark Your Calendars
3/19: SHARE Day, Baby Chicks Visit
3/20: SHARE Day, Bunnies and Ducklings Visit
3/21: Field trip to the Fire Station—9:30am
3/22: Field trip to Fire Station—9:30am
3/26: Science
3/27: Science
3/29: Preschool Easter Egg Hunt—9:15am
3/30: Preschool Easter Egg Hunt—9:15am

Mrs. Krantz's Weekly Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,

We have an incredibly fun week ahead of us!  On Monday, baby chicks will be visiting!  On Tuesday, baby bunnies will be visiting and we will also get a visit from a baby duck!  On Wednesday we will have a visit from Sherry Varkonyi.  She is an author of children's books who will be sharing her new book with the preschoolers!  Wednesday and Thursday are chapel days as well.

In addition to all that fun, we will continue learning about butterflies and will finish the components for our butterfly play that we will be able to act out on Thursday and Friday.  We will be learning about symmetry and camouflage.  It is quite likely we will have some live adult butterflies!

In worship we will learn about people praising Jesus and His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  We will make palms and sing "Hosanna!"

Have a great weekend!

3/19  Baby Chicks
3/20  Baby Bunnies 
3/21 Visiting Author 10am
3/21 Chapel
3/22 Chapel
3/29 Egg Hunt 9:15am
3/30 Egg Hunt 9:15am
4/2-4/6 Spring Break

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Life Cycle Posters - Mrs. Krantz

We finish life cycle posters ed up our posters today!  Last week we worked hard creating each component of the butterfly life cycle and today we put it all together on poster board.  The preschoolers were very proud of their hard work and the finished project.  The teachers were pretty proud too.

We are happy to report that we have 2 chrysalis and 3 that should be changed by tomorrow!

Dial 911 - Mrs. O'Loughlin

Your preschoolers are loving our firehouse unit! Today we heard a poem called “Dial 911”. After listening to the poem a few times, it was our turn to practice calling. Each kiddo dialed 911 and told the dispatcher (Mrs. O’Loughlin) why they needed a fire truck, police or ambulance. Ask your preschooler when is the only time to dial 911 on a real phone.

Role playing continued on into centers with a very busy dispatch center as well as chalk fires being sprayed out with real water!

Mrs. Hein came into our class today and showed us how to make two types of clay pots. Ask your preschooler which type they chose to make! Once these are dry, I will send them home to fill with all sorts of treasures!

Reminder: No preschool on Friday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Growing Meadow - Mrs. Krantz

Our butterfly meadow mural has grown and more flowers have filled the space.  Next up is making butterflies and birds that will fly through the meadow.  We will see what happens as we play out butterfly scenarios!

The Name Game - Mrs. O'Loughlin

The preschoolers practiced some rhyming today. It was discovered that some rhymes are silly and nonsense words. Giggles filled the room when the kiddos were introduced to the Name Game. “Sarah Sarah bo barah, banana fana fo fara...” So silly and so fun and so awesome that each preschooler has their very own song!