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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Oddles of Noodles - Mrs. Krantz

What fun words can be!  We enjoyed much silliness with the words oodles, noodles, and foodles.  We discussed out favorite foodles, and made a classroom book called "Our Favorite Foodles."  It will be laminated and added to our classroom library.

Chapel was wonderful as we all gathered to worship together and hear God's Word and sing and pray together.  Walking back in the rain gave opportunity for some excellent puddle splashing!

Centers time is always filled with building and creating.  We did some great counting with the straw builders today... creations got quite tall!

Wind Make Waves...and Art! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

We love chapel! Ms. Ann sang “When the Storm Roars” with us before Pastor Matt told us the story of Jesus calming the storm. It was perfect on the wet, stormy morning.

Back at the preschool we used our wind to create art! It took some finesse to get the straw just right and making the paint go in the direction they wanted. Lots of directional vocabulary was used during the super fun activity. Light tables, water in the sensory and sticker scenes rounded out our center time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Polar Bear, Polar Bear - Mrs. King

We had a fun morning learning about polar bears!  We learned the sign for polar bear in sign language and learned that polar bears have white fuzzy fur and eat seals! 

We enjoyed having our first chapel for the new year!  It is so sweet to see our class enjoying songs with Mrs. Ann and a bible story with Pastor Matt!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Storm - Mrs. Krantz

One of our favorite times in preschool is chapel, when we get to worship together with all of the preschool classes, Pastor Matt and Ms. Ann.  It is always full of joy, music, prayers and the Bible.  Pastor Matt shared the story of Jesus calming the storm.  For children, they think of this in terms of literal storms... thunder and lightning.  For adults, we might think of it a bit differently.

This post if for us adults.  Sadness and tragedy is always around us in this world, but it became so evident yesterday and today in our little town.  There is no understanding, no reasoning for such tragedy.  But Jesus rides the storm with us.  He will not leave us.  We may never receive understanding, but He does give us His peace.  So, in this storm, my prayer is that you may know Jesus is in the boat with you, and peace will come someday.  May the light of His love burn bright and give you hope.

Peace! Be Still! - Mrs. O'Loughlin

In chapel, we heard how Jesus and his friends were caught in a storm while on a small boat! Huge waves and big winds made their boat toss back and forth. They were so scared and called out to Jesus. Jesus commanded the storm “Peace! Be still.” And as quickly as it had begun, the stormed stopped. What a mighty and powerful Lord we serve!

We took the opportunity to retell this bible story during our outside play with the parachute. The preschoolers worked together to create huge “waves” and each kiddo had a chance to command “Peace! Be still.” We love incorporating what we learn in chapel with the rest of our day!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

She'll Be Going Out to Dinner!- Mrs. Krantz

There are so many ways to get from one place to another.  The preschoolers came up with a list of different types of transportation methods that could get us to a chosen restaurant... cars, trucks, walking, bikes, motorcycles, trains, airplanes, boats.  There are so many types of transportation!  In our songs today, we she took a train!  We became a train, 12 cars in all!  As we sang "She'll Be Going Out to DInner" we made some spectacular train noises.

Later in the day we learned about Jesus calming the storm and we sang a song about when the storm roars.  Perhaps your preschooler will sing it for you!

There are green letters taped to the floor in our classroom.  We are using these for a variety of fun activities including building letters out of sticks.  They are also good gathering places for games and spots for jumping.

The Mitten - Mrs. King

This morning we had so much fun reading, "The Mitten," by Jan Brett.  In this story various animals try to fit into a mitten tight to get out of the cold until the great big bear SNEEZES and everyone gets blown out! During centers we got to glue animals unto our own mittens and fill it up full!  If you wonder why your preschooler may smell a bit like shaving cream, we enjoyed shaving cream "snow," in our sensory table with various plastic snowy animals to play with.  

We are  looking forward to learning more about polar bears and having our first chapel of the new year on Thursday. See you then!