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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Coming Up In Preschool--September 17-21

Mrs. O'Loughlin's Weekly Newsletter

Dear Preschool Families,

Over the next couple of weeks apples will be assisting us in our learning and play.  If you can please send in an apple or two for apple graphing, apple patterns, and apple science experiments, your preschoolers will put them to good use!

During our worship time we will be hearing about a man named Abraham who loved and obeyed God.  And just like Abraham, we can obey the God we love!  Our first chapel is on Wednesday over at Concordia church at 9:20am.  Families are always welcome to join us for this time of worship!

Letter of the week: L

I am so excited to begin our small groups!  This time will give me even more of an opportunity to work with each individual child based off their individual needs!  The main focus of this time will be spent on handwriting using Handwriting Without Tears.  For some groups that looks like letter writing, for other groups, it’s working on how to hold our writing utensils and making intentional strokes and for some it’s giving that confidence and love for writing!

Please note that our picture day has changed!  Our fabulous photographer has agreed to come in two days in a row to make picture day a little less hectic for everyone.  Our class will be taking their individual and group pictures on Wednesday, October 10th.  Ordering information will be coming soon!  Also scheduling of family pictures!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  We will see you all on Monday!

Mrs. Knight's Weekly Newsletter

Hello preschool families!

Next week we will continue our color adventures with a twist. We will be mixing them and seeing what they become! We may look like we are playing but everything your little ones do at preschool is a building block for future learning. For example, beading and scissor cutting build tiny finger muscles that will soon hold pencils for writing. Playing Red Light Green Light might be reinforcing colors but it’s also teaching self control and body awareness. Your preschoolers are working hard while they are here and I’m so proud of how well they’ve done so far!

In worship, we will be hearing the story of Abraham and how much he loved and obeyed God. We can be like Abraham and obey God too because we love Him! Thursday will be our first chapel with Pastor Matt. Families are always welcome to join us upstairs in the sanctuary at 9:20am!

There will also be another first on Thursday...our first birthday celebration! Birthdays are so much fun in preschool and we can’t wait. Cupcakes will be served so no need to send in a snack that day.

Lastly, the weather seems to be changing more Fall like. Please send in a sweater or light jacket so your kiddos stay warm for playing outside. (Good opportunity to use those finger muscles as we learn to zip them up!) We will take advantage of dry weather for as long as we have it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. King's Weekly Newsletter

What a great week we had last week getting to know one another more. Having S’mores at school was pretty fun too. Ms. Tietjen and I are so excited for another fun week with your precious children!

At the beginning of this week we will finish up our study of camping and the outdoors by writing a class book! We will write, “Our Class Camping Trip.” I can't wait to see what each child contributes. On Wednesday we will begin a study of shapes! We will learn about squares and triangles this week. Recognizing shape patterns is a building block of literacy! 

Also this week, we will work on recognizing and writing our names! 

In worship we will learn about Abraham who was God’s friend. He loved and obeyed God and the Bible tells us stories about him. I am so excited for our first chapel of the year! It is on Wednesday and Thursday and we begin at 9:20 over at the church. We love having families join us!

Note that our picture day has changed! Our wonderful photographer is willing to come 2 days this year.  So that means we will have pictures for our MWF group on October 10 and our Tu/Th group on October 11.

Please remember to check your child’s box everyday at drop off or pick up. We send home all sorts of things! 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Bear Hunts and S'more Making--Mrs. King

We are going on a bear hunt!
We’re going to catch a big one!
What a beautiful day!
We’re not scared! 

We had another fun week in preschool learning about the great outdoors. I love seeing each of your little ones getting to know each other and start to be a bit more comfortable in our classroom.

This week we incorporated scissor skills and holding writing utensils. Many things we do involve fine motor skills, all designed to strengthen those finger muscles and develop the coordination it takes to write! 

We are also working on learning to recognize our names and some of us are getting ready to write them!

Thank you so much for the privilege of teaching your child! Each one is so precious to Ms. Tietjen and I!

Shapes--Mrs. O'Loughlin

We loved our week of shape exploration!  Ask you preschooler all about the shapes they explored and what was discovered about each one.  Which shape is their favorite?
Learning and reviewing shapes is an important educational building block.  Recognizing and distinguishing differences between shapes is the beginning of recognizing and distinguishing letters!  Shapes is also a huge part of math and engineering and building!

Our worship time was filled with learning about God's creation!  We loved pretending to be one of God's animals and having friends copy.  See if your preschool can finish this sentence: "God made the world, and...."

Your preschoolers took to our letter of the week so quickly and with such enthusiasm! This is going to be a fun year of learning letters!

It's a Colorful World--Mrs. Knight

It was a fun week with our color exploration!  The kids began their week with a color hunt that led them to their favorite spot...OUTSIDE!  We named several colors of God's beautiful creations while playing.  We sang and danced our wiggles out a lot this week!  Centers included painting, play doh sculptures, stamping and water play. Can your child tell you one of the things Pete The Cat stepped in to turn his white shoes a different color?! 
They are beginning to become friends and play with each other rather than only through parallel play. After mastering standing in a line, we played Red Light Green Light.  They had the best time and it sure warmed us up on this chilly day.  It is the sweetest thing to watch a friendship grow and hear them giggle together!
In worship we learned how God made the world and he even created us.  Each one of us is unique and loved by God no matter what! Prayer Journals were introduced as well.  On some mornings, we will take some quiet time with just Jesus and draw in our journals.  This is a great way to reflect what's going on in their little world!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Coming Up In Preschool: September 10-14

It’s hard to believe the first week of preschool is over. I am so impressed with how well these kids adjusted to their new environment. Goodbyes are hard some days but we were thankful the first two days were tear free!

This coming week your preschooler will be working on color recognition.  We will be going on a color hunt, using paint to create colorful art and so much more!

In worship we will be hearing the story of Creation; how God created the sun and the moon, the birds and the trees and everything in between! The preschoolers will learn just how unique and special they are to God! We will be singing Jesus Loves Me and He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands.

If you haven’t turned in your parking permit application, please do so ASAP. Patrol will be starting in the lot this week so we want to make sure you all have a pass!

Please continue to use the bathroom and wash hands as you arrive each day. I know there will be times of regression but once they get into the preschool routine, they will get more confident and successful in this task.

We are so blessed to be a part of your family’s lives. Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs. Knight and Ms. Baty

Dear Preschool Families,
What a fantastic first week!  It’s incredible how quickly friendships, comfort, and routines form.  I am blessed to be a part of these foundational years.  We’re all ready for week 2 with these amazing preschoolers!
This week we will be exploring shapes!  Each day we will take a close look at one shape and point out its characteristics.  By the end of the week, we will be using comparative analysis of all the shapes we’ve learned!    (Did you know shape recognition is a building block into literacy?!  A preschooler who can distinguish between shapes is becoming equipped to notice different shapes of letters!) Your preschooler will also discover that when shapes are placed together, a picture is created!  A shape hunt is in our future!
Letter of the week will be introduced on Monday!  Our first letter: H!
In worship we will expand on God as the creator of us and discover how he made the land, plants, starts, sun, all the animals…everything!  If you haven’t already, please be sure to get us your family picture!  We will be using them this week in worship time!  Some new songs will also be a part of our worship time and I know that they will be making their way home to you!
Patrol will begin in the parking lot this week.  If you haven’t done so, please get your parking permit forms in so I can assign you a pass!
Thank you for entrusting us with your little people.  We love them so much already!

Mrs. O’Loughlin and Miss Stahlecker

Dear Preschool Families,
I am so excited about the wonderful week we had in preschool last week! Our little ones are quickly adjusting to our new routines exploring all the new activities we will get to enjoy throughout the year!
This coming week we will continue to explore camping and the great outdoors!  We are learning about our 5 senses as we discuss each aspect of the woods.  We will read, "Going on a Bear Hunt," and have our own bear hunt!  Towards the end of the week we will explore all the wonderful tastes and smells associated with s'mores!  We will even get to taste some s'mores for snack! (So no need to send your regular snack on Thursday or Friday this week!)
In worship we will learn about how God created everything in our world!  We will begin reading in our storybook Bible to discover all the great things that God made, including ourselves!!
Please try to remember to send a snack that can be eaten in 5 minutes! Let me know if you're unsure of how much to send or not send!
Patrol will begin in the parking lot this week.  If you have already, please send in your parking permit for so you can be issued a pass!  If you need an extra form, let me know and I can put one in your child's mailbox!
Family photos are now up on the wall!  If you haven't sent your 4 x 6 family photo yet, please send it in soon!  We will be talking about these in worship this week!
Note that our picture day has changed! Our wonderful photographer is willing to come 2 days this year!  So that means we will have pictures for our MWF group on October 10 and our Tu/Th group on October 11!  

All the best,
Mrs. King and Ms. Tietjen

Friday, September 7, 2018

Our First Week--Mrs. King

We had a fantastic week exploring preschool and learning all that we need to know to be successful at school. I am so proud of our little ones and how quickly that adapted and embraced each new challenge this week. I saw so much cooperative play and curiosity. I know we are going to have a great year!!

Our First Week —Mrs. Knight

It was a busy week but the smallest of our preschoolers did beautifully! You should be so proud of how brave they were to take on this new adventure in their little world. We got to know new friends with the help of our friend Hickety Pickett. Can they sing the song for you? We also practiced some fundamental skills like using scissors, standing in a line, sharing toys, putting away our dishes after snack and sitting on the rug being good listeners.  We learned that God created everything from puppies and trees to US!  Jesus loves each one of us! 
Have a fantastic weekend.